Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Drivel

And that my friends is what Public Enemies - Columbus The Book will look like inside. I post the jpg again because I know many of you do not read the weekend blogs and might have missed it.

I can always use more photos from Columbus so if you have a flikr site or have digital photos bring them on in I'd love to see them.

I'm a little out of sorts this morning - the fingers and the brain are not working in unison. I apologize. In fact my thumb feels dislocated or something, can't hit the space bar. Throwing me off my game a tad.
There is a good article over at The Isthmus

On set at Public Enemies with Michael Mann and Johnny Depp in Wisconsin

I was contacted by a representative of Old Cars Weekly and received some interesting information. Remember all the excitement when it was announced that Mann would be using the actual 1932 Studebaker that Dillinger used in the Green Castle/Columbus bank robbery?

They never used it. Why? Wrong color. Wasn't it black??? They used a 1932 Nash instead. The little story here is that the owner purchased the car on ebay (did he know it was so old?) a few months ago and I guess rented it to Mann.

This is the 32 Nash they used.

Another note - someone pointed out that many of the cars in the photos have turn signals. I asked John Gunnell of Gunners Garage (associated with Old Cars Weekly) and the replied was "Most mid 1930s cars did not have turn indicators. It was not until 1933 that they became a legal requirement in the U.S."


Also - I have now had more then one person ( it has become a trend) say "This will NOT be a PG13 movie". I have not gotten that far in the book BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE KEEPING ME BUSY! LOL.

As one person has told me - if you leave the theater and are still a fan of Dillinger, Mann has missed the point and as 33Grahm told me "The newspaper quote from Purvis The idea is absolutely distasteful to me" that I posted makes more sense as you read the book."

I'm thinking this is going to be a violent movie. Just preparing you in advance. The question is, is it violent like "The Longest Day"? or like "Saving Private Ryan".
On a side note for my lowly paid newspaper historian - SAM- from 33Grahm" I have been trying to do research on the 1933 Cannon Ball (Baker) run from Los Angles to New York (he drove a 1933 Graham, just like my car, to a record crossing that held till 1980, 54 hours). Do you think he might be interested in checking for me?"
Where is the movie filming NOW? I honestly don't have a clue - I'm a little out of touch with current events and I have to trudge through a bunch of email and once again Charter is acting up.

So - I'll be a little more organized tomorrow. I urge you to read the comments - lots of great info.

I received some photos from Beaver Dam and The Rogers where they will be shooting the inside lobby (I think). Honestly - I think they could be using a set in Hollywood - but perhaps since it's tax free here??? Thanks scrapper.

Oshkosh - THE EXCLUSIVE COMPANY - SAY IT WITH ME! That is burned into my head - I could strangle that guy.

Here is a photo of The Exclusive Company makeover - again, not a clue what they are doing but I had to post something about that hidious catch phrase.

Why is the sun dial termed God awful - I like it.!! is there something I'm missing? Here is a photo of them trying to cover it up! Thanks efudd.

OK - getting a little long winded.

Here in Wisconsin we are finally getting a taste of spring. I hung bird feeders and ventured into the backyard to look at my gardens and we're getting ready to landscape the front yard.

We have only lived in Columbus for about a year. We built a new small (1700 sq ft) house and had a bare canvas of sorts. So we're planting trees and I put in two small gardens with a big butterfly garden getting ready to be planted.

When we decided to build everybody was all in a tissy saying THEY would never build again - headaches and nightmare problems. We kept saying that ALL house could not be nightmares and you only hear about the problem ones.

Ambiance Homes (608 225 4594) located in Waterloo and Keven Kleckner did an awesome job. DJ was always a little nervous and every time we had a meeting she would walk away calm once again. They did a great job and I can not speak more highly of the job him and his crew did.

Funny - I recommended him to some friends who were building. They decided to go with someone else that was a little cheaper. They have told me a couple times "I wish we would have gone with Keven". Does this sound like an advertisement? YOU BET - I really think he did an outstanding job. He is a small company that still enjoys building and making people happy and I think people like that should be rewarded! Pay it Forward!

Any gardeners out there?? Who know planting gardens was so expensive.

OK - I really do have to run! sorry for the hodge podge blog. Sadly it is how my mind is working today!




  1. **no actual content alert**

    Sorry Rod, but I have to tell you that I am Evil.

    Years ago, that was my job-- recording Mr. Giombetti's utterances about whatever record he was advertising, editing each into a radio spot, and splicing "Say It With Me!" at the end of EVERY spot. It was a fresh SIWM each time. He never used an older taped SIWM-- he just loved to say SIWM as often as possible. Interesting fellow. I have to say I grew to like him.

    Looking forward to finding out when the BD shoot is!


  2. SIWM is burned into my head and I have ALWAYS said it was a brilliant advertising scheme. I might not like it but I can always appreciate an inspired advertising moment.

    BTW - We have a confirmation from another person wanting to come to the screening.

    The TRAFFIC LIGHT GUY!! - remember a bunch of blogs ago? If we have old cars and the timing is right he will bring his traffic light!!

  3. Sorry to hear you are out of sorts, Rod. Life goes on while you're busy writing blogs. We've just had our first blast of cold weather. I'm three blocks from the Indian Ocean and it is blowing a gale outside. Spent today, (it's 11.16 pm Monday night) trying to sort out why Rory Cochrane(W.Carter Baum) and Shawn Hatosy (John Madala) both FBI were in CP, had it explained at imdb that those two and Bale had a short scene after the CP escape. I did not however, find out who is playing Louis Piquette. Most of the support roles have been confirmed. A great assortment of character actors with great faces and a few Prison Breakers. But as Oshkosh looms, no word on who is playing Eddy Green. I think the Rogers hotel will also be a Biograph foyer location.
    a few addendums to my WOMEN OF PUBLIC ENEMIES.
    Jean Delaney was the g/f of Tommy Carroll, she's the sister of Dolores Delaney who was the g/f of Karpis and had his baby while in prison. Harry Campbell of the Karpis gang g/f- Wynona Burdette. Russell Clark's g/f-Opal Long. I also came across an interesting female bank robber named Edna 'rabbits' Murray also known as the 'kissing bandit' who provided the safe house for Dillinger et al in AURORA after the Little Bohemia escape. She was also present at the secret burial of Red Hamilton and later led the police to his grave. She was a striking woman and is pictured in prison with Blanche Barrow.(Clyde's sister?)
    Surely Columbus is going to get the gong for best city to film in. I loved those early morning shots.Rod, if you need any research/ assistance in setting up the book, I would like to volunteer.

  4. I love the hodge podge stuff.

    "Say it with Me!" LOL--it was a great ad because it stuck with every one of us, didn't it?!

    Did you catch the article in the Isthmus of the guy who tells his account of being an extra in Darlington? Go here:

    (Sorry, looked like that was going to cut off so you'll have to copy each and paste into a new browser to make it one url). Or use this and scroll down the page:

    I loved hearing the inside scoop, and he has a sense of humor, too! :)

    (Should I just email these links to you when I'm up way too late reading so you can add them to your morning blog?)!!

    I love gardening, and builders with heart, and birds in the yard, and a home to decorate. Sounds like you have a lot of good stuff going on.

    The book project looks awesome too!

  5. We love John the traffic light guy!!

    It will be awesome to have him at the screening!

  6. rachel - do I have your email address?? email me

    RM :-)

  7. For those with longer urls to post, try tinyurl at

    It's free and really works! For example,

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    I put a link on the main blog page. if you have a long URL enter it and click the button - you will be taken to a page that has the NEW URL and you can then us THAT URL to post in the comments!

  9. Thanks for the turn signal information! My father will be geeked. ;)

    Trying to pull together some house info for you - I didn't forget! We're also working on auditorium updates for you.

  10. Rod,

    I sent you an email to your charter address. Charter has been acting funky today so hopefully it makes it to you!

    On a side note, I heard birds chirping outside my window when I got up at 4am. Now with the spring rains, I am hoping the winter weather is done here. (Fingers crossed)

  11. Viola,
    Is Rory coming to Wisconsin for any of the shooting according to the book? I haven't had a chance to read it and am trying to figure out if I will get a chance to meet him! Thanks for all the info everyone! Keep up the good work :)

  12. Thought you might find it interesting that photos of Johnny Depp as Dillenger while filming on location in Wisconsin, are showing up in the Hollywood magazines this week. I've seen them in People, InTouch and US Weekly so far.

  13. arghgh! I'm too hooked on this blog... I'm going to get right off so I can read my PE book.

    Hey Rod, you mentioned getting into some microbrews recently. Today I heard on the radio that Sprechers (SP?) in Milwaukee is coming out with a pizza flavored brew. I'm not sure what my taste buds think about that!

    Viola - did you say you lived near the Indian Ocean? I used to live on an atoll right inthe middle of it, I sure do miss that beautiful aqua blue water and white beaches!!! sigh....

    i'm just getting to the Little Bohemia escape so I'm anxious to look at your kissing bandit stuff, thanks

  14. Is anyone going to the Oshkosh filming? I have spring break that week and the oppurtunity to stay out there like 5 hours. I'm excited. Plus this time I know what to look for since I went to a filming in Columbus. So I have high hopes for seeing something good.

  15. I am seriously considering making the trek to Oshkosh one of the days or more dependent on when they film. My boss asked me today if I would be working at all in April :)

  16. depends when it is..i live for Vacation on the 15th so who knows! I am only 45 min away so ill swing over there for sure just to check it out.

  17. I'm about 45 minutes away from Columbus [used to be a lot closer when I lived in Sun Prairie] and 2 hours away from Oshkosh.

  18. Looks like The Exclusive Company is going to be transformed into a Woolworth's. At least according to The Northwestern. This was the caption on one of the photos from today.

    Construction crews work on transforming The Exclusive Company into a 1930s-era Woolworth's, one of the original five-and-dime stores in America. The store is getting a makeover in preparation for the filming of "Public Enemies" in Oshkosh in April.

    And it looks like the sundial cover-up will resemble the outside wall of a baseball diamond.

  19. I'm about 30 minutes away from Oshkosh. My hubby works there. I'm definately hoping to be there at least one day, but only for a while after work. Just wish we knew what the dates were! I've been hearing "second week of April" which, to me, would be the 6th-12th. But Rod's info this weekend said 14-16, didn't it?

  20. here are some pics of rory cochrane from the set in CP. dunno if these were posted here yet.

  21. Here's a semi-good pic I have of them laying down the cobblestone before they started filming in Columbus. I promise I'll get the link right this time =D

  22. Claire,

    I'm heading up to Oshkosh too. I'm lucky that my schedule is flexible, so I guess I'm good whenever it finally happens.

    It looks like I'm about an hour and 15 to Columbus and then again that much to Oshkosh.

    i just read the account of Edna Murray's involvement of nursing Red Hamilton, the burial, and the pretty graphic description of her cleaning up after the bloody gangrenous mess left behind. It said that Dillinger poured acid or lye over Red's face to prohibit his being identified if the grave was discovered, wow...

  23. Ty - yep, I posted those last night. Well tried to anyway... before the wonders of Tiny URL. lol

  24. I live in Madison and I do have relatives up in Oshkosh but I hate to ask to stay over. I'm lucky that my boss is flexible too :)

    Maybe a group of us could meet up in Osh-Vegas.

  25. Here's a great article to more info on the Little Bohemia Lodge and Dillinger's relationship with the owner, etc, etc.

    (I'm usually too lazy to use that, but the peer pressure got to me)!

    I love Duane Dudek--he writes for JS Online, and always has good articles! Enjoy the pictures and info he gathered. :)

  26. Who has read about the Little Bohemia escape.

    I'm putting some pieces to a puzzle together. Was there anything to do with the roof???

    I'm getting some confirmations on some news up that way.

  27. Little Bohemia is going to be one sweet scene. it's quite involved so it will be interesting how they compress it. We will see the first appearance of Baby Face Nelson. Rory Cochrane will have his big scene when his character W. Carter Baum will be killed by BFN. Found out Louis Piquette is played by Peter Geraty who was in The Wire, and upcoming Leatherheads. Edna Murray is a very interesting character. I hope she is in the movie. I'm also interested in Martin Zarkovich, the crooked cop who set up Anna Sage with the FBI.He ended up getting a fat reward.

  28. I just finished that part of the book today (actually, I finished the book today - my poor neglected family!). I don't recall anything about the roof.

    This book is so good - I started it Friday night and had to finish it today so I can read more. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm heading over to imdb now to see what they're saying about it.

  29. Rod, here's what I remember about the escape. All of the gang (except Baby Face Nelson) were upstairs packing to leave when the FBI cars (they were tipped off) pulled in the drive. Too many people knew who they were and too many people were coming and going from the restaurant. The FBI saw a couple of men and ordered them to stop. The Feds thought they were gang members and the FBI opened fire. The gang mean while had jumped from the second story windows into a 10 ft pile of frozen snow. Fire was returned, confusion was rampant and the feds thought they had the gangsters cornered in the lodge upstairs, when they really had escaped. I don't know about a roof but they did escape from a second story window.

  30. This link (which is part of my other link) tells all about it. Here's a quote and a direct link to the full story of what happened at Little Bohemia and Dillinger and his gang.

    "Van Meter and Hamilton escaped out an
    upstairs window at the rear out the lodge. Forensics would argue that Hamilton could not
    have possibly jumped off the roof, after injuries he received on January 15, with shot four wounds to the groin and the loss a finger."

    Here's a link to that page directly. :)

    It's quite interesting!!

  31. Little Bohemia was one of the best parts of the book. The FBI was outsmarted...again. They were a bunch of bungling idiots in so much of the book, it was comical.