Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation Day(s)

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Not much to report on this end. Taking a few days off and relaxing. Saturday, adubya (my former friend) and 2 others are going to The Bull for 18 holes. Last night we actually got 9 holes in in league. I say former friend because he humiliated me in front of countless golfers (I think 1 guy saw this from a few hundred yards away).

I was coming off a nice par and we were on a par three. I hit my shot to the left of the green and adubya hit his two feet over my ball. His ball actually hopped over mine.

So he decided to go first even though I felt I should go first (stories vary on this account). So we're deciding what club to use. I can't decide if I should use an 8 or 9 iron to chip up to the green and adubya takes out his sand wedge (or some other silly high lofted club). I'm all "that is not what I would use and he's all "well that is exactly why I'm using it" and I'm sneering and chuckling as he hits his ball like 4 feet. I LOL at this and I believe he might have called me an A-hole at that point and then he's all "I hope you skull your ball over the green" at which point I proceed to skull my ball over the green.

This of course makes him LOL and we're both LOLing and I'm backing up to my cart not noticing that my cart is like 4 feet behind me and not 15 like I was thinking.

The next thing I see are my feet againt the background of clouds as my cart actually was only 4 feet from me.

This brings out tears of joy from adubya and he is now doubled over in pain or laughter, whatever, I don't care. And I'm laying on the ground with tears of pain or laughter, whichever, but it seems to have thrown me off my game as I proceed to chip the ball 3 feet twice in my next two shots taking a 7 on a par 3.

It was at that point when "chipping" left the building for my arsenal of golf techniques.


I think we are going to see Star Trek this afternoon. Then I have to talk to the manager of East Gate and three pizza places for the red carpet event.


We took a road trip to Fall River and I took this shot of the dam that created FR. I'm thinking I should crop out some of the foreground grass.

Have a great day


  1. Speaking of seeing your feet in the clouds... You should tell the story of your encounter with the popasan chair and the bowl of rice! I'll never forget that!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!

  2. That got me LOL'ing all over again. Man that was funny.

  3. Did you see the Sassy Cow on NBC 15 news this morning??? COOL! They'll be celebrating their 1st anniversary soon; I see another road trip in the future!

  4. What about the Dodge County Board suing Columbus over the road damage caused because of the movie?

  5. "Dodge County Board suing Columbus over the road damage" i not half as funny - why would you think that ???

    As for the actual lawsuit.

    1. State Department of Transportation did not think it was a worry??

    2. "A provision of the application states: "The municipality shall accept full responsibility for any damage to local roads and streets resulting from closure and detour, "

    someone didn't read the fine print? I thought we had high priced lawyers.

    3. I'm going to have to take away the "Anonymous" if people don't have the guts to say who that are.

  6. I thought the anonymous WAS gone!!! When did it come back?

    ROD FOR MAYOR!!!(read the fine print)

  7. Great Blog!

    Love your picture.

    I want to hear the story that Jenny is talking about!
    It sounds funny.

    I can only imagine what you looked like looking up at the clouds!LOL!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the day!!

  8. Taking a few days off and relaxing.