Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PE Columbus - The Book

I'm back to being ordinary Joe Citizen today. At Hard Heads yesterday I was called, underneath someones breath, a paparazzi. I wanted to turn around and tell the dude that I was really a paparazzo and not a paparazzi. Paparazzi is plural and paparazzo is singular.

Did you know that the word paparazzi was introduced by the 1960 film La dolce vita directed by Federico Fellini. One of the characters in the film was a news photographer named Paparazzo.

And now you get a taste of what my NORMAL blog is all about. Random semi interesting things having to do about nothing.

Also something interesting. 7,400 hits Monday, 9,364 hits yesterday.
I do have some actual interesting topics today.

First I want to post some photos that Michelle took the last couple days. She is a very good photographer and I wanted to share. Then I will talk about an idea. I woke up last night about 2:00 with it and I think it'll be awesome.

Thanks Michelle

The idea.

I have already been through the process of creating a book. My mom had a collection of poetry that she gave to my brother and I of her writings starting at 16 years and ending when she was 60.

I organized the poems and created "Snapshots Along the Way" and it instantly became a best seller and is still in the top 5,367,625 of all books sold on Amazon. (I think at one time it cracked the top 2 million for a day - somebody purchased one).

The book was just for friends - not for profit (I think she got a check once for $25).

I realized a few nights ago that it is she that gave me my writing style (whatever that may be - she did not give her spelling gene to me- CURSE YOU MOTHER!).

ANYWAY - here is my idea.

There are a lot of wonderful photographs from this event and I think we would be missing a huge oppertunity if we did not put together all the best photos from our group into one collection.

I would then create the book and all procedes of the sale of the book would go to the Columbus Historic Landmarks and Preservation Group. Which I believe is responsible for preserving the look and feel of Columbus.


Once we have the book finished why not have a big party at somewhere and have a meet and greet and sale-a-thon for Columbus and all of you guys! The book will also be available on Amazon, Barns&Noble, Borders and so forth.

People submitting photos would be credited and my thought would be having a photo of yourself with page numbers of your photos.

What cha think???

I have talked to many people in the last few weeks that have come up to me and said this movie has really brought the town together. People meeting other people for the first time. This would be an oppertunity to continue this.

ALSO - it has been suggested to me that in 2009 when the movie comes out. We should get a group together and all go see the movie enmasse. It was even mentioned that perhaps we could rent a theater (it can be done) for this event - JUST for us!

Just repeating what people have suggested.

Another shot I took yesterday.

SO - back to the book.

Any of you that have clear, interesting photos of the building process, filming, breaking down, anything that is interesting and you want to contribute - email me with PE BOOK in the SUBJECT - I'm getting a LOT of emails and I need so seperate this a little.

My goal is to have the book flow like a timeline with basically just photos and intersting tidbits. Mostly photos though.

Don't send photo's YET, I have to get the infrastructure for this ready. Just an email that you are interested.

I will keep information of the project updated here for all others.

Here is a photo from one of the drivers of a 33 Graham. Grahams were used as police cars because they were faster then the average car and had a lower center of gravity. Thanks Scott and Kristie.

So - anyone know what is going on Thursday? I have heard the yare coming back in April and Oshkosh is getting ready for a scene or two.

I've gotten mail from Crowne Point Indiana as they prepare and I'm hoping to have photos from those places in the future.

Ordinary Rod.