Saturday, March 29, 2008

Book Work & Jason Clarke WE HAVE FOUND YOU!!

I have been a little busy jumping though some hoops as far as the book (learning curve aggregations) but FINALLY I got things moving forward. I'm a little bit excited.

Remember - anyone with photos or anything bookish that I can use - send it on in to

What was that? Did I just hear something? Was that a cry for help from down under?? Jason Clarke you say??

These are courtesy of CP aka Jenny who was hovering over base camp in a hot air balloon - our hero is in front of the woman and Stephan Dorff is in front of him trying to steal his thunder. On a side not - the woman. She had to be one of the hardest working people in base camp. Not sure of her job but I think she worked 20 straight hours keeping track of everything going on. WELL DONE!

Thanks Jen!
Oshkosh - (thanks Kitty B'gosh for the information) still looking like shooting 14th, 15th and 16th but the dates are getting a little fuzzy (as they are tending to do).

Division, Church and Waugoo streets will be closed - Here is a google map of the area.

Main Street Merchants have been asked to not divulge any information so don't tell anybody - I'm not!

Things are really bustling downtown on an early Saturday morning. Some progress has been made on the wall that will hide the sundial.

Hey from a non-Oshkosh person - that's pretty cool !!!!

No changes have been made to the New Moon or the bank YET!

Word is there is an awesome vault still inside the bank and that's why it was chosen. The New Moon is directly across the street from the bank. The shoot-out apparently takes place in the street between the two buildings. The second story jump is supposed to be from the New Moon.

As a reference, the sundial, New Moon and bank are on three of the four corners of Algoma and Main.

MAN - can I get any MORE computer windows open at once??? getting confused!

So - that is all I have at the moment.

An interesting thing is happening in the PE world. People are gaining knowledge. I can see more and more posters getting the Public Enemies book and reading. More people are getting more and more detailed on events.

For instance - viola in IMDb posted

After the Crown Point escape and Makley and Pierpont in prison, Dillinger formed a new gang, along with Red Hamilton(Jason Clarke),Homer Van Meter(Stephen Dorff), he recruited Tommy Carroll (played by?), Eddie Green(played by?)and Baby Face Nelson(Stephen Graham).

On March 6, 1934, they hit the Security National Bank and Trust in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Tommy Carroll waited outside and wielding his machine gun managed to line up every cop in town inc. the chief.

Spectators stood around in amusement because just the day before a 'Hollywood producer'actually Van Meter, came to town looking for locations.(hope they film that.) They thought they were watching a movie being made. After their escape with $49,000,they threw nails on the road to hinder the cops. This is the first time that Dillinger was officially the head of his gang.

So, Oshkoshians do your research, please gets pics of all actors, not just Johnny D.

(oddly the Columbus bank has been missing a lot of money lately - - JUST KIDDING)

I found it interesting how Burroughs hit it on the head saying that to most people Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd and the rest of the characters were something so far in the past it was hard to actually thing they were real.

OK - gotta run - If I hear/see anything I'll post it and as always - give me a shout.

OH - sue mentioned a hotdog stand (and brats of course) for the Columbus 2nd shoot - I think that is a GREAT idea.