Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Confirmed - Bette Midler Joins Public Enemies

That's right, you heard it here first. I first heard this rumor a few days ago when my California contact emailed and said something was brewing. Then when another person emailed me last night saying there was a strange Bette Midler sighting near Manitowish Waters it all came together.

Reports are now saying Marion Cotillard, because of the 911 her controversy, has dropped out of the movie and is being replaced with The Divine Miss M. She will be Johnny Depps new love interest.

It has also been released that with the addition of Miss M and the emergence of Johnny Depp's singing prowess, Michael Mann will be making Public Enemies into a musical.
The following might have a small amount of truthyness.

I want to give a shout out to our photographer extraordinaire Michelle. It seems she attached herself to a crane and was hanging upside down trying for one last superb photo and hurt her back. She has an MRI today and I pray all goes well and she is back soon.
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It seems Columbus photos are showing up in news magazines, People, InTouch and US Weekly so far from what Anonymous has told us. Perhaps somebody should check this out
Nice post from Public Enemies - Midwest are there two Public Enemies Midwest? Will there be lawsuits? OH - I see - the other is Public Enemies AROUND the Midwest.
Speaking of the assumed 1933 Studebaker that all the newspapers were talking about. The one that Dillinger was suppose to have used in the bank robbery.

According to the Antique Studebaker Review

Probably not a big deal to the movie company or the museum owner but the car is not a '32 but a '31. It was never used by Dillinger or for that matter any other famous desperado. Just a nice old Commander for which someone wanted to maximize the value and made a few improvements and shot a few bullet holes in and took it on a tour to make a few bucks. It has been around for many years. I have talked to the guy who "created" it some years ago and wrote about it in The Antique Studebaker Review. It was for sale at Hershey maybe 8 years ago and of course making the unsubstantiated claim to its heritage.

This is the stunt Nash that they will crash in the movie. Sweet looking car - to bad they have to crash it.

It seems the only car left from the Public Enemies time is Bonnie and Clyde's shot up car.
News from Little Bohemia

Some of this is from IMdb and some is from another nameless source.

Saturday the parking lot was full of semi trailers and there was a crane next to the door. It looked as if the camera crane was facing the roof and the roof itself was entirely shoveled off.... strange for this are because of our outrageous amounts of snow... most people just shovel their overhangs. There were foot prints in what snow was left which led me to believe a rooftop scene... or filming down from the roof.

There are movie security all over and trucks are pulled up tight to Little Bohemia. A nameless waitress said "construction was for the film". The hotel has security and actors at the hotel and the occupancy will keep increasing steadily for a few weeks.

I'm assuming Universal will be renting the entire place.

The hotel has a webcam which I assume has a chance of being turned off at some point.

I also have reason to believe filming will be over by the 20th but . . . . as always dates are flexible.

Nice website (I think I'm locked out here at work) on Little Bohemia

On a side note - Channel 3000 out of Madison labels this blog as "Public Enemies (Unofficial website)". I like their font for the banner, hmmmmmm!
DJ and I are going to check out the Kurth Brewery (do they still make beer??) Friday after work (and after letting the dog out and so forth). If you're in the neighborhood stop down, we can sign songs of our village, hoist a few, laugh and slap people on the backs.
The Auditorium Fund

So for I have raised $26 and that is $26 that they did not have before. I'm getting about 1500 unique people a day reading this blog - if each of you sent $1 that would really really help this underfunded (actually NON funded) fund. All it takes is $1 (and a 0.42 cent stamp). There is an address on the right hand side. Say thanks to Columbus for staying old and bringing in the moving picture people.

I was looking through our families photo albums and found some old car photos. Anybody want to venture a guess on the makes?

I'm not sure who this is but it looks older then the 1933 cars

This is my dad looking a little ticked off. Can't really see the car. Sorry!

Here is my dad trying to drive from the OUTSIDE of the car with little success. They just don't make cars like that anymore. I remember we had a Packard with a push button transmission.

The dude on the left is my grandfather. He is a Menominee Indian and was becoming an honorary Winnebago (I MIGHT have that tribe wrong). I'm one quarter blooded Menominee Indian.

And last but not least is Melottes Melody Mixups!

Gotta a parade? I can guarantee you we would be in the Columbus 4th of July Parade if we could get the band together. Maybe we should have a reunion tour! I think it was all accordians.

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Cheers - Rod


  1. I thought you were referring to one of the g/fs that Bette could play.You do resemble your dad and I think the accordians have to come out for the PE premiere. I'd really like to visit Little Bo and see the bullet holes in the woodwork and all the stuff they left behind.

  2. Nice to hear that Little Bo is coming together. I hope *Knock on wood* that we don't get another gigantic snow storm up north in April.

  3. Oh, also heard the Dillinger Museum has re-opened. There is also an interesting website called www.oklahombres.com Many of the FBI were former Oklahoma lawmen. On this site they are doing a great deal of research on the Dillinger/Karpis/Barker gangs and they receive info from descendents of both victims and gang members.

  4. I love April Fool's Day. Not. :)


    Guffaw, guffaw.

    Wonderful old pics, Rod! Such treasures!

    I would so love to be a mouse up in MW ~ it is usually so nicely laid back, even in the hopping tourist season. God's Country. Except for the wood ticks. Ugh. It will be fun to read about the goings-on there.

    Only $26?? Come on, folks, we can do better than that!! Send your dollar(s) today!

  5. I'm getting antsy to hear exacts on Manitowish. I've heard some stuff about some stars being in the area, but nothing of exact filming yet. This may sound just like everyone else, but a chance to see Johnny Depp is all I need.

  6. Great post Rod! I haven't pulled any good April Fools gags in a long time...

    maybe they're taking poetic license and having them jump form the roof? interesting

    you DO look like your dad, great pics!

    Siz - thanks for that Little Bo link, great stuff

  7. viola - I have been told I have some resemblance to my dad. Since I shaved I can perhaps wee a little. I think my mouth and chin are alike!

    Weird - I never noticed it before.

  8. So, if they are renting out the facility up North I would think they can make it a closed set right?

  9. The roof foot prints are correct the entire gang (men) escaped from the roof by jumping into a 10 foot deap snow bank (yes, up here we have 10 foot snow banks) only Nelson had the easy way out he was in the back cabin. (according to the book). Interesting note: All the women were captured leading to the saying "the FBI might miss the man, but always catches his woman!"


  10. Wait, what?? Musical? Wtf??

  11. Oh, okay, it's April first.

  12. Ya had me going for a minute there, Rod! My first thought was "Bette Midler? She's too old!!"


    The musical part gave you away. Thanks for leaving the big clue that it was a joke. Man, I would've felt stupid telling everyone I know that Marion is out and Bette is in! hehehehe....

  13. I'm such a dork. I actually believed the Bette thing at first. Boy am I glad I didn't tell anyone about that! LOL

  14. You might have had me goin' a bit longer, if you'd picked someone other than "The Divine Miss M" -just not picturin' her and Johnny together- but loved the musical tie-in! Very funny-thanks for your daily gift of humor-much appreciated!

  15. Sort of off topic but if you are a baseball fan and Milwaukee Brewer fan AND you ever played with Legos - check out this CNN link!



  16. Here's a good one for you. My son, a kindergartener, took cold lunch today and I filled his lunch box with packing peanuts and an April fool's note. I left the real lunch with his teacher when he was not looking. I can't wait to hear from him after schooll!

  17. Okay,
    Hey Rod, I was on craigslist earlier today and Joan Philo is looking for extras who can play the accordian to be in a pool hall scene on PE! They also need some very vocal cats to play alley cats outside the pool hall- thought this would be right up YOUR alley! Here's the link-check it out-lol! www.milo/lawrencewelk/blackwidow.com

  18. OMG! My first thoughts were YUCK! She's not at all how I imagined Billie. I'm so glad you are joking.

    I am also wondering: Where do you come up with all this stuff to put in your blog? You really are a man of action! Thanks for the smiles today.

  19. OH NO!!!!!! What have I done LOL


  20. Awesome. I loved Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus. Her and Johnny will make a marvelous on screen match. ;)

    I think I'm going to be changing the name of my blog since I'm already done with my PE experience and it bears a striking resemblance to another's now. I guess I'll have to put my creative talents to the test.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Rod!

  21. OMG Rod! Too funny!!

  22. http://www.dane101.com/arts/2008/04/02/dane101_exclusive_an_interview_with_public_enemies_star_johnny_depp

    Thought you guys might enjoy this :)

  23. OMG!!! That is too funny Rod. Sure hope the French have a sense of humor lol...Good one!

    Again, you have entertained us! Hope Michelle is ok. Keep us posted on that....and "Hi Mom!" if your reading the comments :)

  24. Here is the link the way Rod taught us in an earlier blog :)

    Sorry about that. I'm not fully awake today.

  25. onewhoshallremainnamelessApril 1, 2008 at 3:33 PM

    OMG LMAO!! I was wondering if someone might take the joke seriously!! Too funny!

  26. Rod!! Your French is le magnifique!


  27. You very well may have just blown your chance to become the ambassador to France.


  28. OMG Rod, you're killing me!!!!

    I jsut listened to the Depp interview. I was so excited, I can't tell you the munber of emotions I flipped through as I clicked on that link.

    Excitement at first then extreme irritation at the newsguy who wouldn't quit talking and let Johnny talk, then as I figured out it was ANOTHER April Fools, OMG, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!!

    You're the master, I bow...

  29. Sorry Rachel, I see it was you, not Rod who posted that 'interview'!!! still LMAO...

  30. Wasn't it a fab April Fools? I was so excited when I saw the link and then was laughing in my cube when I was listening to it :)

    Gotta love the pranks.........

  31. Ok, hubby just came home from work anxious to tell me his news. You'll remember, he works in Oshkosh and one of his co-workers has scored a part as an extra....

    This guy's role is "one of the eight detectives," if that means anything to anyone.

    He said they are filming THIS weekEND...?! Hubby admitted that maybe the guy he heard this from got his weekends mixed up, but even so, that doesn't match anything we've heard so far for Oshkosh.

    I also can't see it being THIS weekend because there was not much construction done yet.

    So, this is what I just heard and I leave it to you fine folks with better sources to sort this out.

  32. There is one pic in People (April 7 issue) taken in Darlington. There is a slightly different one in In
    Touch and U.S. Weekly; but they
    look like they were probably taken
    at the same location (same shirt and vest). I hope one of the mags
    gets some from the Columbus shoot for us!!

  33. Hope this works:


    It should be a photo gallery, pics of the Oshkosh location set work.

    And found this article from the Northwestern newspaper:

    Oshkosh soon will close a few streets in the name of rolling out a cobblestone carpet to “Public Enemies” film cast and crew members.

    Tuesday afternoon, flashing signs near the North Main Street bridge warned drivers that Main Street would see closures April 10 to 20.

    Jon Urban, media services director for the city of Oshkosh, confirmed today that film producers for 1930s gangster movie “Public Enemies,” starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, have requested three closures between April 10 and 20.

    The city is working with the Oshkosh Police Department to discern exact street closures and what traffic control measures will be taken. Officials hope to have more information by day’s end.

    Construction on buildings like New Moon Cafe and the Exclusive Company in the 400 block of North Main Street, and work on Washington Avenue's Masonic Temple, continued today as crews work to transform downtown Oshkosh to the 1930s, an era that saw notorious bank robber John Dillinger (Depp) and his gang run a crime spree around Wisconsin and the Midwest.

    Representatives for “Public Enemies” and the city would not confirm when filming officially will begin or wrap in Oshkosh.

    Watch www.thenorthwestern.com for updates.

    So it would appear that *this* weekend (as I posted earlier) is indeed incorrect.

  34. Thank goodness! I was starting to think of ways to cancel out on the things I have going on this weekend :)

    Thanks for the updates.

    Also, I have a question about Aurora... it was listed that they would be filming this weekend. But I thought union rules did not allow for shooting on Sundays? Or did I hear that wrong?

  35. Wow, Rod... you look a LOT like your dad.

    Thanks for the good wishes! The MRI was alright, I got in touch with my inner claustrophobic but I made it through. I'll know more later in the week.

    Thanks also for all the comments on my photos. I didn't make the pages of Us Magazine or anything, but my Flickr hits are somewhere around the 15K mark. Speaking of Us, I happene to come across the latest issue in the MRI waiting room, and the pic is from Darlington -- Johnny in the brown vest and pants.

    Always an entertaining read here, Rod! Maybe I'll come hang out with you on Friday at Kurth.

  36. what an amazing, creative, funny, helpful group y'all are. I've been cracking up off and on all day.

    Have you all seen this yet?


  37. Sweeny Todd came out today on DVD. Pretty darn good flick in my opinion...go watch it! Also took a roadtrip to up nort ya today...emailing grinder the details:)

  38. Michelle, I'm hoping you are feeling better after your gymnastics with a camera. Your inner claustrophobic, huh? LOL.

    I saw a clip from Sweeney Todd today and would love to see JD sing, but the blood & gore...

    Ty did you go to Oshkosh or Little Bo? Can't wait to hear details.

  39. I was almost completely fooled by the Bette Midler thing..I had my phone all set to text my friend about it and then I realized it was April Fools Day..actually I was more excited about buying "Sweeney Todd" today than trying to remember it was April Fools..

    I'm also curious about the Aurora filming as well..a friend and I are planning on going this weekend, not sure what day though. They seem to be kinda mum on it.


  40. Sweeney todd was amazing. Again another talent that JD has! He is such an phenominal icon.....The "blood & gore" is very much theatrical...over the top. You will quickly look at it that way and it won't bother you. the story being told will supercede any qualms you my have. There is JD's quirkiness and dark humor which is so facinating...i loved the movie and just ordered the deluxe edition tonight along with the PE book you have all be talking about. Any word yet on when they will be filming at Little Bohemia? I live "up north" and would love to get there. I did travel to Columbus for the last day of fiming and had an awesome day. What an honor to see Johnny that night. He is such a admirable person. I love how humble he always appears....so unlike so many of the "Hollywood" type actors. Thanks for this great blog Rod....have enjoyed every bit of it and check every day for "the news"!

  41. Rod, I gave the first $20.00. And you now have $6.00 more? Come on people. It is 9:15 P.M. 4/1. There is a TV crew out in front of the Blue Moon as I speak. Also there was a group of 3 people milling about with clipboards away from the TV guys. Main will be closed from Apr.10/20. Oh and most interesting, I saw Elvis and Bette running across the street.

  42. It sounds like the shoot up north is coming together from the accounts on imdb.

    Those of you in the northwoods, keep your ears open :)

  43. Does anyone remember seeing pics from Darlington (possibly Crown Point) that included several shots of extras standing around? There were a couple pics of extras dressed as photographers, etc.

    I've been trying to find where I saw those, but can't! If anyone knows what I'm talking about, and can direct me to it, I would soooo greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

  44. Debsmad..If you're a member of the Facebook "Excited for Public Enemies" group (or something to that nature) I believe there are is a picture or two of that because I posted one of them..

    And though this is slightly off topic, those concerned with the blood and guts in "Sweeney" I'm not much of a b&g girl myself and I pulled through ok when I saw it the first time at a midnight showing. There are a few parts where I flinched a bit but the blood looks similar to the blood in "Sleepy Hollow" if that's any help..


  45. FUNNY--

  46. Kristen, do you have the link to the Facebook group? I would definitely be interested in joining.

    aka PBHgirl

  47. someone posted these pics of the Chicago shoot last night


    Love the grainy feel of the night shots, with the old cars

  48. OH fun! Not sure if this is a play on your AF joke Rod but someone has posted Bette Midler as playing Molly Dillinger on the "THE CAST" thread of IMDb's PE Board.

  49. I think watching filming at Little bo will be pretty near impossible. Its far off the road and they are gonna need clear sight lines ya know. There is no real good way to see anything close up. I do not think they will be shooting for a few weeks.

  50. Michelle--Sorry I didn't post about the Facebook group until just now..this is the first time I have been able to go online today but I noticed you found the group just fine as I was just on Facebook:)


  51. Wow! I'm korean and i really thank you for the posts!

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