Friday, June 19, 2009

Chicago Premier Night - Blog #2 today

Public Enemies Review from LIPS!

A short and quick review of Public Enemies from a team member that attended last night.

Now remember that this is from a person that has worked on the movie but as we all know - sometimes you are so close to something you never really see it so this was sort of the first time.

The evening was fantastic a lot of great people and energy was in the air with anticipation. We had to wait in the will call line for about 30 mins. and about another 45 minutes before they would open the theaters, which was ok since we saw people we didn’t see for about a year.. The spectators to watch the red carpet was amazing. Just the stars walked the red carpet, but I really didn’t see that because the security guards kept trying to get us go inside. Finally saying they would take our tickets away.

They used two theaters. Around 7:30 MM, JD,MC & CB came into the theater. MM thanked everyone. MM & JD joked about singing a song together. The movie started at 7:33

Went directly into the movie 1933 and the prison scene. Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I am going to say things that other crew members I talked to at the party feel about the movie.

There was absolutely no character development. The beginning of the movie shot badly and you got the sense my god this is going to really suck. But thank god it got better. At times the camera work was great others it lacked something.

I thought CB did an outstanding job so did MC. This is not an academy award performance for JD. I think he has done better work. The love story between JD & MC was great and they both did a great job at that. We counted about 8-10 major scenes that were shot and not even used in the movie.

Little BO was real good but not great.

My mind is still fuzzy since I didn't get in till 3 am.

I am seeing the movie again tonight and I will looking at it in a whole new light. Last night you sat there anticipating the next scene. It was hard to look at the film as a general film going public. that is how I am going to view it tonight.

Feel free to ask questions as he/she/unknown (I believe it's a he but maybe I'll call him a she just to tweak her a little . . . . as I have done in the past ;-) will check for questions.

Here are some photos of the action.