Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Main Street Columbus PE Premier - mtg #1.5

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Part Five - Movie Credits? How do they work?

The meeting of the Main Street Columbus PE Premier was smooth as silk. Here is the scoop so far (let me stress this is still an "in the works" project"). The movie will be at 7:30 July 1st with a reception afterword which will HOPEFULLY include Pizza, Champagne and Custard and more but this is still in flux. We're looking into liqueur license (and if we need one) and so forth and we're hoping to get the Senior Center for the festivities. There will be two large buses provided for us by Kobussen Charters for people that want to spend an extra $10 for free transportation. We will have approximately 110 spots on a first come basis. Kobussen has given us a nice deal as buses are seriously expensive.

Tickets will be $30 and $20. I really (stress really) want to show you the flyer LeaAnn has created but I best not yet.

The only big problem at the moment is that since the reception is AFTER the movie we will be lacking a set-up crew as they will all be AT the movie.

Also - Picture Car Drivers. If you would like to park your car in front of East Gate for all to gawk at you get a free tickets (there will be security). I figure we will have room for 5(??). Let me know if you are interested.

We're looking at 240 people on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will go on sale around the 1st of June. I'll keep you all informed.

That is the big news as I'm leaving out the details which can change.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday the 26th ABOUT 5:00 at West James Gallery. The last meeting took 1 hour. Robbie - we could use your expertise and contacts with media.

Remember what happened 29 years ago yesterday? Mount St. Helens blew killing 57 people and devastating 210 square miles of wilderness. Native Americans called it Louwala-Clough, or "the Smoking Mountain" (before smoking mountains were banned by the government).

Mount St. Helens became active again in 2004. Though a new dome has been growing steadily near the top of the peak and small earthquakes are frequent, scientists do not expect a repeat of the 1980 catastrophe anytime soon
Tooting my own horn - Being a pretty good market timer (yea - I'm bragging) on March 13 in this blog I declared that we hit the bottom of the bull market. I'm expecting a good size run up in the stock market. Remember - never trust your money to what you read on the internets and particularly blogs . . . . but I've been fully invested in the market since March 16th. Send me your spare money and I will invest it wisely!

Always remember - I invested in VDOT at $7 and it zoomed up to $12 before it zoomed down to $0.005 and then just sort of disappeared. SWEET DEAL! It was going to be the next Java until Java took roots.

I also put money into Insituform which was a new way of digging tunnels under roadways for pipelines. That actually did well but was not exciting.

I do better with the overall market and mutual funds!

I hope everybody read about Steve Sobiak's trip to Mansfield Ohio, a clone of Columbus.

Mansfield is a demographic twin of Columbus. It has a historical downtown, is surrounded my agriculture, is about 30 miles north east of . . . . .COLUMBUS and has a population of 49,000 . . . .wait a minute . . now I'm cornfused. Ok - not REALLY the same demographic I guess. It did have a major movie filmed there "The Shawshank Redemption" which is just a wonderful movie. Very happy ending. Actually there have been EIGHT movies filmed in Mansfield so Columbus has some catching up to do. I hope Mayor Bob will work on getting the next seven movies in the works.

ANYWAY - Steve went to Mansfield to visit Braintree Business Development Center - A non-profit business incubator which assists business startups and emerging companies in North Central Ohio.

This is something Steve and the other guy* have been working on and the vacant Anchor Bank building is the epic center for what they hope will be the Columbus Business Development Center (or something like that).

"Our tenants benefit from the synergies of networking with many dynamic new businesses in an environment of shared facilities and resources.

We help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful enterprises.

"synergies of networking" - can Columbus deal with that kind of language?

"synergies of networking" = like working together and talking a lot.

*other guy = Boyd Kramer also known as "minty fresh".

Brewers - boring . . .win win win. When will the media start to notice. All I read is about how good the Cubs are doing and the Dodgers. Geez - I think 20-5 is not a bad run right?

PECOTA now has the Brewers winning 91 games - 8 more then the 2nd place Cubs. The ELO version based entirely on real data (no projections) has the Brewers winning 93 games, 2 more then the Cubs.

In case you are curious here is the Win Expectancy Graph for last nights game

In the Brewers last 10 series they are 8-0-2 in taking the series.

Home Brew - pretty excited last night when I opened a Texas Blond and took my first sip of a new brew. At first my brain went - mmmmm - taste's like Miller! But then once I realized I was not drinking a dark beer I thought that this is pretty good . . . . for a light colored brewski! My spring seasonal. I have no idea what I want for a label. I'll have to put on my thinking cap.

Better get to work.


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    The Brewers seem to never get recognized when they are doing good.

    Columbus Clone! Sounds pretty cool!

    Hope everyone has a great warm day!!

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