Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Thrill Ride & LOST

With the appearance of Emilie de Ravin in the blog the last two days I have to remind all LOST fans that there is a new episode tonight. DJ - remember to record it (I have golf League).

So lets see, what do we need to record tonight. LOST, Survivor (which I have applied for in the past), The Office and 30 Rock. We grew away from Earl last year. Can't watch CSI because DJ deals in icky crime all day and does not need to watch it on TV.

Speaking of LOST. Anybody notice that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun and Sayid were not anywhere near the Swan station when it imploded and turned the sky purple AND all of them are off the island as the Oceanic Six?

For some interesting reading and exploring check out Oceanic Airlines (Taking you places you never imagined) website.
That odd growth in my garden is Hair Cap Moss. I have not been able to figure out if this is a good thing or bad thing. The one forum I went to got all spikey saying THIS IS A PERENNIAL FORUM GO TO THE MOSS FORUM.

That is why I love YOU guys and have heard from a few people that this blog is so understanding with adult to adult instead of adult to child style conversations. I really hope that once production ends (so so sad) you will stick around and join in with my little world as I see it.

I'll probably change the banner of the blog slightly but I WILL keep bringing PE news when I find it. So if you see me segueing from time to time into NON-PE stuff. I'm just practicing.

DJ and I have a bike ride in early June and an adventure into Door County and it's Fish Boils (photo). I think we're going to spend a day on a Segway for giggles.
The Isthmus has a article written by my man Clark Kent about the Madison shoot. Check it on THIS LINK.
Johnny Depp and wine - I gotta say this and I don't mean to sound snobbish. You can't compare Wollersheim, Door County and Three Lakes to French wines. For one thing Wollersheim is more in the German tradition (did you know Wollersheim was the very first vineyard in the U.S? it was founded by Hungarian Count Agoston Haraszthy who later became the first Mayor of San Diago and then died when he was eaten by an alligator on an adventure).

And speaking of Sauk City (where Wollersheim is located) - it was first named Széptaj (Hungarian for Beautiful Place) then Haraszthopolis (I love that name) the Westfield (snore) and finally Sauk City.

On another note - there is no creditable evidence that he was the person to bring my FAVORITE grape, Zinfandel, to America.

There is a very nice vineyard west of Madison but they were mean to our dog and rude so I will not mention their name.
Back to PE.

My little Enemy Elves are saying the Milwaukee shoot will be Monday the 28th. hmmmm Of course that messes all the schedules doesn't it. Not sure what is going on - GOOD JOB UNIVERSAL.

Lost of confusion on filming dates so I can't help you.

BTW - this movie will make your eyes moist.

Look at these outstanding photos from Jeff in Oshkosh.

I think this is a mating ritual. The offspring are those jump jets I think.

The plane is landing and still moving

Let's all stand of and give Jeff a round of applause.

On a serious note - JP took a large bunch of photos of the breakout scene in Oshkosh and people have been offering him money to purchased some of the photographs. He contacted me with a proposition.

If I link to a site he is creating to sell some of his photos he will give the Columbus Auditorium Corporation 10% of the proceeds.

I ask you this because I feel you readers are the reason this blog is alive and I heard a lot of grumbling about people selling photos of JD for profit. I feel that these photos are not just JD but action scenes and so forth. I would not agree if he was just selling for HIS profit (he is a very very nice guy- I met him in Oshkosh) but if it can buy another shingle and again show how much support there is - it's a good thing.


Cheers - have a great day


  1. I had to delete my first comment because the grammer was awful :)

    Will Universal be cool with selling photos of the filming? I don't want anyone to get in trouble.

    But other than that.... I think it is a fab idea. Kudos to you guys for coming up with it :)

  2. So far Universal has talked big but have done little if anything.

  3. Hi there!
    I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog for about 2 weeks now. I don't even remember how I came across it, but I had been searching for Public Enemies information. Great job! Every morning I have been checking the blog to see if there is any new news!
    I responded to a casting call on craiglist for extras for the Madison shoot. Haven't heard anything yet... :(
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Grinder.. that's good to hear about Univeral.

    I think the idea is great since it is for a good cause.

  5. Bravo Jeff!!!!

    Rod - I like your little forays. I came here for PE and JD but I stay for Rod & DJ who are kind and funny and REAL!

    thanks for the heart-shaped doggie pic = )

  6. Rod,

    I'm not big on the idea of selling photos of JD for profit, however, the photos are of the filming and not primarily of JD and as long as no one gets in trouble, I think you should go for it.

    My only suggestion is that you keep tabs on Universal and make sure nothing comes of their threats.


  7. If Universal doesn't have a problem with it (and won't CAUSE problems) I am all for it! I am making a scrapbook on the making of the film (for my personal use). I got some great photos in Columbus and have received many more in trade with others. I can't get away to all of the other places that filming has taken place though; and would love to make my album one about the entire filming experience in WI.; not just my personal shots. I would be willing to pay for relavant shots to fulfill that need! And if part of the money helps with the Opera House, all the better! After all, the people who have traveled from site to site in order to get some of the great photos we've seen have expenses involved in their travels! Just my humble opinion!

  8. I hate to be a wet towel, but I think any photos being sold go against Universal's wishes. I think we should respect them. I know it creates a bigger buzz about the movie, and it could help the Columbus 'theater' in City Hall, but something red flags for me when you talk about selling photos that have been taken for personal use.

    Sorry. If Universal said it was okay, I'd be ecstatic for the boon to the auditorium project! For now, I have to admit that it makes me uncomfortable. :(

  9. I have to agree with Suz...for some reason it makes me uncomfortable with people selling their pics here for personal profit. You let one person, then somebody else wants to also. Most people come here because they love the movie not to make money. I am sure he is a very nice person, but it just seems wrong right now.

  10. For anyone interested, now through Sunday, Borders (Madison) has a $5.99 DVD sale, including the movies Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands

  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt the copyright issue for Universal for ONLY pics that are taken "during" an actual "action" shot?
    If the pics are taken when the cameras are NOT rolling then it should be ok to use/sell etc. Right?
    But here lies the dilema... how does one "prove" when the pic was taken?
    Universal has to know that pics have been taken before, during and after the "action" call! So they understand that there WILL be pics taken at times that they dont want them to be taken.
    As you said Rod, they had been cracking down on cameras, but wasnt this more because of the "flash" problem?
    If Jeff's pics arent violating Universal's Copyrights and they are HIS pics, then he should be able to sell them or do whatever he wants with them.
    Maybe Universal hasnt made good on their threats because they havent found anyone making a huge profit yet.... when push comes to shove, it always comes down to the dollar for some.
    I think its great that the auditorium would benefit from the sale of Jeff's pics..if you make sure that they dont violate Universal's copyrights.
    Just my thoughts on it... :)
    ~Minxie in Cali~

  12. Hey everyone - it's been awhile, but classes = not fun, plus missing all my classes last week for the shoot in Oshkosh = not fun, and work makes it hard to get anything fun done! Well I started a flickr site and added a few pictures, more will come.
    Not sure if that will work, but thats partly the shoot in Oshkosh, some of Columbus before they started shooting, and some when I met Johnny. Enjoy :)
    I agree with Suz on the idea of the pictures.

  13. Also Secret Window was in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart for $5.

  14. This is sort of a random question, but: Does the mayor of Columbus live in the country, sort of?? Does she have a really big backyard?

  15. Rod - Thanks for the reminder on Lost tonight. I'll have to make sure my TIVO is at the ready.

    Anon 12:02 - Thanks for the info on the Borders DVDs. I love buying movies.

    I think if more of the profits were going towards the auditorium then Universal probably wouldn't have a problem with it. I have Adam Boor's contact info if you want to talk to him about it, but I think he might get in trouble if he trys to sell pics of the actual filming. I guess I have mixed feelings.

    Anon 12:25 - Mayor Nancy Osterhaus lives in the Columbus Carriage House and runs a bed and breakfast. See Website:

  16. Columbus Carriage House is in the City, so I don't think the yard is that big...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Speaking of photo's--does anyone have a picture of the police car in Columbus? I'm trying to make a little memory photo album for my husband. He spent two days in the police car :-)

  19. A lot of people are trying to track down a burial spot. That is the reason for some questions.

    I still think it will be on a set. Reason is that digging a 6 foot grave is rather tough in soggy dirt. Much easier on a set where you can have the best lighting.

    Plus this will allow JD to become emotional without worry of a screamer photo taker.

  20. Burial spot for what? Sorry, I just don't know.

  21. Good point Rod. I think that is one scene that I wouldn't want to see, hear or know anything about. I want to be suprised. A bank robbery is a bank robbery, but this sounds like some pretty raw stuff. That I want to save for the viewing experience. And your right, JD is going to need to be without distraction to do it.

    I just bought Secret Window in the bargain bin last week :) But thanks for the other DVD info.

  22. movie star wife - I have a picture of the police car that was in Columbus. Email me at if you would like to see it. : )

  23. Maygreen,

    This thread at imdb might help you out a little bit. I'm not through the book yet so it helped me out a little bit :)

  24. Thanks Rachel! That helped, I knew about the shooting involving Red, but wasn't sure about the burial stuff.

  25. Rod-don't get me started on LOST! I am so excited for tonight. I believe you are correct about the Oceanic Six and their distance from the explosion. Theory is that since they were not exposed to as much radiation in the explosion as some of the others on the island (Desmond, etc), they are less likely to be affected by the 'time jumping" that affected Desmond. Therefore, they can get off the island without this side effect and the risk of death that comes with it. Okay, enough of that....for now...

    Do you have somewhere to stay in Door County that you would recommend? I am getting married in September and would like to check it out as a bit of a mini-honeymoon.

    Movie Star Wife- I also have some good photos of the police car if you are interested.

  26. Do you think JD will be in Madison the first week in May? If they are only shooting scenes in the capitol (FBI) that means that only CB will be here?? What do you think?

  27. Amazing pics today !

    Thumbs up !

  28. THURSDAY, April 24, 2008, 12:34 p.m.

    Dillinger movie shoot pushed back

    Filming in Milwaukee for "Public Enemies," the gangster drama starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, apparently has been pushed back.

    Although no city permits had been finalized, shooting had been expected to begin Monday in the Milwaukee County Historical Society building, 910 N. Old World 3rd St. Nearby businesses were notified earlier this week that W. Kilbourn Ave. from 2nd St. to 4th St., and Old World 3rd St. from Wells St. to State St., would be closed starting Monday.

    But today, the location manager for "Public Enemies" told security officials at Journal Sentinel Inc. - which is leasing one of its parking lots to the production during filming - that shooting would have to be postponed till the weekend of May 2.

    Look for more on "Public Enemies" on Duane Dudek's blog, Dudek on Film, later today.

  29. I thought the reason Desmond experienced the "time-jumping" was because he left the island on different coordinates than he came in on. I could be wrong, but weren't they using the coordinates the Oceanic flight came in on? That's what I thought, but I could be totally wrong.

  30. Dudek on Film

    He doesn't mention us. :-(

  31. Movie Star Wife -- I have some shots of the police car on my Flickr. At least one, anyway. Feel free to email me at pbhgirl at gmail dot com. I will not have email access after tonight for a few days, but I'll answer you ASAP.

  32. Jenny-

    The coordinates definitely figure in also, but I think the amount of radiation that someone (or something) is subject to plays a part too. Remember the scene with Daniel in his lab and the rat going through the maze? Remember he subjected it to radiation beforehand?

  33. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

    I can't wait until all the mysteries of Lost have been revealed. There are so many theories out there. I wonder which one is correct.

  34. As much as I would like to see the aid given to the Columbus Opera House, I think you have to look at Universal and Mr. Depp's wishes with regard to pictures...just wouldn't want anyone to get into trouble.
    Scenery and set shots that aren't crucial though I would think would be a great idea.

    Speaking of the Opera House, have you thought of creating a Paypal button where people can donate to account for that? I plan to post soon.

  35. Rod,

    Dudek is afraid you will steal his viewers. ;)

  36. If I knew how to create a Paypal button (it's been suggested a few times) and had some extra time to figure it out I would.

    Anyone want to help out?


  37. I am suffering from public enemies withdrawl! Flying home today:( Speaking of lost tho we spent the last few days ont he north shore and hiked up to where they film lost. Word out here is that they have been filming a TON to catch up. Sometimes even three differtent part of three difrferent episodes a day. Also cats of entourage was spotted filming on north shore. Same place they film alot of lost stuff and where they had the hukilau cafe in 50 first dates...they were also spotted pounding back drinks at the Yard House in waikiki...which has 100 beers on tap...YUM:)

  38. Try this, if it doesn't work, try googling paypal widget

    (not real confident in using the tiny url)

  39. Welcome back Ty! We have missed you :)

  40. The tiny URL does work!! yippee!! You have to make sure you have a paypal account set up to link to the incoming paypal accounts. make sense?

  41. Christine - calm down LOL - forgot to enter the email address.

    Who wants to be the guinea pig! so to speak!

    I'll figure out the logistics and fill you in tomorrow.

  42. okey dokey...i was to quick on the draw! LOL...and forget about that email question i sent you. i got my answer. :)

  43. Information on WBEV radio's website is that PE is going to be filming on Monday in Beaver Dam. Also heard thru the grapevine they will be in Columbus Monday also but later in the day.

  44. Saw the article on WBEV's site...Columbus on Monday afternoon? interesting..It sounds like Tuesday for sure...

  45. sorry..try this

  46. I went up to Little Bohemia yesterday afternoon and was across the street from base camp until 9:30 last night. Probably about 100 people there. Saw lots of extras and also found out that the filming is all being done throughout the night. Last night were the outdoors scenes for the night fight & escape. The night before they didn't rap until 4 im tne morning. Only about 12 people there. JD signed autographs & talked to them for about 15 to 20 minutes. So everyone last night didn't even leave base camp until between 8 & 9 pm & assumed they didn't come back until 5 or 6 this morning. No sighting of JD but we did see Sean Penn & Christian Bale. It was fun but got really cold & I had to work today so couldn't stay all night. They are filing there until Friday as well. Don't know how long they are there on Friday.


  47. I didn't know Sean Penn was in the movie.

  48. I am uncomfortable about the selling of the photos also. Why not take the proper channels and ask permission from Universal Studios? Who knows, maybe they would kick in a few bucks for the auditorium. The city has a good relationship with Universal lets keep it that way. I like the idea of speaking with Adam Boor.

  49. Jenny - Someone on IMBb said that was M. Craven, not Sean Penn spotted at Little Bo. 'They' said he looks very much like Penn from certain angles.

  50. Dang. Okay, Columbus Carriage House is not what I'm looking for.

    If it doesn't refer to the mayor, does anyone know what location Osterhaus Field may refer to? Supposedly it's a location near or in Columbus. Is there a location in the Public Enemies book called Osterhaus...?

  51. Movie Star Wife - I have some pics of a police car but not sure if it's *the* car you want. Was there only one?? Anyway, mine are scattered at my Flickr pages:

    Let me know if any of them work for you. :)

    Lost - *ultimate Lost geek here* - There is a big article in today's USA Today. People were asked to write their theories and send them in. Damon & Carlton then read all of them and commented, and graded them. The paper couldn't print some of them because Damon/Carlton refused to comment because they were either right or too close to the truth. So it's interesting to know that people are figuring it out even if they don't know they are. LOL!

    Schedule chaos - It was mentioned yesterday that the filming in Madison will feature the FBI offices. This suggests that Rory Cochrane might on set, no? (He plays agent W. Carter Baum.) I highly doubt I'll get to any of the film locations anymore so I'm begging...please please please, anyone who is at a location where FBI scenes are involved, please look past Christian Bale once in a while and snap some pics of Rory. :)

    Also, I read that W. Carter Baum died in a shootout in Rhinelander. Anyone know when/where they will be filming Rhinelander scenes?

  52. Hi guys,
    Below is my original post...I am trying to find the best time for a possible meet and greet with JD. I have a son that would love to meet "Jack Sparrow" (not that I wouldn't, LOL) but it is difficult for me to stand in line for hours. I have recently been diagnoised with stomach cancer and was unable to go and stand in line at Oshkosh because I was feeling too ill.
    I am planning on going to Colombus for next weeks shoot...what day d you think would be best to go? Also, I am going to be coming from Oshkosh - how do I get there? Any word on whether they are still doind the Eureka shoot and if so when?

    Thank you so much Rob for your wonderful blog. I have been able to get a glimpse of the movie making thru you. Thank you.

  53. Does anybody know exactly what dates the Milwaukee filming will be? I would be driving there from a town near Chicago.

  54. I would like that if photos were sold. Being and extra, I didn't have a camera and have been trying to get hi-resolution photos of certain pics. People don't seem so open to sharing these because of either 1)the time it takes to e-mail them, or 2)wanting to keep them exclusive
    At least if they were for sale, I could finally get my hands on them. I don't think Adam has that much pull at Universal. Maybe he could refer you to someone else. Not to sound rash, but he's a location scout. Lastly, some people seem to be making a bigger deal out of this than it should be.

  55. Andy - I sent you a Flickr-mail last night. I didn't realize you and the person who commented were the same guy! Anyway, yeah, I messaged you over there...

  56. Andy - my man! LOL - I never put YOU and Extra Andy together. You have hair in your little photo!

    I actually have facial hair 99% of the time in my life so . . . . when I grow it back I will be incognito.

  57. The DONATE button works - seems they take about 5% out for . . . . shipping and handling!

    Thanks guys! I'll have a total once a day on the blog.

  58. LOL, Rod! No you do not come off as a snob, and I was not attempting to compare French wine with our local varieties - merely suggesting that when in Rome, do as ~ well, you know the rest.

    I would have invited, encouraged, heck, even bought him a bottle of his choice from ***WISCONSIN***

    As for reading this blog, you might like to know that it's part of my daily routine, always reading, commenting only now and again. Been here since day one, friend, don't see why I should stop now. :)


    article up on webpage now (sorry don't like tiny url thingy)

    Rod-not comfortable with people selling pics of PE for personal profit (just covering costs is different and giving all proceeds to some charity is also different. IMHO

    was the oshkosh paper offering pics for sale @ their website?? seems like they were, how did they get away with that??

  60. Thanks for the plane pics Jeff. Man is that some helicopter pilot or what??

  61. Rod,

    I don't want to say more than this about Survivor tonight, because I don't want to spoil it for you ~ I'm on the east coast and ahead of you by an hour ~

    Survivor was more than I could handle tonight!! I had my head turned and eyes closed more than any of the previous shows this season!!

  62. For all you Packer Fans, BRETT FAVRE is on Letterman tonight!!! :)

  63. How about selling one of the half decent photos for 100% charity? Then wait a week or something, and keep the others to do as you please. My 2 cents worth.

    10% of each photo seems a bit, um...more like 90% for personal profit.

  64. LOST is going to rule tonight. I'm more excited to see some space/time issues tonight - hopefully. Also would be really nice to see Smokey again!

    I've sold a few prints(to people who are hanging them in their houses)of an image I took out at the airport in Oshkosh. I don't feel bad about it because I have bills for photography equipment up the wazoo, so anything to pay those off is a good thing. If Universal every gets back to me, and buys it this print, I'll donate my money to the Auditorium


  65. publicenemies-on-facebookApril 24, 2008 at 8:43 PM

    Another nay on the selling of photos. Just seems like an icky idea. But I wouldn't be adversed to having a "Public Enemies Columbus Blog" Cafe Press kind of site with the proceeds going to the auditorium and Rod for keeping up this blog.

  66. Everyone,
    If your interested in raising $ there is a site called zazzle. They have products that you can create your own image or saying and you can post to sell. You pick the % of profit you want to make but remember the higher the % the higher the product price. It is just something to check out.

  67. Has there been any mention on pricing of the pictures? That makes a difference to on profit pricing.

  68. Rod- no offense taken on the wine comment.;)..I spied a white truck in front of hotel rogers (I drive by there taking my son to and from daycare) it looks like they will be blocking off almost two blocks (twords center st)
    for monday's ?? shoot
    and I am hearing just tuesday in columbus??

  69. I have been thinking more about JP selling his photo's and donating 10% to the auditorium...

    My final thoughts are that they are JP's photos that HE TOOK so it is HIS decision if he wants to sell them or not. Althought 10% doesn't seem like much of a donation, it is better than nothing. Rod is just providing a link to his site.

    I have heard of other people selling their photo's and I don't think Universal is going to chase every person who took photos and sold them. That is one of the risks of filming on location. At least JP is generous enough to donate a portion of his profits to the auditorium.

    That is my two cents.

    Also, I am wondering if Jason Clarke may have been mistaken for Sean Penn. They look rather similar when you see him in person. Same kind of nose and facial structure.

  70. And the street closing signs are up in Columbus again. Some are barricades that you can bypass, some are barricades with cones so you cannot get in...

    Let Round#2 begin! I love it all!

  71. P.S. - Road Closed signs are now up in Columbus around the downtown area! I should make "Welcome Back" signs to hang outside my house!

  72. Jenny,

    I think there was a thread on imdb that said that the Sean Penn sightings were a case of mistaken identity. From what they are saying Penn is in Texas filming a movie with Brad Pitt. We are getting good at this celeb thing huh? :)

    Good post about the pics. Not everyone will like it, but I'm a sap for the good cause.

    Hope to see you again in Columbus.

  73. LOST and so forth.

    OK - just so you guys know there is a 3 day cooling off period for TV shows - no spoilers. After 3 days go for it.


    The question is not whether you should sell photos for profit - it is whether this site should help.

    The amount of money generated would not be THAT great.

    I'll get into the donation thing tomorrow as I feel there is a small misunderstanding.

    BTW - Survivor was awesome :-)

  74. Anon/Char:

    I am wondering if you got any good pictures? I'm glad that Johnny Depp came out and talked to people. I was starting to think that Manitowish Waters spectators were being treated like 2nd class citizens.

  75. Should this site HELP JP sell his photos? That is the question.

    in my final opinon, no. I think the whole picture selling topic at this point is too touchy and if it's going to be no REAL benefit to the auditorium, then i say pass on it.

    and as for Survivor ~ my lips are sealed until a later date, but would really love to have a discussion sometime on what happened this evening. my, my, my!!! (shaking head)

  76. I disagree! JP could just sell them on his own but offered a percentage for the auditorium which he did not have to do.

    I say go with it and for those that are interested please purchase and benefit the cause. For those not interested dont purchase.

    10% is better than nothing at all.

  77. Rod, love your blog! So glad I discovered it!

    Movie Star Wife, I have 2 pics of the police car from Columbus March 20th. Email me at

    Suz, thanks for the emails and photos! I hope you received my email/photos also. If not, let me know and I'll resend.

  78. I was starting to think that Manitowish Waters spectators were being treated like 2nd class citizens.

    Why, because JD didn't come out and talk to them? Especially after filming all. night. long.

    Please remember that JD does not HAVE to come out and talk to anyone. It should not be expected. It bothers me that people are starting to get that mentality.

    As for the pictures, the cause is good and any extra money would be nice, but I just don't think it's a good idea. There's too much at risk.

  79. To Vickie:

    No, my response about 2nd class citizens did NOT refer to anything that Johnny Depp did or did not do. I think its very kind of him to have any contact at all with spectators.

    I refer to the situation around the actual filming in Manitowish Waters. It was not spectator friendly. And before anyone gets up in arms about it being a closed set, I understood that and had no problem with Little Bohemia being closed off. But the surrounding area was not a closed set and it still seemed as though anyone that was watching (not doing anything illegal or adverse for the filming) was 'persona non grata.'

  80. lotus:

    I think that may have more to do with the safety of the spectators more than anything else. And as much as we all hate to admit it, even spectators that are not on the set can be in the way. :(

  81. Yep, same as in the big city.

  82. Just my two cents:

    I think Mann and crew wanted to keep this scene kind of secret to save for the movie. Don't get me wrong.. the bank robberies were cool, but they aren't really anything earth shattering. The event at Little Bo was MAJOR in the movie. So much has already gotten out, I can understand that they wanted to keep something this major under wraps.
    I'm sorry you didn't get to see much Lotus. I don't think they were intentionally trying to diss the people of the area, I think you just happened to get a really great scene in the movie :)

    Again, those are just my thoughts, not meant to offend.

    On to another thing.. my head is going to explode trying to figure out this Columbus/BD stuff. My friend just emailed me that in the paper it is now saying Columbus, half day Monday. HELP :)

    Ok, everyone have a great day!!


  83. lotus,

    I'm sorry you feel the way you do about the filming at Little Bo, but as been mentioned this scene is a very intense scene.

    I believe that everyone involved in keeping the site secure is taking every avenue so that the rules are not broken and that no one gets hurt. You are very fortunate to be as close to Johnny as you are.

    I wish I could could say, "Johnny Depp is in Pennsylvania." ~ maybe someday. :/

  84. Jenny Except Jason Clarke is 7'9 and Sean Penn is 4'5". :-)

  85. publicenemies-on-facebookApril 25, 2008 at 8:01 AM

    Re: Little Bohemia scenes & their secrecy

    Whereas the bankrobbing scenes seem to be mostly historically accurate, and thus their plots easily accessible to those who research, the scenes in Little Bohemia, or I should say the whole section, as it's a very large chunk of the film, diverts from historical fact in a few very dramatic (and spoiler-y) ways. Watching them shoot Little Bo would ruin the major action set piece of the film, and probably your enjoyment of the final product.

  86. The bike tour sounds like fun. I just noticed your segway link, made me giggle! = )

  87. Sean Penn look-a-like?

    not so much to me but, maybe... (Matt Craven playing Gerry Campbell in PE.) Who is Gerry Campbell anyhow, the name doesn't ring a bell right now?

  88. A new look!!

    I love it!! The photo at the top of the page is very eye catching!!

  89. If Jason Clarke was 7'9 he would be a freak of nature.

  90. Rod, according to the various news outlets here in the state the schedule for next week is clear as mud.

    Can you make sense of all the various reports from our local news establishments?

    Please and thank you :)

  91. Nice new look! thought I clicked on the wrong link for a minute... = )

  92. publicenemies-on-facebookApril 25, 2008 at 8:52 AM


    Gerry Campbell was one of the "Cowboys" Hoover brought in to seal the deal on the Dillinger case after Purvis bungled it so many times. Along with Charles Winstead and Clarence Hurt, he was along for the Biograph killing of Dillinger.

    This is a cool picture of him with a submachine gun:

  93. You have been a busy man!! - I never doubted it - but now I see some of what you've been doing - referring to your uploading photos to flickr.

    They are really cool. I didn't remember seeing the link until now with your new look.

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos. :)

  94. publicenemies-on-facebook -

    THANK YOU, for clearing that up! It hasn't let me see the pic yet, but I'm still trying. (guessing the site is busy now)

  95. publicenemies-on-facebookApril 25, 2008 at 9:04 AM


    No problem :)

  96. Here's some info on Gerry Campbell. Not a big part of the story but and interesting part.

  97. Actually, I see a lot. LOL! I guess we just have to agree to disagree, because we will not change each others' minds. :)

  98. sandsitive -

    Thanks so much! that WAS interesting! = )

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