Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oshkosh Update & The Kurth Brewery

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Greetings from Hollywood Wisconsin - Kitty B'gosh reporting

OSHKOSH - Things are hustling and bustling on a crisp Spring morning here on the Public Enemies set in Oshkosh. Lots of new signage has gone up in the past few days. Looks like the little shops on Market Street are coming along nicely. Algoma Blvd is also seeing some new sights as new awnings have been erected at Limelight Studios (crooner of Algoma and Market) and the Water City Grill (Algoma Blvd). There are also some new signs up around the corner from the New Moon on Algoma. The side of the New Moon on Agoma Blvd (which has side entrances for the New Moon and the House of Heroes) is sporting new signs today.

One interesting change today is at the New Moon. The change-out from what had been there was a minty green. Today the green has been changed to a gray. Discussion with one of the set people is that someone decided the green wasn't right. They also started some hand-lettering up above the windows at the New Moon.

(NOTE - I really like that photo on the right - nice job)

The mouldings on the bank windows have been painted a copper color. Some of the glass has been replaced with wood inserts.

And over at the Exclusive Company (Rod, insert the saying please - SAY IT WITH ME!!) it looks like the transformation to Walgreen's will be done shortly.

Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Based on today's "You didn't hear it from me" department: The Posse (Kitty B'gosh, Anastasia Beaverhausen and Javier's Hor d'oeuvre) (I believe Javier is a new resource) will have their sights set on the Pioneer Airport at EAA (fear not I have ways (insert evil laugh) and maybe the Masonic Temple on Friday April 11th(hmmmm my dad was a mason).

Kitty B'gosh reporting from Oshkosh.
KURTH - Where Everybody Knows Your Name - really - they will ask!!

I have a friend that suffers from bad case of SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). It's something most people have in some form or the other. Be it having standing in front of a class in school giving a speech or even going to a strange, unknown place meeting strange unknown people. Everybody has a small case of it.

I'm not the shyest person I know by a long shot. I think I got over any shyness when I decided that the best defense is to go out of my way to show my dumb side at times. Tell stories that prove to people that I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer at times.

Then when I do do something smart it even looks smarter.

So when I came up with the idea of going to the Kurth for the first time and inviting strangers it seemed like a good idea.

On the drive home from work Friday Diane said "I'm a little nervous". I thought about it and said "you know what? so am I . . . .why is that???" So if "I" was a little nervous I had to assume others would be also.

ANYWAY - We arrived at the Kurth and walked into the smallest bar I have ever been in. Three people looked at us like we were aliens as we rubber necked looking at the marvelous place. All wood, very clean and cozy feeling.

The three bar people and Earl can see this is the first time in the place and start talking about the history and where are we from and the evening starts off great. They are proud of their little "Brewery". The owners (who we meet later) open the place every Wednesday and Friday in honor of their son. They are not here to make money - they open it to preserve the bar and keep the tradition of the Kurth alive.

So Diane and I sit down talking to the locals (we're locals aren't we?). Earl (cowboy hat) has stories and shakes hands and is trying to charge me $100 for photos.

Two other guys come in and they are immediately recognized as "new" people so they get the 3rd degree also (in a friendly way) and just like us they walk around looking at photos and the two other rooms.

Diane and I look at each other and smile - what a comfortable place. I show some of my photos and they oooh and ahhh and a few other come in and are greeted sort of like how Norm was greeted in CHEERS, smiles, waves and highs and handshakes.

We're talking to people about the movie (none know about the website) and then Julie says "I have to show you something that I have . She goes around the bar (or something, I'm not sure where she had it stored), and walks over to me with what appears to be a ream of paper.

What it is is what I believe is all of the information she could find at the Columbus Library on Dillinger. And it is a LOT. It has who the gang members were, who and what they robbed with time lines and stories. WOW!! I mean it is a LOT of information. Then she talks about all the photos she has from Prairie Street when JD and MM were filming.

She asks "Do you have a laptop?" I say yes and she says "I'll bring my disk with 80 photos and you can put them on your laptop next Friday!."

I guess we will be here next Friday.

While this is happening Willard (below) his hitting on Diane (although I think Diane was hitting on him first) and they are talking about the Brewery and the Memorial that he had a hand in creating in the park. (See people just start talking to you like you an old friend - FUN)

Great people and everybody is asking us where were from and we're asking them questions about history and Willard is explaining about the Brewery and all the original tables where you store your drinks UNDER the table (it's pretty neat).

Then Betty arrives (also known as shakenbsis). Carrying some of th BEST granola Diane and I have ever tasted!! Seriously Betty - good stuff.

Willard is still talking about the Memorial, and we're talking somehow about Jerry, JDs body guard (Jenny LOVES Jerry BTW - when he talked to her he gave off Michael Cain vibes) .

Did you know that Jerry Judge was Pie Customer #2 in Sweeny Todd?

We find out that Betty (shakenbsis) is a Navy veteran which tweaks Willard's interest. He decides that Betty needs to apply for a memorial and goes to his car to get an application. We discuss this while he is gone and it is decided that Betty is not dead yet.

He gives her the application and shows us HIS Johnny Depp photo (too sweet).

Meanwhile it's time for another beer. The Kurth has four beers on tap and I believe three soft drinks. No hard liqueur but free popcorn. Plus -EVERYTHING costs about the same. A pint of beer and a coke costs less then $2.

Jenny and Josh show up and the places is filling up with people. I have to think that in the main room 25ish is the max. In the back room there is a card game going and it's not poker, its euchre.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Diane says later she has never ever felt more comfortable in a place that sells beer. People are there to talk to other people, not get drunk or pick up chicks. Everybody knows others and if they don't they smile and meet you!

The Kurth is a very special place and they just gained two semi regulars. I have never been made to feel more welcome at a place.

It's now about 9:00 and since it's getting busy and Betty has 60+ miles to drive home we decide to give her a small tour of the downtown which is about 1/2 mile away.

Diane and I get home and we both say "THAT was fun". We are happy. Betty, you just gained two friends.

So - for any of you that are shy - COME ON DOWN. DJ and I will be there NEXT Friday about 6ish downloading photos. DJ is going to bring her book with her dad's photo it in from the USS Indianapolis (It's her dad's birthday today, 82) and we're going to relax.

NOW - it's time to get ready for a birthday brunch and pray I can get to a driving range befor it rains.

For any of you in Souther Wisconsin - was yesterday the best?? We have bene waiting for a weather day like Saturday since Late October. It's been a long long time.

With that

Bonus photo of Sierra

Have a great Sunday
Rod and Diane.


  1. Hi glad you had an nice Friday evening. Maybe some of the film crowd will like to go when they arrive back in town. It's quite hilarious at the moment. There's a person on IMDB- fremde? who's window overlooks the Paramount and she woke up at 9am this morning and there are 50 people outside, but no filming. I keep saying that all the filming will be done inside but there is no stopping them. I think it starts at 2am tomorrow morning, the setting up I suppose. first pics of Bale signing autographs in Chicago on flickr via imdb. Looks like dark hair to me under his cap. Very short hair. I really like how it makes all those
    movie stars look like well behaved boys.

  2. I thought I would play detective... here you go Rod.

  3. We have plans to head down to Kurth on May 2nd. Yes I know that seems far away. :) Care to join us down there on that day Rod and anyone else from the blog?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Rod and Diane - You guys are soooo sweet, it's no wonder your off-spring would be jsut as lovely = ) Have a great day! Betty

  6. I see on your profile you also enjoy watching Chuck. My husband & I love that show. Blasted writer's strike!! Well it will be back next year :)

  7. So,should a gal work a little extra this week to take off and head up to Oshkosh on Friday the 11th?

  8. I get the updates on anything Johnny from that site too, shakenbsis. I was going to post the link and ask if anyone knew where this might have happened??

  9. Hi !

    I would know if Marion Cotillard has started the shooting "Public Enemies".

  10. Captain Morgan - we also love Captain Morgan - too weird - I'll have to tell you about "The Summer of Rum" someday

  11. Rachel:

    If you decide to head to Oshkosh on Friday, let me know. I took off Friday and Monday and my "posse" won't be in until Friday night. I live only a few blocks from where they're filming, and would love to meet up.

  12. shakenbsis-that link about Johnny saving extras is more than likely not true. It first appeared in the Nat'l Enquirer in the US and the contactmusic site is not any more reliable. Chalk it up to tabloid fodder(or compost). From more reliable reports, Johnny is very considerate of the cast/crews on his films, but this just sounds like something made up.

    Rod-I so enjoyed reading your blog today. What a great time you had at Kurth's. I would love to visit that place---I'm seeing a possible trip to the area in July of 2009----Can't wait to see the pics when you get them. I had heard that Jerry was in STodd but still can't recognize him as victim #2---guess I'll just watch it again.

    Love the little Sierra pic at the end--too cute!

  13. So, filming at the airport. Hmmm. Viola said on Friday The airport scene could be connected to JD's extradition by plane from Tucson.

    That extra who was interviewed for the Northwestern is playing one of the eight detectives and had said he would be working April 11. So if 'the good guys' are needed on the set, I wonder if Christian Bale will be in town? Or more importantly...Rory?


    Is the airport a definate, and the Masonic Temple just a possible?

    *wonders how to make plans*

  14. Vickie.... shoot me an email at and we can hook something up.

  15. if anyone is gonna bum around oshkosh friday let me know. I may swing over but i wont be able to stay past 4 at the latest...have to play in the worlds largest trivia contest this weekend! shoot me a email

  16. Sorry if this has been posted already, I haven't checked today's links....but here is an article about two extras from Oshkosh-area.

    And another about not everyone being excited about the movie...

  17. Calgal - thanks. It didn't quite have that truthy feel to it but I hadn't seen it 500 times so I hoped... = )

    from your name it sounds like you're a west coaster? I lived in San Diego for quite a few years and really miss it sometimes (except for all the people)

  18. Rachel, Vicki, Ty - I'm thinking about Oshkosh on Friday too = )

  19. Help me out!

    I received a very very sweet story about a little girl being hugged by Johnny Depp here in Columbus.

    Has anyone seen a photo of this event?

    The story is less on how nice JD was but to ME it is how nice the people in the group were - very touching and I would love to see a photo.

  20. shakenbsis,

    I just sent ya an email :) I put my email at, which is one of my emails but if people want to send me an email is the one I check more often :)

  21. I have a quick question..has anyone else heard about a reshoot in Crown Point? Someone had posted something a few days ago on IMDB but it was supossed to be this weekend (which I know they're in Aurora now..I was going to go with a friend but we figured it would be a waste of gas if we couldn't see anything & we're about an hour and a half away) but I was wondering if there was any truth to it in general..thanks for any help!! :)


    P.S. Now I'm going to have to watch 'Sweeney' again to see if I can spot Jerry haha :) Is he a victim or a customer..but sometimes they're the same thing..

  22. shakenbsis-"from your name it sounds like you're a west coaster? I lived in San Diego for quite a few years and really miss it sometimes (except for all the people)"

    Yes-I live just south of Santa Barbara(still considered SoCal). I know what you mean about the crowds. Fortunately, where I live it's not that bad.To think I was only about an hour's drive when JD was filming POTC 3 in Guadalupe makes me ill I didn't make the trek to check it out. I'm living through all of you in the area that have gone to the location filming of PEnemies. Just love hearing the reports and seeing the great pics. I'm originally from Pennsylvania.......

    Good luck to those traveling to OKosh--that looks to be a great few days of filming.

  23. Rod - I think that story was a mom and daughter team that does stamping... I'll see if I can dig it up.

  24. Kristen, Jerry is both a customer and the last victim of Sweeney's that isn't a "main character"..Johnny's good friend Buck, is also a victim.He's the older very distinguished looking gentleman. He gets a lot of camera time. Jerry pretty much gets the slice, dump and thud. eeeekkk

  25. Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying this blog. The photos are great, too. Keep updating us on this production. Thanks.

  26. karen at johnny depp reads--
    Thanks for the info! I love interesting movie trivia like that :) When I get a chance, I'll have to go back and watch it again..right now it's towards the end of school and I have loads to do (and right now I'm just procrastinating by watching 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' on ABC Family and being on the blog before I start some homework.. lol)


    P.S. I *think* your Web site got a shout out in the Times in Northwest Indiana recently..there was an article about the demand for the "Public Enemies" book in the area and I swear they listed your site and another JD site as places where people were getting together to discuss the parents are going through the papers today and I'll take another look and let you know :)

  27. You're welcome Kristen, and yes, we got a shout out! I am just amazed. Especially after us getting a really nice comment by PE's author Bryan Burrough in his Vanity Fair blog!!! I can't believe it all!!

  28. Alexandra - here are pics of Marion Cotillard (sp?) filming in Chicago

  29. Ty...are you part of the trivia contest that last 48 hours? My friend Tori is in that as well this weekend...Also, debsmad, I am wondering about Rory also :)*starry eyed* I am thinking about going to Oshkosh Friday afternoon but I am not sure of where to go either. I am not familiar with the area but would love to meet people. I am hopelessly addicted to this blog and check is religiously...Everyone is so helpful and nice :)

  30. Sorry to post this here; have no idea how to contact you otherwise.
    shakenbsis, thank you for the nice
    comments on my blog. Can you email
    me privately?

  31. I'm also trying to figure out what to do about Friday. IF I go at all that day, it wouldn't be until after work...wouldn't get to town until after 4pm.

    Lindsey, while everyone else is swarming around Johnny, we'll have Rory to ourselves. :P

    Question for Karen, as the Johnny goddess, what role has been his favorite?

  32. yes lindsey I am. Our team is called substation. And its a blast!
    check it out here

  33. Hey Ty!!!!!!!!!! We're, like... Trivia cousins! Attached via one very cool dude named Jimmy. Jimmy is a VIP on our decades-old team for the WLFM contest, the world's OLDEST. (Not largest, but it's a friendly rivalry!) We help all y'all with your photos, which the aforementioned Jimmy says will be posted Monday. Good luck, unmet friend!


  34. Geez Ty.... you are finding all kinds of whacky connections tonight huh? *Wink* :)

  35. karen at johnny depp reads--
    Did you get a copy of it or see it online? Maybe if my parents haven't gotten rid of it yet I could take a picture of it and send it to you..just let me know :)

    When I saw it in the paper, I'm like "hey that person posts on the blog that I read!"


    Maybe one day I just need to break down and create a Blogger account instead of always posting as Anonymous..

  36. Thanks again to all of you for some great info, and a very entertaining blog. I'm glad you liked Kurth, Rod. It's such a special piece of our community. I hate to see it "ruined" by being too crowded, but it's just too good of a thing to keep secret.
    I can't wait to hear more of what's going on in Oshkosh, too.

  37. Yikes! Debsmad, that's tough, Johnny usually hedges that question. He's talked about how he enjoys playing misfits and outcasts, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood... BUT since he's played Capt Jack three times and has said he'd be up for a 4th if the situation were right...that has to pretty high on his list.

  38. Pioneer Airport has a live webcam. Go to this page and scroll down a bit, it's on the lower left...

    Well, looks kinda black and boring at the who knows what it picks up during the day?!

  39. kathy - I agree - I even left out some things that were just TOO wonderful.

    Forecast - Oshkosh - Friday

    Cloudy...blustery. A chance of light rain. Highs in the middle 40s. Chance of rain 50 percent.

  40. Rod, I think we are toughened up from the March 17th shoot. I think it was a few hours after I got home to feel my legs again.

  41. took me and entire day of feeling wiped out!


  42. Kristin, I saw it online, thanks for the offer I appreciate it.

  43. The Johnny saves fans story is very possibly a beat up as News of The World is the worst tabloid in Britain. It invented the word tabloid. It's where National Enquirer gets its crap from. Meanwhile, over at Aurora people are literally watching paint dry. Before venturing out to these locations, it would save a lot of bother if they checked film schedules. The setting up would be about now, but actual filming probably won't happen for at leat another five hours. That means fans have been camped out on the concrete for 24 hrs. By the look of the place, I believe there is going to be a distinct noise problem unless its sound proof inside.

  44. viola - thanks for the heads up on News of the World, i'll stay clear of them! = )

  45. Thanks for the regular updates about Oshkosh. I'll be heading there next week from points south, so any and all info is appreciated. Look forward to seeing the Badger State...Go Packers! Also, the kitty pic is too cute.

    Just wanted to let you know that Columbus has made it to Japan. According to the JohnnyDepp-Zone, pictures from the Columbus filming of PE have shown up in the May issue of the Japanese magazine MOVIE STAR. Including the picture of the young woman giving Johnny a high five as he drove by.

  46. Yeah jimmy. he is a good guy. keeps our team together:)

    I know the eaa grounds kinda well and it will be hard to get close to where they will be filming. Unless they set a certain place. We shall see.

  47. pictures of christan and marion on set. some are REALLY friggen small tho.

  48. Hey Debsmad, that is so right! We get Rory all to ourselves :) Ty, I don't know the name of my friends team but it is so neat to find a connection amongst people :) I hope everyone is having a great Monday and hopefully we will see each other on Friday in Oshkosh!

  49. ment the comment about jimmy to do for M...but hey either way..woohoo:)

  50. LOL Jenny! You are going to be almost as famous as Rod!

  51. At least the back of Jenny's head and her hand will be famous :)

  52. I can tell you that the Main Street businesses in Oshkosh are closed down on April 16,17, and 18th. That's a change from the origninal contract ....but that is the latest word. Which doesn't mean that they might not be filming somewhere else (like pioneer airport) this Friday the 11th...but the majority of the filming is going to happen on those three days. I'll let you know if plans change...I would just hate for someone to waste a trip to our fine city!
    Rod rocks!

  53. Love the Kurth story and pics. I have lived in Columbus all my life and never been in there. I think part of it is that Earl used to drive my bus and he was very scary when I was ten. The other part is the shyness you mentioned, I have a severe case.

  54. My husband also loves rum. He is a sailor and enjoys many different rums. Myself I prefer a good ole Capt N Coke.

    I'd love to hear about your summer of rum.

    If you come down to the Kurth on May 2nd (if it's open) you can tell us about it :)

  55. The pics in Movie Star sound like the ones Rod posted here.

  56. Hi, Kitty (& everyone)!
    Thanks for the great photos of Kurth's Brewery in Columbus. I particularly enjoyed the one of my dad, Willard Weiss! As you learned soon after meeting him, he certainly does NOT suffer from any form of social anxiety and will talk to anyone who listen, especially about history of Columbus and, his favorite, the Columbus Veterans' Memorial. He is so darned proud of having been a part of that memorial and we are all hoping that you do come back in May and not only pay Willard a visit, but be sure to stop and see the Memorial in Fireman's Park! Dad will try to get everyone who either has served in the military or who is currently serving to purchase a "memorial paver" for the memorial so I wanted you to know that you don't have to be a deceased veteran to purchase a paver. Kitty, please see the wonderful piece that our local news channel (NBC) did on my Dad under the following website: You can watch the video or simply read the article on that page and it will fill you in on the details behind the Columbus Veterans' Memorial. John and Retta Kurth can fill you in on details, too, the next time you're at the Brewery. I will be there on May 2nd with my dad, Willard, to meet you because I love your blog!
    Rhonda Warren (

  57. Rhonda,

    My husband and I will be coming on May 2nd. Looking forward to meeting you.

  58. Southern gal - or anyone else who knows.
    Who's on the cover of that Movie Star Magazine? And is it the May issue (or possibly March issue). I don't get a lot of mags so maybe they come out early...

  59. shakenbsis-

    I'll try to find out who's on the cover. It was reported to be the May 08 issue, dates of magazines are often ahead of the actual release date. Often these Japanese movie magazines show up for sale on ebay. There is another website where you can get Japanese magazines, but it seems to have been 'on hold' for some time.

    If I found out a way you can get a copy of it, I'll post it for you.

  60. thanks southern gal! = )

    what a great resource. (I did get a look at the cover which Rod posted yesterday)

  61. Hi, Captain Morgan!
    I went to your "site" and noticed that you are from Columbus. Why are you waiting until May 2nd to go to Kurth's Brewery? They're open every Wednesday and Friday evening for limited hours so you don't have to wait . . . Also, I did call my dad today and told him you'd be there on May 2nd. He's looking forward to that and also hoping that others of your group (?) will be coming this Friday (Apr. 11). I also noticed on your site that you are interested in parrots. Do you raise, buy or sell? I, too, have parrots and am anxious to ask you a few questions. Feel free to email me, if you want, before May 2nd. Thanks! Rhonda Warren

  62. Hi Rhonda,

    Yes we are from Columbus. I decided on May 2nd because that works best for my husband and I. Other evenings we have plans.

    How many birds do you have?

  63. I saw the pictures in Old Car magazine. The picture of the cars is wrong! It says a 1934 Lincoln and a 1933 Dodge. It is a 1933 Plymouth not a 1933 Dodge.

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