Thursday, March 13, 2008

Set . . . Back

Before I get into the regularly scheduled group of words I have something that has been nagging me a little.

I have never written anything that is read by 2000 people a day. My normal blog (and at the moment dead) is more like 200. The beauty of having a blog with 200 readers is that most understand that I say things in an off the cuff manner. I'm not a serious guy for the most part, I like to have fun when I write.

However now there are 2000 readers who are new to my style and might think that I do not take things serious enough.

For instance - I made reference yesterday that my guy at the newspaper (Clark Kent) was turned away from being in the movie because he might spill secrets and thus I surmised that I was probably not going to be called because I had a popular (and what one person said "The Official") blog about a subject we all know.

I was told I would not be told any secrets because we were already blacklisted. Let me say right now that neither Clark Kent nor I are blacklisted in any manner. It's just the way the words came out of my fingers as they typed my thoughts.

Now when it comes to secrets. I am completely serious when it comes to information NOT getting out. I understand what is at stake here. There are a number of things you do NOT know and I will not tell you. If I ask anyone for information and you do not feel comfortable giving it - that is totally fine with me. I understand.

But do not think that if you tell me something I will automatically blab it to the world. Even though when I write I might sound flippant, I do, in fact take this blog to be very serious.

On a side note - I really doubt ANYBODY at Universal reads this blog anyway. I would think they are a little busy at the moment.

( I received an email 4 months after shooting from the 1st Asst Director that in fact they DID read my blog every day).

I will now step down off my soapbox and slither back into the crowd.
This print(?) was done by Marcia Sparks. The Columbus Paparazzi owns one of her cat prints and Diane and I LOVE her work. A few people have expressed interest in purchasing this WITHOUT the WELCOME. Let's see if we can get a campaign going for her to make a copy without the banner.

Things appeared to slow down yesterday in the reconstruction of Columbus and the main crew were nowhere to be found. I expect that they were at other locations in Wisconsin scoping things out. The Columbus Paparazzi changed outfits and restyled her hair and was noticed immediately and told to hand over all photographs.

OK OK - see - I could not resist. In reality she was asked if she could forward copies of some photos by a business owner - that sounds boring though.

In my cold walk around town I did see one nameless guy that I recognized but I did not have the gonads to ask who he was as he was looking pretty busy (it's not the dude with the skate board) .

I know that every street leading into Columbus will have people directing traffic. Tourist this direction, extras that direction. I'm not sure what will happen to ME as I live IN town and The Columbus Paparazzi's house is only a pitching wedge from the action . . literally.

All snow has been removed or melted and new snow will be added starting early Monday morning. I know that two police cars will crash into said snow pile at some point (tee hee - THAT is not known by many people).

The schedule is still very fluid as new scenes are being discovered every day. The OFFICIAL word is that Monday will be a 20 hour shoot . . . . . that is all I will say on that subject.

Note to 33Grahm - I will have a photo of your spot tonight so the fear of the unknown will lesson for you.

And I have to say Hi to Kate and Randall Luedars. Randall is the city attorney and helped close on our house last year. I remember Kate saying as were leaving and we were all starry eyed "I hope we see you around". LOL HERE I AM!! BTW - Kate? Diane and I love living in Columbus, even without the movie!! Thanks

Back On Topic.

I have read that they are going to put down a rubber cobblestone street but I have also heard they decided not to go that route. They were painting the pavement yellow lines so I have to think . . NOT!

I know there will be one scene where people are being chased and they will run into the old karate Studio (now drugstore) and someone dies on the steps of the building.

It has been reported by others that when filming is finished in Columbus the company move on to other locations. My thinking is that there is a timing issue and there might be a second team filming at other locations but this is only conjecture as scenes are being added every day as MM discovers locations that are perfect.

Columbus HAS to be on the radar for other movies in this time period down the road if all goes off as planned.

The movie theater is just not coming together as planned and is being scraped and will become something else.

I wrote about this in an earlier blog and Kaylinne brought it up in a comment. There might be a scene where Dillinger is "filming" a movie when he is actually robbing the bank. I find this funny because I was told that when the The Columbus Paparazzi followed the entourage into the bank there must have been 30 people loitering around. Executives were a little nervous at having so many people in the bank at once (as they should be).

Back to all of you intending on coming to Columbus. I have been asked a number of times of the best places to go. All I can say is you will really have no choice on WHERE you can go. You will all be sheep herded to wherever you are suppose to be.

I have to think that space will be limited so do not expect any clear views.

On a side point - Johnny Depp. You know what he does on his days off? He likes to dress up in his Pirate costume and visit children hospitals. He is very very family oriented. People see his odd characters he plays in movies and think he is WHACKY. Actually he is a family guy and if his child is sick on a day of shooting - there will be no shooting that day. His family normally travels with him.

OH - almost forgot - I have heard from more then one Extra that they are all having some pretty bizarre dreams in anticipation of the shoot. TOO FUNNY!

Also - seems there is a casting call in Cleveland - have not seen this officially anywhere but I heard in through the grapevine.