Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tragedy in Kentucky

The few of you that have been reading my blogs for the last five years will understand how I feel about the events that occurred in the Kentucky Derby yesterday.

I followed Barbaro after he broke his leg in the 2006 Kentucky Derby praying that todays medical miracles would find there way to save him. The millions of dollars spent looked promising but in the end they were not enough.

I have never owned a horse but care for them and when I heard they Eight Bells broke both front legs in the Derby yesterday it cast a cloud over the rest of the day.

She was the only filly in the field and did a darn good job at keeping up with the boys.

She died doing what she loved.
On a small side note there is a great book written by a horse. It's called "Traveler" and is the story of the American Civil War from General Lee's horses point of view. It was told to the author Richard Adams (Watership Down) and is a wonderful book.
There is little PE news which I'm sure one reader is thankful over.

I received a rather terse letter from a reader that seems to have issues with me and this blog, the #1 Friendliest Blog In The World About The Movie Public Enemies. She seems to be part of the information police squad and shook her finger at me and my "Mayberry" friends.

It was a little insulting (ok very insulting - typical insulting Chicago attitude) to small town people here in Wisconsin from a Chicago point of view. But then again we make fun of Chicago people and their extremely narrow backwards points of view so it all evens out.

The gist of her ramblings was that my blog was ruining the movie because I was printing information about where they are filming and not respecting Johnny Depp.

There is SO much wrong with her letter that I feel I should not even justify it by talking about it. BUT - It's truly is rather funny.

"Although you may be slightly out of touch with things, being isolated as you are in your 'Mayberry' environment"

"your blog is unnecessary and only serves to fuel a fire that has clearly grown out of control."

We finally did get telephone service in Madison last month.

Clearly grown out of control? What reality is she looking at??

From what I have been told by the crew that are doing the actual shooting of the movie (not the people that work on the sets) is that so far their foray into Wisconsin has been great, crowds have been wonderful and helpful and friendly and way way better then expected.

I HOPE the people of Chicago will as tame as they are in Wisconsin. We DO understand that the movies are talkies now you know!

What I wonder about her tirade is whether she is confused (obviously she is) with somebody in IMdb that posted exactly where JD was staying in the Dells. She will notice that even though I knew exactly where he was staying last Tuesday I did not print it.

I respect the actors privacy. I only post information about the making of the movie because I know the crowds are well behaved and courteous.

The people of Wisconsin are not children as she assumes, we are not backward buffoons as she implies.

Also she writes " Your blog is entitled, "Public Enemies Columbus". " Actually it's Public Enemies Columbus and the World! Deal with it sister!

Now that they are leaving, it's time for you to find something else to do with your time."

Well - I do have to milk the cows at some point and de ball the steers . . . or is it th other way around.

Other tidbits of mindless drivel

"Since March 17th, I have, due to no fault of my own, been painfully aware of your blog. I do not actively seek out your blog; news of what is posted there is being filtered to other websites, so alas, I am assaulted by the obnoxious Grinder whether I want to be or not. "

The sad part is that I totally understand the theory behind what she is saying, yet she is SO wrong with her views it's embarrassing. I feel she is out of touch with reality of the wonderful experience Universal AND Wisconsinits are having with this.

Enough of that. I will CONTINUE to respect the actors and the company . . . .even though I now have this urge to tweak her from time to time.
On aside note.

It's time to put the first blog of the year about our landscaping.

SO SO many plans. It is going to be exciting to look back 5 years from now at the transformation of a naked yard to "our vision".

I'll point you to the address once I get another entry. (ok here, address is Lasanga Bed's for Beginners, but I think I'll have to change that)

For any of you gardeners I have a question. Last year in late October on the last Farmers Market there was a sale and I purchased 10 different plants for a rock garden for $5. I stuffed them in the rocks to see what would take. Sort of like Survivor for plants.

Does any one know WHAT this is? Here are two photos, over all view and a close up.