Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Thrill Ride & LOST

With the appearance of Emilie de Ravin in the blog the last two days I have to remind all LOST fans that there is a new episode tonight. DJ - remember to record it (I have golf League).

So lets see, what do we need to record tonight. LOST, Survivor (which I have applied for in the past), The Office and 30 Rock. We grew away from Earl last year. Can't watch CSI because DJ deals in icky crime all day and does not need to watch it on TV.

Speaking of LOST. Anybody notice that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun and Sayid were not anywhere near the Swan station when it imploded and turned the sky purple AND all of them are off the island as the Oceanic Six?

For some interesting reading and exploring check out Oceanic Airlines (Taking you places you never imagined) website.
That odd growth in my garden is Hair Cap Moss. I have not been able to figure out if this is a good thing or bad thing. The one forum I went to got all spikey saying THIS IS A PERENNIAL FORUM GO TO THE MOSS FORUM.

That is why I love YOU guys and have heard from a few people that this blog is so understanding with adult to adult instead of adult to child style conversations. I really hope that once production ends (so so sad) you will stick around and join in with my little world as I see it.

I'll probably change the banner of the blog slightly but I WILL keep bringing PE news when I find it. So if you see me segueing from time to time into NON-PE stuff. I'm just practicing.

DJ and I have a bike ride in early June and an adventure into Door County and it's Fish Boils (photo). I think we're going to spend a day on a Segway for giggles.
The Isthmus has a article written by my man Clark Kent about the Madison shoot. Check it on THIS LINK.
Johnny Depp and wine - I gotta say this and I don't mean to sound snobbish. You can't compare Wollersheim, Door County and Three Lakes to French wines. For one thing Wollersheim is more in the German tradition (did you know Wollersheim was the very first vineyard in the U.S? it was founded by Hungarian Count Agoston Haraszthy who later became the first Mayor of San Diago and then died when he was eaten by an alligator on an adventure).

And speaking of Sauk City (where Wollersheim is located) - it was first named Széptaj (Hungarian for Beautiful Place) then Haraszthopolis (I love that name) the Westfield (snore) and finally Sauk City.

On another note - there is no creditable evidence that he was the person to bring my FAVORITE grape, Zinfandel, to America.

There is a very nice vineyard west of Madison but they were mean to our dog and rude so I will not mention their name.
Back to PE.

My little Enemy Elves are saying the Milwaukee shoot will be Monday the 28th. hmmmm Of course that messes all the schedules doesn't it. Not sure what is going on - GOOD JOB UNIVERSAL.

Lost of confusion on filming dates so I can't help you.

BTW - this movie will make your eyes moist.

Look at these outstanding photos from Jeff in Oshkosh.

I think this is a mating ritual. The offspring are those jump jets I think.

The plane is landing and still moving

Let's all stand of and give Jeff a round of applause.

On a serious note - JP took a large bunch of photos of the breakout scene in Oshkosh and people have been offering him money to purchased some of the photographs. He contacted me with a proposition.

If I link to a site he is creating to sell some of his photos he will give the Columbus Auditorium Corporation 10% of the proceeds.

I ask you this because I feel you readers are the reason this blog is alive and I heard a lot of grumbling about people selling photos of JD for profit. I feel that these photos are not just JD but action scenes and so forth. I would not agree if he was just selling for HIS profit (he is a very very nice guy- I met him in Oshkosh) but if it can buy another shingle and again show how much support there is - it's a good thing.


Cheers - have a great day