Monday, February 9, 2009

Missed it by THAT much

We're going to miss the BIG storm that will develop in Texas Tuesday and JUST skim to the south of Wisconsin on Wednesday. We should still get some good rain from a low and that band of rain will hold together and sweep across Wisconsin.

Of course the big thing on peoples minds is East Washington construction which begins today. The last phase and I tell ya - I am 100% impressed at how well they have routed traffic in the last three phases. I'm not going to get all upset yet (as some people are upset already and it has not even started).

Cute kitty picture
Milo taking a nap after being outside causing trouble.

Milo and Sierra in a loving moment.
Sierra is the normal sized cat. They don't even see the mouse behind them.
Or is that some giant sperm. OK - won't go there.

I had the Columbus Political Tour last night. I did not know Columbus had these tours but Left Hand Louie was the limo river. Very informative. I also did not know that Columbus had an 18 year old Mayor at one time. Certainly not the youngest Mayor as Brian Zimmerman (11) won an election for Mayor in Crabb Texas in 1983. In fact his Mayoral victory was made into a movie called Lone Star Kid.

I did have a chance to see all the bone head blunders from past administrations. It seems Columbus is the building moving capitol of Wisconsin. Buildings being moved from block to block. I have heard rumors that they are planning on moving the entire downtown to be next to the truck stop to help tourism. Then fill in the holes left by the buildings to become skating rinks and fishing holes. We could get bait shops to move into town.

The mayor of Muskogee, Oklahoma is 19 and he wants a girl friend. His claim to fame (other then being a 19 year old Mayor of a 40,000 pop town) is that he is not only the head of the Young Republicans he is ALSO the head of the Young Democrats. But he commented that his main goal is to fill the girlfriend position in his administration.

Speaking of history - I found this History of Columbia County circa 1880?? Certainly is old!!! It COULD be interesting. It's over 1000 pages.

Here is a photo of the beautiful Udey Dam. I'm thinking we could make this a tourist destination. See the all powerful Udey Dam over 80 years old and still holding back most of the water. Plus you can see how canoeist can go down the falls. They have to because there is no portage.

Here is Mill Pond - across the street from Mullins Drive-In, next to the park. Actually the river looked pretty nice running through it and if we blew up the dam and made that into a park it would be very very scenic. I've never seen this area with water so I can not picture what it would look like. I can't see it being very deep though if the dam was holding the water. 3 feet???

On the good side Columbus is not going to have the uninformed voters decide. Roger Sneath had a small phone survey and it seems 75% of the people he called said "you do it". Well done Roger.

On a final note - I see The Columbus Pioneer still has dressed Pet rabbits for sale. I wonder if they are dressed for Easter now?

Guess I'm not "into" writing today. I have a writers block (normally lasts 8 to 12 hours).



  1. Rum Diary will be an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel about a journalist in 1950's Puerto Rico who falls into a love triangle. Depp has been working to get the film made for some time, and now production is finally set to begin on March 30.

    This should close the reshoot window a bit.....

  2. Grinder, you've only seen the tip of the iceberg of the bone-headed blunders of the past.

  3. FYI because I know a lot of people from Columbus read this blog:

    I just left the Ford dealership here in Columbus after having a new tire installed on my truck. While I was talking to the salesman who sold us our truck 2 years ago his girlfriend called and told him she also had a flat tire along with her father and aunt. Our shared coincidence is that all of us had been just been driving in the same area in Columbus. If you are in Columbus avoid the on/off ramp area by 16/151 by Pick N Save and be careful driving around that area in general. Someone either lost something off their vehicle or someone tossed things out on purpose. But it's just too much of a coincidence that 4 vehicles would suffer from flats and blow out tires, one being a trailer with all 4 tires going flat.

    I did report this to the Columbus Police department before I came home. I wanted to prevent someone from having damage done to their vehicle and wallet.

  4. Rod if you want to see pictures of the area across from Mullins full of water I have some from the flooding last summer.

  5. Yes Rod- the water was very shallow but we had an ice-skating rink- which certainly could be somewhere else in town. (when I was young they fire dept. used to flood an area for us- but that was in IL- they must do things differently down there.) I don't know of any counts being done on how many people actually used the rink but I never saw more than a few kids out there when I went by...the area that was cleared off wasn't very big and most of it was a hockey rink. Just my observation...

  6. It's good that LHL filled you in on the big "free building" project of a previous administration. In their great wisdom they could not turn down a "free" building that someone else was planning to tear down and haul away. Funny when the king pin of that previous administration places his rants in the letters column of the local newspaper he never mentions that big "public improvement" project of his. So now we have $100K+ in that POS and he complains about his taxes. I think it should be gold plated as a memorial to that group and their great infinite wisdom. Some pink flamingos and the classic bent over lawn lady with her underwear showing might really dress that place up. Does anyone have an old car they would be willing to donate to put up on blocks in the front? A beware of dog sign for the front window would be nice too.

  7. Great Blog!!

    For writers block you did pretty good today!LOL!!

    Milo and Sierra look so cute together on the ottoman.

    Udey Dam picture is pretty cool.
    Hope something positive happens to it...

    Hope they found whatever is in the area of 16/151...
    And that no one else gets flat tires or anything.

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