Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'll have Public Enemies stuff after the Auditorium plea.

I have a couple assessments for you.

First. Today is my moms 80th birthday. It would be nice to leave my mom a Happy Birthday message. She would be thrilled to have a Happy Birthday comment from around the Nation and World.

Second. VERY IMPORTANT - There is going to be an important vote next Tuesday concerning the Columbus Auditorium and it's roof. If a new roof does not get approved we can probably kiss the Auditorium good by, at least in our lifetime.

I think if ALL of you guys wrote a tiny letter to the Auditorium people it would help. A trickle will not do. I'd like to see a LOT of mail (come on there are 4000 of you). All it takes is a 42 cent stamp. Just tell them how important it is for Columbus to preserve the past. Maybe the Auditorium committee can use the letters for pressure.

If the roof is NOT approved it will be VERY hard to do anything else. Please!

Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

If you missed Michelle's photos of the Auditorium here are a few.

For more of Michelle's Auditorium Photos go to her Flickr site.

An interesting observation from a photography stand point. I've been told by a few people that Michelle's B&W photos show the beauty of what the Auditorium WAS. While my color photos show what it could BE. Interesting to have two views of the same subject

Another thing is the sun was bursting into the room and while it hurt my color photos I feel it helped Michelle's giving a very ghostly feeling. Well done Michelle.

I can invision many many photos with different lighting conditions. ANYTIME I have a chance I'd like to be in that beautiful structure. I truly is a magical place.
News from Oshkosh.

The first day I was on the set I was hanging out in the Exclusive Companies parking lot with the real Star, the 1933 Graham. I walk up to the line of people and started talking to a couple of woman that I find out this morning were Lynn and her mom.

I also chatted a little to some woman next to them and then I moved on to the typical walking around and waiting. (very few men in the crowd - otherwise I would have talked to them also).

Zoom ahead 14 hours and I'm leaving to drive back to Columbus and am about to enter an elevator and a woman walks out and says "Hey, you're the guy in the parking lot we saw this morning talking to the woman next to us".

We chatted a little about the day then she gets this look in her eyes and says "Wait a minute, what's your name". I say "Rod Melotte" and she says "NO WAY - You are the reason we're here in Oshkosh" (in reality it was the blog and Johnny Depp - but I'll take any false credit I can get).

So - the two woman I was talking two FIRST realized to late("Had I only known!") that it was "I" they were talking to and the three woman NEXT to them that flew in from Arizona, California and Kentucky were also blog buddies. Did the two groups know both read the blog?

Small world.
Speaking of bras.

Here is a photo of Elmer (middle - some call her Pam) the owner of Christensen's (Robes, Sleepwear, Bridal, Swimsuits). Her store was just a block away from where our car was parked and she offered to let me use her computer. (She was also the Pizza woman).

The below photo has Stephan Dorff (Homer Van Meter), a random employee(played by herself), Pam(owner),Christian Stolte (Charles Makley) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire on LOST and abducted bank woman in PE).

And because I will never have the opportunity to say this in a blog again.

"We often ask women when was the last time they were properly fitted for a bra, and in most cases the answer is that they never have. I'm a certified bra and mastectomy fitter. Our mission is to provide women of all ages with a proper fit and an honest opinion. Oh yeah, I'm the lingerie provider to the stars!"

So all of you woman (I stress woman only) get up there to 224 N Main St, Oshkosh. Buy from a blog buddy!
It's odd writing this blog. It is totally guy movie except for that Johnny Depp factor. I normally write for a male crowd, gambling, poker, sports Black Jack and so forth.

If this was an Untouchables blog with Kevin Costner I bet I would have more males reading.
SPEAKING of the movie.

NOTHING is getting out of Little Bohemia! zip - no news, nada. I bet they are just sitting around and eating donuts.

Oshkosh says they reaped in 4 million dollars!

As for Columbus. They are telling us the 29th for a full day of shooting. It'll be on one block for one day. The other days (2 or 3) will be out in the country shooting scenes from the escape from Little Bohemia.

Do you see a trend here? The last time the crew was here they escaped from one place and get chased in Columbus. NOW, this time they escape from Little Bohemia and get chased HERE.

It's not a closed set but I feel security will be tight. (this was mentioned on IMDB so I feel I can say it here now) The Columbus shoot in town is a very emotional scene one the the MOST emotional in the movie I believe . No happy happy get away with guns blazing.

Milwaukee - they will start to close down streets Monday?? The scenes are Interior - maybe they do not have to close streets?? Does seem odd. Maybe the schedule has changed. Seems things are shifting a little.

I do know the schedule is very fluid and Michael Mann is really getting into the swing of things with location artistic freedom.

Getting a little long winded.

Better stop while I'm a head.

BTW - to all the people looking for photos - email me AGAIN. Things have calmed down a tad. I know there was one of the 4 female extras that wanted smiley shots and some people that wanted the Columbus photo.

If I hear any news from Little B I'll be sure to tell you.

Final photo - from a Wall in the Auditorium, by me.

Rod M