Monday, April 28, 2008

And Then They Rested

Seems the crew has a little down time for a week and luckily for them they are still up north in Summer Winterland. I bet those guys are just loving Wisconsin weather right now.

They are holed up in Minocqua which is about the size of Columbus. Minocqua means ""fair maiden". In Native American.

Minocqua is also said to be derived from the Ojibwe word Ninocqua, meaning noon day rest.

In 1891 the town consisted of 29 saloons, two hotels, two general stores, a small market and about 15 homes.
(15 homes and 29 saloons - awesome home to saloon ratio). In 1912, a fire destroyed most of the buildings along Front Street. The fire started across from where the post office sits today. Locals tried to stop the fire with dynamite.

BRUNO BRUNO!! (ok - that does not fit . . . read on)

The town might also be named after a tribal chief named Noc Wib or Minocquip.

Another explanation for the name may refer to the fact that the town is an island surrounded by several lakes (aqua).

So - back on topic - I wonder what they are doing. Surfing the Internet? If so perhaps they have run across this blog. Hi guys. I am completely in awe of your skills at putting this all in motion.

I can see it now, they have a week off but Michael Mann still wants them to wake up at 5:00 and eat breakfast outside. (it's like 29 outside now)

Bob Wagner is probably spending his time playing six tables of online poker at once and calling for Bruno to take care of something.

Howard spends the day in the middle of an intersection in Minocqua looking very thoughtful and making sure everybody is parking their cars in the right place in town.

The perpetual motion girls who walk around with clip boards are spending all day on tread mills while pointing at random objects and making sure everything is placed exactly right.

Vinnie has dirtied half the parking lot with his dust and water and was last seen on the second floor covering up some squibs that Bruno installed for practice.

Keven the Picture Car dude . . . . . well . . . . he has now discovered every bar in Minocqua and has not slept for three days and his back is killing him. Someone asked him where he was and he replied "I don't know and I can't tell you, it's a secret".

I have a request for anyone up there with any influence. I was on the set in Oshkosh and circled the set in Columbus. I have the #1 Public Enemies site/community with 1700 readers a day and all I want to do is be allowed on the set with a real camera so I can take photos of the crew.

I don't care about the actors. The crew are the real stars (besides the cars). No one ever takes their photos and gives them any recognition. I want to take shots of the people that are making this spring something to talk about for a long time.

For instance - the sound guy with the straw hat. Awesome photos in my minds eye. The perpetual motion girls that just tire me out watching them. The other sound guy with the glasses. So many wonderful shots of the behind the scenes players. So many stories.

On another side note - If you have not had a chance to see Carrier on PBS - it's a 12 hour documentary on the behind the scenes people on the USS Nimitz. GREAT show. They call it a floating high school as most of the sailors are 18-20. And they are the tip of the spear?
So - as you have surmised SOMEBODY is sick with the flu or something. I read one rumor abut seeing Johnny Depp in a Walgreens buying cold medication. Yea - I can see THAT happening.
One of the things Public Enemies is doing that newspapers are not talking about is how the movie is bringing people together and making friends.

For instance - shakenbsis has become a good friend and we're trying to talk her into opening the James Street Granola Bar. She makes the best granola.

I'm going to write an article for the Isthmus about how Universal has changed a lot of little unsung things in our lives. If any of you have any stories on something that has changed for the better (or worse) let me know.

I feel the Columbus Auditorium has been helped . Without the movie it would still be in first gear (I think) and moving forward but perhaps not with a full tank of gas. The movie has brought people together from all over the Nation to help her out.

Today I'm sending a check to the CAC for $258.22 from sixteen donations I received. Thanks everyone, it is really appreciated and more is always needed.

If you will notice I have a new link to a new photo page of the Auditorium on the upper left side. There will be an official site coming up soon(ish).

The audi thanks you and keep the donations coming. It really is showing support. Michael Mann would be proud of you for helping keep history repaired. Places like her and the other buildings in Columbus are why Universal came to Wisconsin.

I'm surprised at how many people in Columbus have told me "I didn't even know we had an Auditorium".

Here is another photo from the JP collection. Gotta love fish eye lenses.

They cost so FREAKISHLY much for Nikon's.

On a personal note. We went to my moms house for her 80th birthday and on the way we had to make a detour because of a road closed in Waterloo.

On the way back there was another detour and we thought it would be 18 miles out of our way. So we felt we had a better way.

Half an hour later and completely lost we were rethinking our strategy and knowing that perhaps Amazing Race was not our best choice for reality shows.

But - there are always things to take pictures of.

Zoomed around a corner and saw this for a few seconds. Stopped, backed up and got out of the car for this.

That's it for today.

Rod M.