Friday, May 29, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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optimism running rampant (at some point)

So I suppose you are asking why did I have Winner Winner Chicken Dinner as a title of today's blog? Two reasons. The most important is that I'll get a ton of hits over the years from people googleing what the hell it means.

And I'll tell you!

The legend tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner.

The other reason is that I was reading about the Megabucks winner that came from Winner South Dakota. A winner from Winner. Of course that brought up other interesting names for towns like Intercourse Pennsylvania. In fact PA has a few odd names such as Blue Balls PA.

Then taking the winner thing and slanting it a little, one of my neighbors is in Las Vegas right now and will be competing in the World Series of Poker Event #4 which starts tomorrow. I've actually played online against someone from Columbus WI. Small world.

I was almost in the Main Event at the WSOP about 9 years ago when I was at the final table with six left in a satellite tournament. Winner gets a seat in the Main Event. There were only two good players left and I was one of then and 2nd in stack size.

I hit a Full House and pushed all my chips in but my opponent ALSO had a full house but bigger then mine. By By! Speaking of poker - I had a hand a few nights ago. I had a set of 5's on the flop. Pushed all in and what I saw was amazing.

One guy had a set of Queens and the other guy had a Nut Flush. I was 3rd until a 5 hit the river and I won the hand with quad 5's. The rule is if you have a set and lose you better lose a LOT or else you played it wrong.

From various Brewer ramblings.

So Corey Hart is working to remedy his problems and help the team win. Ryan Braun, meanwhile, is making plans to host a party Friday night for the official launch of his "Remetee" clothing line. Seriously? This couldn't wait until the offseason? Thanks for keeping your priorities in line, Ryan: When the Brewers aren't winning I could not possibly care less about the success of your t-shirt line. Also, you have a sore wrist and your OPS has dropped almost 130 points in the last 17 days. Maybe you should get some rest?

Todd Coffey is hot again and there is a new wrinkle in his RUN to the mound as reported in the New York Times.

One last thing about the Brewers. This last 12 games that they have played really tired them out. I had heard that the 9 game road trip was the worst trip in many many years due to timing and when the games were being played. Four times they arrived in the next city around 3:00 in the morning for a night game that day. They lost a key member of their team and played 12 straight days. It's gotta wear on you.

They were do for some losses as their big winning streak was against teams also having bad trips, missing key players due to injuries and other oddities. Hardy said they had Thursday circled on the calendar and really needed an off day.


Anybody seen Valkyrie? We got in on Netflix and watched "the making off" stuff. Very very interesting. All filmed in the actual locations. I did not realize that there are NO war hero monuments for Germain solders in Germany EXCEPT for the 4 Valkyrie hero's. In fact that is why the movie was made.

The Director and Producer were best friends as kids and played army in their back yard (as I did). They were in Berlin for another movie and noticed the only plaque in Germany with names they had never heard off. Did research and found an amazing story.

Of course the Valkyrie on the right is a different Valkyrie but it brings back mammary's.

They said Tom Cruz was made for this roll as he looks almost exactly like the original Claus von Stauffenberg. In fact all the major look like the original people.
This last weekend we watched Ghost Town and Outsourced. Both pretty good movies. Outsourced is a nice little romantic comedy about a guy that is sent to India to teach a group of Indians how to work in a call center and he falls in love with an Indian woman.

Ghost Town stars Ricky Gervais, a guy that can see ghosts. Funny, not LOL funny but chuckle funny.

and speaking of Ricky Gervais (you can see how my brain works) The Office. He was the original The Office which only lasted 12 shows on the BBC. The American The Office used basically the same exact scripts in their 1st season (which sort of sucked).

But my point is . . . have you ever watched the Webisodes of The Office? Pretty funny - go to the NBC Site, each Webisodes is 2 minutes of a 10 minute show and they star the office workers (not Micheal or the bigger stars).

OK - I'm out of junk in my head.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

N1H1Swine Flu

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Part Six in
Behind the Scenes of Public Enemies Coming to Columbus

Man - did I REALLY stink it up in golf last night. Had to be the worst night in years. It was like I had never carried a club before. I was uncomfortable with what I was wearing (too tight) and I just never really did anything good. Sort of sulked when I got home. I don't mind hitting the ball to the wrong spots on the course but when HITTING the ball becomes a problem . . . . grrrrrrr.

I was asked how many people are reading the blog lately as the amount of Comments have dropped dramatically.

There are so many ways to look at the stats. The easiest is just how many pages are read each day that I blog and this number is a steady 480ish. Of the 480 pages about 370 people are reading those pages and of the 370 about 250 return every day. (according to cookies). Each WEEK I have about 2900 pages read from the blog.

Remember a month ago when N1H1Swine Flu was in the news (notice how I combined N1H1Swine Flu? I picked that up from TV. They tell people NOT to call it the Swine Flu so now they say "N1H1, the Swine Flu" which to me just lengthens the entire name and I think the talking heads (not THE Talking Heads - see right) just like to say SWINE on TV like they like saying BITCH (see left) in dog shows).

ANYWAY - a month ago we received two emails from my boss telling me not to worry or panic about N1H1Swine Flu and everything was all right, and then I got an email from HIS boss telling me to not worry and then HIS boss sent an email and then the top boss said everything was under control.

The next day we had a big meeting saying it was all good and not to panic but they had ordered 25 more laptops for people to work at home and to prepare ourselves for working 12 hour shifts if the entire building was at home vomiting but not to worry.

A couple days later we were told to relax but do not go to the 3B floor as it was the command center for N1H1Swine Flu and it was very active down there and people might get in the way or get hurt with all the activity. I, of course, figured everyone was running around with their hands in the air yelling and bumping into each other.

Then they needed our fax machine for important stuff but everything was going to be OK and they took our FAX.

So that was a month ago.

A couple days ago I deliver some VIP reports that no one actually reads to the other side of the room and hand it to the person in charge of sending the never read very important reports and as I handed the doc's to the woman she said something and I was like all wow that was a very sexy voice or maybe I said you sound like death or some combination of you sound like a sexy dead person or something and she was all I've been gone for three weeks with the swine flu and I corrected her saying it was actually the N1H1Swine flu and I instinctively started touching my fingers to my eyes because the flu is the best way to lose weight.

So here I am face to face with the news and I'm like trying to relax and not panic knowing that everything will be all right.

Why was our room not advised that N1H1Swine Flu was actually IN OUR ROOM?? Do the people running around with their hands in the air down stairs in 3B know this? Should I send then a fax? No, I can't they took it. DAMN THEM.

So if you don't see me for three weeks but when you do I'm looking trim you know what happened.

Anybody know anything about the big accident on the 151/73 bridge last night about 9:00? Looked like a tractor fell off a trailer and a car hit it. Lots of damage and injuries and flashing lights!

Do not take your health for granted. Random stuff happens.

A preacher wanted to raise money for his church and on being told that there was a fortune in horse racing, decided to purchase one and enter it in the races. However at the local auction, the going price for horses was so high that he ended up buying a donkey instead. He figured that since he had it, he might as well go ahead and enter it in the races. To his surprise, the donkey came in third! The next day the local paper carried this headline:


The preacher was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and this time it won. The paper read:


The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the preacher not to enter the donkey in another race. The paper headline read:


This was too much for the Bishop, so he ordered the preacher to get rid of the donkey. The preacher decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The paper headline the next day read:


The Bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it to a farmer for $10.00. Next day the headline read:


This was too much for the Bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey, lead it to the plains where it could run wild and free. Next day, the headline in the paper read:


The Bishop was buried the next day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Public Enemies Premier Party. July 1st

In beer news my American Amber had a small tweak to the recipe and it's turning out to be wonderful. I used a proprietary yeast from Rogue Brewery that I managed to obtain (and am now culturing) and added 1 more ounce of Biscuit Malt and combined they are adding a wonderful complexity.

My Hammer & Nail Brown had a small problem with batch #2 and I had to use a different hop and THAT is having a great effect and some are saying it's the best brew yet.

A new brew called Dixie Chicks (an American blond style) tastes great if you like macro brews. It's like drinking a really really really good Miller. . . . I think. I'm have not gotten a lot of feedback yet.

I do take orders you know! Takes about 2 months.

Jon & Kate? Who the hell are these people and why? do we care? Seriously Season 5?

And on that vain - we drove to work behind a pickup truck with balls! yea - big balls hanging from the truck. I've heard that chicks love trucks with big balls hanging from the back side. DJ said maybe it was suppose to be a boy truck. If it was I want to see a girl truck with breasts on the front - THAT would be cool because guys like breasts.

I swear if I ever see a truck with balls in a parking lot I'm snipping them. It's my own little way to cut down the amount of pickups on the road. Let's stop that gene pool in it's tracks.


(I'll probably get in trouble for posting this - so fire me!)

OH - tickets are NOT on sale yet.

OH - Public Enemies Premier Party. July 1st. There will be a limited number of tickets on sale and I've been given (well, I sort of took them actually . . . in fact since they have not been printed I took an IDEA so . . whatever). If you want to be included in the Public Enemies Premier Celebration I can hold some tickets but I'll need $$ sooner or later.

Here is what is included. For $20 you get the movie at East Gate in Madison with all of your Columbus friends and a party afterword with Pizza Shak pizza, fresh custard from Culvers, snacks and champagne and soft drinks and lots of friends to talk about the movie. All proceeds go to Columbus Main Street Program. For $10 more you get a luxury TWO WAY ride in a buses donated from Kobussens (limited seating).

I'll have tickets early June.

Jose Canseco - what are you doing???? USA Today has an article about him.

I had a lot of Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire cards many years ago and traded them with a kid for Ken Griffy Jr cards and I think I got the better deal from that little guy (who is now 25 and can beat me up).

Jose was in a mixed martial arts fight a few nights ago and lasted 77 seconds. Before that he had a press conference the day Manny Ramirez was suspended and no one showed up. Late last year he pleaded guilty for bringing fertility drugs across the Mexican border (and selling them to pickup trucks), then he got knocked out in a boxing match with an NFL player (Don Beebee I think it was).

Rumors is that he is going to be the San Diego Chicken for the Padres or go on Celebrity Apprentice.


Honey Bees are still dieing but the rate is slowing a LITTLE. Scientists still can not see what the problem is. Tests are showing that it's not anything we are putting in the crops. It seems the worker bees that collect the honey get sick and fearing that they will make the rest of the hive sick they fly off so not to infect the others, sort of committing suicide to protect the colony. But this leaves the others in peril and the colony dies.

Still - losing 33% of all hives 3 years in a row is putting the nations crops at risk.

Did I post this once? Check out the energy orbs that are floating around the Capri. Lost of happy energy around Doc's place.

have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Columbus Pioneer - from my point of view.

Whew - I have to say that had to be one of the better Memorial Day weekends weather-wize that I can remember.

I played The Bull at Pinehurst Farms in Sheboygan Falls on Saturday on my annual Memorial Day golf event. Seems every year I play one REAL course. Two years ago we were at The Irish Course at Whistling Straits (a Whistling Straits clone) and last year we played Lawsonia (Wisconsin 2008 Golf Course of the Year) and this year the Jack Niculas designed The Bull (normally $189 a round - but we get specials on Holidays).

Before the round I went into the practice bunker and sunk up to my ankles in sands. Then preceded skull my first ball out of the bunker which went 60 yards and the next 6 balls I could not get out of the bunker at all, the farthest going maybe 3 feet.

SO - climbing out I told Craig - "my goal is to NEVER get in a bunker today, no matter what my shot is - bunker placement will be the deciding factor on every shot".

I was good to my word and ended up having the best score of the foursome and I only hit 1 bunker and stroked a 102 on a very hard course. Watching others I think the sand cost an average of 3 strokes per beach incident. I was happy and I hope they noticed I did not rub my score in their face. I Was like the Brewers in a run off win. I just ran into my little brain clubhouse and celebrated behind the scenes.

This whole Columbus Pioneer stuff - my view.

I met Joe the Editor and a couple times and he seemed like a very nice guy that was working probably about 20 hours a day (seriously). His wife was/is pregnant and he was taking a big chance pulling up stakes and trying to move to Columbus. I met some of his staff at The Kurth and really liked them.

However, things were not working out. The building he wanted to move into was not vacated on time and as promised and he was forced to set up shop somewhere in a different town. Then because he was forced to have their office 20 miles away The Joe family put off finding a home in Columbus. They LOVED Columbus.

So they started to print the paper in Watertown and it seemed to be a huge hit. They were selling many MANY copies but no one wanted to advertise. The Hospital was one of the many examples. They refused to give the CP one dime even when they were having special events. And advertising is how a newspaper makes ends meet. I was told (I was bias) that they had a fantastic newspaper but no one wanted to advertise in it.

I feel one of the problems was the Paul Factor. Everyone likes Paul Scharf the head dude at The Columbus Journal and no one wanted to put Paul out of business. I like Paul and I felt a certain guilt every time I wrote an article (which I never got paid for).

Adding to the problems was their best sales woman left for a much better job in Madison and their were a few more turnovers plus the default person to take over being the salesperson was NOT a sale person he was a writer. A newspaper office in chaos, forced to have an office in a different town then the town you are writing and printing in yet another town with a very pregnant wife working 20 hours a day and losing money hand over foot. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

What I DIDN'T know was that Joe the Editor had no tolerance for risk. The week they gave EVERYBODY a free issue they had a LOT of companies advertising but the next week, back to normal. Very very few repeat advertisers.

This seemed to be the final yet in my mind premature blow.

I wrote an article and sent it in and just like the rest of you never heard from them again.

What they did was wrong, no two ways around it. I don't know how much of the Columbus money they kept. However, I am REAL certain that while they did keep advertisers money and subscribers money it was not their original plan. I feel it was more do to ineptness in their business plan.

While you guys lost money I can assure you that Joe Moray lost way way more in his 6 week newspaper venture. Did he steal your money? Not really, I feel he only KEPT it.

With all the problems, no advertising, not being able to move into a permanent building when promised, printing in one city, publishing in another city, writing about yet another city, 40% office turnover and a very pregnant wife, working 20 hours a day and not being able to withstand more then 6 weeks of having money run through your fingers like a sieve. The Columbus Pioneer was doomed.

So yes - you can get angry that he kept you money. But I figure maybe cut him a little slack, it was just not meant to be. The people that met him he as a very nice guy that had a company that was in Titanic mode from the git go.

Udey Dam - are we keeping/repairing it now? Too bad - poor for Columbus and it will cost more to repair it in the long run AND I feel is poor for future business.

Perhaps when it's fixed we could raise tax's a little so when it freezes up again we will have the money to fix it AGAIN in 50 years. Who is in charge of repairing it? Who are we paying to be in charge of opening/closing the gates and who can we blame when said gates are not open/closed at the correct time? Who will be our designated scapegoat. How many more cans of worms can we open in the next 200 years of this horrible looking piece of ancient cement that has been collecting toxins for the last 100 years - I HOPE no one eats any fish out from behind that cesspool of waste that it creates.

Think how a navigational river would help Columbus - you could have canoeists floating down the river, stopping at Mullins to get food, do a little shopping. Maybe have a canoe rental place open somewhere. Now? You go over to the dam and it looks like a crap filled garbage dump. Last time I looked there was a severed deer/dog head next to it. Nice tourist attraction there. .

BUT - we are keeping it why? Beauty? Because it's always been there? Historic? Property values actually go UP when you remove the dam.

Oh well. Just my view.

PECOTA has the Brewers 0.9 games behind the Cards. Reds in 3rd, Cubs in 4th with 77 wins.

Have a nice Tuesday - ALREADY WHOO HOO!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day - Columbus

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Columbus has a Memorial Day Parade, as was described to me "It’s everything that the Independence Day parade is not. All local, small, and keeps the real intent of the original from “Decoration Day”. High School marching band, middle school marching band and elementary school kids with flowers for the soldier’s monument in front of City Hall. After the reading of the order of the day we all walk up the middle of James Street to Lewis and across the bridge to the cemetery where there is a short program"

Memorial day used to be called Decoration Day and was first used to honor the Union solders of the American Civil War in 1868 and was expanded to include all American casualties of war after WWI. It became a federal holiday in 1971.

There is actually a Confederate Memorial Day and is celebrated on April 26 in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi; on May 10 in North Carolina and South Carolina; on May 30 in Virginia; and on June 3 in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee.


Went to see Star Trek yesterday and we totally enjoyed it. Excellent movie. Some comedy, lots of action. Very very good outer space movie - NOT geeky. Good God the last Star Wars I saw was 100% geekdom. After 15 minutes I really wanted to leave the theater. If after seeing Trek you want to see another very very good outer space movie check out Serenity - LOTS of people you will recognize from current TV shows. Adam Baldwin being very Adam Baldwin-ish (now in the RENEWED CHUCK), Nathan Fillion now in Castle, Summer Glau in the canceled Terminator, Alan Tudyk in Dollhouse.

Serenity had such a good story not like most outer space movies. Star Trek was great because while you really did not have to know the "future" old shows it made it more entertaining.

However - what is up with Uhura and spock. Spock you little devil ;-)

One year ago NEXT Friday this happened.

Perhaps we should have a 1 year reunion at the Kurth?
The clay garden looks to be almost 3 weeks ahead of last year (no flood no flood). This is it's third year and it is really looking great.

The lasagna garden in it's 2nd year is slow with some bare spots and some green things I'm not sure WHAT they are. It looks a LITTLE better then this but it's more of a middle summer bloomer anyway.

I had to replace some perennials that did not come back. Plus all of the Jolly Bee Geraniums did not make it - all 4. I've heard from others that there's did not make it either.

My Sweet Autumn Clematis did not make it either.


OH - I was watching some morning show and Blagojevich and his wife were on talking about how SHE will be on a reality show so they can "pay their bills". when they asked Rod Blagojevich about all of his federal charges he said he was innocent and he liked himself to Teddy Roosevelt and Truman.

Yea . . . . .OK . . . .whatever.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation Day(s)

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Not much to report on this end. Taking a few days off and relaxing. Saturday, adubya (my former friend) and 2 others are going to The Bull for 18 holes. Last night we actually got 9 holes in in league. I say former friend because he humiliated me in front of countless golfers (I think 1 guy saw this from a few hundred yards away).

I was coming off a nice par and we were on a par three. I hit my shot to the left of the green and adubya hit his two feet over my ball. His ball actually hopped over mine.

So he decided to go first even though I felt I should go first (stories vary on this account). So we're deciding what club to use. I can't decide if I should use an 8 or 9 iron to chip up to the green and adubya takes out his sand wedge (or some other silly high lofted club). I'm all "that is not what I would use and he's all "well that is exactly why I'm using it" and I'm sneering and chuckling as he hits his ball like 4 feet. I LOL at this and I believe he might have called me an A-hole at that point and then he's all "I hope you skull your ball over the green" at which point I proceed to skull my ball over the green.

This of course makes him LOL and we're both LOLing and I'm backing up to my cart not noticing that my cart is like 4 feet behind me and not 15 like I was thinking.

The next thing I see are my feet againt the background of clouds as my cart actually was only 4 feet from me.

This brings out tears of joy from adubya and he is now doubled over in pain or laughter, whatever, I don't care. And I'm laying on the ground with tears of pain or laughter, whichever, but it seems to have thrown me off my game as I proceed to chip the ball 3 feet twice in my next two shots taking a 7 on a par 3.

It was at that point when "chipping" left the building for my arsenal of golf techniques.


I think we are going to see Star Trek this afternoon. Then I have to talk to the manager of East Gate and three pizza places for the red carpet event.


We took a road trip to Fall River and I took this shot of the dam that created FR. I'm thinking I should crop out some of the foreground grass.

Have a great day

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slow Wednesday


I have to start off with the feel good story of the week


In other news. hmmmmmmm

The Columbus Community Garden had it's ground breaking Saturday. Located on the corner of Tower Drive and Western Avenue (doesn't Western turn into Hamilton St. and of course Tower actually turns into Dix - WHY does Columbus do this, did they have a surplus of names? Geez - we have way to many names lets call streets by two different names. Good Grief. One of the most major streets in Columbus, HWY 73/Business 151 is Park Street which turns into Ludington. There is a guy that reads the blog - he tells people looking for his house to turn left onto Vista Circle and then turn left onto Vista Circle even though they are ON Vista Circle, it actually makes sense if you are looking at a map . . . . . .looking at a map I also see Narrow Street turns into Harrison).

ANYWAY - if you are looking for more information about the Garden which is located somewhere in Columbus email (unless they changed the name).

The Columbus Carriage Classic will be June 19 to 21 baring flood, fire or the 100 year locusts.

I see Trooper Zenk is still stalking Columbus - I saw him pull over 3 more vehicles inside the city - oddly none of them had front license plates, go figure. Watch out for the State Troopers roaming the streets of Columbus - he has a mission and it's to stay off REAL highways.

I've been in contact with Starbucks and we're looking at September for Grinders Wall of Photos. I had to submit art work to them to see if I was worthy. Guess they did take my word on it. I TOLD them I take pretty pictures but I GUESS they needed more!! Man! corporate is strict!

Here are a few I took yesterday. I don't know why I picked those two to show you - cool places for sure. Heck I was wondering around all over the place. I must have looked official - no one bothered me.

And one of some Tulips in front of our building - I'm getting a nice size collection of tulip photos. I hope these look better on YOUR computer - the one I have here has a dieing screen - everything is gray-ish.

Thursday the Columbus Middle School is having it's annual spring art exhibit and concert. The art will be in the halls of CMS and the exhibit is entitled "Transcend into the Arts". What I want to know is how many fourth graders know what "transcend" means?? I didn't know until I got into Transcendental Meditation. What to know my mantra? Can't tell ya! Secret. I bet everyone has the same one.

I might take my camera and check it out the CMS art show. . . . . . wait . . I think that is actually illegal is it not? It's against the law to take a photo of someone else piece of art without their permission.

One final thing - notice how the aggressive and attacking TICP letters to the editor in the Columbus Journal have ceased? Reading the paper is fun once again. No more mindless Columbus bashing.

In fact TICP has basically ceased to exist. They have not updated their website for almost a month. What up with that???? Must I do something so they can attack me . . again??

I think fondly of the good old days. :-(

PECOTA now has the Brewers running the table the rest of the way - BREWERS 148-14.

Actually - Brewers 91.1 wins, Cards 85, Cubs 83.

ELO adjusted PECOTA - Brewers 94.2 wins, Cubs 89.8, Cards 85.0

In the last 20 games the Brewers have actually gone down on offense, .253 avg, .358 oba and .430 slg but pitching . WOW 3.17 ERA including Loopers 6.04 ERA .

Tonight they go against red hot Wandy Rodriguez - lets hope the Crew can get his pitch count up to get at the bullpen - otherwise it'll be a long long night. He has only walked 5 in his last 4 games.

Interesting - Minute Maid Park is the 3rd easiest place to hit a HR, right ahead of Miller Park but is 25th in runs. It's the hardest place to hit a double - I wonder why ??? Doubles getting turned into HRs perhaps?

Rod out

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Main Street Columbus PE Premier - mtg #1.5

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Part Five - Movie Credits? How do they work?

The meeting of the Main Street Columbus PE Premier was smooth as silk. Here is the scoop so far (let me stress this is still an "in the works" project"). The movie will be at 7:30 July 1st with a reception afterword which will HOPEFULLY include Pizza, Champagne and Custard and more but this is still in flux. We're looking into liqueur license (and if we need one) and so forth and we're hoping to get the Senior Center for the festivities. There will be two large buses provided for us by Kobussen Charters for people that want to spend an extra $10 for free transportation. We will have approximately 110 spots on a first come basis. Kobussen has given us a nice deal as buses are seriously expensive.

Tickets will be $30 and $20. I really (stress really) want to show you the flyer LeaAnn has created but I best not yet.

The only big problem at the moment is that since the reception is AFTER the movie we will be lacking a set-up crew as they will all be AT the movie.

Also - Picture Car Drivers. If you would like to park your car in front of East Gate for all to gawk at you get a free tickets (there will be security). I figure we will have room for 5(??). Let me know if you are interested.

We're looking at 240 people on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will go on sale around the 1st of June. I'll keep you all informed.

That is the big news as I'm leaving out the details which can change.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday the 26th ABOUT 5:00 at West James Gallery. The last meeting took 1 hour. Robbie - we could use your expertise and contacts with media.

Remember what happened 29 years ago yesterday? Mount St. Helens blew killing 57 people and devastating 210 square miles of wilderness. Native Americans called it Louwala-Clough, or "the Smoking Mountain" (before smoking mountains were banned by the government).

Mount St. Helens became active again in 2004. Though a new dome has been growing steadily near the top of the peak and small earthquakes are frequent, scientists do not expect a repeat of the 1980 catastrophe anytime soon
Tooting my own horn - Being a pretty good market timer (yea - I'm bragging) on March 13 in this blog I declared that we hit the bottom of the bull market. I'm expecting a good size run up in the stock market. Remember - never trust your money to what you read on the internets and particularly blogs . . . . but I've been fully invested in the market since March 16th. Send me your spare money and I will invest it wisely!

Always remember - I invested in VDOT at $7 and it zoomed up to $12 before it zoomed down to $0.005 and then just sort of disappeared. SWEET DEAL! It was going to be the next Java until Java took roots.

I also put money into Insituform which was a new way of digging tunnels under roadways for pipelines. That actually did well but was not exciting.

I do better with the overall market and mutual funds!

I hope everybody read about Steve Sobiak's trip to Mansfield Ohio, a clone of Columbus.

Mansfield is a demographic twin of Columbus. It has a historical downtown, is surrounded my agriculture, is about 30 miles north east of . . . . .COLUMBUS and has a population of 49,000 . . . .wait a minute . . now I'm cornfused. Ok - not REALLY the same demographic I guess. It did have a major movie filmed there "The Shawshank Redemption" which is just a wonderful movie. Very happy ending. Actually there have been EIGHT movies filmed in Mansfield so Columbus has some catching up to do. I hope Mayor Bob will work on getting the next seven movies in the works.

ANYWAY - Steve went to Mansfield to visit Braintree Business Development Center - A non-profit business incubator which assists business startups and emerging companies in North Central Ohio.

This is something Steve and the other guy* have been working on and the vacant Anchor Bank building is the epic center for what they hope will be the Columbus Business Development Center (or something like that).

"Our tenants benefit from the synergies of networking with many dynamic new businesses in an environment of shared facilities and resources.

We help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful enterprises.

"synergies of networking" - can Columbus deal with that kind of language?

"synergies of networking" = like working together and talking a lot.

*other guy = Boyd Kramer also known as "minty fresh".

Brewers - boring . . .win win win. When will the media start to notice. All I read is about how good the Cubs are doing and the Dodgers. Geez - I think 20-5 is not a bad run right?

PECOTA now has the Brewers winning 91 games - 8 more then the 2nd place Cubs. The ELO version based entirely on real data (no projections) has the Brewers winning 93 games, 2 more then the Cubs.

In case you are curious here is the Win Expectancy Graph for last nights game

In the Brewers last 10 series they are 8-0-2 in taking the series.

Home Brew - pretty excited last night when I opened a Texas Blond and took my first sip of a new brew. At first my brain went - mmmmm - taste's like Miller! But then once I realized I was not drinking a dark beer I thought that this is pretty good . . . . for a light colored brewski! My spring seasonal. I have no idea what I want for a label. I'll have to put on my thinking cap.

Better get to work.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Shoot the Messenger

www.FrontPorchColumbus Dot Com

Vaus made a comment in the comments about the box office $$ that Public Enemies might take in. He was looking for prognostications and found a few which I believe are way way low. However I do agree that Public Enemies will not be the highest grossing movie on the summer.

WHAT were we talking about last year anyway. Remember when people were saying PE was going to be the only major release because of the strike. It's not that I'm surprised we were SO wrong but I'm surprised no one corrected our boasting. Were we on crack?

So Vaus took IMDB/BoxOfficeMojo, ComingSoon, IndieWire, FilmSchoolRejects, and MovieRetriever estimates and put them all together. He/she does cover his/her ass by saying "All predictions were made prior to start of May when no-one had seen all the films. While most writers/predictors want to see Public Enemies, they know that summer movie time is for families and students"

Here is the list and I'll have my view after.

1.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ;$345m
2.Harry Potter and the half blood prince ; $310m
3.Star Trek ; $229m
4.Terminator Salvation ; $222m
5.Up ; $220m
6.Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ; $206m
7.Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ; $204m
8.X-men Origins: Wolverine ; $204m
9.Angels & Demons ; $172m
10.GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra ; $133m
11.Bruno ; $118m
12.Public Enemies ; $115m
13.Funny People; $111m

OK - Public Enemies 115m is absurd. Seriously - that is just poopy talk. More on that later.

Star Trek will hit +250m as it's second weekend only had a 43% drop in sales which is remarkably low and by Tuesday will pass Wolverine. Wolfie should end up in the 180m area, not the 204m as mentioned above.

This year has been a steller year for movies as seven have hit the $140m mark compared to TWO last year.

Angels & Demons premiered this last weekend and had a good showing but nothing amazing, below most estimates actually. Demons has the lowest pre-Memorial weekend opening since 2000. Blame Star Trek which actually out drew Demons on Saturday. 52% of the audience was female for Demons. Star Trek is getting a huge word-of-mouth buzz and getting new people to see it.

REPORT from a worker buddy who saw Demons this weekend - he had just read the book and for him, thumbs down. It was loosely based on the book. The water, air, fire stuff was there but he was underwhelmed. His wife who did not read the book liked it. I guess they had to change somethings (he called it updating) that he did not appreciate.

The theater was about 3/4 full. However - there was a Public Enemies trailer which created a buzz and had people around him saying "wow, that is looking awesome".

Next weekend Terminator: Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian both kick off the long Memorial Day holiday session.

As for Public Enemies - it will be going against Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, the third and final Ice Age movie. This will get kids and parents attention but Public Enemies will have the adults attention. So perhaps PE will not win the weekend outright - who knows.

I believe PE will bow to Harry Potter but with all the Sci Fi movies coming out will the pubic be getting a little overwhelmed and need a rest from graphics and CGI? I think it will.

Transformers comes out June 24th which is suppose to be MUCH better then the first and coming up will be Terminator and . . . Night at the Museum another kids flick??

It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Here is the results SO far in 2009

1 Monsters vs. Aliens 190.6
2 Fast & Furious 152.9
3 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 151.1
4 Gran Torino (2008 Ltd) 147.7 .
5 Star Trek 147.6
6 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 145.8
7 Taken 144.5
8 Watchmen 107.4
9 He's Just Not That Into You 93.9
10 Madea Goes to Jail 90.5

I just hope Public Enemies can beat Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Pretty high standards!
We are going to have a little meeting about the Public Enemies Premier Party at West James Gallery at 5:00 today - just to see where we are. I'm going to push for a small change. I believe a 9:00 movie time is too late for many people on a work night. I would rather have a 7:30 movie and the Party AFTER the movie.

Look at it this way. "Party Before" no one will have anything to talk about. We will watch the movie and all go home to bed as it will be midnight.

7:30 movie we can all go to the AFTER movie Party, eat, have a drink and talk about what we saw. Comments? Thoughts?

Had some damage with the 36 degrees we hit Saturday night. Some Coleus seem a little stressed and shriveled. Hope the babies come back.

I looks like my Asters FINALLY started to come alive. They are tiny little things. Will they grow fast enough??

Speaking of plants. Why is it people will dump chemicals on their lawns to kill all of the dandelions and THEN, they will plant little yellow flowers that look EXACTLY like little yellow dandelions in the front yard???

Mine are all planted naturally. My Jolly Bee Geraniums are all dead. No sign of life. I also hate my dorky look Flaming Bush.

My three year old clay garden is looking fantastic!! WOW. It's going to be awesome. You gardeners were right. Year 3 is going to be sweet. Year 2 in the lasagna garden is starting slowly. Some plants are doing great, some are just starting and some I'm not sure if they are weeds or plants.

Have a great day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Public Enemies Columbus Premier Party

www.FrontPorchColumbus Dot Com
Part Four in
Behind the Scenes of Public Enemies Coming to Columbus

There will be a meeting at West James Gallery about 5:00 Monday for the Columbus Premier Party - if interested in helping we would love to have you!

First two TV spots were on last night - pretty exciting!

OK - now that I have goose bumps.

Columbus Premier EVENT

I am calling all citizens of Columbus and PEC blog-dom to come to the aid of THE COMMITTEE.

I have been in contact with EastGate officials and they are setting aside one theater (or more) for us on July 1st (or earlier if they can swing it!!). Our vision is to have a party before the show and bus's (for an extra fee) to transport all down to Madison for our very own premiere at 9:00pm July 1st where we can hoot and holler at inappropriate times.

I would love to have Picture Car Drivers attend with cars as we will have security and they can park in front of East Gate. We hope to have a red carpet and those big freaking spot lights. We would LOVE to have people dressing up in 30's outfits and there will be media.

However - I need help on setting all this up. If you are interested in helping with logistics of just want your opinion heard contact me ( I'll set up a meeting next week (Monday? Tuesday?) and we will go public (newspaper) next Saturday. Time is of the essence as we have 47 days to the premier. We need to sell all tickets (240+) BEFORE the movie (to lock in the theater).

Spread the word (particularly the Picture Car people).


Also - there is a Party after the Oshkosh Premier at Fratello's and Andy - one of the extras I met in Oshkosh (I met his brother also but did not know it) is looking for photos of the Oshkosh shoot for a slide show at Fratello's. He needs photos. If you have any he would LOVE show them. Contact Andy at word is something will happen in Chicago about a week before the premier"


14 years ago last Monday DJ and I went on our first date. I knew on that very date that I would end up marrying her and I have never regretted it.
Have a great weekend - I hope to hear from you.

OH - anyone else NOT having their Jolly Bee Geraniums come up - OR my Asters.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Public Enemies Posters are Out

Three new posters are out

Side note - Lots of PE Trailer #3 out but they are the same as #1 and #2. HOWEVER - this is a fun one to give you a few memories!

So as we all know last weekend was the city wide garage sale and DJ went out looking for baby stuff for Jenny and came back with a trunk load of stuff that cost like a quarter.

She brings everything into the house and is cleaning stuff and looks up and see's this.

Milo is very happy that DJ purchased a special chair for him.


As we all know (2) - it was Wednesday which is golf night and once again we were chased off the course by thunder and lightning and 1.34 inches of rain. I was striking the ball pretty darn good and after three holes I was very very happy. In fact so happy that I was thinking of driving the creek on the 4th hole. My last drive was in the area of 245 yards right down the middle and the creek was only 210.

BUT - I felt that overconfidence is the key to bad scores - course management was the best strategy. So I take out my 3 wood and make the perfect drive tothe front of the creek. SWEET 120 yards to go.

I get to the ball and it's in a very soggy/boggy area but I'm doing SO WELL. I line everything up and as my weight shifts in the back swing I feel myself sinking into the bog, the club is picking up speed as it nears the ball and KAWAP I take a 4 inch divot BENEATH the ball almost breaking my wrists as searing pain flashes up my arm and the ball moves forward 1 foot.

Being the optimist that I am I thank God for the extra foot as I'm now only 119 yards and 2 feet from the hole. SWEET.

I shake off my numbing left wrist and now, accounting for the sinking motion of my body I swing with my 119.67 yard club and the ball sails perfectly through the air landing in the huge trap in front of the green.

SWEET - this is wonderful as I have not had the chance to practice my wet sand play in the rain. What a great opportunity that has presented itself to me. I line everything up with my body a little open and feet firmly into the sand.

KAWAP! The ball clicks off my sand wedge and breaking the sound barrier traverses the green at a height of 3 feet landing somewhere on the other side.

I ask balderdash if he had seen or heard my ball and he points into the distance in a general direction. As luck would have it the ball is right next to a little pine tree, about 2 inches from the trunk ON THE LEFT SIDE.

This is great as I had not had a chance to practice my left handed swing yet this year, what could possibly go wrong. It's yet another opportunity.

So I take out my 3 iron and lining up backwards (for me) get all set and take a mighty swing hoping to move the ball forward towards the green.

The club glides through the air with grace picking up speed and at the moment I'm suppose to feel that sweet click of ball to iron all I feel is . . . . .AIR! WHIFF!!!

DAMN YOU FUCKING BALL!!! My calm demeanor has left the building and because THAT swing worked SO well I immediately take another and move the ball forward. I chip onto the green and take two putts and end up with a 9.


We played one more hole where I did well and then lightning flashed and - we're done!

Weather looks GREAT for next week. Perfect grass growing weather coming up!

From Graham Man

Public Enemies Happenings Around Wisconsin

June 23
Public Enemies Premier
LA Film Festival

June 23
Public Enemies Premier (I think this one is dead)
Hollywood Premier

June 30
Advance Showing of Public Enemies

July 1
Opening of Public Enemies Movie Worldwide

July 4
Columbus Parade
Picture Cars and Float

July 5
Portage WI
Marv Tomlinson has set up a showing of Public Enemies and Picture Cars

July 10-12
Iola Old Car Show
Public Enemies Car Display

July 25
Celebration that will include a parade, old cars and extras from
the movie, music and dancing from the 1930s, a look-alike-contest, treasure
hunts, tours and there may even be a Johnny Depp look-alike.

August 19
Gundrums 2nd Annual Public Enemies Car Show
West Bend WI 9:00 am

PECOTA now has the Brewers winning the NL Central with 87 victory's. Cubs 4th, Reds 2nd.

I feel this is more fun then last year. Last year the Brewers were expected to do well. This year no one thought they would be any good. The "smart" sites said they would be AS good as last year. Hitting would be better which would offset a small decline in pitching.

What has happened is that SO FAR their hitting is MUCH better and their pitching as vastly improved. They lead the majors in Quality Starts and their bullpen is doing GREAT.

If Craig Counsell can continue to hit .385 as he has done in the last 20 games it would be great. The Crew have an On Base Pct of .371 in the last 20 (compared to the upcoming St. Louis series who have an OBP of .318) The WORST regular player is Hart hitting .260 in the last 20 games.

The Brewers have interleague games coming up soon and have replaced Nelson with Gamal. Macha says ""This kid is probably our best prospect. I don’t think the plan is to have him sitting on the bench."

OH - for Home Run freaks - Fielders 2nd HR Tuesday went 435 feet, the 4th longest HR this year for the Brewers. His HR on May 6th went 457. But what is interesting is that it reached an apex of 164 feet above the ground. Fielder also has the LOWEST HR of the year on April 25th which at it's peak reached 44 feet.

And just carrying this a little farther. Weeks HR on Tuesday, 425 feet with a height of 77 feet - A ROCKET!

Gallardo's HR's were 421 and 413 feet. WOW!

Nuff said.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Festival de Columbus

I'd like to thank all of you that emailed me and were making sure the International Headquarters of Public Enemies C0lumbus was all right. We're are fine. It was a little close as the fire was within 4 miles and could have jumped Columbus at any moment but as luck would have it we were spared.

Still, I did set up a Rod Melotte Wide Angel Lens/Evacuation Fund at a local bank in case any of you feel the need to send in money to help out this wonderful charity. WWJD - What Would Joan Do. . . . BTW - speaking of Celebrity Apprentice - did you know that Donald Trump's sister works for Joan Rivers Charity? hmmmmmmm!

That show is dead to me!

As you can see in the below photo I was a little off on WHAT building was ablaze - THANKS Channel 3. I'm glad the Television Station was not in charge of putting out the fire as they would focus on the wrong building as the one NEXT to it was on fire. I guess that is why they only REPORT the news.

BTW - a few days ago I listed all the good things about Columbus and I failed to mention the freaking huge Fire department. Well done guys (and gals?)


I received an email from Laurent my Public Enemies Brussels connection (do brussel sprouts come from Brussels?) which had a photo attached from the Cannes Film Festival (or as I like to call it the Festival de Cannes). How can Columbus get those posters - THAT would ROCK!! Steve S, get on that will ya, hop on a plane and check it out!

Anyway - PE will not be shown in Cannes as it was not ready yet. The Festival which begins today is just too early and the movie is not ready. BUT you can still advertise right?

I STILL think Columbus should have a film festival. It would be awesome and the talk of Wisconsin. Get the Fireman's Park Pavilion and rig up a big screen and sound system - sure it would not be state of the art but the uniqueness of the entire venture would bring people from all over. We could show old Oscar Winning movies - Festival de Columbus


Weather - hold on to your hats as we are in the battle zone today between three army's of mother nature. In the next 12 hours we will be breathing air from three separate air masses.

The first one to be pushed out of the way will be from a very very moist warm air mass and behind it by only several hundred miles is a cold front. If we see any sun this afternoon once the warm air hits, watch out as the atmosphere is already very unstable and that would tip the scales.

I doubt you will see approaching storms as they should start to form right on top of us. I guarantee we will be in a Tornado watch sooner or later today perhaps as early as 4:00.


One of the excellent stories coming from the fire has to do AGAIN with the Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic.

Remember when we had the 2nd 100 year flood in the last 10 years many families had to abandon their pets as they were being rescued. The CCVC took it upon themselves to rescue the pets.

Well the CCVC is next to the Chemical Plant - here is a good story that is floating around the internet.
. -- Directly next to Columbus Chemical Industries is a veterinary clinic, which evacuated all of its animal patients due to the chemical plant fire Monday night.

Dr. David Gerber said he evacuated seven dogs and five cats from his Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic and took them to his home.

Gerber was one of the first to see the fire Monday night. He was working in the dog park behind his clinic, which also runs behind the chemical plant.

He determined that all animals at the clinic had to be moved, and he said time was critical.

"I noticed some smoke that was coming from one corner, so I went over there and could see that smoke was coming from Columbus Chemical. I immediately called 911," Gerber said.

Gerber said he watched as the blaze grew out of control.

"We started hearing explosions as things got progressively worse and started to escalate. We realized we needed to evacuate the animals," Gerber said.

Most of the animals went to his home, but several were moved to the Wyllow Pet Hospital in Beaver Dam.

"We did have some animals that needed medical attention, so I called up Dr. Smith and asked if we could use her facility. She very graciously said, 'Bring them on up,'" Gerber said.

"We have talked in the past about what would happen if we needed to transport our patients or evacuate our premises. I didn't expect that we would have to implement the plan," said Dr. Vicky Smith, of the Wyllow Pet Hospital.

Gerber said an elderly pug was one of the pets that needed immediate care.

"The timing was crucial. We needed to do the surgery today," Gerber said.

Gerber said the situation might not have been ideal, but cooperation between the clinics made for as smooth of a transition as he could have hoped for in an emergency.

"(The dog) is doing fine. He's in recovery," said Gerber.

Gerber, like others in the area, was finally allowed back into the clinic Tuesday afternoon.

He said both he and the dogs staying in kennels in his garage are happy to be out of his garage and back into the clinic. He said it was getting a bit noisy in his garage.

There was a comment in the comments (where the comments hang out) that said "so you don't like the new Mayor?"

My answer is that I have never met the new mayor so I can not say I like or dislike him. I think the problem comes with his supporters who play dirty personal politics and thus, because I dislike their behavior and personal attacks/lies it rubs off on the mayor.

The only thing I know is that his platform was not pro downtown which I believe and KNOW is the heart of Columbus. He was more into infrastructure which is not a bad thing. I just feel it is conservative and not forward looking enough.

Many organizations also feel he will do more harm to Columbus and good. But I disagree.

My feeling is that downtown looking organizations should use this time to regroup and prepare. Let the new government of Columbus fix the infrastructure, smooth the roads and pick up the leaves and so forth. Then, when the time is right and we get someone that is looking more into the real future of Columbus, which is the downtown area we will be more prepared and can hit the ground running.

Instead of worrying about the NOW, get better prepared for the future. Columbus is getting younger and younger and I feel more people are interested in the historical aspects of this community. The demographics are slowly changing and the older people are afraid of change.

My advice is to hunker down and prepare. Use the next two years to your advantage. Make this an opportunity.


I've been getting a lot of mixed reactions on this photo at Either people like or they don't like it at all. SOME count the stars on the flag (SCOTT?? LOL)

Rod out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Explosions Rock Columbus

Again - more news then the internet can handle.

STEVE APPS - State Journal

Five explosions rocked Columbus as Columbus Chemical Industries went up in flames Monday night forcing evacuations. If the wind was from the north the entire city would have had to be evacuated.

Below is a map of where the two most important things in this story are.

About 8:00 David Gerber from the Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic (the one that rescued the pets in last years flood) noticed smoke coming from Columbus Chemical Industries and call the owner of the plant and said something like "Hey, did you know there is smoke coming from your plant" and the owner probably said something like "no".

So a few minutes later when the smoke is getting darker and darker he decides that action MIGHT have to be taken soon. The call goes out and volunteers come to the rescue of the dogs and cats from this fine clinic and all are now safe.

Meanwhile the plant is on fire and and as firefighters that come to the scene are witnessing explosions with drums flying through the air. The plant manufactures petroleum-based chemicals including hydrochloric and sulfuric acid and other high-purity chemicals and mineral acids. Not the most wonderful stuff.

It was decided that the best way to contain the fire was NOT to use water as this would only spread the flames. Thus - it continues to burn.

150 emergency personal including the National Guard who the Wisconsin State Journ says were used to determine wind direction (yea - seems odd to me also) were on hand at the high point but most were told they were no longer needed (once they figured out the wind which I knew was from the south). 144 people were evacuated and with winds from the south at 5mph (www.ColunmbusWIweather dot com)Columbus was lucky. If winds were from the north the entire town would have been evacuated.

I have heard of no news on where the Fireworks for the 4th of July Celebration are stored. I believe the owner of the company is the guy that travels the world looking for new and exciting fireworks that rival Rhythm and Booms Fireworks in Madison (but without the crowd).

If any displaced residence (who don't have computer access I guess) or anybody has stories send them in Photos also.

Anybody hearing the news conference (we're blocked from work) let me know of any developments.

On a personal note - I like the way former Mayor Nancy Osterhaus brought attention to Columbus (Public Enemies Movie) better then present Mayor Bob Link (big fire).

Different styles I guess :-)

Secrets of the Columbus 4th of July Parade - BRILLIANT!!!

This last weekend I had a number of worried phone calls about the big Parade. As we all know the 4th of July Parade is not a small event. I have not heard any official estimates but I would not doubt that more then 10,000 people attend the event, twice the entire size of Columbus.

And as we all know it can be long. But here is something you didn't know I bet.

During the parade there is an average of three trains that block the route. So instead of having a big gap in the parade, the powers that run the parade have a brilliant solution which might help Picture Car Drivers.

When a train blocks the path, antique cars on the OTHER side of the track are let go to fill the gaps. I have talked to Roger Venden (the contact person) and he is aware of Picture Car concerns (clutching for 2 hours and over heating). If you want to talk to him let me know and I can give out his number.

And speaking of Picture Cars - I have not heard from many of the drivers but some have told me there will be a BIG turnout for the July 25th Celebration.


YUP - the State Trooper that I believe has taken up residence in Columbus by hiding inside mailboxes has been at it again. Not only did he pull ME over AGAIN but I saw him pulling others in Columbus, all not having front license plates.

Now - don't you think that a State Trooper could be better utilized by being on a REAL highway rather then in Columbus who I believe have their own police department. Come on dude - pulling over obvious criminals who have no front license is what you are trained for? Seriously - is he being lazy? Is he trying to give Columbus a bad reputation? Should he not be helping REAL problems on the highways that are NOT guarded by a municipal police department? He is embarrassing the other State Troopers who actually HELP people.


Monday May 25 Noon to 6:00 come join Cassie Pratt celebrate her wedding. Yea - that's right John - SURPRISE!!!!

OH - was it suppose to be kept quiet?? Sorry - NEVER MIND - YEA - it's really (tee hee) a "High School Graduation Party" and YOU ARE ALL INVITED!! Even my friends in Purth Australia are welcome to fly up and have some cake! (oops).

So put it on your calender - Cassies "Graduation" Party! High Noon to 6:00! I won't put the address on the front page as I can see Pic-N-Save getting a run on eggs and toilet paper and John needing to buy more house paint.

OK - check out this guy if you want a surprise



Monday, May 11, 2009

To much news for the Internet!

More News then the Internet can hold.

Joan Rivers - what a freaking piece of work. I have lost all respect for her (not that I really had any in the first place). Not real fond of The Donald either. Celebrity Apprentice was a fun ride but 0-2 on picking the REAL winner. Strike 2 you're out!

With that said - Joan had a better charity, had less money to give it and is an old, sorry, bitter, woman so they gave the "job" to her. Joan actually managed to insult "me". I'm a poker player so I MUST be working for the mafia wining blood money.

Annie got screwed for acting like an adult while Joan who acted like a child with a tantrum won. The only redeeming part of last nights show was when The Donald accidentally asked Scott Hamilton which woman would he "do". The question sort of came out wrong.

I will NOT watch the show again.

Congratulations to Rianna!!!!

Here is the cover of Model, Incorporated of which Rianna is the star ( you are suppose to envision her as the leading lady as you read the book).

Well - I guess when it comes to digging holes I'm left legged. My left knee is a little swollen as we dug 30 holes in the ground for landscaping this weekend.

13 Peking Cotoneaster
1 Black Choakberry
1 Miss Kil Lilac
3 Dogwoods
2 Gold Flame Spirea
4 Froebel Spirea
5 Coleus which I found out this morning are annuals (We need 5 more now)
1 Sweet Autumn Clematis

And don't forget spreading 3 cubic yard of mulch.

Picture Car Drivers are worried about the 4th of July Parade and unless there are questions answered many will not attend. Who is the contact for this?? (seems to be ME at the moment).

On the other side of the coin the July 25th Celebration is looking good and we might have too MANY Picture Cars.

I was talking to a driver and there is a LOT of excitement for July 25 and he said that he would not be surprised at 30 Picture Cars. Including the one that is the Hero Car. The one Johnny Depp drove and is in almost every scene.

PLUS - The Milwaukee Modal "A" group might be making a special run to Columbus that day for an outing. From my research** it will be THE LARGEST GROUPING OF RUNNING ANTIQUE 1930-1940 CARS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF COLUMBUS (except for in the 1930s and 1940s when the cars were new - which does not count!

** Research consisted of my thinking back to the 3 years I have lived in Columbus and I can not remember a time such as this.

I know many of you flocked to West James Gallery Saturday to see the canvas print to the Public Enemies Columbus photo but - to late. The canvas didn't make it that far before someone purchased it (I can not reveal the name as I bet she does not want people to know she has THAT much money just laying around - I believe she was actually in her garden burying a chest of money when we drove up).

BUT - more are on the way as I took out a canvas print loan (24% interest - do you think that is too much? the guy seemed legit, he had all the papers in his trunk.)

WOW - I just got socked with a crap load to work of which all of it seems to be on fire. It seems when people retire the powers in charge seem to think the best way to handle it is to just give all the work to the next guy . . . like he is not busy already??

I like how the DINO (Democrat In Name Only) Governor told us how wonderful we were on one day and the next day he says we need to take 3 weeks off without pay. Plus he will lay people off AND he changed the rules so no one gets unemployment. SWEET DEAL!

Well - I have fires to put out AND I have to train someone.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Main Street Program Rises From The Ash's

Perhaps a little dramatic but the title popped into my pre-coffee head. Perhaps I should type "Main street Program Reboots?"

Either way a new road map has been formed with a business plan, a vision that includes goals and tasks for the now brimming with confidence marry band of volunteers.

A new look and feel is in the process of taking shape vanguarded by the Marketing Committee (of which I am part of . . what's up with that!!). Notice small changes in the Visitor Center Website. This website will be phased out slowly as a new sleeker site takes over later this year.

The plan for downtown look and feel will get a once over also as the reconstruction of Hwy 16/60 is due run through James Street in 2014. The DOT has their blinders on with THEIR vision but they are very very open to positive suggestions (of which we will force positivity down their freaking throats if we have too) and MSP will be talking to other MSP's that have gone through this ordeal.

Trees in the downtown? I'm not on that committee but I will be voicing my opinion loudly on behalf of trees (I was nominated their spokes person in a secret vote). Trees can ONLY bring good and as seen in Lord of the Rings can win a war vs. Sun Prairie if needed. You can't depend on the Red Buds to do battle (sissy boys all).

As with many groups, clubs, organizations and programs that I have come in contact with there always seems to be a lot of vision but very little in planning and organization. No real road map with timelines. Not true with the Columbus MSP.

I don't know the past but I know the future is looking bright and we're all wearing sunglasses. Seriously - these people have it together as we worked for 6 hours on what most would call a business plan.


The only other news I have is that West James Gallery will have a canvas print of the Public Enemies Poster.

I have the day off to plant trees (yea - I had to bride the tree to get the vote). On TV there is a group pretending to be New Kids On The Block but . . . .come on . . . how old are they? Oddly their music sounds over the top computerized and I'm actually getting a little dizzy.

Good God the members are 40 years old!

They are NO TLC.

With that said I have nothing for you other then that.

OH - we were trying to find out ANYTHING about the City Wide Garage sales on the web and all we could find was THIS BLOG!!



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Columbus Public Enemies Premier Party.

May showers bring . . . . . hail. So last night was the first night in my new golf league and the first time in 8 years that I was calm and content on opening day. I was not in charge. My new goal in life is to not be in charge of anything. I was finding I did not have a lot of time for my own goals and hobbies. Not working REAL good so far but it's a non-work in progress.

With that said, I've been working on getting a Columbus Premier Party for Public Enemies (how did I get to be the point man on this anyway) and had a meeting with Marquis theater officials. They are willing to work with us so we have activity.

I'm not sure of the direction we're going with this though. The main concern is that we will need to fill 240 seats at $9 a pop which is $2,160 up front cost. We CAN go as small as 150 people but then East Gate is eating some money for us and I don’t like that so the goal is 240 (or 4.5% of the population of Columbus).

I'll have more on this as it takes shape. I'm hoping to have the big spot lights in front of the theater and Picture Cars, we will have security. Stay tuned.

Back to golf.

We tee off and on the 3rd hole started to hear a low distant rumble of thunder in the distance. Adubya whipped out his iPhone and saw a line of green and red storms heading our way on his radar (I was jealous but did not show it). We all sort of cheered as we were sucking and would, sooner or later be rained out. The question was, where would we be and when when would it hit.

After 4 putting Hole #3 which is always a joy for me we were heading west and looking right at the dark clouds and now there was no question about "IF" we were going to get it.

#4 was when I found my swing (or what or call a swing) and my circle of chaos became smaller as I almost pared a 500 yard hole and my confidence was back. The electricity in the air must have been helping.

#5 the Island green was an easy 3 and I almost a birdied it. Lightning? Bring it on baby. Rumble rumble. We could see the muskrats swimming to safer places.

It was about this time when I was seriously thinking of packing it in but we were 386 yards away from relative safety.

All four of us drove the fairway as lightning flashes to the north. Our second shots all land near the green FLASH RUMBLE. I'm in the trap and am thinking that the traps would be a safe place to bury ourselves in case of a tornado. I hit my sand shot which I THINK I sculled 80 yards across the green and I'm looking in the distance for my ball when it plops next to the hole and runs to the other side of the green.


We all putt out very fast and the cart girl drives up and is telling us we better take cover. NOW! WELL YEA!!

We head to the shelter with bolts of lightning nearing us. Then comes the conflicting part of the story. Everybody puts there clubs together and stands next to them in the shelter. I BELIEVE this is the WORST thing to do. I feel like this is some Ben Franklin experiment. Put all the metal in one spot and stand next to it, the thin wooden roof will protect us from 5 BILLION volts of electricity.

Actually if you remember in 2007 a guy was killed in Madison when horizontal lightning hit his clubs and spared his shelter - the WORST thing you can do is stand next to your clubs. This is what was left of his cart and clubs. He fared worse.

So we're waiting to see if we are going live and it starts to rain and 5 seconds later it's hailing.

Golf is over for the day. I was 11 strokes over par the 1st 3 holes and 3 over the second 3 holes. So I ended on an up note and can live to talk about it.

The GOOD news is that the grass in my yard seems to have survived the winter and is growing at a record speed (it seems). Having tomorrow off I guess I'll be doing some mowing. Gardens are growing including a nice crop of Stinging Nettle that I found without knowing it.

Lots of tulips around and I took this photo and faux framed it but think I will ACTUALLY frame it.

Today in history - we are a day away from VE day which was Victory in Europe Day. In 1945 Germany signed unconditional surrender ending World War II today. It take's effect tomorrow 64 years ago.

No Smoking - as I promised - Wisconsin will become a no smoking state July 5th 2010. Dive bars will be a little less divey in Columbus and expect to see cigarette butts EVERYWHERE on the sidewalks and streets as pissed off smokers will take out there anger by littering and making the world ugly (as was seen in Madison in front of all bars).

You will hear complaints from bar owners who will say they are losing business (which they will by about 11%) but studies have proven that the bans are a good thing for peoples health.

In the first 18 months after Pueblo, Colorado enacted a 2003 smoking ban, hospital admissions for heart attacks dropped by 27% while admissions in neighboring towns without smoking bans showed no change. A similar study in Helena, Montana found a 40% reduction in heart attacks following the imposition of a smoking ban.

Researchers at the University of Dundee found significant improvements in bar workers' lung function and inflammatory markers attributed to a smoking ban.

A comprehensive smoking ban in New York was found to have prevented 3,813 hospital admissions for heart attacks in 2004, and to have saved $56 million in health-care costs for the year.

HOWEVER - liqueur sales WILL drop about 11%. There is no doubt about that. So the bar owners do have a beef but . . . . . I'm sure making opium dens illegal also hurt business and it's not like this is coming as a surprise. Any bar that complains just had their head in the sand hiding and not taking proactive measures.

PERSONALLY - I think it is a good thing!

That's about it for now. Nuttin but golf in my life to talk about.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brewers 17 Pirates 0

If the Brewers could only play their next 145 games against the Pirates it would be sweet! Second place two games behind the Cards is fine, especially after a 4-9 start (meaning 11-3 after that).

PECOTA now has the Brewers coming in 2nd with 83 wins and a 27% chance of making the Playoffs. Cards coming in 1st, Cubs 3rd.

Speaking of dropping the ball - go to this link to see Rick Ankiel go full spead into the outfield fence with only his face to stop himself - UGLY. I think he is 2 inches shorter now. On the bright side when they were carting him off he did give the thumbs sideways sign which was probably the only way his thumb can point now.

The good news this morning is they are talking about when he will play again and not if he can walk again.

And then there is Brett Favre. What a putz! I'm sorry but if he plays for the Vikings (WHY would the Vikings want him???) it tells me he really does not care for the fans that love him in Wisconsin. Seriously - I was giving the guy the benefit of the doubt because and he just loved going out and having fun and flinging the football but . . . . . IF . . . he signs with the Vikings it is a direct insult to Wisconsin fans.

In a way I hope he does sign because 3 of his last 4 years have SUCKED! Now of course the Vikings have Sage Rosenfels, what kind of a name is that for a football player. Sage Rosenfels? Does that strike fear?


LA Film Festival will have Public Enemies as it's centerpiece movie.

The Los Angeles Film Festival announced its lineup for its annual celebration of cinema, and its centerpiece is the L.A. premiere of "Public Enemies," the hotly anticipated gangster film from director Michael Mann starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, the legendary Depression-era bank robber, and Christian Bale as his nemesis, the FBI agent Melvin Purvis.


DJ had her wonderful moment in the spotlight yesterday when she was handed her 30 years of Participation In A Government Experiment Award and THEY SPELLED HER NAME WRONG!

At least she was not handed the plaque and told to "Get a Life" by the Attorney General (who shall remain nameless so I'm not thrown in jail) like what happened last year to a 40 year recipient.

I received my 20 year Participation In A Government Experiment Award and there was a big fingerprint in the paint from the prisoner that made it. I will cherish it forever.


Tonight is the first night of golf league so you can look forward to stories of my adventures in my little circle of chaos. That is how my golf game normally is, my own little circle of chaos.

Of course it's going to rain and adubya just told me he has a new rain outfit (I hope it includes a big hat like the outfits at the Kentucky Derby). ME? I'll just take everything off if it rains - I like the freedom. SHWING!!!


OH - I want to thank all the citizens of Wisconsin for thanking ME! Jim Doyle forwarded your thanks to me in a personal email and I appreciate it. I hope he passed the coveted manila envelope for putting dollars in.

"On behalf of Wisconsin’s citizens, I thank you for your hard work and all that you do to make this state a great place to live."

I feel a little tear developing.


I hear that West James Gallery has two new framed photos on display somewhere AND you should comment to Kim on how nice her her brand new postcard holder looks.

Have a nice day

OH for Idol watchers - I like Danny but man did he SUCK last night. I'm thinking I could have sung that song better.

Rod Out.