Sunday, April 27, 2008

Throwing Us for a Loop.

Top of the mornin' to ya.

Public Enemies Filming POSTPONED

WBEV radio reports

4/27/08 - Filming of the movie “Public Enemies” in Beaver Dam and Columbus has been delayed. Location Scout Adam Boor says there was a “scheduling conflict.” A sign on the door of The Rogers tells residents “we have been told by Universal Studios that the filming on Monday has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Boor says he will be in contact with city officials on Monday to address the issues surrounding the delay. Beaver Dam alderman last week approved the removal of traffic lights and signage around The Rogers until this Tuesday. Boor says Universal Pictures would be willing to erect everything during the interim, but he says “it would certainly be more cost-effective to leave them down.” Crews were busy Saturday in Columbus removing the rubber cobblestone covering the downtown streets, though stop signs will remain in place of traffic lights. Boor says there will be filming in Beaver Dam and Columbus, and it will likely take place the week of May 5th and 6th but nothing has been confirmed. The studio has been planning on wrapping up the Wisconsin portion of the shoot by May 8.

Columbus - disregard most of the below

Seems Universal and the weather are throwing us the ol' monkey wrench (an adjustable wrench, which is rarely used today) into the shooting schedule.

Here is what I know and THINK is happening.

Cobblestone was laid down and as of Friday 10:00pm all was on schedule. Saturday morning we were driving to Julie's Java House(JJH) to put my name on a 20x30 poster that I had donated (and will be selling prints) to JJH (but it had melted - different and funny story) and saw the cobblestone . . GONE. WHAT UP!! I say.

There were crew in JJH and I asked basically . . WHAT UP! I was told that there was a scheduling change. I asked when they were going to reschedule and they said they couldn't tell me. They didn't know.

I trust them because MOST of the people inside the circle of trust really do NOT know.

So here is my gut feeling.

Since it is a main highway being blocked - even if they move the date back one day it is a smart thing to take up the road. They can put it down in one day so taking it up Saturday gives leaves the highway open Sunday and Monday.

They can put it down again Monday night if they have too. So I FEEL this is not a critical delay.

With bad weather Monday (Rain showers likely...mixed with light snow at times.) I have a feeling Tuesday is STILL a filming date . . .somewhere. Monday's schedule is still a go at the Poser House in the afternoon and evening. Meaning MAYBE a meet and greet late Monday night!

Little Bohemia

an exclusive Big Bad Mama report

I drove to Manitowish Waters last evening(Friday?), arriving near Little Bohemia at approximately 8:30 pm. There were spectators across the road from the base camp/church, but I think they were inside their vehicles because I didn't see any individual or group of people. It was a little rainy with a 'God awful' (it was across from a church...) amount of fog! Traffic was slow here, mainly due to the fog, so travel was about 40 mph past Little Bo. A white van pulled into Little Bo just as I was driving past and the were ushered through. I assume that they were arriving for the last night of filming. As I drove past a squad car sitting near Little Bo turned its blue & red lights on, but they didn't come after me. I wondered if they did it so people coming in to work could find the driveway to Little Bo. Yes, the fog was that bad. Hopefully, they were filming inside. The only thing you could film outside would be a remake of 'The Fog.' About an hour later good size hail came through and then a thunder storm.

This morning I awoke at the cabin and it was raining, then started to snow. Supposed to snow all weekend. I am so sick of snow, I decide to go home and salvage the weekend. As I am driving past Little Bo the first thing I notice is a conspicuous lack of cops. Not a one was in sight. Then I noticed that a good portion of the vehicles and people are gone also. Wondered if this was just due to daytime, but think not because the police are gone. As I drive past base camp, I see that the church parking lot is about half empty now. There were some trailers left and the big tent, but I didn't even see a security guy. So, I assume that the movie/production crew has already started to move out of Manitowish Waters. The newspaper had said they would be out by Sunday, so this is no surprise.

then in report number two

Yep, the movie is definitely done in Manitowish Waters. My husband went past Little Bo about 1:45 pm today (Saturday) and he said it was empty. At base camp they were tearing down the tent and most of the trucks were gone. He also said when he went past Little Bo there was a big black SUV, he thought it was an Escalade, sitting in the driveway as though getting ready to leave. I just had to wonder if it was the vehicle Johnny Depp rides in and if he stayed at Little Bohemia during filming. I never heard any reputable rumors about where he was staying, and with all the security at Little Bo that would have been an excellent place to hide him.

Thanks BBM!!!!
As for the weather here in Wisconsin.

I was asked if this weather is normal. Yesterday we had sustained winds of 35mph with gusts to 50. This was stronger then two Wednesdays ago in Oshkosh. That kind of wind is normal with that kind of weather system. Snow this late in April is NOT normal and it is rare. Accumulating snow the first two weeks of April is not uncommon.

Tornadoes are not uncommon either.

on a side NOTE - we here in the Kestrel Ridge area hear no tornado warning sirens at all. I think we're going to by a weather radio. My weather station has warning sounds but I have to remember to turn the speakers on.
Sorry about the spam thing - lets hope it is not common or I'll have to have the tricky, aggravating wordy thing up more often in order to comment.

This was taken by JP and I have made a decision. I'm going to provide a link to his photos. I have gotten many requests for his email address and I feel we are letting the Auditorium down by not allowing him to sell his very good photos and obtain 10% of his proceeds to the CAC.

It is not like he is the only guy selling and if is trying to help our community we are letting the ol' girl down. I'll have more photos in coming days. He really is trying to help us and is part of your PE-C community.

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