Wednesday, June 11, 2008

19 Days To Go!

It's coming down to the wire as Universal only has 19 days to go with filming Public Enemies.

Yesterday they were back in Wisconsin, Milwaukee to be exact and Cub Reporter Blaznfire911 was there checking it out! Here is her report.

I got to the Milwaukee Historical Society at 6:30pm. Filming had begun already around 2pm this afternoon. On set today was Johnny Depp, Stephen Dorf,

They were filming mostly indoors today, but to our surprise at about 7:30pm they started to set up for some outdoor scenes! They pulled two cars up to the front door, and Stephen Dorf came out and sat near the steps. A few minutes later, Johnny appeared, and did some test runs holding onto the side of the car. Michael Mann appeared, and they called "quiet on the set", "rolling".....then all was still for a few minutes. I didn't see Johnny go back inside the historical society/bank but he must have because all of a sudden he came rushing out with 4 other guys, and they were flinging guns around (no sound though) and jumped onto the running boards of the cars. It went by so fast.....Johnny pointed his gun across the car, Stephen pointed his gun across the hood of the car in the opposite direction, then they both jumped off.....then "cut"....that's a rap folks.

(hey that's suppose to be Columbus Stuff! - rm)

Everyone started cheering and cheering. Johnny, Stephen, and 3 other actors posed for pictures in front of the bank before heading back to base camp. Peg, and I headed up to base camp and saw Johnny and Stephen pull in. Johnny gave a little wave, but did not roll down the window. Stephen, however did, and waved to crowd before pulling in.

At 8:30pm Jerry came out and told everyone that Johnny would NOT be coming out tonight to sign autographs, but would be coming out on Thursday (the last night of filming). Jerry said that filming could go anywhere from 11pm-5am in the morning so he could not say for sure what time he would do a meet and greet, but promised everyone that Johnny WOULD come out to sign. There were only about 30 people waiting to meet Johnny outside base camp, so a lot of people waited around to see Johnny drive out. However, he did not. We waited until 10pm, when the security guards came out and told everyone that Johnny had left already. There was a family from California that had flown in for the day, and the girls were crying as they were upset that he did not come out, nor do a drive by.

Earlier in the day, Johnny had done several drivebys, and waved to the crowds, and even talked to some people from his car.

So that's the news for today. I will be down at the filming on Wednesday, and Thursday to give you some updates if you want them. I wasn't sure if you want to tell people about the Thursday night meet and greet since it may not happen due to weather. (sure why not!! - rm) We are supposed to have severe thunderstorms....but I will go to you for my weather from now on.

Filming Schedule

Mid afternoon into early morning tomorrow, some scenes at the historical society, and the rest on Prospect St in downtown Milwaukee. I believe those are inside scenes only.

The Wed night shoot will be into the night/early morning hours, with NO meet and greet per Jerry.

3.) Thurs will probably be the same as Wednesday night, with an unknown ending time for the shoot.

4.) Friday they are headed back to Chicago (Per a crew member)

Thanks Vicky!!!
We're heading north to Door County Wisconsin for a little vacation. I have been going there since I was 5 when no one had heard of the place. It can be described sort of as the Maine of Wisconsin. Working fishing villages on the lake side and resorts and gifts shops on the Green Bay side.

Beautiful in a relaxing way. I'm sure I make have some photos of the Fish Boils and so forth as I will be blogging. Our main goal is a The Ridges Ride for Nature Bicycle Ride. WE'RE READY.

Except we have ridden exactly one block on our bikes this year. From having colds to cold weather and a hacking cough we should be fine on a 100km ride!! No probs. I think we might cut back on the miles a tad. Especially when people see us coughing and hacking our way around Door County (man those two gotta stop smoking!!).

In reality we're both feeling pretty good AND we have 70% of our taste back.

Actually DJ is only doing the ride for the tee-shirts with original art and pasta at the end of the ride (which is REALLY good). We'll be on the sag wagon after 2 miles!

In other news, I took some photos this morning. The first photo is of the Clay Garden (guess why I call it that name).

That area, bottom right, is the tip of the spear when it comes to water running down the hill. The Rue (I think) and Cat Mint take the brunt of the direct hit. I put in edging and left it high. Not high enough according to last Saturday but I have plans for more water diversion and channeling inside the garden. GAME ON MOTHER NATURE!! BRING IT!

The tip was wiped out last year in another deluge, you can see how it's a little thin "up" there.

The fluffy green plants are Coreopsis Zagreb which are way bigger then last year. I can't wait to see those flower. Just the other side of that fence you can see a lighter green - that is The River ( see 2nd photo to see The River). Any good rain storm and The River appears!

The Butterfly Garden is coming along slowly. Remember - this is my first FULL year of being a gardener so I'm not sure WHEN things come up and it's always a surprise when anything grows at ALL!

This is my Jethro Tull Coreopsis which I purchased ONLY because of it's name! I have three of them (only by flowers in odd numbers)

Not a clue what this is but it was pretty at the Farmers Market. Anyone want to take a guess?

My REAL Butterfly "plants" have not flowered yet, only my spur of the moment plants.

But my real pride and joy is the Mailbox garden.

Funny - every garden has some sort of rain measuring device LOL OBSESSED WITH RAIN ROD??? If this is what a garden looks like in it's 2nd year I'm pumped. What's that saying about the first 3 years of a garden?
Different subject!

It's weird how people don't even notice the Space Shuttle taking off and landing. Driving people back and forth to a space station is so common place. Amazing!
Marion Morrison died on this day in 1979. Some called him John Wayne. Wayne's first acting jobs were bit parts and he was credited but with the name Duke Morrison. Duke Morrison was the name of his pet dog.

His first real acting job was in the movie The Big Trail and it was then when he became John Wayne. The director and long time friend of Marion, Raoul Walsh, did not think "Marion" was a good name for someone playing a tough western hero. The movie was a dud anyway.

During the 30's Wayne made dozens of movies churning out two a week (Michael Mann would have a fit) and sometimes Wayne would appear as "Singing Sandy," the musical cowpoke.

His breakthrough was in1939 in Stagecoach as Ringo Kid.

Wayne’s last film was The Shootist (1976), he played a legendary gunslinger dying of cancer. The role had particular meaning, as he was fighting cancer himself.
For all of you Tudor people.

King Henry VIII of England married Catherine of Aragon on this date in 1509. His first of sixth wives. He divorced her against the will of the Roman Catholic Church, thus precipitating the Protestant Reformation in England.

Henry went on to have five more wives; two of whom--Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard--he executed for alleged adultery after he grew tired of them.

His only surviving child by Catherine of Aragon, Mary, ascended to the throne upon the death of her half-brother, Edward VI, in 1553. In 1558, Mary was succeeded by her half-sister, Elizabeth, the only surviving child of Henry VIII by Anne Boleyn. She was crowned Queen Elizabeth I.

And thus - I bid adieu.

Sir Rod of the Melottes