Friday, May 23, 2008

Columbus To Get New Grocery Store

That's right folks - in my meeting I begged and pleaded FOR YOU and Nancy O gave in and said OK, OK, Rod, I will get a new store for you guys. FINE!

Well - maybe it didn't go EXACTLY like that. But never mind - the bottom line is that Pick-N-Save Management has been so reluctant to change what is working so well that a new store is in the works going towards Fall River. It'll be a couple years yet but it's coming. They have to build the building and so forth. Paper work and all that garbage has to go through but it's in the works. Copps wasn't built in a day you know.
Public Enemies - I'm sorry to report that Columbus was the first and last day of any Wisconsin shooting. Milwaukee? done - so long - not going to happen. Indiana? Nope. Miami - bye bye.

And on a curious side note I would not PEN in July 1st as the premiere date just yet. The actor strike is having some side effects and the date MIGHT be moved up drastically. Just saying that it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Everything left will be in Chicago behind closed doors OR LA and Heretonotthere better get ready for some long long long hours coming up.


OK - Columbus fans - here is your chance to help out the town we all love.

June 21st we are having a painting party at the Amtrak Station. It seems we are going take over the station for our own purposes with photos and all sorts of over cool things. Amtrak says - do whatever you want!! IT'S ALL OURS (insert evil laugh).

They have a over 100 people a day sitting in that station staring at blank dirty walls. We're going to clean it and paint it and we're going to have a party at the same time. Bring your own brush and meet the people who read this blog along with The Mayor. Maybe we can talkThe Mayor into a paint dunk tank!

OK - seriously - I'm asking any of you that want to help out a good cause to come and help paint the Amtrak Station and give us ideas how to utilize the HUGE wall. How can we hang poster size photos and other artifacts from the movie - ideas always welcome. Rumor is there will be pizza and other refreshments. More on this in the coming weeks. IT'LL BE FUN! Like a Kurth outing but with paint brushes!
DJ is feeling better. She made a kitteh blanky and they seem to love it. That's Milo looking a little drunk (it's the Prozac) and Sierra.

Off to Menards!

See ya later - anybody Kurthing it tonight???