Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Morning World!


I slept the sleep of the dead last night and have literally been up for 10 minutes.

I have not yet had a chance to process any photos but just hang on - let be decompress a bit.

One of the things I hardly ever say to DJ when my head hits the pillow is.

"I have a major movie magazine from Japan wanting some photos and an NBC affiliate (from Appleton I believe) wants to interview me at 9:30".

Yea - hardly ever happens.


Seven thousand four hundred hits.

I have what I believe many interesting photos and NOT all of Mr. Depp. SORRY!

The mayor also contacted me and I have to be "on set" about noonish for . . an opportunity (non-Depp related)

The day here is rotten, cold, very wet, foggy with drizzle.

Here is my blog plan - I'm going to replay the day for you from beginning to end and I will not blast it all at once. Remember - it was 16 hours so I have a little work ahead ALONG with making sure I do not repeat things for The Isthmus newspaper(I will need you help with that one).

So let me drink some coffee, wake up and organize.

I luv you guys!

And for you guys in South Korea? Will this help?



  1. Hey Rod-

    They still going to shoot in this today?

    What is the plan for tomorrow are they still going to be around are they heading out to Darlington.

    My email is raetherese@gmail.com ... give me a hit and I'll send ya some photos.

  2. Get your java fix, you've certainly earned it! Thanks again for the reports and pics. It's been fun! Sounds like you are a very popular man right now! Bummer about the weather, tho. Everyone looked so cold yesterday. Johnny was certainly wrapped up in his usual multi-layers of scarves. Stay warm and dry as best you can today.

  3. I forgot to beg of all my friends here, if you got any good johnny depp shots, send them to me at raetherese@gmail.com. Also, I have an elderly relative in his 90's that is fascinated with this entire movie and would like to see old cars, some of the filming stuff I may not have gotten close enough to. If you could send those to me too... greatly appreciated.

    I should be up to the spot by 11 unless it gets really bad.

    Have fun at noon.

  4. Grinder, thanks for taking a photo on camera. But you shouldn't ask me! I'm just Michael Mann fanboy, I'm not a movie maker or movie school student.

    I saw you on PE forum on IMDB, I suppose. Next part is you or me link it on the forum and ask what camera it is. Would you do that? If you can't because you're busy, I'll go ask.

    But let me tell you, that doesn't look like celluloid camera for me. Interesting.

  5. Glad to see that you lived! Congrats about the Japanese magazine and the NBC interview! Can't wait to see what happens today. Sadly I do have to get some work done today, will pop in when I can. WOO HOO You rock!

  6. Alright, I posted the question on the forum. I wonder what the answer will be...

  7. i think 7000 of those hits were from me...who got any work done?? appreciate you all.can't wait for more...

  8. Oh, did we forget to tell you about the party!?! It was quite large lol 7400 hits!!! Yes, grab some coffee! Glad you survived the first day of filming yesterday. Sounds like you may be busier today. Congrats on the recognition! Thank you so much for all your work. Look forward to seeing all the pictures but will wait patiently for you to get time to post.

  9. The camera looks very close to the State of the art "F23" from Sony.
    It's a digital camera of course!
    (Young filmmaker from Brussels and huge fan of MM)

    Can't wait for the new photos!!!
    Congratulations to Grinder.

  10. Is today (3/18) the last day that Johnny Depp is going to be in town?? What's going on today??

  11. I understand that filming will continue through Thursday, but Depp is scheduled to be in Darlington on Wed, then to return to Columbus on Thursday. They break for Easter then.