Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tragedy in Kentucky

The few of you that have been reading my blogs for the last five years will understand how I feel about the events that occurred in the Kentucky Derby yesterday.

I followed Barbaro after he broke his leg in the 2006 Kentucky Derby praying that todays medical miracles would find there way to save him. The millions of dollars spent looked promising but in the end they were not enough.

I have never owned a horse but care for them and when I heard they Eight Bells broke both front legs in the Derby yesterday it cast a cloud over the rest of the day.

She was the only filly in the field and did a darn good job at keeping up with the boys.

She died doing what she loved.
On a small side note there is a great book written by a horse. It's called "Traveler" and is the story of the American Civil War from General Lee's horses point of view. It was told to the author Richard Adams (Watership Down) and is a wonderful book.
There is little PE news which I'm sure one reader is thankful over.

I received a rather terse letter from a reader that seems to have issues with me and this blog, the #1 Friendliest Blog In The World About The Movie Public Enemies. She seems to be part of the information police squad and shook her finger at me and my "Mayberry" friends.

It was a little insulting (ok very insulting - typical insulting Chicago attitude) to small town people here in Wisconsin from a Chicago point of view. But then again we make fun of Chicago people and their extremely narrow backwards points of view so it all evens out.

The gist of her ramblings was that my blog was ruining the movie because I was printing information about where they are filming and not respecting Johnny Depp.

There is SO much wrong with her letter that I feel I should not even justify it by talking about it. BUT - It's truly is rather funny.

"Although you may be slightly out of touch with things, being isolated as you are in your 'Mayberry' environment"

"your blog is unnecessary and only serves to fuel a fire that has clearly grown out of control."

We finally did get telephone service in Madison last month.

Clearly grown out of control? What reality is she looking at??

From what I have been told by the crew that are doing the actual shooting of the movie (not the people that work on the sets) is that so far their foray into Wisconsin has been great, crowds have been wonderful and helpful and friendly and way way better then expected.

I HOPE the people of Chicago will as tame as they are in Wisconsin. We DO understand that the movies are talkies now you know!

What I wonder about her tirade is whether she is confused (obviously she is) with somebody in IMdb that posted exactly where JD was staying in the Dells. She will notice that even though I knew exactly where he was staying last Tuesday I did not print it.

I respect the actors privacy. I only post information about the making of the movie because I know the crowds are well behaved and courteous.

The people of Wisconsin are not children as she assumes, we are not backward buffoons as she implies.

Also she writes " Your blog is entitled, "Public Enemies Columbus". " Actually it's Public Enemies Columbus and the World! Deal with it sister!

Now that they are leaving, it's time for you to find something else to do with your time."

Well - I do have to milk the cows at some point and de ball the steers . . . or is it th other way around.

Other tidbits of mindless drivel

"Since March 17th, I have, due to no fault of my own, been painfully aware of your blog. I do not actively seek out your blog; news of what is posted there is being filtered to other websites, so alas, I am assaulted by the obnoxious Grinder whether I want to be or not. "

The sad part is that I totally understand the theory behind what she is saying, yet she is SO wrong with her views it's embarrassing. I feel she is out of touch with reality of the wonderful experience Universal AND Wisconsinits are having with this.

Enough of that. I will CONTINUE to respect the actors and the company . . . .even though I now have this urge to tweak her from time to time.
On aside note.

It's time to put the first blog of the year about our landscaping.

SO SO many plans. It is going to be exciting to look back 5 years from now at the transformation of a naked yard to "our vision".

I'll point you to the address once I get another entry. (ok here, address is Lasanga Bed's for Beginners, but I think I'll have to change that)

For any of you gardeners I have a question. Last year in late October on the last Farmers Market there was a sale and I purchased 10 different plants for a rock garden for $5. I stuffed them in the rocks to see what would take. Sort of like Survivor for plants.

Does any one know WHAT this is? Here are two photos, over all view and a close up.



  1. I'm thinking it is a creeping sedum. Does it look like any at this site:

    The horse tragedy is very sad. Never owned a horse either, but I remember cutting out the Marlboro horses from the Sunday paper after I read the Black Velvet book. Sad.

    Gotta run and get the chickens back into the yard.

  2. Rod,

    only read half your blog and will finish reading the rest in a minute, but I had to respond to your writing about Eight Belles.

    I have been watching the KD since the mid 70s and enjoy the rush of the race. But yday broke my heart! I normally choose my horse, I don't bet, by the sound of their name or their story. I never go by the odds. Eight Belles was my choice yday! Because she was the only filly in the race and because she was named for Andrew Wyethe's home in Maine.

    She did good too, she came in second!! But when I heard they had to put her down ~ I cried. How sad. I too followed the story of Barbaros, a Philadelphian ~ What tragic stories.

    Thank you so much for mentioning her in today's blog and for posting her photo.

  3. Rod...chick with a 'tude...doesn't seem to get community and connection...this post is giving me both! And it's so much more then PE...but it started there! It's great to meet people with similar interests...THANK YOU for your time and words...and connections and community! And thank you to all those who have accepted a new person to the blog without hesitation! :)

  4. After reading your blog for several weeks now I'm at a loss as to what the problem this poor person has with your writings about the movie. I say poor because she really must have a small and disturbed view of what a blog is meant to be. She could just as easily have her own blog to rant and rave as she pleased. Honestly, I would think she would be the one who needs to find something else to do with her time. Please go back to where you came from and stay there because we are just having some fun here and don't really need to hear her whine. Ok, so maybe that's a little harsh but get over yourself already!

  5. ~ Columbus aka Mayberry ~ you know Rod, more towns should be called Mayberry. Think how much happier the world would be. ;)

    I find it surprising that this person even took the time to write to you about how she felt about your blog.

    Guess she had to get it off her chest, but the way it sounds her emotions are carrying her away.

    When you put yourself out there for the whole world to see, you take a risk of inviting people like this to respond negatively.

    Everyone has an opinion and some keep it to themselves, while others have to flog you with it!!

    Enjoy Rod ~ you have a good sense of humor and by what you wrote, you're not taking her too seriously!!

    btw ~ I love the whistling in the beginning of the Andy Griffith Show. It's upbeat and it's happy.

  6. "...slightly out of touch with things, being isolated as you are in your 'Mayberry' environment"

    From Chicago, heh? Personally, I like the Mayberry environment and the environment is why 1/2 of Chicago leaves the city on weekends and drives to every Mayberry place in WI!!! That said, the only thing we are out of touch with is sky-high crime rates, murder as daily news, disturbingly high prices, etc. And with current tech no one is really isolated any more, unless they chose to be. Ms. Chicago apparently choses to be isolated and will not be visiting the great state of WI any time soon; well, let's hope not.

  7. That has to be the funniest letter I have read in my life and it wasn't even all of it. I can't imagine how awesome the rest of it is :)

    Well, I'm off to go to look for my dairy cow now. I hope I can find him before he ventures to Illinois.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ya hey der...gots to go out and find aunt B! Dont-cha-know bout dem packers eh!

    Seriously that lady who wrote the letter needs to get a life worse then I do! First off she took the time to write the letter...lame. second everyone and there cousin does come up nort eh for veeeecations...pardon my french but...f#$king FIBS! :) just joking....hehe

  10. Hi Rod
    Being from the hometown of the KY Derby, yesterday's tragedy was dreadful and felt throughout the community. They interviewed people leaving the track who were visibly shaken by the whole event and the loss of a great horse. I cried too. Eight Belles was a beautiful horse, and she gave her all in a race against the big boys. This will call into question the issues of the whole racing industry, but for now I'll just add my heartfelt sympathies to the owners/trainer/jockey associated with this filly.

    As for PE, I've appreciated the news, pics, and information that has come from this blog. I think it has generated a lot of interest and discussion in the film and small town America. My main interest has come from being a diehard Johnny fan, but I've gained much more by following along on the filming process of Pubic Enemies.

    Btw, you may be interested in seeing what JDZ's Johnny Depp Birthday Project is this year. For several years around Johnny's birthday (June 9), JDZ has donated money that comes from it's members to a charity in his name. Usually it's a charity that Johnny has been associated with or reflects his charitable interests. This year money is being collected for the American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, WI. Here's a link to more info on it...

  11. I enjoy reading your blog. I understand the point about seeing this blog pop up when you don't want to but I also think if you are an adult you can choose not to read it and go somewhere else. you have several links on your blog for more information if you CHOOSE to get more infomation. To say she was barbarded with your blog all the time is truly wrong. I hope you keep up the good blog for as long as Public Enemies is in wisconsin and beyond. I use your blog to get my information on the filming. I actually got to meet Johnny Depp twice when he was in Oshkosh and I have about 30 pictures of Johnny as he was coming down the line at the meet and greet.

    Thank you for your blog.

  12. Hey Rod,

    I just wanted to say that I'm from Chicago, and I have really enjoyed your blog ever since I stumbled upon it a few months ago! Hey Wisconsinites...we're not all bad down here... I even drive the speed limit sometimes! :-) Thanks to you and all your friends here for giving me some smiles to read each day and keep me up to date on "Public Enemies!"

  13. Anonymous 11:55

    We only make fun of the BAD Chicagoians that think they are better then others.

    If you can tell the difference you are not one of "them".

  14. Anonymous 11:55 and Rod:

    Hey, a good Chicagoian! I think this is my cousin. Oh, sorry,it can't be; she moved to Schiller Park. Rob, you should tell anon 11:55 that they are welcome here anytime. :) And I should stop telling people what to do!

  15. I think Duane says it very well as a reply to "ms Chicago ranter"

    Journal Sentinel film critic
    Posted: April 29, 2008

    Pardon me for being defensive, but who do they think we are - beer-swilling cow jockeys? so we've been known to wear cheeseheads and Summerfest smiley gear on casual Fridays.

    But Wisconsin and its residents are more complex and diverse than the sum of our stereotypes, no matter how much we embrace or resemble them.

    And we don't need the "Public Enemies" traveling road show to remind us that the Badger State is a living, breathing, camera-ready movie set, ready for its close-up 365 days a year, as anyone who ever found a reason to point and shoot a disposable camera can attest.

    A drive across the state conjures more traumatic, romantic and dramatic images than Hollywood could ever invent or capture: a tractor moving tortoise-like across a field at dusk; fireworks off Gills Rock in Door County; grown men cavorting in a blizzard at Lambeau Field; or Milwaukee's skyline reflected in Lake Michigan, among them.

    So, while we are grateful that "Public Enemies" is being filmed in the state, and happy that Johnny Depp, who plays John Dillinger in the film, is sharing his spotlight with us, let's not forget that this ain't our first time at the rodeo.


    I am southern to the core, and a proud Tennessee native. Someone once told me that I had ruined their idea of what they imagined a "southern Belle" to be.

    I've been called alot of things but "belle" ain't one of em ya'll.

    I have laughed at cheeseheads, bubblers and up nort as much as anyone. BUT, people are more than a sum of their perceived stereotypes.

    So thanks to all Wi natives and other transplants who have made me & my better half welcome here (and laughed @ our southern ways and helped us learn how to get thru the long, white, frozen, never ending winters.

  17. Hi there!
    Loved the pictures of your garden! Beautiful..we are going to get started on our landscaping as fun!

    So, I missed yesterdays blog and am trying to catch up.
    So tomorrow in Columbus at the Poser house? What about Wednesday? The city of columbus site still says Wednesday May 7th.

    Anyone going to try and catch the filming tomorrow? Where is the Poser house located?

  18. deppfan, WELCOME to Wisconsin! I'm really glad to hear that you are not a "southern belle" type. While I was living down in Virginia many years ago, a friend's husband (born & bred Virginian) told her I was a bad influence. Can you IMAGINE THAT, ME a BAD INFLUENCE!?! He basically told her she couldn't play with me any more! :) She did anyway; but it did annoy me because I'm really very tame.

  19. Rod, I have found that you are not going to please everyone all of the time. And for the few like Ms.
    Chicago, you just have to let it roll off your back. I pass on spiritual and funny emails to one of my Yahoo groups on a regular basis; and get many replies telling me how much people enjoy them. But every once in a while I will hit a sore spot with someone and instead of them just deleting it, they bombast me. As long as you are doing a service to most of the people that visit your blog, I don't think you should worry about the one or two who have a gripe with something you do or don't do
    (or in this case, a PERCEIVED misdoing!!)
    When I went to check on the JDZ donation to the American Family Children's Hospital (my grandson was treated there when he was diagnosed with childhood diabetes)
    I thought this comment on the filming (and blogs) to be very fitting for this woman.
    "This spring has been an extraordinary one for all of us who love Johnny Depp. The filming of PUBLIC ENEMIES has brought JD out into the public day after day (and night after night), as he stopped to say hello and shake hands with thousands of well-wishers. Many Zoners attended those meet-and-greets in person, and have generously shared their photos and first-hand accounts with us; and everywhere that PUBLIC ENEMIES has traveled, local journalists, bloggers and photographers have shared every moment of the filming process with the world. For those of us living far away, it has been as if we were invited onto the set ourselves. What a joy!"
    Sorry this got so long!!

  20. cranky anonymousMay 4, 2008 at 1:13 PM

    Cranky anonymous became very sad anonymous yesterday after the KY Derby. I'm a horse lover (and all around animal lover) and when the cameras panned to Eight Belles lying on the track, I had to turn the channel. I made the mistake of reading the story on MSNBC a little while later and finding out she had to be euthanized. I know it was the best thing for her, but I still cried nonetheless. Hours later, I read something else and it brought the tears back all over again. My heart goes out to the owners, trainers and jockey of that magnificent creature.

    As for the letter, hopefully Ms. Chicago can now move on with her life, now that she's gotten that off her chest.

    *off to slop the pigs*

  21. Does anyone know what time the filming will be tomorrow in Columbus?

  22. Perhaps the Chi-town letter writer just needs a little cowbell.

    Everything is better with cowbell :)

  23. if anything like last time...9 or 10 on the set filming at 12 or 1 break for lunch....3 practice some more...4 film again....we are lucky have a clue as to a date...they could not ever give a time of day..

  24. cricket..will you be there tomorrow?
    i plan on coming up after an appt in waunakee. they are filming at the poser house....which is on charles street...correct?

  25. i should have rephrased...not an exact time, but a timeframe..
    thanks cricket!

  26. I plan to head to Columbus about 2:00 which puts me on the ground around 2:30 it's the best I can do with my day job! crossing my fingers about seeing Jerry and Johnny!


  27. Are they filming in Madison tomorrow? or Columbus? I am having deja vu from last week's continuing confusion......

  28. I think they are filming in both locations. But I'm not sure, for sure.

  29. That's what I understand as well...
    JD is to be in Columbus as far as I can tell.

  30. i appreciate this blog. a lot. and i think u are a lovely man who is incredibly informative and funny. and this lady is seriously whacked out. why can't she just fawn over everything like the rest of us? i think she's just jealous that u know more than she does. bahahahaha. thanks for the PE blog. :)

  31. I'm glad Miss Eight Belles got top billing with you Rod. Terrible tragedy. I didn't have TV on yesterday so this morning I got the sad news = (

  32. Why is everybody talking about Columbus tomorrow???

    I had assumed a fitting for extras for the Thursday Columbus shoot was tomorrow and not filming.

  33. cricket...where do you plan on "watching" the filming from?
    i wasnt there the last time PE was in columbus, so i have no idea where to watch from..

  34. rod-
    because of your posting from saturday
    Also - as of late Friday a reports says " the Poser mansion is definitely on schedule for Monday unless things change."

    and you just said you mean wed? last i read, it was on wednesday!

  35. OH - sorry - so so long ago and so many brains cells that vanished over the weekend.

    I read Nancy O's blog and she still had Thursday.

  36. Mayors blog hasnt been updated since last of columbus website says Filming will be on Wednesday may 7th in the afternoon.

    and you had posted that they will be there on monday. i will be north of madison tomorrow to begin with, so i figure i might as well drive up to cbus.

  37. It's actually humorous when people assume that anyone who lives in a small town is out of touch and isolated. I guess they forget that there are cars and airplanes in this world. Not to mention that you live very close to a very progressive city(Madison).

    Either way, you can post whatever you want and there is nothing they can do about it. Someone on IMDB said that a blog author could be liable for anything that happened as a result of the blog. That is not only not even close to the truth, it is completely ridiculous.

    There is also nothing wrong with people knowing where filming takes place. We all have a right to be close if we want to. It is up to each individual city to set the limits as to where spectators can go. After all, we are the taxpayers. Very few people have caused problems.

    Thanks for the blog-you are a great writer.

  38. Monday a filming day for the poser mansion or no? Am I better of waiting for Wednesday when they do St James Street, to see Jerry and Johhny?

    I just want to try every opportunity available...I really want to get the thank you plaque and stuff to them...:)
    I didn't watch at Poser last time...I understand it's a lot of waiting around outside and hoping to see them come or go....but I have the afternoon and evening free so....

  39. yes rod, please clarify.
    i am available all day, both monday and wednesday, so i guess to me, it doesnt really matter..

  40. There is no way they are filming in Columbus tomorrow. Madison is gonna be a big production and I have never heard of them filming two places at once.

  41. Hope I didn't sound pushy....the universal people are doing a great job of confusing us...I have been following your blog comments for 3 days and thought it seemed Poser House was on for Monday(and some shooting in Madison was happening as well but no JD there) and then st. James was Wednesday.....but I could be following it wrong...worst case is I get there and nothing is happening...:(

  42. with you there too...dont mean to sound pushy...i have been following the blog too, and watching the city of columbus website, they are posting may 7th (wednesday) but when rods blog, yesterday, said tomorrow...i got confused!
    i guess, too, the worse case scenario is tomorrow nothing is happening...
    my husband has off on wed, and he are planning on coming back up on wednesday.

  43. 1.Having lived the first 21 years of my life in the big city of St. Louis and the next 18 in Wisconsin, I know I will never leave this beautiful state, Wisconsin is home like no other

    2. The Birthday Project at the Johnny Depp Zone is a great idea...Evan and I spent many many hours at the UW Children's hospitals when he was first diagnosed, and what a great way for me to bring it full circle to make a donation in JD's name (after giving him the autism bracelet and pin)...not to make it about me, but you know...
    3. We have always had horses. I rode before I could walk, and I am forever turned off by racing. To me it is just barbaric and now for profit.
    4. Somebody in Columbus needs to hook up with me on Wednesday and save me a spot before all the pushy people from Chicago get there.

  44. osh-
    what time on wednesday do you plan on being in columbus..i plan on being there around 12.

  45. Save me a spot too...I won't get there until 2:30....if we could find a way into the pharmacy...that's where i saw the most last time..:)

  46. where is the pharmacy located at cricket?
    my name is maegen, obviously..i will be there on wednesday for sure.
    i will probably go take a look around tomorrow just to see whats going on, take some pictures at least!

    I've been there before, but after reading the blog I had to go for a visit. We were there today, on our way back to Madison from West Bend. We wanted to show the kids where Daddy was in the movie. The woman who owns the gallery (bank robbery place) was so very nice! Also, the people at the place across the street were great too. We bought shirts from both places. As we left town we drove by Kurths. I was so excited to see the places that everyone talks about. The storefronts were really neat to see. I understand that they will be doing some filming there on Wednesday. Hope you all are having a great weekend!
    Ciao for now!

  48. Meagen-corner of St. James and Luddington I believe.

    My name is Tracy..and I should have a National Guardsman in uniform hanging out with present the plaque if the opportunity so happens...

  49. Well, because I am a crazy stalker, I was going to pick my son up from school at noon and head to Columbus...

    I am hoping Michelle will be around as well..

    So I will probably roll into town around 1:30, granted I have no idea where to park or where to go...

  50. I have to agree with Jenny about tomorrow. Knowing what has to take place and how things operate I can not see them filming Monday unless it is REALLY on the sly and in THAT case I don't want to interfere.

    But I can not see why they would go overboard to be sneaky on these scene's.

    It seems Universal is very methodical in how they operate.

    They get EVERYTHING ready and then go in and accomplish their mission (unlike some governments).

    I could be wrong but with zero trucks at C-bus basecamp I just don't see it happening.

    HOWEVER . . . . . things can change and C-bus basecamp can be operational in just a few hours if they moved from MadCity basecamp.

    However - tomorrow is a major production with major players in action. Can' see them splitting crew talent.

    I'm sure Jenny has her binoculars out and is peering through the window over the 25 yards to new-basecamp.

  51. new base camp? Does that mean old base camp isn't being used on Wednesday? okay...well I don't remember who said yesterday they were doing Poser house but you have convinced me they won't be in Columbus on Monday...

    Is there any chance of seeing anything in Madcity on Monday? Any ideas of where to hang out?


  52. I'm resting easy, knowing I can count on Jenny! = )

    Hey Deppfan - I appreciate you quoting Dudek's article. It choked me up a bit the first time I read it and it really is appropriate now = )

    Coming from one who has lived in more metropolises (how to you pluralize metropolis anyhow?) than I care to count, I really appreciate the pace and the beauty of small town living.

    Ye HA! how bout some square dancing (dj & jenny) = )

  53. Grinder, having a website or blog on any subject will get you the occasional email from nutjobs who read your stuff and have it click shut one of the short-circuits in their brain. I'm from San Francisco, and have watched a fair number of movies filmed around here, and I don't think you're releasing any information you shouldn't. Universal has made an effort to let people know when a set is CLOSED to the public and they don't want anyone watching them work. And you've been good about passing that information along too, as well as speculation on where they may be filming a few days in the future. I'm not surprised at some of the confusion, as it's common to send out multiple filming units while on location. Some may shoot backgrounds, some stunts that don't use the main actors, and some are the visual effects crew trying to get plates for compositing. The fun is trying to figure out which unit has the primary actors with it, right? The "out of control" size crowds have all happened at filming sites that were announced in advance by the studio, so I don't think anyone can point a finger at you and your blog for the 3000 people who showed up at Crown Point (for example), or the ever-growing crowds at OshKosh, where it was obvious how long they'd be filming. If anything, you've helped remind people to be honest and not steal photos without giving credit to the photographer, and to be polite when watching the filming.

    I think our Chicago-nutcase has been living in crowded quarters for too long. "Keep your head down, mind your own business" is a good way to stay out of street violence, but it's a lousy way to live your life all the time.
    (lived in Naperville, IL as a child, recently moved out of Oakland, CA, where the likelihood of being gunned down is much higher than's not where you live, it's your attitude)

  54. I work in Columbus and our building has been again getting a makeover. It's been fun to see what is happening to all the buildings. We at the office were told Wednesday afternoon would be the time for the big shot out on James Street. Not sure about when the Poser house action will be though. They have said on the news that the Madison shots will be Monday then Thursday but that JD won't be there. Hope that helps!

  55. The filming of the movie Sex and the City drew huge crowds in New York while filming. I guess it isn't just small town people that are thrilled to meet their favorite actors. The big draw to Public Enemies is the great cast. Johnny is one of the most popular actors that exists, and a lot of that is because he has such a kind heart.

  56. Rod, FIBs are FIBs. Nuff said.

  57. F'ing Illinois Bastard is what I was taught growing up.

  58. Osh, I'll be around Wednesday. I work nights tonight, so I'm glad there's probably nothing going on in C-bus tomorrow. I'll be too worn out to care!

  59. We call 'em FIPS where I come from. Because they are not all men (P=People)! But I have heard it both ways. Nothing against all IL people, though, just the stuck-up ones.

  60. I'll be around Wed too. I'll be keeping my eyes open for all y'all = )

    Deppfan - will we be able to find you? how will we be able to find you? do you want to be found?

  61. Exactly. I grew up in a tourist area and I think we were just more jaded. But there are a lot of great people from IL so it isn't fair to lump them all together.

  62. I won't be wearing my lampshade (as m calls it!) LOL my hair will be down long or in a pony tail if it is windy...

    if it's cold, I'll be wearing my Kurth hoodie! = )

  63. You guys have a big party Wed. I won't be able to be there. Real life calls :(

  64. bummer Rach, thought I was finally going to get to meet you.

  65. I know. First night of a new class. Uhhh.

    Do you think Michael Mann would write me an excuse :) hahaha jk

  66. I keep checking back here when I said I need to make dinner! I love the lampshade! Smiles.

  67. I know Kathy, I'm doing the same thing! lol I do need to make dinner too...

  68. Rachel - Got your message. Check your email. :)

  69. I tracked the filming of At World End up and down the Southern California coast in the summer of 2006. One week, the film set up Base Camp in Redondo Beach, a sleepy beach town just south of LA proper, while the Black Pearl did a little pirating just off shore.

    This was an intentional gift from the filmmakers, maybe even Disney. Johnny Depp, being the kind and generous soul that he is, greeted crowds most nights, after even longer days than PE —12 to 14 hour days on the water. Base Camp and the “meet and greet” events were run so much like a Disney park attraction, I kept looking for the FastTrack kiosk. Crowds were large and respectful… not much different than my experiences in Oshkosh.

    When filming move on to closed sets elsewhere, Disney had no problems controlling access and fans had no issues respecting the rules… despite an equal amount of speculation on the JD Zone about the where, when and what of filming.

    I love the front center seat the PE Columbus blog has given me. Thanks Rod.

    I have to believe that Michael Mann and company WANT the risks and rewards of working in such fluid, dynamic and real locations. The energy and adrenaline of adapting to the moment will bring the experience for the actors as close as it comes to the real thing. I also think inviting the world to watch is a bit of a valentine from Michael Mann to a part of the country that shaped who he is as person.

  70. I appreciate your thoughts dharma, well spoken = )

  71. debsmad -

    Did you get my email :)

  72. Ok, I had to join, just so that I could say that even though I'm not from Wisconsin....I'm insulted by this persons point of view!

    I had the honor of being a part of what was happening with PE in Oshkosh, and the thing that impressed me the most...were the people in Wisconsin. I'm from the West, born and raised, and the people of Wisconsin...are special. I was blown away by their hospitality.

    I have been to numerous big deals in LA where there were lots of celebrities, and a big crowds, and it was nothing like what I witnessed in Wisconsin. Lovely people, full of respect with big hearts and kind souls.

    Universal would have had a completely different way of dealing with crowds out west, but because the folks of Wisconsin are such a lovely bunch, and respectful of what was going on....they were allowed to watch. This is unique, and doesn't happen everywhere. It is Michael Manns choice to let this go on or not and clearly he feels good about what he's seeing.

  73. Perhaps I can be found......not really hiding-not sure what I will wear yet.....40ish chick with short brown hair and a heavy TN drawl-maybe easier to find by ear!!!!

    Shakenbsis-southern dialect hint y'all is already plural ;) I think Dubek was way more eloquent that I would ever be and I like his way with words.

    Y'all meeting @ pharmacy on Wednesday? I might head up before noon just to see if I can get some storefront shots too-but maybe they won't let me get any on
    shooting day being busy setting up?

    I was lucky in March when I drove up in the afternoon....everyone was so friendly and pointed me in the right direction to see the filming. People who had been watching freely shared details and info about what had been going on and were very hospitable. Looking forward to Wednesday. :)))

  74. Yeah, I'm pretty sure your mystery plant is some species of sedum. Because of the red stems, at first I thought for sure it was Dragon's Blood sedum, but now I'm not so sure; the leaves don't look quite succulent enough, their shape is a bit off, and why would a Wisconsin nursery sell a sedum like Dragon's Blood that isn't very cold-hardy?

    But it does look like it's probably closely related to Dragon's Blood.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. I am a daily visitor to this blog and I really am addicted. I have usually commented under "anonymous" and I feel a bit of an outsider. You all have been able to get to know each other and have met at Kurths on Fridays. I am from Wausau and traveled to Columbus on the 20th of March (Thursday) for the final day of filming. Was there to see JD do his walk by and had an awesome day. I think I am going to come back for the filming on Wednesday and am wondering if you could tell me what is the name of the street that they set up base camp on? last time I was there I parked as soon as I got to town & did mostly walking. In fact, late in the afternoon when i went to get my car to move it closer to base camp I actually had lost it! Took me some time to find it and I got quite turned around as to what street was what. Is the main street when you come in to town also called James street? On the map I can't find St James st. Sorry that this is so rambling but I'm hoping to be a little more organized when i get there this time. I probably won't get there until later in the afternoon and I am hoping I will be able to meet some of you. Thanks for any info you could share with me.


  77. I will be there Wednesday too...with my husband and my little boy... if you all are going to meet at the pharmacy, let me love to meet up with you! :)

  78. anon - char, nice to meet a fellow Central WI poster. I'm from Weston.

  79. Lotus..... This is so funny! I live in Weston too! Are you going to go to Columbus on Wednesday?


  80. Hey, we could find a Kurth's of our own!!! Kelly Club? I would love to go on Wed, but I have to work. I took vacation for 3 days to go check out Little Bo and can't do that again for a while. Do have May 13th off, though, and am hoping the movie is still in the state.

  81. Hey Deppfan - LOL...

    I do realize that y'all is plural. I guess all y'all must be coloquial to somewhere I've lived at some point in time! Who knows when or where, I'll have to think about that one. Language is really funny sometimes. = )

  82. It may actually be soemthing i picked up from my crazy relatives in Vermont of all places...

  83. Too bad we don't have our Columbus PE blogger shirts yet, then it would be easy to find one another!

  84. I was up at little Bo for one afternoon into the evening, but found out that they were filming all night & had to work the next day so had to leave about 9:30. Were you able to get to see JD at all? I heard that when they did come back to base camp there were very few there so they got to enjoy talking to him for 15 to 20 minutes.


  85. Sorry, my last post was directed to Lotus....


  86. I can't get to the pharmacy before two, but I will look around for two Jerry T-shirts and a cat-fight.

  87. so the pharmacy on wed? is that what everyone is sorta thinking..?

  88. LOL Kathy!

    That's too funny!

  89. Where is thsi pharmacy everyone is talking about? = )

  90. I'm hoping to come to Columbus again on Wednesday too (trying to
    talk my son into helping with the daycare so I can get off a couple of hours early). I think I know where the pharmacy is; but is there a rear entrance if we get into town after filming has begun? I have several cell phone numbers of people I met on March 17th who I'm hoping to meet again; and of course some of you that I met at
    Kurth's Friday evening!!

  91. okay when you say pharmacy where exactly do y'all mean? Like I said I have only been to columbus once before so I need more details....what street, a business that has a storefront that's the pharmacy or a real pharmacy??

    sorry to be so dense, but do hope to meet up with Y'all

    can give a better idea of what I'm wearing on Tues evening-I agree to bad we don't have tshirts!! or maybe we need a secret sign, sorry I don't have a fedora hahahaha do have some other hats though!!

  92. how about a secret handshake? = )

  93. If someone want to email me with any details its

  94. shaneeenbsis: you mean one of those 3 stooges complicated secret handshakes :o

  95. sorry shakenbsis I think my "e" on my keyboard got stuck :)

  96. LOL! I just sent you an e-mail...

  97. meagan - is this a real pharmacy?

    The other day I was in Columbus for the Auditorium meeting and saw a sign that said Coffee shop down the street. I walked all the way down there to grab a cup before the meeting and it was just a prop coffee shop!

  98. thanks shakenbsis got the email :)
    sent a reply

  99. I will check back Monday and Tuesday for more details y'all

    Hubby & I went to see "Ironman" movie today. I was pleasantly surprised and really liked it. Robert Downey jr. was funny and good. They did a big set up for a sequel. Lots of good summer blockbusters coming in '08

    but even a bigger one for us PE'ers in '09!!!

  100. anon char:

    I did not see much of anything up north. I went up late on Friday and came home on Tuesday, as it appeared futile to hang around. I took pictures of trucks, cars, base camp, TV 9 interviewing the young people from Oshkosh who were later sent packing by the State Patrol, etc. No sightings or pictures of any actors. I did get a great picture of a bald eagle though. :)

  101. If anyone gets good pics from Madison Monday let us know :)

    With all those cars (33 Graham included) there maybe some good photo opportunities.....if they can get a view....afraid Madison will be really crowded with being @ the Capitol

  102. hey der all-
    Just to let you know even the Poser family did not know as of Saturday if filming would be on Monday-lol
    But I have the afternoon off on Monday, but won't be staying for the filming in Columbus.
    I will be there on Wednesday afternoon. I am planning on going to watch from Sharrow pharmacy and will hopefully run into some of you there ( I will have children in tow)
    got to go hitch up the wagon after I slop the pigs so I can make it to Columbus for the filming of that there big picture show-
    what is that saying-- if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen? {that's the only one I could think of --(sleep deprevation)}
    you can't tell me this person is being MADE to read this fantastic blog...

  103. ?
    I was always taught that the plural of "y'all" is "all y'all"...

    What a great day for comments! Some absolutely wonderful comments above, very reasonable and well-said.

    I love visiting big cities, and I love most of the people I run into. I'm easygoing. But I have no patience for prejudice. The letter-writer, and quite a few posts on the imdb board, are full of bigotry based on a shallow sense of self-importance. Education, sophisitication, cultivation... none of these thrives in every big city and withers in every small town. Every person at Kurth's on Friday was more well-bred than the letter writer, despite our comparative proximity to Junior Samples on her pencil chart of what to bow down to.

    We were out of town with friends yesterday, and I always hit the CNN page first when I turn on the computer, so I didn't see the Derby story until late last night. What a gut-punch.

    Sorry s'bsis, now others are saying "lampshade" and it's my doing! It is a very arresting photo, no matter what the headpiece...


  104. Michelle, I will shoot you an email tomorrow...Evan is beside himself to see Julia Bopp again,and he made her face...LOVE!

    We have to get busy on our Fidel T-shirt for him as well...

    I was going to mention the FIBs have no problem whatsover invading Door County and other points north ion the summer season, but being such a genteel Mayberry lady I don't usuaslly use the B word in mixed company.

    And on a side note, I am getting excited to plant my flower beds this year...I was going to skip it, but Magical Rod and his Number One Gardening Blog has changed my mind.

  105. and "m" I say all y'all all the time!

  106. Hey Mary - no apology necessary. You are charming! = )

  107. One problem with more and more people creating alias's is that I get freaking notified every time a "real" person posts!

    NOT that it's a bad thing but I think I have to change a setting.

    Pharmacy is right on the corner in the middle of town.

  108. Yes Rod, you are the star struck blogger they are talking about on IMDB. They have mentioned that you are the Columbus blogger. Just ignore them-they are clueless. I wonder if Herenotthere really works for Public Enemies as well. He seems to be on his computer a little too much for that. But who knows. Maybe he takes a computer to work with him and uses it on his off time.

  109. Char and Lotus, I'm also from the Wausau area. I agree we need a meeting spot up here too, I feel so left out thinking that I was the only one from this area that was crazy enough to drive to Columbus and also to Oshkosh to see the filming; also Little Bo about a week before they started filming and I coudn't even turn around in parking lot. I would really love to go back to Columbus to see another movie shoot but I don't think I will be able to make it. :(

  110. Hey S'bsis, I just spent 8 days in NC & SC, so I heard "all y'all" quite a bit. I definitely pick up the accent while I'm there, too.

    Looks like a party over here tonight! I am up all night, so keep me entertained. ;) I also have a very sick kitty, so I'm glad to have a lighthearted distraction.

  111. fanfromwi:

    Glad to here you're one of the cool kids in Wausau. :) Yes, we should get together with anon-char and find our own place to co-mingle. Gotta go to work, talk later.

  112. off to get breakfast and check out madison see whats up..have a beautiful view of downtown from the apartment I am in!

  113. Rod,

    What movie did you end up getting your mom? I know you were looking for good JD movies but I don't remember you saying what one you picked? Just curious with which one you ended up with if any :)

  114. Hey, this party is still going strong! Mary, I love your lampshade description, and since we don't have our T-shirts yet, we could all wear lampshades.

    The pharmacy (Sharrow's) is a REAL pharmacy, as Rod said right at the four-corners. By the blinky stop sign. We only have two in Mayberry.

  115. Maybe we should all wear a hat (any kind). That would help narrow it down some!

  116. I forgot to ask; Rod, where did you find "Blow"?? I checked Family
    Video here in BD and they don't have it!

  117. Waving to those in the Wausau area! I live in Nekoosa so I'm still a ways from you, but feel like we're in the same general area. I too ventured down to Columbus on the 20th. My mom lives in Beaver Dam so the kids and I made the trek. Had a wonderful time.

    I graduated from a little town down the road from Columbus - Rio - so coming to Columbus to watch the filming felt like coming back home since I still have friends in the area. Anyone familiar with it?

  118. Good day all, aff to the salt mines! Rod - Blow freaked me out a little too = )

  119. tami, lotus & fanfromwi.....we will have to try and get together sometime. I too feel very left out. Maybe we could get down to Kurth's some Friday night!


  120. Now THAT would be awesome! love to meet you fun gals!!!

  121. char, tami, & fanfromwi: I think that would be fun.

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