Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'll have Public Enemies stuff after the Auditorium plea.

I have a couple assessments for you.

First. Today is my moms 80th birthday. It would be nice to leave my mom a Happy Birthday message. She would be thrilled to have a Happy Birthday comment from around the Nation and World.

Second. VERY IMPORTANT - There is going to be an important vote next Tuesday concerning the Columbus Auditorium and it's roof. If a new roof does not get approved we can probably kiss the Auditorium good by, at least in our lifetime.

I think if ALL of you guys wrote a tiny letter to the Auditorium people it would help. A trickle will not do. I'd like to see a LOT of mail (come on there are 4000 of you). All it takes is a 42 cent stamp. Just tell them how important it is for Columbus to preserve the past. Maybe the Auditorium committee can use the letters for pressure.

If the roof is NOT approved it will be VERY hard to do anything else. Please!

Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

If you missed Michelle's photos of the Auditorium here are a few.

For more of Michelle's Auditorium Photos go to her Flickr site.

An interesting observation from a photography stand point. I've been told by a few people that Michelle's B&W photos show the beauty of what the Auditorium WAS. While my color photos show what it could BE. Interesting to have two views of the same subject

Another thing is the sun was bursting into the room and while it hurt my color photos I feel it helped Michelle's giving a very ghostly feeling. Well done Michelle.

I can invision many many photos with different lighting conditions. ANYTIME I have a chance I'd like to be in that beautiful structure. I truly is a magical place.
News from Oshkosh.

The first day I was on the set I was hanging out in the Exclusive Companies parking lot with the real Star, the 1933 Graham. I walk up to the line of people and started talking to a couple of woman that I find out this morning were Lynn and her mom.

I also chatted a little to some woman next to them and then I moved on to the typical walking around and waiting. (very few men in the crowd - otherwise I would have talked to them also).

Zoom ahead 14 hours and I'm leaving to drive back to Columbus and am about to enter an elevator and a woman walks out and says "Hey, you're the guy in the parking lot we saw this morning talking to the woman next to us".

We chatted a little about the day then she gets this look in her eyes and says "Wait a minute, what's your name". I say "Rod Melotte" and she says "NO WAY - You are the reason we're here in Oshkosh" (in reality it was the blog and Johnny Depp - but I'll take any false credit I can get).

So - the two woman I was talking two FIRST realized to late("Had I only known!") that it was "I" they were talking to and the three woman NEXT to them that flew in from Arizona, California and Kentucky were also blog buddies. Did the two groups know both read the blog?

Small world.
Speaking of bras.

Here is a photo of Elmer (middle - some call her Pam) the owner of Christensen's (Robes, Sleepwear, Bridal, Swimsuits). Her store was just a block away from where our car was parked and she offered to let me use her computer. (She was also the Pizza woman).

The below photo has Stephan Dorff (Homer Van Meter), a random employee(played by herself), Pam(owner),Christian Stolte (Charles Makley) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire on LOST and abducted bank woman in PE).

And because I will never have the opportunity to say this in a blog again.

"We often ask women when was the last time they were properly fitted for a bra, and in most cases the answer is that they never have. I'm a certified bra and mastectomy fitter. Our mission is to provide women of all ages with a proper fit and an honest opinion. Oh yeah, I'm the lingerie provider to the stars!"

So all of you woman (I stress woman only) get up there to 224 N Main St, Oshkosh. Buy from a blog buddy!
It's odd writing this blog. It is totally guy movie except for that Johnny Depp factor. I normally write for a male crowd, gambling, poker, sports Black Jack and so forth.

If this was an Untouchables blog with Kevin Costner I bet I would have more males reading.
SPEAKING of the movie.

NOTHING is getting out of Little Bohemia! zip - no news, nada. I bet they are just sitting around and eating donuts.

Oshkosh says they reaped in 4 million dollars!

As for Columbus. They are telling us the 29th for a full day of shooting. It'll be on one block for one day. The other days (2 or 3) will be out in the country shooting scenes from the escape from Little Bohemia.

Do you see a trend here? The last time the crew was here they escaped from one place and get chased in Columbus. NOW, this time they escape from Little Bohemia and get chased HERE.

It's not a closed set but I feel security will be tight. (this was mentioned on IMDB so I feel I can say it here now) The Columbus shoot in town is a very emotional scene one the the MOST emotional in the movie I believe . No happy happy get away with guns blazing.

Milwaukee - they will start to close down streets Monday?? The scenes are Interior - maybe they do not have to close streets?? Does seem odd. Maybe the schedule has changed. Seems things are shifting a little.

I do know the schedule is very fluid and Michael Mann is really getting into the swing of things with location artistic freedom.

Getting a little long winded.

Better stop while I'm a head.

BTW - to all the people looking for photos - email me AGAIN. Things have calmed down a tad. I know there was one of the 4 female extras that wanted smiley shots and some people that wanted the Columbus photo.

If I hear any news from Little B I'll be sure to tell you.

Final photo - from a Wall in the Auditorium, by me.

Rod M


  1. Happy 80th Birthday to Rod's Mom!!!!! (from Oshkosh)
    Nice final pic Rod.

  2. Dear E.V.(Mom):

    I just want to be one of the first to wish you a very very Happy Birthday today!! You are the BEST Mother-in-law anyone could ever have—and I love you very much.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Love always,


  3. I want to wish Rod's Mom a very happy and healthy 80th Birthday!

    ~Karen from Texas

  4. WOW-- Pam you are so, so lucky!! I would have loved to meet those actors—especially Emilie de Ravin (Claire to me)!! She is so adorable.

  5. Happy Birthday Rod's mom! Also, do you think letters from out of town people would be helpful with the auditorium roof thing? I am from Michigan, but saw the outside of the auditorium when I was there in March and think the pictures I have seen on the blog are awesome! It would be a shame to see the building lost. Thanks!

  6. Happy birthday to Rod's mom!!

  7. Happy Birthday to EV!!!!

    So does everyone in Columbus get to vote? or just city coucil? I think everyone should be able to vote on it, but if it is just city council, we should all go to show our support!

    Kris - Is there any special auditorium presentation planned?

  8. Happy-est of birthdays to Rod's Mom! (Didja ever imagine your child would grow up to become a blogger? Scary, innit?) You did a wonderful job, and deserve all the best on your 80th - and beyond!

    from just up the road in Fond du Lac ~~


  9. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy 80th Birthday to Rod's mom! Happy Birthday to you!!! And many more!!! From Indiana!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Rod's mom from Wisconsin Rapids, WI!

    IMHO the Columbus City Council will regret it if they do not fix up the auditorium. It's beautiful!

  11. Best Wishes for a wonderful 80th Birthday!

    Rod, I would love to take that last picture, blow it up to 8x10 and frame it. It is the perfect colors for the room I want to put it in. Do ya mind if I do this? I'll even put it into a gallery frame and put your credit on it!

  12. Happy 80th Rod's Mom!

  13. Happy Birthday to Rod's mom! I'm sure you have a lovely name, but I don't know what it is. I hope you're like my mom and love being known as... oh, you're Julie's mom!

    Hope you have a great day!

    -- Julie B. from Appleton, WI

  14. Happy Birthday to Rod's Mom from Washington State. You raised a great son and blogger.

  15. First - Happy Birthday to Rod's Mom!

    Auditorium - let's see, I *think* next Tuesday's meeting is a working session for the City Council and they'll be talking about the roof repairs needed. The actual vote comes at a different meeting when the City Council feels they have enough information to vote (Any anonymous posters please feel free to correct any inaccuracies!).

    Jenny - at this time the vote is only for the City Council reps. I'll keep everyone posted if we need a huge show of support at the City Council meeting. :) If anyone wants to, they can feel free to contact their councilperson and voice their support for the Auditorium project. Contact info @ www.cityofcolumbuswi.com

    Rod - Final picture - if you look closeley you can see what may have been the original stencil pattern coming through to the right of the current stencil!!

  16. Happy Birthday to Rod's mom! One of the sheer joys in life is to be able to see your child having so much fun-- no matter what their age! Feeling good and doing good. Good work Mom!


  17. Happy birthday Momma G. Since I am a wizard I know that all your wishes will be granted. So go for it and make a lot of them. Enjoy

  18. A very very Happy Birthday to Rod's mom !
    Your son and his blog is read from all over the world ! :D

    from FRANCE

    (BTW, still waiting for news and pictures of Marion Cotillard ^^)

  19. Rod, thanks for the props, I love that we both are capturing different aspects of this gorgeous structure. That final shot of yours is truly stunning! I went back to the Auditorium this morning for another hour, as that was all my husband could spare for child care before work. I added another 30 or so shots to the set.

    BTW, if anyone needs the photos in their pure form, I save all the raw files. They definitely don't come out of the camera looking like the do on my Flickr. Ha. That's all photoshop magic.

  20. 80 Years with 30km/s (speed of the earth - remember today is also "earth day" http://www.earthsite.org/ -) - Impressing!!

    Best wishes from Germany (Lower Saxony)

    P.S. Again very nice stories and photos.
    Many Thanks


  21. Moms name is Evelyn but she prefers E.V.

    Marion - Yea - I'm waiting for JPSkates to send a few his Marion photos.

    As for out of town letters - I think it is important to show support from all over the place. Columbus is on the radar now and people need to know the Auditorium is not just for Columbus.

    it will bring interest to the community from everywhere.

  22. Happy 80th Birthday to Rod's Mom!!!! Congrats!
    You have a wonderful son, who has a huge following now!

    ~Minxie in Cali~

  23. Kris - I knew I used to have your email, but it's gone now. Can you email me when you get a chance? I need to talk to you about the auditorium.



  24. Have a great day E.V.!!!!
    Happy 80th from Ohio.

  25. Happy 80th Birthday!
    May all your hopes and dreams come true!

  26. I was in downtown Milwaukee today (Tues.) around noon and the streets are not closed around the Milwaukee County Historical Society but at least 1 Univeral Studios semi truck is parked there. You can see that lots of work is still being done. Painters are in the windows and people are entering and leaving the building.
    No idea when filming is to start.

  27. Happy 80th Birthday to you, EV!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Greetings from Germany
    (via Neenah, WI)

    CT Extraordinaire,

  28. Happy Birthday E.V. from Madison!

  29. What better place to premier a movie then the historic auditorium!! Just a thought!

    Happy Birthday to Rod's Mom!!! (From Milwaukee)

  30. Happy Birthday to Rod's Mom!
    from Oshkosh

  31. Hi Rod :)

    Thank you for this wonderful blog.I love to read your news after my day of working :)
    Happy Birthday to your mom :)

    I have a question to you.
    Where could I post an email?...because maybe it's getting a little longer ;o)

    Greetings from Germany to all you other lovely guys :)


  32. RE: Little Bohemia. The weather was great on Sun & Mon; this morning was awful. Supposed to clear up this afternoon. Last evening there was a small group of spectators in the parking lot of Musky County Sports and they weren't hassled by cops as long as they didn't move into the next empty lot, which is directly across from the entrance to Little Bohemia and (rented?) by the movie. Don't know if this will continue, but I'm sure the owner would like it if you purchased something.

    If you can stand the boredom and hang out for a while, you might get a couple of pictures and/or sightings. The old cars were stored behind the Town Hall, by the airport. There are a lot of cops around, both real (County and State) and some that had police shirts on over street clothes. Must assume they are the fake cops doing crowd control. Not much of a crowd though.

  33. Lotus....

    Do you know where they have base camp set up by Little Bo?? Do you you how long they will be up there? Thanks for any info you can give me.....I plan to go up tomorrow afternoon & would like to have an idea where to possibly find a meet & greet.



  34. Happy Birthday to E.V. (Rod's mom)
    Wishing you good health and happiness for the years to come..
    from Laura in Beaver Dam....

  35. Happy Birthday EV, from Beloit!
    Many, many more... = )

    What was and what could be, I think it is a great way to compare your photo's w/Michelle's Rod. Both are amazing. I agree with Kathy your last one is exquisite!

    Kris - thanks for pointing out the shadow of the original stencisl underneath. It looks like the original pattern may have been a finer one (finer as in more delicate, not that one is better!) Details like that are very exciting to me. Thanks again for that amazing opportunity.

  36. anon 1:16 my sentiments exactly!

  37. This was the small article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    a-n-n-n-nd . . . Action!
    Streets closing for 'Public Enemies' filming next week downtown

    John Dillinger and his gang apparently are coming to town Monday.

    The Milwaukee Department of Public Works has been asked to permit the closing of the streets surrounding the Milwaukee County Historical Society building downtown starting Monday, related to the filming of "Public Enemies."

    Although no formal statements have been released, the production company for the film, starring Johnny Depp as Dillinger, is sending letters to nearby residents and business owners, saying shooting will begin Monday.

    The affected streets are N. Old World 3rd St., from W. Wells St. to W. State St., and W. Kilbourn Ave., from N. 2nd St. to N. 4th St.

    No parking, no traffic and probably no pedestrians will be allowed in the area near the Milwaukee County Historical Society building, 910 N. Old World 3rd St.

    The building, a 95-year-old former bank, will pose as a bank that Dillinger robbed. Crews for the film have been remodeling the building's interior for several weeks. The improvements are estimated to be worth "well into six figures," said Robert Teske, executive director of the historical society.

    The streets surrounding the building will be closed to allow the production to park equipment and to keep crowds from interfering with filming.

    "You'll see a presence all next week," said Scott Robbe, executive director of Film Wisconsin, a nonprofit group working to foster filmmaking in the state.

    Depp and director Michael Mann "travel with a small army. You'll see over 300 artisans" at work, said Robbe.

    "Public Enemies" is the first major production to take advantage of new tax incentives for shooting in Wisconsin.

    The permits are effective Monday through completion of the shoot as needed. The start of filming depends on the production schedule, weather and other contingencies.

    The "Public Enemies" crew is in Manitowish Waters, filming at the Little Bohemia Lodge, site of a famous shootout between Dillinger and the FBI. Before that, filming took place in Oshkosh and Columbus; much of the movie is being shot in Chicago.

    "Public Enemies," which also stars Marion Cotillard, who won the Oscar for best actress in "La Vie en Rose," and Christian Bale, who stars as Batman in "The Dark Knight," is due for release July 1, 2009.

  38. Happy Birthday, Rod's Mom!
    From Brandon, WI.

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to Rod's Mom (From MN) Have a great Day!


  40. Happy Birthday EV!!

    Rod....I think it would be really neat when the auditorium (note my optimism) is restored that somehow they could preserve all of those little writings, names & dates, maybe putting them in a glass enclosed case...what an awesome piece of history in each!!


  41. I posted this on my forum today when people were wondering about more meet and greets and Rachel suggested that I share it here. Rod I hope it's OK, if not...just zap it! ;)

    I know so many people still want a chance to be at a meet and greet and to see or meet Johnny. But sometimes location filming just isn't conducive for fans to be around. There are huge safety issues in so many scenes as well as technical and storyline issues. It's very rare for actors to do meet and greets while on location. We need to remember that this is their work environment and they work long, hard and very odd hours.

    Depp fans are blessed in that Johnny does care about his fans as he did a few meet and greets while in LA with AWE and has done more than a few now with PE. I think we've been given a huge gift with his friendly and untiring fan meet and greets. Now, maybe it's time for them to work behind closed and protected areas. Let's please be grateful for what Johnny has given to his fans. IF there's another meet and greet in the time to come? FABULOUS! If not, let's please remember to say thanks for the gifts we've already been given.

    I'm betting there will be more down the road, maybe this week? Maybe next month? Who knows?

  42. Anon/Char:

    The base camp is set up at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church. If you are driving in from the south on 51, the church is on the right hand side of the road about a mile & 1/2 before you get to Little Bohemia. You cannot miss the church; look for the sign and big statue of The Virgin Mary. Don't plan on hanging out at base camp, as the cops will send you packing if you're there too long. They also have a small sign up that says 'base camp.'

    I didn't hear anything about a Meet & Greet, but that doesn't mean much. Spent a lot of time driving around and watching others drive around. Good luck to you. Share your picture if you do get to meet & greet. I myself got bored and went back to my normal picture routine, looking for eagles & cougars. Finally got a great shot of a bald eagle! I've named the picture "Better than JD."

  43. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear E.V.,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Singing to you from Madison, WI.

    Wow--did you ever think that you would have a son in a movie??? How fun!

    We read Rod's blog everyday to keep up to date on PE.

    Have a great day, Movie Star Mom!!!

  44. Happy Birthday E.V.!

    Hey Rod, I mailed a letter to the address you provided in regards to the auditorium. Made it clear that I want to spend my tourist dollars there. I hope it helps.

  45. Hey Rod, it looks like there are more men hanging out here than you imagined, eh? = )


    sending you a hug and hope the day has been good to you.


  47. Thanks Lotus!

    I'll see what I can see!! Thanks for the advice. The day is supposed to be beautiful and I am up for a ride. I will let everyone know if I luck out on anything!


  48. Yea - maybe I'll talk about the Brewer Closer Situation. LOL

    Actually - I'm not one of the anti-Gagne's people . . . today was Week's fault.

    Hey - they traded Gross - guy scores the winning run and gets traded.

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EV!!!!! and many more!!!! (from Sun Prairie)

    Thanks for the update on Columbus 29th filming :)

  50. About the auditorium: Just my two cents, but I think it is much, too beautiful to be called an "auditorium." My school had an auditorium that was pretty much a gym with a stage. This place deserves more.

    I think maybe we should start referring to it as a Theatre! (I suppose maybe the "Auditorium Commission" might have something to say about that--who knows!) :) But I think people in the Community would get more excited over something called a Theatre or a Concert Hall, than just a plain old auditorium! Not that its plain in anyway--but I guess it is old.

    Of course if we had our way it would be called a Deppatorium! :)

  51. dj - I agree with you! Standing in there gave me a feeling almost like I was on hallowed ground in a way. It deserves a more profound name = )

    Rod - I saw Brewer in the first line so I know you're talking baseball, the rest is greek to me = ) I guess I need to get out more! LOL

  52. Ha, Deppatorium. If Johnny wants to contribute, I doubt you'd find anyone complaining about that name. Point well taken about calling it a theatre or concert hall, DJ... I think that's a great idea.

  53. Wishing E.V. a very Happy 80th Birthday!

    Atlanta, Georgia

  54. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, E.V.! Rod is very lucky to have you.

  55. So did anyone ever figrue out why the tornado sirens went off last night at 2am?

  56. Hey Rod... is this you ?


  57. FYI-
    I was driving thru Columbus and the "White rental trucks" are back...they must be getting ready for next week or dropping off some props.
    p.s. Beautiful pictures of the auditorium...

  58. Rachel,
    That sure is Rod. He was right in front of me and my mother the whole time and did not know it until yesterday!!

  59. It's late and the day is almost over, but I had to send birthday greetings all the way from Texas to Rod's mom! I hope it was a wonderful day!

    And thanks so much, Rod, for all of the news, photos, humor, and all around good feelings! I don't leave many comments, but I'm here reading every day.

    Take care.

  60. Happy Birthday Rod's Mom!!! :)Hope you had a great day!! :)

    -from Kristen in Illinois

  61. As for the 2 am siren. I guess with dispatch now at Columbia County they now set off the sirens and there was some sort of glitch in the system that set it off.

  62. You guys may have already seen this article, but I just ran across it today. It's a great article from an Extra's perspective and I thought everyone here would enjoy it. After spending a few days on set as an Extra, this article really nailed the excitement, anticipation and boredom. :) Enjoy!

    Love the blog! Keep the updates coming! Can't wait for things to come back to Chicago! :)


  63. Rod,

    In regards to you stating mostly men read your blog prior to the filming of PE. I want you to know that I did read your blog about poker.

    It's amazing what you find when you google a person's name!! ;)


  64. I live in Wausau & am planning on going up to Little Bohemia this afternoon, BUT>>>>I just heard on the radio that they are reporting a FIRE at Little Bohemia, & not something involving the filming....the fire trucks have been called in. Will update as I hear more!!


  65. Auditorium Factoid:

    The early programs we have only list it as "The Auditorium"

    I agree that a more glamourous name would do it justice. But at the same time, the name's simplicity really does point back to a time when Columbus citizens were able to get everything they needed in town, from dry goods, clothing to entertainment. Of course activities were advertised at "The Auditorium" - there was only one Auditorium - no one guessed where it was at, no need to mapquest it for directions...

    Naming rights in exchange for a sizable donation have been dicussed at the very early meetings of the Columbus Auditorium Corporation.

  66. I just thought that I would let everyone know this morning that there was smoke/fire at Little Bo this morning. This website is from one of the local news stations.



    and this one just has a little information about the movie.


  67. Kris - thanks for a little bit more of the back story. Now that you put it that way, I'm torn... = )

    It makes me think of other name changes that really irked me, like the home of the San Diego Chargers becoming QualCom Stadium. At least Lambeau Field is still Lambeau (of course I have no idea what that means)

  68. wow - sad news about the fire. I'm so glad no one was hurt.

  69. Yeah, I'm glad no one was hurt in the fire. I hope it didn't cause too much damage and won't hurt the filming.

  70. By the way they are saying it was just on the 2nd floor and it was smoke. I hope they will have more info at the 12:00 news. I will keep everyone updated after I get done with work if I hear anymore information.

  71. Here's another article on the fire, it says the studio is going to release more information this morning.