Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am Happy to Report

The cobblestone will be going down on Friday in Columbus with filming on Monday.

This comes from Sleepy via the JD Zone.

The reason for the delay was weather, inspiration, a small yet stressful fire and what I believe could be exhaustion as they had been doing all nighters for six days in a row.

Seems Michael Mann, just like in Columbus, has been finding more and more scenes to shoot. Friday a cold front went through bringing good size hail, snow and extreme wind to the north woods which set things back.

At the City Council meeting last night we were told that once again the cobblestone will be going down. Not sure of Madison but it is being investigated by . . . . sources.

There is a rumor that The Rogers Hotel in Beaver Dam has a sign that says Red's Pharmacy. Anyone want to check that out?

Also I'm wondering about the use of the Poser House for a 2nd time. Has anybody heard "who's" house it is? Why it's being used?
The Auditorium.

We arrived at City Hall about 20 minutes before the open meeting. They were having a secret meeting first. As DJ and I enter and walk up the stairs we see a group of people that look like they are preparing to enter the principals office for a scolding. Crowded wooden benches and strained grins.

I'm carrying my yellow notebook with all of my garden plans but hidden deep inside is my audio visual presentation (without the audio part).

I meet a couple other CAC people along with Josh and Jenny and shakenbsis (must own oil stock) who has driven the 60ish miles north to attend.

Doors open and we file in and before I can push and shove my way to the back of the room the rows are filled and I must sit, FRONT ROW!


And there they sit (I was going name the council but the City Website, I believe, is not up to date and a large number of links are broken anyway).

There is some business talk and I'm not really listening because I'm suppose to say something and as I rehearse my "lines" my mind keeps drawing a blank after I say my name. Why am I so nervous! You could hand a microphone to me in the middle of a packed Miller Park at a Brewer game and I would have no problem but here?? I'm suppose to say something intelligent?

All I know is there is a blah blah blah and then Dale who is the head of the CAC stands up and proudly passes out a BUNDLE of YOUR incredible emails.

He speaks a little and then reads a few of the emails and they were very moving (you giys are awesome). Of course everything he is reading is the exact words I was going to use . . . if I could remember them.

A few more words and he sits down.

Nancy (the Principle) then says "Rod"?

Boyd Kraemer the City Admin is staring at me waiting, Anne Donahue the City Clerk, waits behind her laptop, she is taking down names and typing, the three cameras are rolling for the TV and Nancy smiles.

(Nancy's blog)

I stand up and say all their names to get their attention and then I say my name (to get MY attention) and hand out photos of the the City Hall. I ask them to take a good look and them, close their eyes, and imagine a wreaking ball smashing the walls. That is would could happen if the city does not approve the $300,000 for the roof.

It was about that point when the room sort of spun and I became only semi-conscious. The words coming out of my mouth were just random beeps, chirps and whistles for the next 45 minutes (or maybe 1 minute, I'm not sure, I was not there). The next thing I know is I was sitting down and some guy was talking about water and we were looking at charts full of numbers.

THIS I could understand and I actually thought it was very interesting once I came too. They were just like the charts I stare at when playing SIM CITY. I wanted to raise the rates 1%, change all roads to light rail for 10 years and build a Stadium . . . . . OK, only others that play SIM CITY would understand that. Sorry.

Nancy had pity on the rest of the CAC people and called for a break before they started talking about the sewers. I did learn that Columbus is in the top 10% of other communities when it comes to how much we pay for water. However, that is because we had to upgrade the water works while other communities in the area have not upgraded yet.

So while we are #3 out of 30 now, we will drop in comparison in the coming years. People complain about taxes without understanding WHY they are so high. I did have questions but . . . . . I was still recovering from my trauma.

After a Culvers meal we disburse feeling like we did what we could.

Later I received this email.


No dissection in the City Council troupes.

The Mayor and City Administrator spoke favorably of the project.
The official vote will be May 20, although several times it was mentioned that any concerns should be brought up at tonight's meeting.


Honestly we all feel that your blog and everyone's financial support and emails and photography support made the difference in how easily this came through. THANK YOU.

Tonight you and your "minions" effected a positive change. Too bad we all had to sit through a 70 minute
presentation on Water and Electric rate projections for the next 15 years.

Hey! The Water and Electric rate projections I thought were pretty interesting. They failed to show a per person rate change in the last 10 years though. That will be on a new blog :-)

I want to thank all of you in PE-C land for helping out. You really did make a difference. It's not often that a person can be with a group of people, all working and hoping for a positive result on something this important and we can actually make a difference. You can and should be proud of yourselves.

I'm proud to know you.

The 15ish wonderful emails opened their eyes, the $387 we raised in the last week from people around the nation and the photos were all part of the process. THANK YOU.

BTW - yesterday Pay pal received donations from

Matt from Oshkosh
Michelle from Columbus
Daina from Madison
Erik From Madison

Total is now #389.22.

NEW - with the roof being fixed now the CAC can move ahead.

The CAC is working with Boris Frank Associates to streamline and maximize fund raising efforts. Boris will be working with local citizens over the next two months to solicit opinions and ideas on the restoration.
on a super quick side note.

I had the thrill of getting a GOOGLE ALERT the other day about an news article on the web concerning Public Enemies. The thrill was that I WROTE THE PIECE!!

My bulbous ego head made my ears hurt.
With that I will leave you with what I hope is my final SNOW photo of the year.
Rod M

JD photo contributed by Chris C. TY


  1. The photo of the bird is dynamic!

    -Jess Bruckner

  2. I am so glad that the City Council decided to fix the roof! Now we just need to get enough money to actually FIX the auditorium! We'll need all the help we can get.

  3. Thanks Jen - I'll put something in the blog in a few minutes to address that problem.

  4. YEAH!!! I didn't have to wait after all. LOVE the goldfinch!!!

    Woooooo Hooooooo for the City Council and the "Ol' Girl" = )

  5. If it helps, Dale feels badly about stealing your thunder Rod! It was nice to go into that meeting knowing we had all of that support! It was an overflow crowd - imagine if it was held in the auditorium.... :)

    The water rate discussion was a little dry (ha!), but interesting. Guess it can't all be roofs and restorations.

  6. In the public photos from the scouts, the Poser mansion is listed as "Slayman." I'm not sure who that is, but maybe someone can shed some light? I thought it was supposed to be Frank Nitti's house, but I don't remember where I got that idea. :p

    Awesome news on the council meeting. Nice work, everyone involved in making it so effortless to convince the council!!

  7. Way to go Rod and the rest of the concerned citizens! Let's raise some money!... Hire a pro fundraiser...or a grant writer maybe? Find some other communities who have successfully pulled something like this off before and use them as a resource.

  8. Wonderful news; I'm doing the happy dance for the auditorium! I will check the Rogers Hotel this afternoon to see if there is something posted there. If Columbus is now Monday, wonder when they will be in Beaver Dam?? Any word on that, Rod??

  9. That's really good news about the meeting! I hope all goes well for the auditorium. I'm so glad that our letters helped out at the meeting. All the support from people around Wisconsin, and other areas, is just amazing!

    I can't make it up there on Monday for the shoot, so I hope everyone has fun, and gets to see some great movie magic!


  10. I had also heard the Poser Mansion was going to be used for Frank Nitti's house and as well as a brothel.

    So when is the next Columbus Auditorium Meeting? Maybe we could all go.

  11. OK, now I'm really going to work. See what I mean Jenny? (terrible procrastinator) hanging my head...

  12. So, last night at about 9:30, I was flipping through channels on the old tv and happened upon the Columbus channel, which happened to be playing the "City Council Meeting". Remembering that you would be attending and speaking about the "Opera House", (I agree that auditorium reminds me too much of my high school days...) I decided to sit, watch, and wait. (I couldn't attend due to my 7 month old, I don't think he would have sat so quietly during the meeting.) After about an hour and a half I realized that this was a meeting from a couple of weeks ago. They mentioned that brush pick up day would be on April 28th. Which would have already taken place, according to my calender. Ohh well, just going to have to wait to see our mind controlling leader some other night. LOL.

  13. Oh, reminded me of a tv watching story I meant to tell from yesterday!!

    Now I very rarely have the tv on during the day, but yesterday I did for a little bit. TMZ came on, so it was blabbering away while I was online.

    Suddenly there was a story about Johnny Depp filming his new movie in Weh-scawns-in. They were laughing because of a story about JD leaving a "ridiculous" tip on a $2600 tab (supposedly a $1500 tip). Apparently, the Weh-scawns-in Rapids paper said that Johnny Depp was welcome there anytime since he "changed the economic impact" by being in the state.

    Those folks don't understand that it's not just a $1500 tip, rather the buzz and excitement that makes people travel, eat, stay over, etc...

    Anyway! They had a clip at the end of a Meet and Greet with the cameras rolling. The reporter asked Johnny as he walked by, "What do you think of the fans in Wisconsin?" He smiled and looked her in the eye and said, "Very sweet."

    I didn't even know he noticed me.


  14. Yahoo! Congrats on the progress for the auditorium.

    Just an FYI--they are actively filming over the next few days, but I can't tell you where. My husband was called to do more--possibly as a stand in. But--we won't be able to let you know. Apparently it is very hush, hush! How is that for a teaser?

    Oh, how I wish I didn't have exams. I would really like to see something/someone before they leave WI.

    Have a great day!

  15. The bird is sweet too. :o)

    And...I'm glad JD liked us.

  16. I agree w/anon Jess, "...the bird is dynamic!" And Kris, that water being dry crack was a hoot! Congrats on the auditorium to Rod and his minions. Movie Star Wife: Hows about quartering up the state and giving a hint as to which quarter filming is going on in?

  17. Lotus--ooooh sneaky! I can assure you that the location is close enough to Madison, that they called my husband to work. Other than that, my lips are sealed!

  18. lotus - glad you got my sense of humor - I love bad puns!!

    sue, suz, blaznfire, jp, shakenbsis and everyone that sent emails, well wishes, letters and money - THANKS!!

    jp - the CAC actually is working with a professional fund raiser to help move this group to the next level. The roof work is perfect timing. They are applying for grants. If anyone wants to volunteer to help write them, show up to a meeting (Senior Center, 6:30, 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month)

  19. Me too! I love bad puns, dry humor, dark humor, and entertaining plays on words. Which explains why I LOVE the lyrics in Sweeney Todd. Even as a kid I loved the lyrics, although the story bothered me then. Now as an old lady nearing death's door, even the story doesn't bother me. :) Getting old has its benefits.

  20. When I was a kid and someone knocked on our house door my dad used to say, "Nobody's home but the fire and that's going out." One day a friend of mine knocked on our door and my dad said the above. My friend turned around and walked away. I almost died laughing! I guess she thought no one was home. :)

  21. FYI:

    According to Rich, owner of Timberline Inn in Manitowish Waters, "4/30/2008

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I thought I would have had time this last weekend to give you an update, but this has continued to be a busy period in MW.
    On the "Public Enemies" front. Last night was the final night of shooting at Little Bo. The production company had moved for two days to Milwaukee and returned yesterday to wrap up the final scenes. If you were outside last night the shooting was just that, a real gun battle, with the sound of gun shots were heard downtown and especially at locations north of Little Bo. I can imagine if you closer, on Little Star, you would had a pretty sleepless night. By 6 am, after the shooting, trucks were loading and the production company was moving south to it's next location. We will still have some folks remaining in the area for a few days, as cleanup begins, and Little Bo is put back to where it was, before this whole thing began. As I look back over the past 3-4 weeks, it really has been a great event for the area. It was a circus, at times, and has definitely left everyone of memories of the show. There will never be another April like this one."

    And I missed it all. :( :( :(

  22. Am I hearing this right? Is lotus saying that the production company had been in Milwaukee earlier this week? Is that possible? This is getting very confusing!

  23. Anyone going to be watching the filming in Columbus next Monday?
    I was planning on coming up there this week, but when I heard it was postponed, I didn't..obviously..I was going to come up with a friend...but she is not available this next Monday. I will be coming up from Madison alone. It would be nice to meet up with anyone from the blog!

  24. OK - I have heard from a few seperate people that would know of such things about rumblings around Mirror Lake.

    I know that parts if not all of the company are on the move south towards Madison.

    I know Columbus on Monday.

    And they are working om Friday.


  25. Lotus was just passing on Rich's info from the Timberline Inn's blog spot. Go to and hit the Blog button to read it.

    Now BBM & Lotus don't feel so bad, because production really did leave town. They just snuck back in after we left! I knew they were purposely hiding from me. :) I'm not paranoid.

  26. Odd about the Milwaukee news. I'm having trouble with that one. If true they are getting stretched a little thin and from what I have seen so far (from a military stand point) they like to keep every thing in a nice group.

    Better for security.

    The next 10 days are going to be REALLY interesting.

    Almost wish I didn't have Friday off.

  27. Filming Dates - Madison

    May 2nd interior and May 8th exterior.

    locations to be used are as follows:

    * West Wing Ground floor hallway
    * 2nd floor Hallway area by the North Hearing room
    * Stair case
    * Outside State St. Area
    * Wisconsin Ave. outside
    * Possible other locations as agreed upon with the State of WI

    Work day may begin at 5:00am May 2nd and end at 7am on May 3rd. Access will be allowed to film crew during these times. Work day may begin at 5:00am and end at midnight May 8th.

    State Street upper sidewalk and Wisconsin Avenue outside areas will be used for filming.

    Columbus Monday

    Beaver Dam??

    Isthmus Dailey Page

    The Mirror lake info is Gold and JD is in that area!

  28. Why are you posting where JD is located? Are you asking for people to go and search him out? The filming location is one thing, but JD is NOT filming - this is his private time. I really think that part of your post needs to come out.

  29. Rod- beautiful picture--and yeah for the auditorium!!
    I just drove by the Rogers in Beaver Dam and the Awning that says Rogers hotel is still there...
    As to the Poser House
    Jenny--Yes it was Frank Nitti's office for the first shoot and this time they will be using a bedroom for a "love scene/brothel" as I am told..I have very good employers last name start with "P" and I was fortunate enough to see the house for the first shoot before filming.. that's all I am going to say ;)

  30. Rod:

    Which Mirror Lake area are you talking about? I know of two, Tomahawk and Wisconsin Dells, though there are probably more.

  31. Cranky anonymous - They are filming at Mirror Lake!

  32. It's the Mirror Lake by Wisc Dells.

  33. Rod,
    Many congrats on the auditorium. I have really enjoyed your blog. By the way, I was called to be an Extra for the Chicago May 14 filming date. No other details yet.

  34. I can confirm that Universal is Wisconsin Dells. It looks like they snuck in under the radar.

    -Jess Bruckner

  35. Cranky Anonymous - if you want to be out at 3:00 in the morning looking around 600 square miles of road so you can be stopped 5 miles away by State Police . . . . .go for it.

    I didn't say WHERE JD was!

    Thanks Jess - It has been confirmed by multiple people so we're in the clear :-)

  36. we just left the dells today we were at the kalahari --lol

  37. I have been hearing a LOT about filming (in Columbus)being pushed back towards the 8th and 9th lately. Another delay perhaps? I don't know if anyone here has heard this or not. Jeez, it's like we won't know when they are filming until they drive in and start the unpacking the cameras!

  38. Since it looks like the FBI side of things will be kicking into gear soon, and since this is the #1 site for....what is it today?.... I'm asking all those helpful little eyes and ears out there to please please please report any Rory Cochrane/W.Carter Baum news.


    And thank you. :)

  39. Hey Rod, I thought this blog wasn't about JD, but about the filming. If that's the case, shouldn't your information have ended with "The Mirror Lake info is gold."

    And people really shouldn't be posting what hotels the production is at. There are too many crazies out there.

  40. I misread a comment - no hotel info posted.

  41. So, if a mom and her son wanted to check things out on a Friday afternoon, what would there be to check out? Half day of school here Friday...never having been to Columbus before I would love to come and contribute to the economy.

  42. Congrats on the auditorium roof project approval. (Maybe they can tie in the fundraising with Columbus being recognized as made famous by public Enemies filming? (wonder if M Mann or Johnny himself would make a donation??)

    Suz thanks for TMZ info about WI.

    Thanks for filming updates everyone-Keep columbus confirmations coming (have rescheduled my vacation for 5-6 :)

  43. Thanks for clearing that up Jenny. I won't be driving there this evening.

  44. I just saw on the news(Milwaukee) that they are planning on filming in Milwaukee on Monday. WHAT IS GOING ON???

  45. All the's another military tactic. Divide and conquer!

  46. Friday is night action - probably 6pm to after the sun rises.

    I suppose best bet is 8:00 Saturday morning!

    Cranky - I would never mention the hotel he is at. It will be found out anyway but I respect his privacy (and wonder about his choices :-0 )

    The Yogi Bear Camp Site? OOPS!

  47. Does anyone have any asprin ? :)

  48. Yeah, I heard rumors they were pitching tents at Jellystone.

    JD and Bale were seen riding the Lazy River at Noah's Ark this afternoon. ;)

  49. "JD and Bale were seen riding the Lazy River at Noah's Ark this afternoon."

    They must have got COLD.

  50. OH NO Hope not Milwaukee on Monday-Tuesday-please say it ain't so......

    keep those rumor mills turning.....

    please let me/us know the scoop if any changes for Columbus-guess the cobblestone will tell the tale??

  51. Rachel you are funny!
    Congrats on the auditorium!
    Thinking about coming up on Monday to see filming, but I am SOO confused, are they filming downtown or at the poser house?
    I guess I'll just wait and see huh...

  52. I stopped at the Rogers Hotel this
    afternoon. No sign about Red's Pharmacy! No signs at all?!! I'm really wondering now when they will fit in the Beaver Dam shoot? I hope to make it to Columbus on Monday; unless that gets changed again??

  53. A certain Seinfeld episode comes to mind...

  54. Kevin and Bean on KROQ radio in LA were talking about the Johnny Depp tip story this morning too. I just love hearing the "city" folk pronounce "Wisc-con-sin."
    I was surprised to learn that most of that story was actually true!


    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-article about other movies that have been filmed/partly filmed in WI

  56. Great to hear that the Council decided to go ahead with replacing the auditorium's a starting
    How cool would it be if Johnny Depp
    or Michael Mann would be a significant donator to the restoration project?! How approachable might they be?...and who
    might do the approaching?....ahem!
    It would certainly get things off and rollin', that's for sure!


  57. They are filming in Lake Delton (Wisconsin Dells). Base camp is in the boondox! There is NO parking!! Seriously, you are going to have to probably walk two or three miles to base camp.

    I wouldn't recommend scoping out Johnny's hotel at any great length. Security is extra tight, and they will stop you and ask questions.

    -Jess Bruckner

  58. Love the snowbird picture ~ beautiful photo!!

    (I know it's not really a snowbird, but a yellow finch!! (right?))

    I too hope it soon warms up there, your cold fronts seem to be coming this way!!

    Glad all worked out for the audi!! I'm so happy for all of you.

    When you meet at Kurth's have a drink for me!! :)

  59. I wouldn't recommend scoping out Johnny's hotel at ANY length.

  60. Are you the same cranky that was so obnoxious yesterday?? I quess I am supprised that you even check out this blog if is so 'offensive" to you. Why don't you just get lost!

  61. Anon@8:09

    I don't remember anyone calling the blog offensive yesterday.

    Someone must have peed in your cheerios this morning.

  62. cranky has been ok - cracked a joke!!

  63. I'm glad we're all getting along now. :) I added my picture to my profile and want to see if it shows up on the blog. So I apologize in advance Rod, but at this very moment I am using you for my own personal gain! :)

  64. Lotus - aaawwwwwww too cute = )

  65. wow, this is all very confusing! i'm getting kind of nervous. i don't want to miss anything..expesially the beaver dam one considering i waited 5 hours for nobody to come sunday night. i was disappionted to come on here and see it was postponed. lol, but i got a good laugh out of it.

  66. Awesome! That is great news! I would have sent an e-mail but I was definitely on vacation and did not get back till late yesterday evening. I'm glad the meeting went well anyway though. Bravo for all you guys pushing for the Auditorium!

  67. osh: i wonder if you live in the same town i do because i have a half day on friday you think lake dalton would be the best place to check out???

  68. lotus - you are a lot younger then I expected.

    BTW - to get a cool looking bobble head like I did that looks just like you go to

    They are a little pricey but great Christmas gifts for your loved one.

  69. shakenbsis, osh, & Rod:

    Thanks. I'm like Mork from Ork; I age in reverse.

  70. Thanks Osh! Glad to be back. I was having PE withdrawal.

    Thanks for the link Rod. I was wondering how you got one of those.

  71. Kendra,
    We are in Oshkosh. We were planning to come to Columbus on Friday to check out the town before the filming starts...

  72. I guess they were filming out at Mirror Lake tonight. After checking in with my sources, Johnny was NOT filming, but Christian Bale was. Someone can either confirm or deny this.


  73. I make a motion to confirm and deny. Can I get a second? LOL

    (You guys are awesome!)

  74. sorry, flashing back to town hall meeting...

  75. I will confirm AND deny AND renounce!

  76. Due to confidentiality, I cannot confirm nor deny.

  77. Waiting...waiting...Rod, it's your turn.

  78. This is all very confusing but fun!!!

  79. Hooray for the good news about the auditorium! It was driving me NUTS that I couldn't be there, so I appreciate the recap. So glad to be able to help the old girl in any way.

  80. I'm frantically looking for the picture from Oshkosh of the gal holding the WHERE IS CHRISTIAN BALE? poster...

  81. Osh I belive there is one that I saw on the Post Crescent website somewhere :)

  82. Osh-
    for a tour of Columbus- definitely do downtown,check out the stores, but take a drive on Charles St that's where some of the most beautiful houses in town are...Julies Java House is great also for coffee and sandwiches...have fun!!!

  83. Thanks Laura!
    We will check that out on Friday!

  84. laura, per your profile, where you live you will have a front row seat, so to speak, of filming when it hits town! Way to go!

  85. After checking in with my sources, Johnny was NOT filming, but Christian Bale was.

    Hmm. So FBI stuff.... Sending out my plea again for ANY Rory (agent W.Carter Baum) news that the little info elves pick up.


  86. Osh, call me! I will be home Friday and would love to hang with you and show you around town. :)

  87. Good night all. It has been enjoyable!

  88. deppfan 7:08 - LOL!! I got sidetracked (old age) That was a great article, I really enjoyed it, THANKS!

  89. Awesome Michelle! Thank you! Evan and I are looking forward to seeing you again! I drop you a line!

  90. Does anybody know what dates they will be filming in Chicago? Also for anybody who sent their info to try to be an extra (I sent my info by mail to Joan Philo), how long did it take to hear back that you were selected to be an extra?

  91. Anyone know where they will be on Saturday? I can not make it next week, I will be going to Mayo Clinic to have 95% of my stomach removed and have been forbidden to do any Deppe searching. Stupid cancer! I would love to meet him though. I leave Monday for Rochester so if anyone knows where he will be this weekend that would be wonderful.

  92. HELP!!!

    Local Madison TV news this morning said they are filming in MADISON on Friday (yep knew that) but also MONDAY?????? what gives :(((((

    is it possible more than one filming crew?? don't think there's more than one M Mann ;)

    Johnny Depp Reads website has more info-Milwaukee paper confused too also has a link for the "actual" filming permit for Madison (guess its a public document)

    agony, cringe, boohoo (okay overacting is necessary......)

  93. They could be using a seperate crew to film exterior shots only this week(end) and then doing their interior shooting next week... or vice versa. I'm sure there are a lot of factors in play and I think one of them was to try to minimize crowds on the square with the UW still in session and the weather being nice. Just speculating Plus, next Friday is the big police memorial service on the square and they have to be out of there before then. They can't be filming and taking up room during that... it is huge and police officers from all over the state are there.

    As far as filming... I guess hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride. :)

  94. Funny thing is that a few years ago there was a bank robbery a couple blocks from where the Police memorial was being held.

    Hundreds of police cars and horses and so forth are in attendance.

  95. Really? I didn't hear that one. That's kind of funny.

    But I don't think I will ever enjoy a bank robbery more than the guy that dressed up as a tree up north to rob a bank. :)

  96. Good info on upcoming shoot in Madison. Many details.

  97. I can guarantee there will be no Madison square-area shooting Saturday morning. Since they want to avoid crowds, doing it during the Farmers Market wouldn't be an option!

  98. Wow! The spring really is getting away from me.. Farmers Market. Did that start last weekend already? I can't wait til it warms up to get down there. That is my favorite Saturday morning activity.

  99. Debsmad,
    I am with you on trying to find Rory but I am feeling like he is a needle in the very big JD haystack :( I am just going to be going downtown all weekend in Madison and hopefully find out/see something or someone! Email me if you are interested in coming along for the ride :)

  100. anonymous, it says outside shoots on Monday the 5th so the farmers market seems irrelevant.

  101. Tara - I am so sorry I missed your comment yesterday. You will be in my prayers.

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