Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Drivel

And that my friends is what Public Enemies - Columbus The Book will look like inside. I post the jpg again because I know many of you do not read the weekend blogs and might have missed it.

I can always use more photos from Columbus so if you have a flikr site or have digital photos bring them on in I'd love to see them.

I'm a little out of sorts this morning - the fingers and the brain are not working in unison. I apologize. In fact my thumb feels dislocated or something, can't hit the space bar. Throwing me off my game a tad.
There is a good article over at The Isthmus

On set at Public Enemies with Michael Mann and Johnny Depp in Wisconsin

I was contacted by a representative of Old Cars Weekly and received some interesting information. Remember all the excitement when it was announced that Mann would be using the actual 1932 Studebaker that Dillinger used in the Green Castle/Columbus bank robbery?

They never used it. Why? Wrong color. Wasn't it black??? They used a 1932 Nash instead. The little story here is that the owner purchased the car on ebay (did he know it was so old?) a few months ago and I guess rented it to Mann.

This is the 32 Nash they used.

Another note - someone pointed out that many of the cars in the photos have turn signals. I asked John Gunnell of Gunners Garage (associated with Old Cars Weekly) and the replied was "Most mid 1930s cars did not have turn indicators. It was not until 1933 that they became a legal requirement in the U.S."


Also - I have now had more then one person ( it has become a trend) say "This will NOT be a PG13 movie". I have not gotten that far in the book BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE KEEPING ME BUSY! LOL.

As one person has told me - if you leave the theater and are still a fan of Dillinger, Mann has missed the point and as 33Grahm told me "The newspaper quote from Purvis The idea is absolutely distasteful to me" that I posted makes more sense as you read the book."

I'm thinking this is going to be a violent movie. Just preparing you in advance. The question is, is it violent like "The Longest Day"? or like "Saving Private Ryan".
On a side note for my lowly paid newspaper historian - SAM- from 33Grahm" I have been trying to do research on the 1933 Cannon Ball (Baker) run from Los Angles to New York (he drove a 1933 Graham, just like my car, to a record crossing that held till 1980, 54 hours). Do you think he might be interested in checking for me?"
Where is the movie filming NOW? I honestly don't have a clue - I'm a little out of touch with current events and I have to trudge through a bunch of email and once again Charter is acting up.

So - I'll be a little more organized tomorrow. I urge you to read the comments - lots of great info.

I received some photos from Beaver Dam and The Rogers where they will be shooting the inside lobby (I think). Honestly - I think they could be using a set in Hollywood - but perhaps since it's tax free here??? Thanks scrapper.

Oshkosh - THE EXCLUSIVE COMPANY - SAY IT WITH ME! That is burned into my head - I could strangle that guy.

Here is a photo of The Exclusive Company makeover - again, not a clue what they are doing but I had to post something about that hidious catch phrase.

Why is the sun dial termed God awful - I like it.!! is there something I'm missing? Here is a photo of them trying to cover it up! Thanks efudd.

OK - getting a little long winded.

Here in Wisconsin we are finally getting a taste of spring. I hung bird feeders and ventured into the backyard to look at my gardens and we're getting ready to landscape the front yard.

We have only lived in Columbus for about a year. We built a new small (1700 sq ft) house and had a bare canvas of sorts. So we're planting trees and I put in two small gardens with a big butterfly garden getting ready to be planted.

When we decided to build everybody was all in a tissy saying THEY would never build again - headaches and nightmare problems. We kept saying that ALL house could not be nightmares and you only hear about the problem ones.

Ambiance Homes (608 225 4594) located in Waterloo and Keven Kleckner did an awesome job. DJ was always a little nervous and every time we had a meeting she would walk away calm once again. They did a great job and I can not speak more highly of the job him and his crew did.

Funny - I recommended him to some friends who were building. They decided to go with someone else that was a little cheaper. They have told me a couple times "I wish we would have gone with Keven". Does this sound like an advertisement? YOU BET - I really think he did an outstanding job. He is a small company that still enjoys building and making people happy and I think people like that should be rewarded! Pay it Forward!

Any gardeners out there?? Who know planting gardens was so expensive.

OK - I really do have to run! sorry for the hodge podge blog. Sadly it is how my mind is working today!