Friday, May 9, 2008


I never smile if I can help it. Showing your teeth is a submission signal in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for it's life.
-- Dwight

I'm having issues with my eyebrows today - they won't behave. I feel like a Russian dictator with my eyebrows flapping all over the place in the wind.
Remember my cell phone problem with it being washed in the laundry? Well . . . it was a long slow death but death it was. So after two days with no phone and out of touch I needed to get a phone. I had little time because I had a golf league to run. So I left work a little early to buy a new phone.

Time was tight but I NEEDED a phone.

I walk into the store and say my phone died and I need a new one. I swear I got the slowest most detailed guy in the world. Any other time this would have been great but my minutes were numbered I had a tee time and 30 golfers depending on me being first to the course (1st week of league).

"I NEED A PHONE" we shuffle over to one wall and he starts explaining ALL the features of EVERY phone. "Do you use Bluetooth?" he says in a nasely tone. no no I talk on the phone, that's all. "Do you text message?" no no people call me and I answer and talk to them "Here is one with MP3 music that is nice" .. tap tap tap tap "This one has a better camera" ARG. I JUST talk on the phone that is all. tick tick tick. "Do you think you would ever want to use the email function?"

Getting a little impatient I say "I'll take the same kind I had before". Fine he drawls out "what color, we have gray and pink and silver". SILVER I'll take a silver one. He looks in the drawer and says "we don't have any silver left". The room starts to spin and I blurt out GRAY!!

Then he starts to explain how this Razor is better then last years Razor. I feel an aneurysm starting to happen.

I go the phone and I am skipping the 15 minutes it took to get the info off my old SIM card and the explanation on battery size compared to the old battery in the old Razor.

All I know is that when I'm near the phone now I have to be careful because key words will dial the phone randomly and some operator from India will ask me about my plan.
Speaking of Public Enemies.

Universal has purchased water and electricity from Columbus starting Sunday night so it is looking like Monday and Tuesday is more solid. This will calm one person that has flown up from Texas for the third time. I wonder if Tanya from Connecticut will fly back or if she is still here.
Whats up with the honey bees. Where are they going???? Reports are saying 38% of the honeys bee's have vanished from last year and LAST year 33% were missing from the previous year. What if 1/3 of all the cows had vanished - this would be BIG news!

Have you ever read something in the news that seems innocent enough but think that this is like a time bomb ticking and five years from now you will remember this day?

Bees in the US are dying of some unknown cause - millions are leaving their hives and are not coming back. What is happening? The problem has a name - colony collapse disorder - but no apparent cause.

According to The Independent, millions of honey bees are abandoning their hives and flying off to die, leaving beekeepers facing ruin and US agriculture under threat.

This is happening mostly in the US but to some extent around the world. I think this is a real problem. Haagen-Daz, the ice creme people have donated a quarter million dollars to reseach this because they know they depend on the little bee's.

What am I doing to help them? A butterfly garden. No one wants to have a bee garden but it's the same thing. They all like flowers. I'm putting a sign up "BEE'S WELCOME".
I have worked next the the Capital of Wisconsin for twenty years and I still notice it and how beautiful it is. But I have not taken photos of it for a long long time - such a touristy thing to do.

But I thought I'd take some yesterday. Many of you have never seen it. Next time you are in Madison you really should walk in and take a look around.

Here are some shots took yesterday.

This is the scene when I walk out the door of my building

Taken as DJ and I were having lunch yesterday

Inside there is the Capital rotunda. Looking up at visitors looking up, gaaking

Here I embarrassed DJ by laying down on the floor and shooting straight up in the middle of the Capital dome.

And if you have never see what is up there, so high you can barely see it.

Outside again

Finally on a more serious note. I have a friend that reads my poker blog ( before the government gave poker players the finger and screwed us - DON'T get me started - sorry) that is going through a tough time. Jenny sent an article to me about how blogging is good therapy and I wonder if any of you could give some soothing words to Elizabeth, a virtual hug or something. She is a wonderful person and a very very good writer.

Letters From A Small State

Have a great weekend.

BTW - I can not get to the blog today - just spins - hope it formatted well.

Also - The Kurth - last Friday I collected $20 in tips - it all goes to a good cause and I am very sure they appreciated it. Thanks



  1. Rod,
    As always your blog makes me smile and gives a great start to my day! THANKS!!!!!
    I feel your pain with the cell phone issue! I KNOW what I want... just sell me what I WANT and let me get on my way! LMAO!

    GREAT pics of the Capitol!!!!! What a gorgeous place!!!! Thanks for the pics!

    Have a wonderful Friday and thanks again for the smiles!


  2. It's funny you mention your phone and honey bees in the same blog. I've read that one of the possible reasons the bees have gone missing is because of cellphones and cell phone towers. The signal from the towers impedes with the bees navigational system and they can't find their way back to the nest. I'm not sure if it's a proven fact though.

  3. A friend of mine a couple years ago, exchanged his washed cellphone. It was fairly new, and I guess, still under waranty or something.

    Regarding the bees, I wonder if a little antidepresant was sprinkled on the flowers, if the bees would reproduce more, or sting more people, or make more honey? Hmmm? No other "Help the Bees" ideas come to mind. I hope your garden is sucessful.

  4. Katie who works at the Top Shop in Columbus was married in the Capitol. I didn't know you could do that. She showed me her pictures and they are so lovely.

  5. OMG Rod! When did you put that quote on your blog, before or after Jenny found out she was a gorilla????

    The last time I had to go to the cell phone store it was because my boss ran over my phone as I was chasing him down the street trying to get his attention as he was calling me on the phone...!!!

    Now it is a marketing device aimed at selling cell phone insurance!!!

  6. Have a drink tonight at the Kurth for Jenny's 55th birthday!!! :)

  7. will do Rachel!

    ROD - your blog is spinning????

  8. Wehn I was a kid and my dad worked in the cap we went all the way up to the top...just under the forward statue. whata view. Plus you can look down from just under the painting as it is suspended from the outer dome. Its actually a bit scary...But the cap in the last year has become one of my favorite photography subjects. Whenever I am in Madison I love photographing it in all its different moods....

  9. Elizabeth.....I am thinking about you and pray that all will be better soon.

    As for the is a very scary thing. We don't realize what all depends on the bees for our actual existance. there would be no pollination for any crops..we would not be able to grow food! I hope they can find a cause before it is too late!

    As for filming in Columbus, does it still look like Poser house on Monday, beaver dam Tuesday morning and James st back in Columbus on Tuesday afternoon?

    Thanks Rod.


  10. Suz-reporting for comment. [salutes]

    Sorry for the absence. I seem to have a sinus infection/cold/flu thing going on.'s some big allergy kick-off. Doesn't really matter, I feel like crud. :(

    I've been mulling the Kurth lottery. What if my Fridays off don't sync with my lottery win to attend? If I bring brownies, can I get a free pass to attend whenever I can?? ;) And I'm really sorry I'm going to miss meeting you, Osh. Hoping some of you will be around next week during filming and we will meet then. I'm working on freeing up my Tuesday schedule so I can play all day. :) Have a beer for the sinus-challenged tonight, y'all. (And somebody keep track of how many beers dj has, okay)!?! hehehe...

  11. Rod-

    I'm new to your blog because of PE, but I will be staying after they are gone. You seem like such a nice guy!

  12. The day is full of surprises. Not only am I a gorilla, but I found out at am eligible for AARP!

    Poor Bees :( I hope they figure out what's wrong.

    Ty: I am jealous you got to go that high up in the capital. I heard they blocked it off so you can't go that high anymore.

  13. Anything new going on with the auditorium? Someone be sure to bring up this worthy cause to Michael Mann and Johnny Depp while they are in town next week.

    LOL...just a thought?

  14. Hey Jenny,

    With that AARP discount, you can buy drinks at the Kurth for everyone tonight :)

  15. omg, brownies?

    Seriously, I was going to bake cinnamon streusel bread today but there was an incident that caused this not to happen.

  16. Hi JP - Auditorium - it's still moving forward - the City Hall Roof approval was critical. There are people in important places in Columbus that are ensuring that the Auditorium is not forgetten when MM and JD are here.

    Jenny - if you get your AARP card, can I borrow it when I need a hotel discount? :)

  17. You sound JUST like my husband about cell phones; "I WANT A PHONE not a camera, not text messaging, not music!!" LOL Glad you got what you wanted!
    I LOVE you last photo of the capitol with the tulips!!! And the inside of the dome is gorgeous; it's been many years since I've seen it! I'd like to have gotten a picture of you lying on the floor taking THAT shot! Poor DJ!!
    I have a butterfly/bee garden too. I remember hearing about the number that went missing last year; hadn't heard the problem has gotten that much worse! They need to be put on some kind of endangered species list!!
    Jenny, I LOVE that t-shirt idea!! Is it an actual t-shirt or done digitally?? I'd buy one if they're being sold somewhere!
    I can't make it to Kurth's tonight; so someone else can warm the chair I used last week!! Hope to see many of you on Tuesday though!

  18. Great shots! I am laughing about lying in the middle of the floor to get the shot, I did the same thing to get that picture of the ceiling in the auditorium. Except there was no one there to see me but the dead bugs on the ground!

    I think I can make the Kurth tonight, but only for a brief time... we are expecting out of town guests today.

  19. FYI My movie star got another call to work on the movie!

  20. Did she mean this one?
    Anyone want to wear one next week?
    I mean...anyone besides me. ;)

  21. jp: My computer won't let me look at your link. What's on it?

  22. Sorry about that...i used the wrong "tiny" site.....

    Just a link to a tshirt idea i had for the auditorium using one of my PE pics....

    Here's the flickr link...

  23. My work block Flickr :( I'll have to see it when I get home :P

  24. Anon-char, Are you still working Tuesday morning? My friend and I are deff. going to Cbus, but leaving in the morning. Let me know if you change your mind and want to ride along.

  25. Great pics of the capital. The inside of the dome is gorgeous but I liked the outside shot too with the tulips.

    Jenny-AARP isn't so bad! Your friends will help you use those discounts! lol Will your work load a tinyURL for pic if it doesn't say flickr? Just a thought...

  26. JP: I think your shirt is FuNNY!! I love it! :) haha

  27. What's on the t-shirt picture?

  28. Don't feel bad, jenny, I'm in the same boat. And wonder what is on the t-shirt.

  29. It has a photo of Johnny as Dillinger stooped down behind the front of a car with a gun. Below that it says"HELP SAVE THE COLUMBUS AUDITORIUM....OR ELSE"


  30. That's funny. Can't wait to see it!

  31. Yeah it was closed off then but we got a special tour. Honestly thinking of looking over that edge makes me feel a bit sick to the stomach...not to good with big heights. The highest you can go is the lower observation deck.
    Me and my brother used to throw paper airplanes off the senate gallery into the senate when we were kids and i just remember us getting yelled at by speaker...and my dad with his face in his hands
    anyway here are some of my pics of the capitol I have taken...

  32. Who and what determines The Kurth Lottery win? I am wondering...

    Michelle, I hope you do stop in! I miss you!

    The t-shirt is awesome.

    I am in awe of the picture taking skills of a lot of you. Serious.

  33. OMG those pics you took are amazing, Rod-thanks for sharing them! How talented you are- on that note I was having a cup @JJH today and saw the infamous meltdown photo in a new non-melted frame today and it was not on the fireplace anymore. That is an awesome pic as well.

    Left-Hand Louie and I are planning on a visit to the Brewery tonight-see you all then!

  34. The "Save Columbus Auditorium " T-shirts are cool. A general question for those of us outside WI. Are there PE T-shirts available? If so, where can they be bought and what do they look like?

  35. LOVE the shirt jp, I'd wear it!

    Going over to post pics of some kitties that need rescuing at my place, be back soon...

    mmm brownies, struesel I won't be missing tonight! Suz, feel better soon hon. = (

  36. know, I was just going to take vacation in the afternoon but if it ok with you I think I will change it to all day Tuesday and catch a ride with you guys! Thanks for the offer. It will be fun to talk to someone else who has been involved with this! I think people at work think I am a bit nuts! You guys are coming home that night I assume. My home email is Let me know where we can meet. I can't wait! I hope it doesn't rain! So far the forcast does say showers!


  37. Sorry Jenny.....can you access photobucket at work? I could always post one there..i think i have a photobucket account too.

  38. jp - My work doesn't block photobucket, so I was able to see them :) They are really nice. I like the B&Ws.

  39. Whoops, I mean I like Ty's B&W of the capital sorry jp...

  40. Could somebody explain what Photobucket is? I went there and saw that there were over 600 PE pics. Are the pictures copyrighted? Can they be used by anybody? Is the byline the person who actually took the picture or is it the person who is posting the picture? Is something similar? Where do Ty and Michelle put their pictures?

  41. LOL...wait a sec...are you saying that I do have a photobucket account? Or did someone else post one?

  42. OK...gotcha....
    Here's the photobucket link....

  43. garyandyvonne, Photobucket is a phot hosting website. Anyboidy can snbag a photo and put it to their account. Just doing a PE search I am finding some of my pictures on other people's albums...oh well, share the love.

    AND I found the Johnny Depp John Dillinger DIMPLE PIC!

  44. sorry for the typos. My cat was on the keyboard.

  45. Speaking of kitties...

    I'm looking for homes for some babies we rescued this past week.
    see them here...
    = )

    Osh, my cat does that too, drives me nutso!

  46. I think anyone bearing food gifts should automatically win the Kurth lottery = ) jsut my two cents worth...

  47. please do not tempt me with kittens. They are my weakness. I have 4 cats already and if you bring me a kitten I will take it. I will just pretend it showed up at my house and my husband will never know.

    I am trying very hard not to click your link. very hard.

  48. Picture me holding a pocketwatch...

    "You're getting very sleepy..."
    "Come over to my place..."

    LOL, sorry, couldn't resist!

  49. dangit. I clicked the link. I want to order the black one please.

  50. Don't you think the one with one eye still closed looks a little like a pirate??? = )

  51. Cute pics shaken! Sadly I already have one cat too many.....and I know from past experience that he is not very good at sharing his home with other cats...

  52. eh, don't love me so much. My husband over the shouldered my plan.

    I will work on him later and keep you updated.

    What time tonight?

  53. hmmm.... love the t-shirt. But BE CAREFUL! That pic HAS to have been taken during filming and Universal owns anything taken during filming....
    Just a precaution there folks!

  54. To make the Columbus shoot more concrete for Monday and Tuesday, I work for the school and we received an e-mail saying that our parking lot would be used again for the extras so we would need to park on the streets. (Haven't received an e-mail on any of the other 'possible' days so I'm assuming it must be for sure.)
    I loved the capitol pictures. The one of the dome made me laugh because I have done the same isn't a trip to the capitol if you don't lay on the rotunda floor :)

  55. jp - your photobucket link says "this album is private, please login"

  56. Don't feel too bad jp, my cat doesn't play well with others either = (

  57. OMG-Shakenbsis!! not kittens!!! oooo I'm tempted...TEMPTED!!! AAAhh!! :) I really would like a cuddle kitty...oh WHY did I have to go and look at them! Your killin' me! :)

    If it wasn't for Mr. Cuckoo Bananas Milo...hmmm

  58. I KNOW!!! it is sooo hard to resist them, so far I have not given in to picking them up and cuddling or I'd be a goner too = )

  59. sorry Rod, didn't mean to hijack your blog AGAIN!

  60. Ugh! lol...all of this for a stupid t-shirt...
    The reason you received that message is this goofy comment page won't display the characters past the slash (\)after the album. (why doesn't it wrap the text to the next line?) So i shrunk it for you...this should work.

    leaving oshkosh and heading north to green bay...and class..on a friday night! yuck :(

  61. anon 9:42 am - I'm fascinated by your bees/cell-phone theory...

  62. I SEE IT JP!!!

    That's FUNNY :)

  63. The kittens are so cute- I may be taking one off your hands too shaken. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat-why not 2 dogs and 2 cats- I know my kids would agree w/my logic-not so sure my husband will.
    Your girls are beautiful by the way- nice website!

  64. MAN - not having access to MY blog for 8 hours is NUTZ!!

    now I have 70 comments to read.

  65. Nite? lol..hardly..while bored in class I'll post plenty...just to keep the blog "warm" until all you lottery winners get back from Kurth's.

    As for the t-shirt wasn't taken during filming...actually a few seconds before one of the takes when he returned fire at the sniper on the roof....but thanks for your concern.

  66. Actually it's not cell phones but EMT's in general - that is one theory.

    another is just shoddy bee keeping that I have been reading about.

    Also pesticides. Probably a problem with all problems.

    remind me to tell you my OTHER cell phone disaster. It was humorous in an expensive way.

  67. Sorry, Jenny; I meant that I love the t-shirt, JP!! Glad everyone straightened that out while I was gone. I'll take one if you have some printed up!!! I think that's the best PE shirt I've seen! And it advertises for the auditorium too!
    Suz; hope you're feeling better real soon!! I was knocked down (spent two days in bed) with a sinus infection a few weeks ago. NOT FUN!!
    Elizabeth, I'm saying prayers for your family,hon!! I know how difficult this must all be for you!

  68. Several years ago when we took my niece to see the capitol she laid on the rotunda floor too.....and giggled and has an awesome echo!!!!!!!!!

    When I had chemo, I wore lots of bandanas instead of wigs. I had a cool skull and crossbones one and I wore huge round gold earrings day while working a little girl saw me, kept staring, string and finally asked "ARE YOU A PIRATE?" Just the effect I had wanted- I replied, "Yes, but it's a secret don't tell anyone". That kid made me laugh for days.. :))

    Enjoy Kurth's everyone-hubby is mowing our "haycrop" of a lawn tonite.

  69. sorry shakes -no cats for us our dog would think they were chew toys....he is a good, good boy but a bad, bad dog!

  70. *taps on blog a few times..

    (listens for echo.........)

    is this thing on?

    Doesn't Kurth's have a wireless network? Shame on all of you for having a life!!!!

  71. *waves* HI JP!!! LOL... not ALL of us are at Kurth's! Some of us just live WAAAAAY too far away to join in the fun!!! =0P
    ~Minxie in Cali~

  72. Yep- they're at kurth's
    1. shaknbsis-- you are 4 days too late on the kitten thing I'll post my story on your site....sigh
    2.Did you know there are starfish on the stairs at the capitol steps inside? -we just took our 5nyear old,- and the guard inside showed them -- also there is nothing better than watching your child staring up in awe and giggling on the floor at the capitol.
    3. in the 33 yrs I have lived WI this was my 1st trip to the capitol(inside) ;)
    4. Have any of you seen bee movie your blog made me think of it.......
    5. How many bottles of beer have they consumed while I was writing this? haha

  73. Lol....
    *Waves back @ Minxie.....

    How are things out west?

  74. *waves @ Laura
    (Didn't want you to feel left

    I would guess that the group consumed 7 beers while you typed your post...assuming it took you about 7 minutes to type it.

  75. sorry
    :WAVES: back I was postong at shaken's site she is gone too...if my husband wasn't on 2nd shift maybe we'd be at kurth's too but don't know about this lottery system rod is imposing are we gonna have to pay tax too?

  76. putting the kids to bed I'll check in later with us non-kurth posters

  77. Only one more hour left of school........
    B.U.T.T.H.E.A.D.'s unite!


  78. I am a B.U.T.T.H.E.A.D and proud of we need buttheads anonomyous?
    the P.E. chapter. 3 more days til filming.....yeah

  79. Is Monday the best day to go to Columbus? Is Tuesday a given?

    Also....for some reason I thought Jenny was 25?? lol. Happy birthday all the same.

  80. How about B.E.A.V.I.S and B.U.T.T.H.E.A.D?

    lol...sorry..i'm bored

    (Interesting Stuff = PE Filming)

  81. anon...
    I think there are two Jenny's...
    one is a 55 year old gorilla....
    the other one is more mysterious.
    Maybe she's 25....all i know is that she can't access flikr when she's at work.....

  82. jp, isn't it the other way around? The 55 year-old Jenny, the gorilla, is the mysterious one who can't access flikr at work? :0 I don't like the "Kurth cure." Mainly because I'm not there taking it! How are classes, jp, they must be over by now?

  83. FYI, Gurney's Seed & Nursery website had a special going. Order $50.00 in product and get a $25.00 discount. That was pretty great! I order almost double what I planned, and purchased it for less than my original order. Can't beat that!

  84. jp, I hear that echo. Couldn't ONE of those people taking the "Kurth cure" also take their laptop with them? And I'll bet someone has a video camera that they could hook up to the laptop so we can watch them having fun! ...and realize how much fun we ARE NOT having? Dumb idea! The solitude must be getting to me.

  85. Back from Kurth...

    Yes, I'm 25 and can't access Flickr from Work. My Birthday is next month.

    Jenny the Gorilla is 55. Today is the gorilla's birthday.

    Does anyone have a picture of the starfish on the stairs at the capitol? that's cool. I've never noticed before.

    I wish everyone could come to Kurths and hangout :(

  86. Hey I want to really thank you Osh for bringing all the goodies saved me from drinking myself totally under the table! Osh you are delightful and your son Evan is a riot! It was great meeting you!! I hope you two got home okay!

    Tracy, Kris, Terry, Michelle and her friend, Mary, Shakenbsis and Jenny!!! it sure was fun!

    Ditto what Jenny said--I wish everyone could come hang out!

    Good Luck on Tuesday Terry a/k/a "Left Hand Louie"--see ya on the big screen! :)

  87. ya'll go and sleep off your hangovers
    ha ha
    hope you all had a great time maybe I'll join another time..
    'till tommorrow....Laura

  88. Yeah, my Pepsi hangover is gonne be killer!

  89. If they had wireless or ANY connection I could set up a web cam

    Not even sure if there is a phone though. LOL

    I think Evan made fun of my hair - dang - AT LEAST I HAVE HAIR!

    We'll see what HIS hair looks like in 40 years!! ;-)

    Osh and the dude! Thanks for coming down.

  90. Yes, we are home...had to stop at the grocery store for milk and one thing led to a weeks worth of food.

    Had a great time tonight! It was wonderful meeting all of you and you betcha we will see you all on Tuesday!

    Thank you!

  91. You mean I wasn't the only one who made fun of your hair?

  92. Rod, tomorrow you have to post about when you lost your cellphone on the golf course.

  93. Woohoo...i'm home (from class in Green Bay).....glad everyone (else) had fun!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  94. OK, I can't stay awake any longer... I keep yawning. G'nite everyone.

  95. Home Safe! Had to read all the comments before I could post!!

    Looks like jp, Laura, MInxie, Deppfan and Lotus kept thigs interesting around here while we were gone... *Waves at all y'all!*

    Osh and Mister Wiser (street Wiser, that is) absolutely delightful meeting you. You guys might have saved my life tonight with the awesome truckload of FOOD you brought along = ) (I didn't have to stop anywhere on the way home after the usual Krazy Kurth's Karbo Loading!) HA!

    It was a blessing spending time with the rest of you again. I am blessed beyond measure...

    Sweet Dreams All... = )

    PS: thanks for all the nice kitty comments... (here and there both)

  96. Hi.
    Does anybody know where in Chicago they will be filming and exact dates?
    Are they just filming in CHicago or also going to some suburbs in Chicago?

    I live right by the Brookfield zoo.

  97. JP... things out west are fine and dandy as candy! LOL.... we are having some GREAT weather.... nice and cool and overcast... but not too cold!
    GREAT Renaissance Faire weather!
    WHOO HOO!!!!!
    *smiles* Gonna garb up for faire this weekend!!!!

  98. Anonymous 12:26 - remember - Mr. Mann always likes to use the actual historical places when he films.

    That'll give you a hint :-)

  99. Rod, I love your hint to anon 12:26! You could drive a truck, esp. a white truck, right through that thing! I haven't been to Chicago in MANY years, but I think even I know where they will be filming because of your awesome clue.

  100. Rod,

    Is there a new $ amount on the "save audi" project?

    And as for the shirts ~ how do we go about getting one?