Friday, March 7, 2008

What Day Is It?

It's Saturday and I'm off at the casting call so here is some stuff I wrote . . . . . . . yesterday (actually today(which was yesterday . . .or the day before . . . . today) but you get the idea).
Wolverine Fan - all the snow has been removed and we had a day in the 40's last week that helped. Even thought RIGHT NOW it's ONE degree it will be in the 40s next week. Long range forecast is a high of 33 on the first shooting day with snow showers.

In other news - Jenny - my lovable daughter-in-law who lives a pitching wedge distance from the center of action forwarded some photos she took Friday afternoon. She is one of he principle players in the restoration of the City Hall Auditorium.

As you can see now all the stores have drawings on the windows showing what they should look like.

Red's Pharmacy - notice new awnings

Womans Clothing Store

Womans Store
HEY - could those be the aliens ?
(see previous blogs)

Tobacco Shop - Notice Indian
Tobacco Shop Props
(that was actually my Dads Indian name)

Tobacco Shop props
Drug Store
Scraping Yellow Paint
- the ultimate Hollywood job
Soon to be The Bridal Shop
Now THAT is funny

Talk to ya later with casting call . . . stuff