Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 hours - The Search for Johnny Depp 6:00 to Frozen

so you know the drill

yada yada yada, help me out, The Isthmus Daily Page, Our Man In Columbus, Polar Bear food, red recommend.

As we left your shivering and hungry cub reporter he had just ripped off seven shots off his Nikon D-70 as Johnny Depp drove by.


Somehow JD got back to Base Camp without me knowing it. I think I must have blacked out at one point, who knows.

But I wake up and see some contraption coming towards us.

And that was basically it. About an hour later his SUV goes flying back to Base Camp and I think we are done. The light is fading.



The wait begins. A crowd of people have managed to line up across the road from Base Camp hoping Depp will come out to sign autographs. The few of us still in our right mind know this will not happen in the dark. 8:00 comes and goes and it's dark. I have been doing this from dark to dark. gug!

You can see EVERYBODY shivering in the cold and wind. It's been a long day outside and I have to think most people here are dehydrated along with cold and hungry.

8:30 approaches and vehicles are leaving to drive back to Madison and we see the Black SUV standing at the ready, door open.

Then it happens - it moves towards the exit - I have positioned ourselves so that we are on the correct side of the exit and will have the best chance for . . .whatever could happen.

Girls scream as they see the window rolling down. My camera and super powered flash are snapping at where I THINK the window is but people are jumping in front of me. I try to move but am frozen solid. I snap and hear someone screaming HE TOUCHED ME HE TOUCHED ME!

I did not realize it was CP at the time and I did not know I had gotten a great photo.

And my day was done.

There are many many better photos of the day out on the internet that I am totally jealous over but I'm happy. It was a 16 hour experience and as they say - I left nothing behind - I gave it my all. There are photos I missed that I wish I could have gotten but some I was surprised turned out.

I went out today and took some real nice scenery shots of Columbus and I'll post them next.

You know? Now that I finished this I feel blog . . . . let down. I think I feel sad I did not get MORE shots. I guess you are never happy because you know there are some that got away.

I'm mentioned on YouTube - is it about my spelling????? Show me the weigh! (teehee)

More later.