Friday, May 9, 2008


I never smile if I can help it. Showing your teeth is a submission signal in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for it's life.
-- Dwight

I'm having issues with my eyebrows today - they won't behave. I feel like a Russian dictator with my eyebrows flapping all over the place in the wind.
Remember my cell phone problem with it being washed in the laundry? Well . . . it was a long slow death but death it was. So after two days with no phone and out of touch I needed to get a phone. I had little time because I had a golf league to run. So I left work a little early to buy a new phone.

Time was tight but I NEEDED a phone.

I walk into the store and say my phone died and I need a new one. I swear I got the slowest most detailed guy in the world. Any other time this would have been great but my minutes were numbered I had a tee time and 30 golfers depending on me being first to the course (1st week of league).

"I NEED A PHONE" we shuffle over to one wall and he starts explaining ALL the features of EVERY phone. "Do you use Bluetooth?" he says in a nasely tone. no no I talk on the phone, that's all. "Do you text message?" no no people call me and I answer and talk to them "Here is one with MP3 music that is nice" .. tap tap tap tap "This one has a better camera" ARG. I JUST talk on the phone that is all. tick tick tick. "Do you think you would ever want to use the email function?"

Getting a little impatient I say "I'll take the same kind I had before". Fine he drawls out "what color, we have gray and pink and silver". SILVER I'll take a silver one. He looks in the drawer and says "we don't have any silver left". The room starts to spin and I blurt out GRAY!!

Then he starts to explain how this Razor is better then last years Razor. I feel an aneurysm starting to happen.

I go the phone and I am skipping the 15 minutes it took to get the info off my old SIM card and the explanation on battery size compared to the old battery in the old Razor.

All I know is that when I'm near the phone now I have to be careful because key words will dial the phone randomly and some operator from India will ask me about my plan.
Speaking of Public Enemies.

Universal has purchased water and electricity from Columbus starting Sunday night so it is looking like Monday and Tuesday is more solid. This will calm one person that has flown up from Texas for the third time. I wonder if Tanya from Connecticut will fly back or if she is still here.
Whats up with the honey bees. Where are they going???? Reports are saying 38% of the honeys bee's have vanished from last year and LAST year 33% were missing from the previous year. What if 1/3 of all the cows had vanished - this would be BIG news!

Have you ever read something in the news that seems innocent enough but think that this is like a time bomb ticking and five years from now you will remember this day?

Bees in the US are dying of some unknown cause - millions are leaving their hives and are not coming back. What is happening? The problem has a name - colony collapse disorder - but no apparent cause.

According to The Independent, millions of honey bees are abandoning their hives and flying off to die, leaving beekeepers facing ruin and US agriculture under threat.

This is happening mostly in the US but to some extent around the world. I think this is a real problem. Haagen-Daz, the ice creme people have donated a quarter million dollars to reseach this because they know they depend on the little bee's.

What am I doing to help them? A butterfly garden. No one wants to have a bee garden but it's the same thing. They all like flowers. I'm putting a sign up "BEE'S WELCOME".
I have worked next the the Capital of Wisconsin for twenty years and I still notice it and how beautiful it is. But I have not taken photos of it for a long long time - such a touristy thing to do.

But I thought I'd take some yesterday. Many of you have never seen it. Next time you are in Madison you really should walk in and take a look around.

Here are some shots took yesterday.

This is the scene when I walk out the door of my building

Taken as DJ and I were having lunch yesterday

Inside there is the Capital rotunda. Looking up at visitors looking up, gaaking

Here I embarrassed DJ by laying down on the floor and shooting straight up in the middle of the Capital dome.

And if you have never see what is up there, so high you can barely see it.

Outside again

Finally on a more serious note. I have a friend that reads my poker blog ( before the government gave poker players the finger and screwed us - DON'T get me started - sorry) that is going through a tough time. Jenny sent an article to me about how blogging is good therapy and I wonder if any of you could give some soothing words to Elizabeth, a virtual hug or something. She is a wonderful person and a very very good writer.

Letters From A Small State

Have a great weekend.

BTW - I can not get to the blog today - just spins - hope it formatted well.

Also - The Kurth - last Friday I collected $20 in tips - it all goes to a good cause and I am very sure they appreciated it. Thanks