Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Confirmed - Bette Midler Joins Public Enemies

That's right, you heard it here first. I first heard this rumor a few days ago when my California contact emailed and said something was brewing. Then when another person emailed me last night saying there was a strange Bette Midler sighting near Manitowish Waters it all came together.

Reports are now saying Marion Cotillard, because of the 911 her controversy, has dropped out of the movie and is being replaced with The Divine Miss M. She will be Johnny Depps new love interest.

It has also been released that with the addition of Miss M and the emergence of Johnny Depp's singing prowess, Michael Mann will be making Public Enemies into a musical.
The following might have a small amount of truthyness.

I want to give a shout out to our photographer extraordinaire Michelle. It seems she attached herself to a crane and was hanging upside down trying for one last superb photo and hurt her back. She has an MRI today and I pray all goes well and she is back soon.
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It seems Columbus photos are showing up in news magazines, People, InTouch and US Weekly so far from what Anonymous has told us. Perhaps somebody should check this out
Nice post from Public Enemies - Midwest are there two Public Enemies Midwest? Will there be lawsuits? OH - I see - the other is Public Enemies AROUND the Midwest.
Speaking of the assumed 1933 Studebaker that all the newspapers were talking about. The one that Dillinger was suppose to have used in the bank robbery.

According to the Antique Studebaker Review

Probably not a big deal to the movie company or the museum owner but the car is not a '32 but a '31. It was never used by Dillinger or for that matter any other famous desperado. Just a nice old Commander for which someone wanted to maximize the value and made a few improvements and shot a few bullet holes in and took it on a tour to make a few bucks. It has been around for many years. I have talked to the guy who "created" it some years ago and wrote about it in The Antique Studebaker Review. It was for sale at Hershey maybe 8 years ago and of course making the unsubstantiated claim to its heritage.

This is the stunt Nash that they will crash in the movie. Sweet looking car - to bad they have to crash it.

It seems the only car left from the Public Enemies time is Bonnie and Clyde's shot up car.
News from Little Bohemia

Some of this is from IMdb and some is from another nameless source.

Saturday the parking lot was full of semi trailers and there was a crane next to the door. It looked as if the camera crane was facing the roof and the roof itself was entirely shoveled off.... strange for this are because of our outrageous amounts of snow... most people just shovel their overhangs. There were foot prints in what snow was left which led me to believe a rooftop scene... or filming down from the roof.

There are movie security all over and trucks are pulled up tight to Little Bohemia. A nameless waitress said "construction was for the film". The hotel has security and actors at the hotel and the occupancy will keep increasing steadily for a few weeks.

I'm assuming Universal will be renting the entire place.

The hotel has a webcam which I assume has a chance of being turned off at some point.

I also have reason to believe filming will be over by the 20th but . . . . as always dates are flexible.

Nice website (I think I'm locked out here at work) on Little Bohemia

On a side note - Channel 3000 out of Madison labels this blog as "Public Enemies (Unofficial website)". I like their font for the banner, hmmmmmm!
DJ and I are going to check out the Kurth Brewery (do they still make beer??) Friday after work (and after letting the dog out and so forth). If you're in the neighborhood stop down, we can sign songs of our village, hoist a few, laugh and slap people on the backs.
The Auditorium Fund

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I was looking through our families photo albums and found some old car photos. Anybody want to venture a guess on the makes?

I'm not sure who this is but it looks older then the 1933 cars

This is my dad looking a little ticked off. Can't really see the car. Sorry!

Here is my dad trying to drive from the OUTSIDE of the car with little success. They just don't make cars like that anymore. I remember we had a Packard with a push button transmission.

The dude on the left is my grandfather. He is a Menominee Indian and was becoming an honorary Winnebago (I MIGHT have that tribe wrong). I'm one quarter blooded Menominee Indian.

And last but not least is Melottes Melody Mixups!

Gotta a parade? I can guarantee you we would be in the Columbus 4th of July Parade if we could get the band together. Maybe we should have a reunion tour! I think it was all accordians.

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