Friday, May 23, 2008

Columbus To Get New Grocery Store

That's right folks - in my meeting I begged and pleaded FOR YOU and Nancy O gave in and said OK, OK, Rod, I will get a new store for you guys. FINE!

Well - maybe it didn't go EXACTLY like that. But never mind - the bottom line is that Pick-N-Save Management has been so reluctant to change what is working so well that a new store is in the works going towards Fall River. It'll be a couple years yet but it's coming. They have to build the building and so forth. Paper work and all that garbage has to go through but it's in the works. Copps wasn't built in a day you know.
Public Enemies - I'm sorry to report that Columbus was the first and last day of any Wisconsin shooting. Milwaukee? done - so long - not going to happen. Indiana? Nope. Miami - bye bye.

And on a curious side note I would not PEN in July 1st as the premiere date just yet. The actor strike is having some side effects and the date MIGHT be moved up drastically. Just saying that it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Everything left will be in Chicago behind closed doors OR LA and Heretonotthere better get ready for some long long long hours coming up.


OK - Columbus fans - here is your chance to help out the town we all love.

June 21st we are having a painting party at the Amtrak Station. It seems we are going take over the station for our own purposes with photos and all sorts of over cool things. Amtrak says - do whatever you want!! IT'S ALL OURS (insert evil laugh).

They have a over 100 people a day sitting in that station staring at blank dirty walls. We're going to clean it and paint it and we're going to have a party at the same time. Bring your own brush and meet the people who read this blog along with The Mayor. Maybe we can talkThe Mayor into a paint dunk tank!

OK - seriously - I'm asking any of you that want to help out a good cause to come and help paint the Amtrak Station and give us ideas how to utilize the HUGE wall. How can we hang poster size photos and other artifacts from the movie - ideas always welcome. Rumor is there will be pizza and other refreshments. More on this in the coming weeks. IT'LL BE FUN! Like a Kurth outing but with paint brushes!
DJ is feeling better. She made a kitteh blanky and they seem to love it. That's Milo looking a little drunk (it's the Prozac) and Sierra.

Off to Menards!

See ya later - anybody Kurthing it tonight???


  1. No more PE filiming in WI! OH NO!!

    Love your kitties, they are adorable, and look quite comfy in that blankey!

  2. Now, if I can just get a babysitter. . .

    How do you like the new pic? That's us!

    Also--updated my blog--check it out.

    Congratulations on all of the wonderful changes/renovations/improvements going on in Columbus. People will never look at it quite the same way. My sister has always liked going to the antique stores there. Last week they went to Columbus just to buy t-shirts!!!

    I wish I could stop thinking about kitteh's. I WONDER why I keep thinking about them. (Sigh) We have one, which is enough for now I guess.

    Enough of my computer addiction. I gotta go to work. Saving money and riding the bike. :-)

  3. YAY! Great fun. If I'm free on the 21st of June, I'm there! I have paint brushes to spare!

    Kurth's is a yes! Although, my house may be the final destination, as shaken is bringing kittehs here for adoption. (Quiet and comfy, as opposed to Kurth's which could be a zoo tonight). All are welcome at my house to noodle kittehs. :) BYOB-I'm a broke individual...I do have some refreshments, but not that much.

    Shaken's ETA is 6-ish. See ya all around then.

  4. Technically, they filmed at Mirror Lake after Columbus. :P

  5. Sounds like Columbus is getting a pretty (mini makeover) with a new store, and painting party at the train station!!!
    I have an extra brush!!!!!
    That could be alot of fun


  6. Getting a new store is great news for you guys! Just think, Rod only mentioned it on his blog on Weds. and poof! One meeting with the Mayor and you guys are getting a new store! Next it's the Amtrak Station. Man, you've accomplished a lot just since I started reading your blog! New roof, new grocery and new paint. This really is a great group of people and it's nice that everyone is working together to make some changes instead of just sitting around complaining about it.
    Sad that PE isn't coming back to Indiana but have to look on the bright side, at least they came, I went, saw Johnny :)

    Nice picture Movie Star Wife ;) and keep pumping those peddles!

    Have fun at Kurth's and snuggle a kitty or 2 for me. If DJ takes one..someone please make sure Milo is protected!! yikes!

    Have a great holiday week everyone!

  7. Well I was the anon who posted a few pics into the photobucket yesterday and who was one of the 35in the area Monday for the Bridgeview bank scene and now I have an answer as to why so FEW people showed up. Since Monday night 2 people have been shot one an 18 year old boy who ran into an apartment and got help and another was shot scary. We were approached by a LOT of beggars and loud scary people asking us what we were doing in their neighborhood. And the people in cars were so rude and you could barely cross a street...glad we made it out in one piece! I guess that is why the group was small and I hope the actors and crew are safe there as the Biograph is just 3 miles from there and the Aragon where they are due to film is right next to the Bridgeview bank. I am surprised they didn't frisk people before allowing us into base camp for a meet and greet.

  8. Really no more Wisconsin? All that work at the Milwaukee Historical society for nothing??? or did they sceak there and film it???
    Good job getting a new grocery store!!!

  9. Yahoo! Just can back from Brat Fest on my lunch hour. It was awesome! And I got a T-shirt and weanie whistle too!

    Milo and Sierra look so cute with their blankie!

    I will definitely be at the painting party on the 21st. Unfortunately I have a wedding to go to at 3:30 so hopefully the party will start earlier in the day.
    It would be cool to have big shadow boxes hanging on the walls with Public Enemies Memorabilia and pictures. Just an idea... I can't wait til work it over. I'm ready for the weekend!
    I'll be at Kurth's tonight but may be a little late. We have some places to stop.

  10. I'm going to Brat Fest with my dad on Sunday to celebrate me getting older :)

    DJ - glad to hear that you are feeling better. That crud that was going around really was the pits.

  11. The one small problem at Amtrek is security - it is unattended at times so we have to take that into account.

    Other things were mention that are pretty cool but I'm not sure I can mention them.

    Does anybody have a life size wax replica of Johnny Deep that we can dress up?

  12. My life size wax replica of JD goes by the nasme of JP.

    And speaking of JP, love the new pic. Hubba hubba. Enough hubba to make me forget that I scare the hell out of you. Actually I'm meaner online than in real life.

    DJ, so glad you are better! Your cattehs need a kitteh!

    See ya later!

  13. HAHA YEAH the cattehs need a kitteh!

  14. Rod, breaking the big stories as always! Glad you could drag yourself out of bed this morning. :)

    Can't Kurth it tonight or next week, work calls. Pout. But the Kurth friday after that is my birthday, so I'll be ready to party!

  15. oh Michelle! I will be there for sure for your birthday! Without Evan!

    *writes down date*


    You and DJ need to spend a few hours some night and browse through this "mostly cat" website. It is absolutely hilarious.


  18. Michelle - we will throw down for your birthday. :) Glad you made it to the meeting today too!

  19. Ha, thanks Rach. Julia did her best to thwart me this morning, getting bit by a kitteh.

  20. Michelle - Your birthday is June 6th? Mine is the 4th!, My hubby's is the 3rd. We'll have to have a birthday bash!

  21. Woot, we'll have a bash, Jenny! Johnny's birthday is June 9, too. Maybe we should invite him? Heh.

    Osh, can't wait to see you!

  22. Grinder must be mistaken. Univeral spent $150,000 on renovations and set construction in the Milwaukee Historical Society building. They will not just waste all that money and time.

    Here is a blurb from the Milwaukee Newspaper:

    "A report has surfaced that filming in Milwaukee could be delayed a month, until sometime in June, or as late as July, and that filming will take place in Chicago until then.

    Filming at the Milwaukee County Historical Society museum, on Old World 3rd St. - along the Milwaukee River in the downtown area - had previously been been scheduled to take place in March, then April and then May. Meanwhile, the museum building, a bank which was built in 1913, has undergone $150,000 in remodeling for the film, whenever it is shot there."

  23. and Rachel's is coming up in days!


  24. Thanks for the b-day shout out Osh :) Hugs!!

  25. Well I just read yesterday's discussion about actors dealing with press junkets, and I can't resist sharing a few amusing tidbits.

    Apparently actors will sometimes give one another little challenges to do so they aren't bored to tears answering the same questions over and over. For "Sleepy Hollow" Michael Gambon said that JD challenged him to mention "Claudia Schiffer's knickers" in every interview.

    And here's JD at a Japanese press junket where two boys do adorably funny presentations for him:

  26. Well, you REALLY didn't make my day!! I know it's MY fault that I decided to leave Columbus at 12:30 A.M. last Tuesday, thinking that since I had to be at work at 4:30 A.M., AND since JD had done a meet & greet Monday evening, AND since Tuesday was a night shoot, he would not do another. I was hoping to have ONE more chance to get to meet him!! Now you've dashed ALL hope! Boo Hoo!!
    Great news for Columbus on the new
    grocery store though! And if it's at all possible, I'll come and help paint the Amtrak station. I actually like painting!
    Milo doesn't look a "little" drunk; he looks a LOT drunk! How much of that Prozac do you give him??
    Glad DJ is better!!
    No Kurth's again for me tonight; this chicky was up at 4 and will be going to bed EARLY!

  27. Anonymous - I would not believe the Milwaukee Newspaper. Lots of numbers are being floated around that are not really factual.

    Remember - they are also the ones that reported that Yost would be fired because they read it on a blog.

    Wait - I'm a blog.

    Well - They are done with Milwaukee because I believe they got those shots from another place already.

    Remember they were shooting in a NEW not on the schedule bank just a few days ago in Chicago.

    Plus the Lake Front in Chicago.

    AND the drop dead date is the last week of June for filming. Strike begins in July.

    BUT - I could be wrong.

  28. PAINTING - here is a bonus - IF the painting is on June 21st - The Milwaukee 261 will be making a stop at the station.


  29. I spent MANY hours at the Amtrak station three years ago. Took the train to NYC. It seemed clean, but blah. Especially when you're stuck there for hours on end waiting for your train to get there on time from the western route. Rod, you'll have to post some pics when you guys get the project done. By the way, is Julie's the little place across the tracks from the station? When I was there, the engineer called ahead and had some food delivered to the train when they pulled in.

  30. I'm really sad that they are done in Wisconsin now. I really wanted to see him.

  31. Well now that I am over the flu I can post again YAY!

    Sad to hear about WI filming being done...I was all prepared to take photos of the MIlwaukee filming to share with you guys....oh well....we had a good run.

    You can count me in on the painting for the 21st! Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to meet you all.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ---> to everyone who's is coiming up!

    Can't make it to Kurth's tonight :(... Going to see Indiana Jones!


  32. Well I just got back from work.
    Longer then I thought it would be..
    So no Kurth for me.
    Next week!!!!or the following for Birthdays!!!!
    I love a Birthday Party.
    Have fun tonight and drink one for me...

  33. Minxie - (from yesterday) I have a friend in Moreno Valley who was telling me about seeing the tornado! She didn't know what it was because they apparently just don't happen in California....?

    Rod's mention of the release possibly being bumped up...YESSS! I soooo can't wait to see this movie.

  34. debsmad:
    Wow, talk about a small world!!! :)
    Yeah... tornados are not something that we see in Cali... usually if we see anything like it, is the water spouts over the ocean.
    Our weather is really strange right now.. NOT normal at all. Its been over 20yrs since we had snow in the local mountains this late in May. We went from triple digit heat to snow, hail, rain and temps in the 60's within 3 days. But hey, I am NOT complaining.... we need the rain (just not in mud slide sheets) and the heat was killer.
    Hope you all are having great weather for the 3 day weekend.

  35. home from Kurths with Pee Wee Dillinger...Rod has awesome pics, as my camera seems to go wonky near anything Dillinger related.

    And, I just popped The Libertine in the DVD...OMG, he is telling me not to like him,... but oh my goodness.

    *fans self*

    well then. I really like my new kitteh. He slept all the way home, came home and ate like a little piggy. He is now in with Evan playing WoW.

  36. Osh.... Congrats on the new addition! Again, I love the name Dillinger... too cute!

    The Libertine is my favorite movie! I think it is Johnny's best performance ever. Enjoy!!!

  37. Playing wow? What's that?
    And Rod.....when you said #261 is stopping there....would my son be able to check it out at all? He loves trains...and I could maybe bring the whole family.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend!
    (even Osh.....) ;)

  38. JP, World Of Warcraft, my Husband got him into it. (insert eye roll here)

    And quit being so mean to me! I was going to buy shirts from you!

    Fresh Dillinger the Kitteh here

  39. Me?!?!?!? Mean?!?!?!?!?
    Must have been another JP...I'm an angel!!!
    Cute kitty....he should be in a movie.

    Yeah....if I sell enough t-shirts...i'm going to be a hundredaire!!!!!

  40. Osh - My whole family plays WoW! Heeee! The gamer geek in me would like to ask "What realm do your hubby and son play on?"

    Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. I, on the other hand, have to work Sat/Sun. *sigh*