Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Michael Mann I Presume?

NEWS - There will be scenes shot in Madison at the Capitol, inside AND outside and it seems Universal Studios has managed to get the State of Wisconsin bend some unbendable rules about the use of the Cap.

Money talks!

The Capitol will be used as the FBI building I am told. The Cap was last seen in the Movie "I Love Trouble" with Nick Nolte, Julia Roberts.

My undercover agent cleverly called "Spectator" is getting fitted with a costume Thursday and will be in on set on the 19th.

In other more personal news I am now 100% certain that I will NOT be called to be an extra in the movie. Why you ask? Because I have become Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kents sidekick.

Yea - It seems my new boss that works for the Isthmus was asked by Universal to be in the movie because he was a reporter/photographer and they needed some people that fit. Of course he said SURE!!

They asked him if he had been writing about the movie and he said yes, he had written a good amount and he had a Free Lance Correspondent in Columbus (who will have an article published Friday and that would be ME).

He was DROPPED LIKE A ROCK!!! SO LONG, NICE TALKING TO YOU. (Note from after the filming - he was NOT dropped - I was dupped)

Well - I'm guessing when I put on my app at the casting call that I wrote a popular blog about the movie . . . . . this was not something they thought was "wonderful".

So now I am forced to go undercover as Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter and photographer for The Isthmus, alongside Clark Kent, whom I (use to) idolizes  as a career role model. And yes - I do have a signal watch that emits a special ultrasonic frequency signal that Clark can hear anywhere on Earth. But I really hope I never turn into Giant Turtle Boy or Elastic Lad as the REAL Jimmy Olson did once. That would suck.


During the day yesterday my daughter-in-law, also known as The Columbus Paparazzi was floating around the construction area when a van pulled up in front of her. And who jumps out???

And the adventure begins.

Mann scurry's into a local historic bank with entourage in tow. This bank is what MOST people that come to Columbus take photos. This was not on the radar for scenes - UNTIL NOW.

The Columbus Paparazzi(CP) follows discretely.

It is inside the bank where CP starts to snap away (being very courteous) until she is very kindly told to back off a little.

WHAT - did she just go into the President's office??? I would not put it past her.

The following photos are of the meeting inside the bank. If anyone knows the cast of characters in the photos please let me know. They were all very close to MM in decision making.

After they leave the bank they conference on the sidewalk and MM is overheard talking about the chase scene and how some houses were not ready yet.

Then they take a tour of the town and locations, MM in a SUV and the production team in a bus. They drive down streets and abruptly stop in front of a house (which I will not post). MM gets out of the van with a couple others and go up to the door, knock and enter the house.

A few minutes later a few others leave the bus and enter the house and a few minutes later, like ants finding a piece of sticky candy on the ground the entire team is walking around the house in out and all over.

BTW - that is REAL snow - not the studio fake stuff - AND - it is mid March!

CP continues to follow the group at a discreet distance not wanting to create a Princess Di episode until they do some tricky bus maneuvering and they lose her (they are the pros you know).

And her day is done.

Meanwhile - back at the key-bored.

I'm making contacts and finding out there is no set schedule yet. I know for any of you that are coming to Columbus I would not count 100% on March 17th being the day they film. Weather is getting iffy and frankly I know they are worried about crowd control and noise.

IF you do come they will be herding people to pre-defined areas.

The town is taking shape.

The blog hit the 1400 readers yesterday for a one day record. Thanks - NO PRESSURE NOW!!

Talk at ya later.

Rod M