Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PE Columbus - The Book

I'm back to being ordinary Joe Citizen today. At Hard Heads yesterday I was called, underneath someones breath, a paparazzi. I wanted to turn around and tell the dude that I was really a paparazzo and not a paparazzi. Paparazzi is plural and paparazzo is singular.

Did you know that the word paparazzi was introduced by the 1960 film La dolce vita directed by Federico Fellini. One of the characters in the film was a news photographer named Paparazzo.

And now you get a taste of what my NORMAL blog is all about. Random semi interesting things having to do about nothing.

Also something interesting. 7,400 hits Monday, 9,364 hits yesterday.
I do have some actual interesting topics today.

First I want to post some photos that Michelle took the last couple days. She is a very good photographer and I wanted to share. Then I will talk about an idea. I woke up last night about 2:00 with it and I think it'll be awesome.

Thanks Michelle

The idea.

I have already been through the process of creating a book. My mom had a collection of poetry that she gave to my brother and I of her writings starting at 16 years and ending when she was 60.

I organized the poems and created "Snapshots Along the Way" and it instantly became a best seller and is still in the top 5,367,625 of all books sold on Amazon. (I think at one time it cracked the top 2 million for a day - somebody purchased one).

The book was just for friends - not for profit (I think she got a check once for $25).

I realized a few nights ago that it is she that gave me my writing style (whatever that may be - she did not give her spelling gene to me- CURSE YOU MOTHER!).

ANYWAY - here is my idea.

There are a lot of wonderful photographs from this event and I think we would be missing a huge oppertunity if we did not put together all the best photos from our group into one collection.

I would then create the book and all procedes of the sale of the book would go to the Columbus Historic Landmarks and Preservation Group. Which I believe is responsible for preserving the look and feel of Columbus.


Once we have the book finished why not have a big party at somewhere and have a meet and greet and sale-a-thon for Columbus and all of you guys! The book will also be available on Amazon, Barns&Noble, Borders and so forth.

People submitting photos would be credited and my thought would be having a photo of yourself with page numbers of your photos.

What cha think???

I have talked to many people in the last few weeks that have come up to me and said this movie has really brought the town together. People meeting other people for the first time. This would be an oppertunity to continue this.

ALSO - it has been suggested to me that in 2009 when the movie comes out. We should get a group together and all go see the movie enmasse. It was even mentioned that perhaps we could rent a theater (it can be done) for this event - JUST for us!

Just repeating what people have suggested.

Another shot I took yesterday.

SO - back to the book.

Any of you that have clear, interesting photos of the building process, filming, breaking down, anything that is interesting and you want to contribute - email me with PE BOOK in the SUBJECT - I'm getting a LOT of emails and I need so seperate this a little.

My goal is to have the book flow like a timeline with basically just photos and intersting tidbits. Mostly photos though.

Don't send photo's YET, I have to get the infrastructure for this ready. Just an email that you are interested.

I will keep information of the project updated here for all others.

Here is a photo from one of the drivers of a 33 Graham. Grahams were used as police cars because they were faster then the average car and had a lower center of gravity. Thanks Scott and Kristie.

So - anyone know what is going on Thursday? I have heard the yare coming back in April and Oshkosh is getting ready for a scene or two.

I've gotten mail from Crowne Point Indiana as they prepare and I'm hoping to have photos from those places in the future.

Ordinary Rod.


  1. Rod, you read my mind, as I mentioned in email this morning. Count me in!

  2. Rod,
    The book idea is genius. And the idea that the profits of the sale of the book would go to the Columbus Historic Landmarks and Preservation Group is also inspired. Hope it becomes a reality. Maybe some of the actors would agree (after the movie is done shooting) to give some behind the scenes info and recollections. Michael Mann could write a quick forward.
    Run with this idea. This is a winner.

  3. Before all this I have never really been to columbus. But in the last few days walking around and seeing everything...there is alot of history and buildings there. I think some sort of book that would benefit that would be awesome. Anything I can do let me know! I have not heard anything about thursday or about oshkosh. I have got in contact with friends who work downtown oshkosh to see if they have heard anything.


    From solacepower "i was standing RIGHT next to the camera when they filmed the gang coming out of the bank and jumping in the car, they did about 15 takes, on one of them the door to the bank broke and it wouldn't open when they tried coming out, it was a funny blooperish moment."

  5. What a FANTASTIC idea!!!! I know I would buy one for sure!!!!

    I think Johnny would be happy about it as well since he is such a giving and generous person!!!! Keep up all posted!!!!

    Michelle's pics are incredible!!!!

    Thanks again to all who have shared their stories, pics, etc. For those of us who live far away, these things have made us feel like we were right there with you!!!

  6. Photos coming out of Darlington set construction.

    EXTRAS ON SET by 5:15

  7. speaking of photos - they're popping up all over. Don't know whose are whose!! links to Hollywood Newsroom. Is credit being given where credit is due? :)

  8. Has anyone have any idea if they )JD)will be in Columbus tomorrow (Thursday)? I think I will be coming but I would like to know if they will be there filming. Thanks!

  9. I'm really enjoying the pictures, I grew up in Columbus. I lived in the big white house on the corner of Prairie and Charles across from Dr. Poser's big brown mansion. I heard they were going to use the Poser's house for a brothel in the movie. This is so cool, I wish I was there!

  10. Michelle has the best photos ever! Great job!!!

  11. Just a few random thoughts - would the photos be considered copyright of the PE Movie? M.Mann has done a lot for our little town the last few weeks, I wouldn't want to upset him.
    The idea of a special filming or Columbus attending enmasse is a great idea - Maybe if the film release is delayed we could show it in The Auditorium. (Or if we could get all of the money needed for its restoration in time).
    Speaking of The Auditorium, your book proceeds could be used for the Auditorium restoration OR could be used to develop a fund to assist building owners with the upkeep/repair of their downtown properties (where HLPC would come in). A few thoughts - I guess we will have a lot to discuss at the next meeting!

  12. fyi friends..JD is in Darlington right now...2 sightings by friends!!!

  13. Understood about the copyright issue. I know that if the shots were during actual filming there is an issue.


  14. Great idea! It crossed my mind as well to get all these wonderful photos of your town in one compilation. Michelle, your pics are fab. Don't know what camera you use, but the images are so sharp and crisp. Congrats on getting a hug from Johnny! Sweet! Rod, love the reports and pics. Hope your project can come true.

  15. Thank you, you all are very kind! I use a Canon Rebel XT, fitted with my 75-300 telephoto, because the only time I was close to Johnny was when I met him. It was exciting to have to switch my lens, because that meant he was up close!

    Rod, you are doing a fabulous job uniting everyone and I would be proud to be a part of such a project. Let me know if there will be a meeting!

  16. Rod this is a brilliant idea! I'll be happy to link to whatever site you have for the book and sales! I'm not in Columbus, but I am a supporter of Historical landmarks and buildings. Let me know what I can do to help.

  17. Count me in as well. I've worked as a freelance writer, but from reading your blog and others, this book will already have enough excellent writing volunteers! Some of my photos are pretty good, so I'll be looking for word on when/if you have clearance to use them, and when/if you want them! Best of luck, Rod. I've been incredibly impressed with your movitivation and "moxie", to use a period-appropriate term, throughout this entire event!


  18. Do you know when they will be in Crown Point. My mother lives near there and would love to see Johnny Depp in person.

  19. When I start to really think about some of the problems I keep seeing more and more.

    Not impossible but not easy. For one thing I doubt this could come out BEFORE the movie comes out. Not a bad thing really as attention will wane after a period.

    Then there is the copyright issue with some of the photos that were taken during filming.

    MAYBE knowing that proceeds will go to the City of Columbus Historical will clear the way with that problem.

    I think I have some meetings to go to about this (and lawyers?).

    On the BRIGHT SIDE - it'll be a story in itself! ;-) and I love a good story!

  20. Absolutely wonderful idea, Rod! I don't have any photos as good as you, Michelle, Scott, Tyler...etc, but I do have a few that might be decent enough to contribute. :)

    I took a walk through the neighborhood a bit ago. They're making snow in somebody's backyard! ;)

    I'm enamored by all the warm stories of how accomodating Johnny has been to the fans in Columbus. I always loved him, but I didn't know he was so kind-hearted. What an absolute hero in the industry! Lucky us!

  21. Rod FYI they are filming in the afternoon on Thursday at/in "the big house on the hill" in Columbus that's all i can say.........;)

  22. To Justine: From what I have read, they will film for sure at the Crown Point Jail, the actual jail where Dillinger escaped from!! I don't know of other places in Crown Point tho.

  23. Have you seen this video at Channel3000? It's a shooting scene in front of the old Dering House

  24. I love the book idea! I have no pics to contribute but I would absolutely buy this book. If this does get off the ground, will you keep info/updates here in your blog? Or someplace separate?

  25. My reliable source told me that the scene tomorrow is not a nude scene and not a brothel scene.

  26. Great idea Rod--hope all the legal issues can be resolved--what a great cause! Thanks for the pic of JD on the running board---it's popping up all over the place now-lol! Michelle/Ty and others--your pics are fabulous! Thanks for all the reports here to keep us that aren't in the area informed.

  27. Does anyone know the last name of JDs bodyguard Jerry?

  28. Yeah, I think it'd be hard for them to do a brothel scene tomorrow since they (supposedly) haven't cast Anna Sage or Polly Hamilton yet. I hope that they do evenually...if they don't, that's quite a deviation from the true story.

  29. By the way Rod, I forgot to mention in my last post...the book sounds like a fantastic idea. I missed JD all day on Monday but got some pretty awesome pictures of set decoration over the weekend that I could contribute. Hopefully all of the legal mumbo jumbo can be worked out and this can become a reality.

  30. Anyone know where Johnny Depp will be Thursday? Help, I have to get my wife in a position to at least catch a glimpse of him!

  31. Good luck Jason. I waited for a good 6 hours on Monday (4-8:30 a.m. and 6:00-7:30 p.m.) and 2 more hours on Tuesday (9:00-11:00p.m.) and didn't catch so much as a glimpse. I think it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did!

  32. Justine, I've heard that they are expected to be in Crown Point on March 24 and maybe 25.

    I've also heard that Johnny *should* be in Columbus on Thursday, but I've also heard that he should be in Madison sometime Thursday and/or Friday. Sorry, but that's the best I can do. Anyone hear anything else?

  33. That JD on the running board could get me in trouble - remember - all photos when actually being filmed are property of Universal.

    I'm considering take it off.

    We must be careful.

    Also Johnny WILL be in Columbus tomorrow for outside scenes and inside.

    Plus - more down the road at a later date!

  34. Thanks for that confirmation Rod.

    And yes, we all have to be so careful when it comes to pics and "home" videos of actual filming scenes. I try to link back to where I've seen pictures if I am unsure. I wonder what Universal is going to do about the TON of youtube videos?

  35. The youtube videos are featuring Michelle's photos and Elizabeth's photos without credit. In addition, a lot of yahoo groups are passing around Michelles photo's like gangbusters... no credit on the bottom. Michelle, I did ask them to credit you as I told them you worked very hard to take those pictures.

    I just thought I would let you know. Stuff is getting out all over the place. Heck even channel 3 has filming video on their website.

  36. As I hear it, the scene at the mansion is Dillinger having a meeting with Frank Nitti. There's also supposed to be a bedroom scene, but I'm not sure what that's supposed to be about.

    I can see the top of the hill from my house. If anyone wants to meet up, use my bathroom, grab a soda, drop me a line from my blog email or leave me a message here.

    I think it's going to be okay weather though, so hopefully nobody will be freezing while waiting. :) ...Still welcome at my house if going home seems too far.

  37. Does anyone know when filming is going to start, tomorrow?

  38. The last name of JD'bodyguard is Judge. Jerry Judge.

  39. "I think it's going to be okay weather though"


    Tomorrow will be a nigtmare!

  40. I'm heading off to Columbus in a few minutes.....any last minute info anyone can give me as to where in town JD is. Thanks for everyone's help. I hope my wife can see him today!

  41. From what I've heard, the bedroom scene at the mansion is supposed to be between Dillinger and Billie Frechette, in a brothel.

  42. (Sigh) Lucky Marion! :-) Have fun all who are going up today. If I thought he'd be up there past 6:00 tonight, I'd join you. Oh well, another time!

    Yeah, and speaking of the weather, Rod, it's a crying shame they didn't schedule the outdoor scenes for tomorrow. Then they'd have had plenty of natural, fresh snow! Ah, good old Sconnie! :-) I'm sure Mann's really missed it.

  43. I'm assuming they're filming inside the mansion today but where are they filming outside????? Any ideas of what time outside???

  44. GRINDER, for future blogs. There is no E in Crown Point.

  45. "From what I've heard, the bedroom scene at the mansion is supposed to be between Dillinger and Billie Frechette, in a brothel."

    This is what I heard too. I'm reading this morning that "key" cast will be here today, so perhaps Marion Cotillard will be stepping out of a black car in front of us!!

  46. I've also heard Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th for Crown Point. A friend and I are supossed to be going there tomorrow (Friday) late afternoon (as long as the weather cooperates..we're supossed to get up to 6 inches of snow) to at least get a look of the jail before filming and to see what we can find out.

    An article on a local paper's Web site ( said to the effect that a staff member had been offered a role as a extra (as a reporter) and he had to go to Wisconsin on Thursday and get fitted for a costume and whatnot and that he was told he was needed for Monday (the 24th).

    Also, yesterday on the radio (9FM) they said they are filming in Aurora, Ill., on April 6th and 7th. Not sure how true that is, but I can't imagine someone would pull a random date out of the air like that.

    P.S. I live in a suburb of Chicago but am actually closer to the Indiana border. It'll only take me about a half hour to get to CP.

  47. OK, hearing that JD has left us, flew out of Madison, does anyone feel a sense of...sadness? That "Christmas is really over" feeling? I know he'll be back, but I've been all-sonsumed for the past month.

    I stood outside of that mansion yesterday and saw nothing. All day! Did anyone else see anything?

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