Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oshkosh Update & The Kurth Brewery

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Greetings from Hollywood Wisconsin - Kitty B'gosh reporting

OSHKOSH - Things are hustling and bustling on a crisp Spring morning here on the Public Enemies set in Oshkosh. Lots of new signage has gone up in the past few days. Looks like the little shops on Market Street are coming along nicely. Algoma Blvd is also seeing some new sights as new awnings have been erected at Limelight Studios (crooner of Algoma and Market) and the Water City Grill (Algoma Blvd). There are also some new signs up around the corner from the New Moon on Algoma. The side of the New Moon on Agoma Blvd (which has side entrances for the New Moon and the House of Heroes) is sporting new signs today.

One interesting change today is at the New Moon. The change-out from what had been there was a minty green. Today the green has been changed to a gray. Discussion with one of the set people is that someone decided the green wasn't right. They also started some hand-lettering up above the windows at the New Moon.

(NOTE - I really like that photo on the right - nice job)

The mouldings on the bank windows have been painted a copper color. Some of the glass has been replaced with wood inserts.

And over at the Exclusive Company (Rod, insert the saying please - SAY IT WITH ME!!) it looks like the transformation to Walgreen's will be done shortly.

Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Based on today's "You didn't hear it from me" department: The Posse (Kitty B'gosh, Anastasia Beaverhausen and Javier's Hor d'oeuvre) (I believe Javier is a new resource) will have their sights set on the Pioneer Airport at EAA (fear not I have ways (insert evil laugh) and maybe the Masonic Temple on Friday April 11th(hmmmm my dad was a mason).

Kitty B'gosh reporting from Oshkosh.
KURTH - Where Everybody Knows Your Name - really - they will ask!!

I have a friend that suffers from bad case of SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). It's something most people have in some form or the other. Be it having standing in front of a class in school giving a speech or even going to a strange, unknown place meeting strange unknown people. Everybody has a small case of it.

I'm not the shyest person I know by a long shot. I think I got over any shyness when I decided that the best defense is to go out of my way to show my dumb side at times. Tell stories that prove to people that I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer at times.

Then when I do do something smart it even looks smarter.

So when I came up with the idea of going to the Kurth for the first time and inviting strangers it seemed like a good idea.

On the drive home from work Friday Diane said "I'm a little nervous". I thought about it and said "you know what? so am I . . . .why is that???" So if "I" was a little nervous I had to assume others would be also.

ANYWAY - We arrived at the Kurth and walked into the smallest bar I have ever been in. Three people looked at us like we were aliens as we rubber necked looking at the marvelous place. All wood, very clean and cozy feeling.

The three bar people and Earl can see this is the first time in the place and start talking about the history and where are we from and the evening starts off great. They are proud of their little "Brewery". The owners (who we meet later) open the place every Wednesday and Friday in honor of their son. They are not here to make money - they open it to preserve the bar and keep the tradition of the Kurth alive.

So Diane and I sit down talking to the locals (we're locals aren't we?). Earl (cowboy hat) has stories and shakes hands and is trying to charge me $100 for photos.

Two other guys come in and they are immediately recognized as "new" people so they get the 3rd degree also (in a friendly way) and just like us they walk around looking at photos and the two other rooms.

Diane and I look at each other and smile - what a comfortable place. I show some of my photos and they oooh and ahhh and a few other come in and are greeted sort of like how Norm was greeted in CHEERS, smiles, waves and highs and handshakes.

We're talking to people about the movie (none know about the website) and then Julie says "I have to show you something that I have . She goes around the bar (or something, I'm not sure where she had it stored), and walks over to me with what appears to be a ream of paper.

What it is is what I believe is all of the information she could find at the Columbus Library on Dillinger. And it is a LOT. It has who the gang members were, who and what they robbed with time lines and stories. WOW!! I mean it is a LOT of information. Then she talks about all the photos she has from Prairie Street when JD and MM were filming.

She asks "Do you have a laptop?" I say yes and she says "I'll bring my disk with 80 photos and you can put them on your laptop next Friday!."

I guess we will be here next Friday.

While this is happening Willard (below) his hitting on Diane (although I think Diane was hitting on him first) and they are talking about the Brewery and the Memorial that he had a hand in creating in the park. (See people just start talking to you like you an old friend - FUN)

Great people and everybody is asking us where were from and we're asking them questions about history and Willard is explaining about the Brewery and all the original tables where you store your drinks UNDER the table (it's pretty neat).

Then Betty arrives (also known as shakenbsis). Carrying some of th BEST granola Diane and I have ever tasted!! Seriously Betty - good stuff.

Willard is still talking about the Memorial, and we're talking somehow about Jerry, JDs body guard (Jenny LOVES Jerry BTW - when he talked to her he gave off Michael Cain vibes) .

Did you know that Jerry Judge was Pie Customer #2 in Sweeny Todd?

We find out that Betty (shakenbsis) is a Navy veteran which tweaks Willard's interest. He decides that Betty needs to apply for a memorial and goes to his car to get an application. We discuss this while he is gone and it is decided that Betty is not dead yet.

He gives her the application and shows us HIS Johnny Depp photo (too sweet).

Meanwhile it's time for another beer. The Kurth has four beers on tap and I believe three soft drinks. No hard liqueur but free popcorn. Plus -EVERYTHING costs about the same. A pint of beer and a coke costs less then $2.

Jenny and Josh show up and the places is filling up with people. I have to think that in the main room 25ish is the max. In the back room there is a card game going and it's not poker, its euchre.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Diane says later she has never ever felt more comfortable in a place that sells beer. People are there to talk to other people, not get drunk or pick up chicks. Everybody knows others and if they don't they smile and meet you!

The Kurth is a very special place and they just gained two semi regulars. I have never been made to feel more welcome at a place.

It's now about 9:00 and since it's getting busy and Betty has 60+ miles to drive home we decide to give her a small tour of the downtown which is about 1/2 mile away.

Diane and I get home and we both say "THAT was fun". We are happy. Betty, you just gained two friends.

So - for any of you that are shy - COME ON DOWN. DJ and I will be there NEXT Friday about 6ish downloading photos. DJ is going to bring her book with her dad's photo it in from the USS Indianapolis (It's her dad's birthday today, 82) and we're going to relax.

NOW - it's time to get ready for a birthday brunch and pray I can get to a driving range befor it rains.

For any of you in Souther Wisconsin - was yesterday the best?? We have bene waiting for a weather day like Saturday since Late October. It's been a long long time.

With that

Bonus photo of Sierra

Have a great Sunday
Rod and Diane.