Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A non-vacation

I thought I would check in today because there was no blog yesterday. Just a lot of things going on.

Got up late, found the reason for some pesky fruit flies, mowed the lawn, bottled beer and so forth.
Blake - After $1,200 the verdict was a non verdict. No one knows for sure what was wrong but he is back to normal now and has two different pain meds . . . . . not that I know when he is in pain but . . . . there they are in case. Metacam and Tramadol.

All I know is that I drove through a Culvers drive up and the woman was all OOOOO what a cute doggie and then an older woman came to the window and want all oooo what a cute doggie and the next thing I know I'm sitting there with a dumb ol' cheeseburger and Blake is in the back seat with his own bowl of free custard.

I guess I was not cute enough for free custard. Maybe I should have shaved?

Columbus got down to 32 degrees at 6:44 this morning. brrrrrrrr it got cold last night, 23 degrees in Chetek (near Wausau) 28 in Rhinelander.

Has anybody noticed that Survivor is lucky? Twice now there have been tsunami's that destroyed filming locations just months after filming the non-scripted show.


Nice article called "Yet another psychodrama looms for Favre" not for or against Favre, just telling you like it is.

"No one will be stunned if Favre throws three picks when the Packers visit Monday. Even his haters will watch. Because he might just throw six touchdowns passes as well. The electric way Favre rallied Minnesota Sunday will only add to the buildup. But remember this too: When Favre gets too emotional, you never know what you’re going to get. The Good Brett or the Bad Brett? The genius improviser or incorrigible risk-taker?"


As for "vacation". More like a few days off in a row actually. Vacations are "fun". This is just a string of days off in a row. Not that that is a bad thing but . . . well you know.

I have to take down my photos at Starbucks today, booo hooo. While in town I'm going to Menard's to get wood for building Blake a little step stool for getting into the car. His back legs just can jump that high anymore.

Also have to find a fireplace guy. After I got the pilot light on our gas fireplace going it still won't light! I THINK it is the remote control which has " 256 unique security codes". WHY would you need 256 unique security codes on a fireplace remote control????? Do people drive past house lighting peoples fire places. Some sort of passive aggressive terrorism?

And how do I enter a new code? And what was the old one? I had to change the batteries so it probably lost the super secret code it was holding.


I'll have to get out and take some photos at some point.

OH - DJ is desperately looking for another job, she has burned out from her current job after like 30 years and needs something new. If anybody knows of any openings for ANY job you will get a case of beer . . . . . hmmmmmm that really didn't sound very professional did it.

A case of wine!


That's it - have a nice Wednesday!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Blake and the Coma

Had a scare this weekend. We thought we had lost Blake. He was following us around Saturday morning, real close but, you know, he's a dog, what can ya do.

Then about 5:00 DJ says Blake is acting odd and is limping. I take a look and yup, acting odd and limping alright! But, like a broken toe - what can ya do. So we "monitor" him and about 8:00 he is looking real bad.

He's barely moving, can't lift his head, limping and just looking pathetic. So we get him comfortable in his bed and let him rest. One though was that he had a stroke or something. He does get up from time to time but to me he looks like he hurt his neck or back.

As the night wears on he gets more and more sedate but seems comfortable, not whining or in any pain that we can tell.

Sunday morning we wake up early and he is in a coma like condition. We're shaking him and yelling and trying to get his attention but is a blank, unblinking stare. FINALLY he blinks and he is groggy! About that time we are looking for the nearest Urgent Care for Animals which SEEMS to be on Badger Road in Madison as the Sun Prairie one is closed.

Blake is waking up and moving a little now and goes out to pee and looks like he is in pain.

Long story short. We get him to Madison and they do tests and xrays and as of this writing it's seems to be bladder stones (like humans but all bladder in dogs). He had very high blood pressure which can cause a coma condition and he was in great pain (as any one with kidney stones will tell you).

I'll know more and update in tomorrows blog. This is costing us a pretty penny which has canceled our vacation next week to Door County, but I'll take some days off this week instead.

So my buddy Elweed the janitor/gardener is all pumped up about vines. The apartment building where is is not the janitor/gardener somehow killed some wonderful fines on their walls and he is looking for a replacement. SO, he is now all anal about vines.

We're driving around Columbus looking at peoples landscaping and we see a house and he says STOP and wants to walk around the house looking at it.

Well, I'm a LITTLE uncomfortable about having a couple guys looking like they are casing the place but he is out of his car staring at the house. The owner comes out and he goes right up to him and is asking questions about what is this and what is that and going on and on and the guy is like looking at us like who are you.

Of course I had just used up all my business cards but I introduce myself and tell him I'm a photographer and can I take some photos and he says yea sure like he does not have a choice and I'm all like I'll give you some photos and he's all like yea whatever just don't rob me and why is your friend fondling my vines?

SO - if anyone knows this house and it's owners let him know I'll drop off a couple 8x10s.

Since I have my camera back I was driving back from Madison and came across this sort of pre fall color photo. I love the differente shades of fields this time of year. Trees are not the only thing that turn color.

And of course since I drive past the new Energy Efficient Family Dental Center I took a few photos.

So - that my story. I have a ton of stuff to so before I pick up Blake!

Talk at ya tomorrow.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Capitol Capital whatever

What a frapped up word. Capitol, Capital. The Capitol sits on the capital grounds! The government is run in the capital which is in the Capitol. The building in which the legislature sits is in the capitol. The capital of Wisconsin in in the Capitol of Wisconsin. THAT is just messed up.

If you really look at both words now neither one looks spelled correctly.

Then I read "The two are not, in fact, interchangeable - while confusing the two is a common mistake, it is still incorrect.

geez - the internet is yelling at me!

While any sufficiently frequent misuse of language may eventually become accepted (I am trying my hardest), it still holds true that capitol refers to buildings and capital is for any other use.

Hey guys - I found the best way to have great hair.

Since I'm basically blind in the shower and DJ purchased all knew "stuff" I could not read one tube from the next so the first thing I tried that did not suds up at all on my hair was some sort of Body cleanser! Since that tube did not work I went on to the next which happened to be conditioner. hmmmmmm Only 1 left which, YEA, was shampoo.

BUT - I had a great hair day!! I don't think order matters! I'm just glad there was no exfoliate stuff! I'd be bald.

Let's move on to way way more important things.

This is a map of where all the McDonald are, just in case you were wondering. The question came up. What is the farthest you would ever have to drive to get to a McDonalds.

The answer is the tiny towns of Meadow (pop. 35) and Glad Valley (no info available) which are the the McFarthest Spots. 107 miles to the nearest McDonald’s, as the crow flies, and 145 miles by car to a McDonald's in Rapid City!

No Happy Meals for you!

Had brew club last night and it's a GO for the 2010 Homebrew Festival. The Pretty Good Taste of Sun Prairie. It will be held at the Lions Club between Sun Prairie and Columbus. Lost of free homebrew beer, lots of food and a band. We're hoping to raise about $4000. We're still looking into dates. It gets a little crowded late summer. I was thinking late February. Not many outdoor festivals that time of year.

Also - I'm teaching Homebrewing 101 at Cannery Wine and Spirits on October 25th. Sign up at their store. A tiny deposit is required I believe.

I'm brewing a Hefewiezen this weekend which is half barley malt and half wheat malt. The big thing is the yeast and it's all about what temperature you ferment the brew at. I'm hoping for 62 degrees but it'll be tricky. Typically I'm at about 67 degrees lately so the final drop in 5 degrees will be a little work but I have a plan.

I can wrap a wet towel around the carboy and put a fan on it. The evaporation I THINK will cool the 5 gallons 5 degrees.

For lack of anything better to say . . . . . .

Here is some bad luck. Two parents with 3 children all under 5 took a memory stick of photos to Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart photo person found NAKED photos of children at bath time and called police. The police bust into their home and found video tapes of naked children frolicking on one tape.

The children were snatched up by Child Protective Services and the parents were charged with child pornography and put on a sex offender list. Lisa (parent) has been suspended from her job at a school for a year and she and her husband have spent $75,000 in legal fees the state has cleared them of all charges.

On the right is one of the damaging photos. So . . . . where is the innocent until proven guilty part??

Wal-Mart is being sued!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Back!!!


Yea - I picked up Mr. Camera yesterday and I think I will just keep it in it's little plastic wrapper so it does not get dusty.

So what is the first thing I take a photo of? MY WORK PLACE!! What? am I NUTS???

I actually work in the bowels of this magnificent structure. (oddly the word bowels is in this blog twice).

I was asked yesterday if I could take photos of the inside of the building as it is very art deco-ish on the inside. People seem to like what I did with the Wisconsin Capital (or is it Capitol?)

Then - JUST to piss off the photo purest! I tweaked up this foggy photo into an old postcard look.

I have a photo shoot coming up where I have to take images of a 1955 Porsche Speedster with, get this - 64 miles on it! It's been in storage for 50 years and is in "like new" condition!

And then I took this photo but could not make it into anything special, but since I spent some time TRYING to do something here it is.

What you don't see are like 4 homeless people staring at me and I think one was sleeping in the flowers a little while before I got there (other side). I suppose I could be one of those photographers that take photos of homeless people but I respect them and their homelessness.

And just so you know, that is not a homeless guy coming over the flowers at me. It's a big iron dude from the Battle of Chickamauga. His name is Hans Christian Heg a Norwegian immigrant. He as in the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment in the American Civil War. The 15th was also called the Scandinavian Regiment.

On September 19, 1863, Colonel Heg led his brigade at the Battle of Chickamauga and "was shot through the bowels and died the next day." He was the highest-ranked Wisconsin soldier killed in combat during the Civil War.

There is a replica of this statue in the community of Lierbyen in Lier, Norway which was a gift from the Norwegian-Americans to the people of Norway.

An interesting thing, Chickamauga is that it is an America Indian name which translated means "river of death" but not from the Civil War. It's a location that the Cherokee contracted smallpox.

The Battle of Chickamauga, fought September 19–20, 1863, was the end of a Union offensive in southeastern Tennessee and northwestern Georgia. The battle was the most significant Union defeat in the Western Theater of the American Civil War.

In the two days of fighting the Union lost 16,170 and the Confederates lost 18,454 men. Only at Gettysburg were there more casulities in the war (50,000ish in 3 days).

Something you might not know is that the Iron Brigade which consisted of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiments along with the 19th Indiana and the 24th Michigan basically SAVED the Union army at Gettysburg. THEY were the big heros. Wisconsin solders saved the Union Army from defeat in the Civil War.

The Iron Brigade was designated "1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps". They were the ones that "held at all costs" and suffered 70% casualties.

If you ever want to see a very very good movie that explains what Gettysburg was rent the movie called Gettysburg. I know a few reenactors that were in the movie and I feel this should be MUST see for all Americans. Both DJ and I have watched it a few times and it is fascinating and a very history lesson.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesdays FUBR Computer

I logged on this morning and I get an error saying my computer can not load my profile because I do not have enough disk space. How much do I need for my profile??? I would think 1 gig would be enough.

The Server Consolidation is going wonderfully. From what I read in the Wisconsin State Journal this consolidation is only like $100 million over budget. Only 9 times the original estimate. Well down. !! Of but the email consolidation was only $13 million, only 5 times the estimate so that is much better! Excellent.

I have seen this so often. Once things get totally FUBR and everybody is saying STOP, cut your losses, they can't because it will make people look bad like they don't know what they are doing.


We had 2.38 inches of rain yesterday. I remember watching the local weather people and all were saying scattered hit and miss showers for yesterday. I was looking at the radar and TO ME it looked like basically an all day rain. I saw nothing scattered about it.

So last night I had Bob Lind-lier on and he explained that it was not HIS mistake but the models missed an upper air disturbance. Bull Shit Bob! You are the weather genius, look out the frapping window - look at the radar, make your own decision and stop hiding behind your "models".

The Columbus City Council has agreed to paint the Clock Tower. Well, they agreed to PAY someone to paint the Clock Tower. It needs it. It'll cost about $10,000 but Alice Schmidt has chipped in $9,000 from the last two years of Columbus Area History Calendars.

When you see these wonderful calenders for sale pick one up. The $$ goes to a good cause.

My computer is acting up so I only have one more thing.
So we have all heard about the wonderful new Dallas Cowboy Stadium of the Gods. And yes - it is amazing.

However - for only $29 a ticket you can be be one for 30,000 Cowboy fans to have a Party Pass which gives you crowded concourses, blocked access, and long bathroom lines and a chance to watch the game on a big TV. Of course many of the 30,000 did not get to see the TV because those tickets only gave you access to certain things inside. There was tiny lettering saying that there was a chance you would not be allowed INSIDE the stadium.

According to deadspin "naturally, the swarm of Texas-sized asses clogging the entrances, concourses, concessions and seats belonging to actual ticket holders created such chaos that the fire department gave up trying to control them and officially declared jungle law.

Here is what $29 can get you if you are a Dallas Cowboy fan.

Cowboys and public safety officials had to stop trying to control the flow of people into the stadium because the crowd was becoming angry. According to the Dallas News "Many people with standing-room-only tickets quickly became hostile and threw plastic bottles and pounded on glass doors.

Americans Team! phhht! What a crock!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All the Columbus News I'm Allowed to Print

HAPPY Eid ul-Fitr day. Eid ul-Fitr celebrates the ending of the Arab Holy month of fasting, Ramadan. Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "to break fast". So I suppose it's like fat Tuesday in reverse, even though it is Tuesday.

Anyway if you see an Arab today greet him with ‘Īd mubārak or even ‘Īd sa‘īd.

Lots of cool Columbus news today.

One thing I really hate when watching our beloved TV is when a local talking newshead comes on and says there is late breaking exciting important news, tune in at 10:00 to hear it. Well, FU!! If it was THAT important tell me now.

Well, I'm going to do that today. Make sure you buy the Columbus Journal Saturday as there will be some interesting news.

Speaking of Udey Dam - OH - IT'S NOT OVER, IT'S NEVER OVER. Without going into details (I don't know any details) it seems the DNR has decided to play their Wild Card when it comes to the Udey Dam debacle. I didn't know they had a wild card but it seems that they did and played it.

So just when you thought this whole Udey business was coming to a close - OH - DNR says Game On.
So I was reading between the lines from the conversation I was overhearing and here is what I think I might of might not have heard.

You know that they SAID they were tearing up the parking lot next to the Capri for the new Columbus Visitor unmanned kiosk (not sure, must be some Russian space thing)? Well, I think I might or might not had heard that this will be the future home of . . . . you guessed it, The Udey Dam. Yea- it will be Columbus's newest "go to" exhibit of ancient cement.

But - that is totally ridicules and I'm not sure if that is actually feasible. HOWEVER - I DID hear that within the next 6 weeks (or was that IN 6 weeks) the powers that be are hoping to have a major announcement about a grocery store.

There have been meetings with a major chain and things are moving along. Coincidence? Udey Dam? Major grocery store? Could the store be INSIDE Udey Dam? Killing two birds with one stone (if you are into killing birds with stones).

Seriously though - The Grocery store is getting closer and there is some major news about Udey coming this weekend.

HOWEVER - the REALLY interesting news is the WWII Museum. Here is what I have heard. When the CDA heard of this project they classified it as a "long shot". But things have progressed and now Columbus is one of I believe 3 towns on the short list for what would become one of the worlds largest WWII Museums. (I'm now being serious).

You heard that correct! One of the worlds largest collections of WWII vehicles. Along with this would be a hotel and a restaurants. It seems collectors of WWII vehicles are getting together and wanted some place to show off their vehicles and are looking for a major museum and Columbus is in the running.

Something else going on is that Columbus owns 80 acres of real estate and a year long study is being performed on how to make this 80 acres into a go to destination park! (meaning a REALLY nice a park). Maybe . . . . .a MUSEUM?????

They have an intern from UW Madison that is making this a major school project and he seems to be really amped on making this area into something special.

HOWEVER - there is some other news I'm a little miffed at.

It seems our hero, Steve Sobiek, saved Columbus like $1.5 million dollars. How did he do this? Well, what SOME people call that big rusty building or as some people lovingly call it "That piece of sh*t rust bucket" was sold to some huge company up dare in Minnesota. So instead of Columbus footing the bill for it's assumed demolition (like Udey?) someone else has to do it.

BUT - I feel this was a big mistake by Steve and I'm surprised hero #2, Boyd Kraemer, has not taken away the keys to Steves electric car.

You see Boyd has been pushing to get some sort of big "WELCOME" sign beckoning people into Columbus. BOYD - this has been staring you in the face!! I'm surprised you have not thought of this!! Come on dude - think outside the box!

What better way to draw attention to Columbus!!
It's almost as good as the St. Louis Arch!!


There are other things going on with Columbus that tell me this is not an ordinary town . . . .. hmmmm . . . that came out wrong . . . . there are lots of GOOD things going on. The Fireman's Tavern and the former James Street Restaurant have been getting attention lately for one thing but I have not heard any news about a brew pub.


OK - on a completely different subject. I had what I consider one of the best beers I have ever had and then fell asleep after drinking it last night!

New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat. WOW - I drank this and said WOW. Then I looked it up on the brew sites and I find out it actually IS one of the best brews made according to people that drink copious amounts of different brews. Then I fell asleep because while it has an amazing flavor "Starts with a nice mild ripe banana and clove flavor, then the spice kicks in with cinnamon and nutmeg taking turns on the palate. Next, there is a wave of honey and a nice nuttiness that finishes creamy." it also has 7.2% ABV.


I woke up to see the 2nd half of Monday Night Football and what a game that was. The most dominating offensive production I have ever seen out of a team that loses! Miami ran 84 plays to Indianapolis's 35. Time of possession was 46 to 14. Miami had the ball for 13:30 in the 3rd quarter.

That's it for today - big meeting.


Monday, September 21, 2009

The sky is crying over the Packers!

BREAK UP THE BREWERS!! Yea - game on baby!! Here we come. Five wins in a row!!!

And then there are the Packers. Here is a bright side to the lining. The Packers sucked so bad and were still only 10 yards away from tying the game when time ran out! Yea, so they lost to the spread by like 16 points, it'll just make the 0-2 hidious (truly bad) St. Louis Rams over confident.
On the south side of Columbus we had 0.85 inches of rain last night. Someone near Fall River (I believe) had 0.55 inches. We had a little blob of rain form just east of Madison, the farther east the more the rain blob hit. First rain since August 29th.

I see Obama was on all the Networks yesterday, ABC, CBS, NBS, CNN, Univision and . . . .what? FOX decided not to let him talk on their fair and unbiased network?


Infections 5, Melotte 0

So after suffering my 5th bottle side brew infection in a row it is time to take drastic measures. The problem was that I did not know I have a problem until my 2nd infection. Then I found what I thought the problem was, a bottling spigot with hidden gunk. I replaced it, sanitized everything and went on with confidence.

Brewed two more batches but AGAIN, batch 3 foamer. So I got anal, changed sanitizers from a Hydrogen Peroxide based solution to an iodine based solution. BAM batch 4 was a foamer when MEANS batch 5 will be a foamer.

SO! this seems to be a bigger problem since I don't think I can get more sanitary. I asked around on forums and talked to Joe the brewmaster for the new RePublic BrewPub in Sun Prairie (not open yet) and all said it has to be an equipment issue. One guy said, "after 35 brews it's time for new plastic anyway".

I believe it's the bottling bucket! I was told that a tiny unseen scratch can hold bad bugs that can not be killed except with bleach or other yucky things you don't want beer to touch. So I'm buying all knew bottling equipment.

But Mr. Wizard - I'm afraid to drink your beer now.

Let me put your mind at ease, there is NOTHING you can ever do to a brew that will make you sick, NOTHING! ANY beer is safer then any water you can find either out of the faucet or in a bottle.

There are 1400+ known pathogens and not one can survive in beer. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and helminths all are very specific in their needs and it ain't in beer.

A bacteria COULD live in WORT, that sweet, warm liquid before it becomes beer but they can not survive fermentation.

One HUGE reason is hops! The isomerized alpha acids in hops provide a preservative effect for beer, which happens to inhibit pathogens! Add to that the drop in PH during fermentation and the fact that yeast emit their own enzymes and byproducts all with the goal to kill bad things.

But what about Botulism you say? Botulism is an anaerobic pathogen. It's toxin is one of the few that is broken down by boiling.

Remember beer is one of the oldest beverages in existence (some say there was beer before water but that has not been proven). Beer was made to be drunk in places where drinking the water was deadly. Beer is safe and healthy (in moderation).

Of course, there is always the salmon mousse!


I'm normally not into doing this but if anyone is looking for a real inexpensive Surround Sound system Amazon has one that is pretty good for $209. The Sony HT-IS100 BRAVIA Theater Micro-System.

As always read the reviews and particularly the BAD reviews but seems like a deal.

And lastly. When I was in school I took a few marketing classes and had my best grades in Marketing. My career path took a different course but I've always enjoyed watching the marketing aspect of . . . everything, I think I'm good at it (look, you are reading a blog about nothing in particular from a guy that can't spell - I rest my case).

Well - the Sassy Cow is doing a great job marketing and doing everything right. They had what I've been told and extremely good party yesterday with a turnout showing off their wares. It's really fun watching small operations gather momentum.

I think that is why I like watching Pizza Shak grow, EXCEPT for the fact that I can never order a pizza on Saturdays because that seem to be closed on Saturdays? sigh!

Have a great Monday - MAYBE my camera comes back this week!!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Too much faux work to do!

I am looking forward to this weekend with much alacrityness. (ding ding ding!).

OK - for anybody watching Survivor - I did pretty well didn't I. I'm the GOOD Russel (with the dreadlocks). I would have been picked instead of Good Russel if I would have turned in my application and tape. Yea - I'm pretty sure that would have been me.

Tonight - look to to the sky. At 7:37 tonight the ISS should have a fly buy traveling at 17,208 miles per hour. Trooper Zank will have a very tough time trying to pull it over because of a missing front license plate.

ISS will only be 242 miles above your head and with it's solar wings out it'll be the brightest star in the sky and pretty east to spot. It will also pass over us at 8:02 tomorrow night! Make sure you wave and maybe if they see you they will dip the wings of blow their horn.

I don't know why I find this touching but I feel I should try to help just because . . . .well . . . . . I can do SOMETHING.


There is a theory floating around that all animals have a certain number of heartbeats in them before their heart gives out. For instance, Man has 2.2 billion, a cat 1.18 billion, a medium dog 0.71 billion, chickens 2.2 billion.

All I know is this is a reason to not exercise (unless that word means getting the demons out).


OH - The Chocodiles I mentioned yesterday. You can only buy them if you live in California. HOWEVER you can order them. I did this a few years ago, ordered 6 boxes for various people and I tell ya - that are GREAT!!! Chocolate covered Twinkies are amazingly good!


I don't have a lot to say - I actually have WORK on my brain and need to get going on some ASSUMED problems that a faux boss is making me tackle. Talk about making someone do things the anal hard AND wrong way BUT, she is my faux boss and we had words yesterday that might have had people stop talking to listen to me raise my voice in anger a couple times. Pretty exciting stuff.

BUT - the faster I get a project finished the faster I can tell my REAL boss that I will never work with this person again.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Server Consolidation Migration Expectancy

No blog yesterday do to some unforeseen log-on problems.

I sit down to the computer and it's 1st and 10. I type in my 37 stroke password that has to change like every 2 weeks it seems and the receiver drops the pass. FAIL!!

2nd and 10 but confidence is high. I type in the password and the ball is over thrown to a wide open Tight End. FAIL!!

OK OK, relax, it's 3rd and 10 and I only get 4 downs before I have to turn the ball over. I take a deep breath, look at the super secret sheet hanging on my wall that has PASSWORDS in bold type and type the letters with purposeful strokes. STOPPED AT THE LINE FOR NO YARDS - FAIL!!

damn it. Time out is called. It's crunch time and the digit finger is called in from the sidelines to run the play. tap . . tap . . tap . . tap and I hit ENTER. SACKED BEHIND THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. I turn the ball over and now must call the dreaded HELP DESK.

The HELP DESK is not really a HELP DESK but more of a information gathering service who will forward my problem. The operator I believe was asleep and talks very very slow and deliberately. "What . . . is . . . your . . . last . . . name" "What . . . is . . . your . . . fist . . . name" "What . . . division . . . do . . . you . . . work . . .for" and so on. I answer all the questions. Melotte, no MeloTTe, Rod, BIS, B150, Male, about twice a week, she's my wife, not with a aardvark and so one.

I wait 10 minutes and security calls to give me a new password. I punch it in and FAIL. OK, try again FAIL, I have a coworker try it. FAIL!! hmmmmm Security tells me to try THIS their secret way to get in for the admin. FAIL OK, back to the drawing board, he'll get back to me.

Two guys show up 10 minutes later. They try it with their stuff, FAIL. Guy 1 asks if I have been migrated (server consolidation) I say yes but it burped and hiccuped and stalled but then went very very fast compared to others. Laughing I asked if this was ANY help and he says surprisingly it was very helpful and he understood exactly. great!


They will be back later as they leave shaking their combined heads. I see the server consolidation must be going smoothly.

10 minutes later they are back and do some magical typing and it seems I'm good to go. Something about linking this to that and bad timing and so forth. HOWEVER - it's now like 9:45 or something and I have things I have to get to. Thus - No blog

I see "Person of Interest" is the new "Suspect". There goes more things I can not use for describing interesting people. Goes with pink triangles and putting rainbows on your car. Just can't use them anymore. People keep stealing words and other things for their own use.


I hear that Kanye West just interrupted the Patrick Swayze funeral to say that Micheal Jackson was better!


A fellow brewer, Jack Walts, is opening a Brew Pub in Sun Prairie and was recently interviewed on Beer Talk Today. Joe has a really nice blog that is documenting the entire process of starting the RePublic Brewpub.


So Chad Ochocinco of Cincinnati says he will do the Lambeau Leap if he catches a TD pass and we should not take it personally.

I won't - the guy is not a bad guy and is having fun. He's not a weirdo like Moss or Owens but a good humored guy. He does all sorts of funny odd things when he scores a TD but none are intended to disrespect the other team in a mean way. I like a guy with a sense of humor.

Packers are a 9 point favorite. This worries me a little, Cinci is not THAT bad.


So this summer was the 7th coldest summer on record for Madison. Aren't we lucky! Global warming? Bring it on! Wisconsin could use a little warmer weather.

In 1862 the Battle for Antietam started in the American Civil War and it is the bloodiest day in American History as 22,800 solders were lost in one day.

OK - I don't know why this strikes me as funny but on this date in 1935 a Wisconsin native, Len Koenecke, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers was killed in a small airplane. BUT WAIT - the story is "After starting a fight in the cockpit, Koenecke, a native of Baraboo, was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher by the pilot."

WOW - THAT is an exciting flight!! Who needs movies!


With the lack of a camera (I should get it back next week) I've been going over old photos - have you ever seen this one of Columbus?

Anyway - camera is coming back next week for slightly less then anticipated! Not much but everything helps.


I think we found what the breed of our next dog will be, if we get another dog at some point.

A Goldendoodle!

A hybrid. Golden Retriever and a Poodle mixed into one dog.

But do not get them mixed up with Chocodiles - chocolate covered Twinkies! YUMMO!!

What do you get when you mix a Goldendoddle and a Chocodile?

A Golden Chocodoodle!

A soft cake baked until golden, filled with creme and dipped in chocolate that comes to you on your command. The perfect treat.

HEY - The Office starts the new season tonight!! WHOO HOO!!

Have a Thursday!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Water water we need water.

Don't forget to donate to the "Step UP for Down Syndrome Walk". Join Josh and Jenny's "Caring 4 Caydence" team.

So Kenya West gave an apology on Leno last night (I watched 4 minutes of that show and will never watch it again - they canceling GOOD shows for Leno) and I'm thinking it was the first time he has ever apologized. He was not very good at it. I think when a tough question is asked he was told to look like a deer in headlights and not say anything.

Some might say he did the right thing by apologizing but, hey, the damage was done. SORRY! I RAN OVER YOUR DOG ON PURPOSE - MY BAD I APOLOGIZE.

Sorry Taylor, you will never get that moment back when you win your first BIG award but at least he said he was sorry.

What if Columbus became a normal town and there was nothing to talk about.


OK - nevermind. That was like just crazy talk.

NOT FUNNY is the new Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic Pet Portal. Well done gang. It must have been a tedious job entering all that data but your website is excellent. You can get all sorts of information about your pets medical records and cool stuff on their new website.

Another company that is attracting business (as opposed to many Columbus businesses that only want to survive and complain, NOT thrive, that would be work) is the Sassy Cow Creamery who is having the Sample & Savor Fest: South Central's WI's Home Grown Food Festival Sept 20th.

-Farm and Creamery Tours

-Ice Cream Social

-Farmer's market

-Learning Opportunities:
-growing & preserving local food
-where to buy and sell local food
-Samples & tastings, chef demos
-Children & family activities

HEY - I was just interviewed from FoodShare for my buddy. I'm pretty happy. He will be getting $163 a month for food with his new Foodshare Debit card (I'll have to show him how to work a debit card, I'm sure he will be stressed out over that). $163 is almost a quarter of his income for a month so this will be a pretty big deal for him.

I've been looking into solar power lately as our house is a prime candidate for solar cells. However - after much searching and asking solar forums it seems there is no ONE BIG answer. Estimates are all over the board with different technologies and frankly, we use so little electricity ANYWAY it MIGHT takes 20 years to have the thing pay for itself.

This last winter was cold remember? But our bills were much lower then the year before BECAUSE of the amount of sunlight. Well, OK, I take that back. Actually our electric bills were HUGE but that was because of the misuse of a space heater that was being use to carbonate my beer. My bad. We were forced to become lucubrationists to conserve electricity (ding ding word of the day alert).

BUT, our heating bills were 15% lower then the previous warm winter. Why? sunlight! Sunlight means everything.

Speaking of the sun - here is a 3 month moving average of average number of sunny and sunny + partly cloudy days in Madison.

This shows you that we get the most sunny days in the August/September/October period and then the cloudiest days in the November/December/January period.

Sunny days are blue - Sunny + Partly Cloudy are red

But it's a little misleading because November and December are SO bad they sort of plow over January who is actually starting the comeback with sun. November is by far the cloudiest month of the year! It's like November and December fall off the cliff with the amount of sunny days.

If you wanted to make seasons according to the amount of sunny days you would have Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr as the In between season, May/Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct as the Sunny season and Nov/Dec as the Death to the Sun season.

OH - the lack of rain and heat are REALLY putting stress on trees. If you have any newer trees you really need to give them a good water. Sprinklers are not good enough - I was told that you need to take the sprinkler off the hose and run the water at 3/4 strength for a REAL good soaking.

Birches are doing poorly and you're seeing new stress color on trees weeks early.

Have a Tuesday.

BTW - Big Brother finale' is on tonight. Funny thing - We watch the GOOD reality shows, Big Brother, Amazing Race and Survivor. I'm on Survivor in the form of Russel who I feel is just like me! Even resembels me a little (I have a red shirt like he does).

But here is the weird thing. We all become involved with the contestants like they are our friends/enemies and so forth. But - QUICK, who won survivor LAST year!! FAST - who won Amazing Race!

Yea - gone. (Evil Dick won Big Brother).

DJ and I want to go on Amazing race to show just how inept we would be. We would be the first to never make it out of the United States!


Monday, September 14, 2009

A little sleepy today!

Don't forget to donate to the "Step UP for Down Syndrome Walk". Join Josh and Jenny's "Caring 4 Caydence" team.

For anyone wanting to know what place I came in in Iron Man, well, I overslept. I was up until 1:30 carb loading crapulously with barley and hops and I guess I missed the start by like six hours!

OK, then there is Cayenne West. I think he is running for politics in South Carolina? What a freaking A-Hole.

Here is Taylor Swift winning an award at the VMA (Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research Conference and Association Management Awards ?) for best female video.

Ummmmmmm. Not cool at all.

OK - Beyonce was way way cool and gave Taylor a second chance. HOWEVER - WHAT is up with that woman behind Beyonce. No seriously, she/he/it is shown a few times and it scares me a little, I might have nightmares now.

And speaking of outbursts! Serena! Serena! Serena! OOOPS!!

Sort of what happened last night on a certain illegal contact penalty in last nights Packer game. Sort of a boring game wasn't it.

It's funny. Around the office when the Packers win we all talk about all the little moments and laugh at the Bears (brilliant fake punt play LOL) and brag about the defense (that goal line stand stopping the Bears to a field goal was sweet).

But when the Packers lose . . . . . it's like they did not even play! No one even mentions the Packers.

Bear fans have to be feeling good this morning. OH - I see now that Brian Urlacher out 4-6 Weeks. That's unfortunate.

Pack play Cincinnati who lost to Denver 12-7 and then St. Louis who were shut out by Seattle 28-0 and then MINNESOTA. Minnesota plays Detroit who's last win was December 2007 and are on a nice 1 win in the last 25 games run.

Now, sigh! The Brewers have won three straight and are ramping up their playoff run. We're only 12 games out of the Wild Card hunt with 6 teams to beat out! GAME ON BABY!

hmmmmmm what else - I tried my 1 week old Grandmas Breakfast Stout and it was outstanding . . if you like coffee/chocolate flavored beer (which I do). Now I wait to see if I have finally beaten my bottle side infection problem. I'm getting a little depressed as I track down the nagging little problem.

Brewing continues though as a new One Putt Twelve was brewed yesterday and this morning it has a beautiful creamy white krausen as it bubbles away in the carboy.

OH - funny story - Friday was 911 right? Lots of ceremonies. Well, the 4 of use decide to go for coffee and we exit the door of our building right in the middle of a lowering the flag to half mast ceremony. On our immediate left is a flag being lowered and on our right are 20 National Guard dudes and directly in front of us are 20 State troopers . . . . . . all staring at us! WTF!!

Hey - we didn't know! I'm sure we looked like four cockroaches caught in the open with the lights just coming on. I'm just happy we lived - they all had guns!
I see this morning that 35 more business cards were taken from Starbucks this weekend. I gotta sell them for $1. I would have made $80 already. This showing is really costing me money! But I have another REAL art studio in Madison interested in my work so . . . . . .

and finally - my Monday Udey dam rant. I don't understand (no really, I'm telling you I don't understand). If the City Council has voted . . twice? 6-0 that we will fix Udey Dam, why do we need a survey to see if we should fix the Dam? What is the problem? Why not get it fixed (so we can fish in the toxic pond it will create).

So it seems the survey that SOME people will get will also have questions on if we should lengthen term limits to 4 years for council members and if the Mayor should have a vote. Also questions on spending projects (like the Columbus Dome, the Columbus Space Port, and the Udey Dam Sky Walk I believe). Tyler Walker said "It's a well written survey" (meaning I did not write it).

I see Fall River is fixing their dam also. hmmmmm At least once we spend so much to fix the dam we can look forward to FIXING the dam AGAIN in the future! Yea - makes sense to fix a meaningless chunk of 100 year old cement that will create a toxic fishing hole and makes the river non-navigational. Columbus would have never discovered Columbus if that dam would have been there, you can not portage the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria over a dam.
CONGRATS to the Columbus Cardinals - I believe you guys could beat the Detroit Lions at this point.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm doing Iron Man . . . maybe . . . or not

I still can not decide if I'll do the Iron Man Sunday. Not that I have worked or anything but seriously, how hard can it be. If I do I'll do the swimming last as I don't want to get all tired first thing. So just in case I wake up Sunday morning and decide to do it I'll carb up this weekend in the form of barley and hops!

I'll decide Sunday morning.

HEY - if ANY of you watch Big Brother. Did you high five anybody after last nights show?


The first "day that I remember" was when Kennedy was assassinated. I was cleaning the blackboard (I had done something bad and was being punished) and Robbie Gates came in at lunch and announced he had been shot.

OK OK the first REAL day I remember was Day #1 when I came out of my moms womb. I was cranky and sort of tired from the move and it was cold and someone hit me first thing and I cried. Thus, began my life of angst against authority figures.

I remember watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the landing on the moon and John Lennon being shot along with Nixon resigning as I'm building furniture in Jefferson. I remember when the bombs started dropping in Baghdad. My head was in a bucket and I was hurling as the news interrupted whatever I was watching, I had the flu.

I remember eight years ago right now.

I had just walked past the TV in our lunch room and I was the first to see some buildings on the news with smoke coming out. No one seemed to care. Then someone said a tower was hit by a plane. I turned on the radio to listen to rock on some Madison radio show and some shock jock was talking about the World Trade Center being hit by a small plane. Someone called and said it was a jet liner and the jock, after hanging up on the guy called him an asshole moron and went on and on about idiots calling in with garbage.

The rest is history.

No one got any work done that day as the news unfolded. Elweed called and ask if I knew what was going on, were we at war?

Soon there were guards at the doors not letting people enter without credentials and wearing lanyards became a status symbol. Whenever a plane would fly over everyone would stop in their tracks and follow it.

My brother had a work associate in Washington at the Capitol and they ran out. The FBI took his camera and never gave it back. At the White house the entire US Government was going to attend a huge outdoor party on the White House lawn in 12 hours. Every leading politician was going to be in attendance on the White House lawn.

I had never really thought about the World Trade Center before 8 years ago.

Time fly's doesn't it. Eight years!

152 years ago today Mormon guerillas, stoked by a religious nutjob and resenting decades of public abuse and federal interference, murder 120 emigrants at Mountain Meadows, Utah


I see the Green Bay Packers are 28 to 1 to win the Superbowl. I think this is a pretty good bet. I believe the Packers are better then what most of the nation thinks. Remember, we have a QB that tossed 28 TD's and played 6 games in his very first year with a partially separated shoulder. We also had a running back with hamstring injury and this year we have what most call the best receiving corp in football.

Add the defense which has what many believe one of the best defensive coordinator in football.

Rock on Packers. Ted Thompson is a genius!

I have sort of a writers block going on with no camera. Remember - West James Gallery tonight 5:00 to 8:00 to check out the new digs! Free stuff. Maybe a stop at the Kurth after if it's not to busy.

Otherwise have a great weekend as it looks wonderful yet again.

I was supposed to get grain and hops from UPS yesterday. Tracking said everything was on time but they did not deliver the package, today it says everything in on time - weird how that happens.

I have an IPA to make and after that a Porter and then I have a new Brown recipe but MAYBE I'll go with my Hazels Nutty Brown instead.

nuff said.


Tiger leaps 16-foot fence, kills zoo worker

WOW - the guy probably took a photo during mid swing at the tournament. I bet Tiger Woods will be fined.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

I can't think without my camera!

Make sure you all donate for the Step UP for Down Syndrome Walk and get on Jenny's Caring 4 Caydence team.
To answer Kitty B'Gosh. I have to think that all cameras have a shutter wearing our number. It's just that with film cameras you don't go crazy shooting a zillions shots. You would have a roll of 36 in your camera and are careful. Digital you can go through 100 shots easy in a day. Wedding photographers can easily go through at least a 1000 shots a day.

Looking at forums, most professional cameras SAY 100 to 200,000 shots. One forum had Canon D10s going 65,000 shots. Seems a Nikon D70 only gets you 15,000 shots. It's an old camera and one of the very first Pro-sumer digital Cameras. It's a relic now, like having a Windows 98 computer. I would not mind buying a Nikon D5000 if I had an extra $700. Way better then the D70 and half the price.

Happy Anniversary Josh and Jenny!!!!


Hey - it's football season!!! I was watching a show on ESPN last night and one guy was predicting the Packers to make the Super Bowl. I'm, not sure about that but it just shows you that they are headed in the the right direction.

On a website, ten talking sports heads were talking about the top 10 games to watch in the NFL this year. The Packers were in 5 of them. Three had Vikings vs. Packers, one had Bears vs. Packers THIS week and one had Ravens vs. Packers on Monday night Dec 7th (best defense in NFL vs. Best offense in NFL).

Also - Dallas should win 7 games and fire their coach. Favre will not be playing next year as his 3rd team in 3 years will see their folly (he will start hot and finish cold).

In baseball - I'm starting to think the Brewers might not make the playoffs. I'll wait until after this weekend. They better get hot!

Iron Man. They are setting up Iron Man Village 50 yards from where I'm sitting and I see yet another Iron Man death occurred (number 8 this year).

One thing - if you are looking for an opportunity to steal billfolds and purses here it is. Looking at the "athletes" walking around after they did the Iron Man. I figure I could push those guys over and all I'd have to do is walk very fast to get away after grabbing their money. They are waddling around all stiff legged. Not that I would do that, just an observation.

Another observation - these people drink coffee like there is no tomorrow and don't even think about going to Noodles for supper this weekend. The carb freaks are everywhere.

Actually carb loading does not work for woman. Women have a lower respiratory exchange ratio than men, with men tending to use carbohydrate for energy and women tending to prefer lipids. Women don’t ingest carbohydrate in sufficient quantities to facilitate muscle glycogen storage. All carb loading does for a woman is make them gain weight.


We got home after work last night and there is a high pitch electric squealing in the living room. The kind you can not locate. We finally figured out it was the fire place. WTF. What is there to squeal on a gas fireplace! So I clean all the dust and still hear it. I go down stairs thinking some electronic gizmo is bad and I shut the circuit breaker (on the fireplace, yea sounds odd). Lights go out and the squeal is still there! WTF.

I shut off the pilot light and it's STILL making noise AND a tick tick tick. DJ and I look at the manual which is pitiful for a pretty good fireplace (Mendota). Then while surfing the net she finds an answer.

The remote control battery. When the battery INSIDE the fireplace is getting low it will send out a warning sound. WELL - TO BAD OUR MANUEL DOES NOT TELL US THAT!! You would think this would be something that they MIGHT want to mention at some point.



112 years ago today George Smith (like that was his real name) became the first person EVER to be arrested for drunk driving. WOW - #1, nobody before him. He must have been LOADED.


REMEMBER - Friday night - big party at West James Gallery. Kim's new place 5:00 to 8:00. Free popcorn and refreshments!

Gotta run - fires and requests!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do not buy a used Nikon D70

I realize that at times my malapropismick view of the world is troubling but man, I guess I took having a good camera for granite. I never phantomed how it would feel to be cameraless.

So I went and took my wounded Nikon D70 to the local Camera rip-off store where I purchased it and told them I knew it was going to cost about $300. The guy said it would take a month and showed my a used D70 body I could buy right now for $375.

hmmmmmm - I could buy a used body that will have the same problems as mine for $75 MORE. The answer seemed oblivious to me! A used pro-sumer camera only has so many clicks in it and the shutter will freeze just like mine did. Get up near the 15,000 click area and be prepared for a lock out. Don't ever buy a used D70 unless you are ready to pay another $300 in a year or a day. The curse of Digital cameras is that they wear out faster.

Anywho - I have a point and shoot camera I can use but, it's like for emergencies only I guess. I should have my camera back before we go to Door County.

Meanwhile, back at Starbucks I think I should be selling my business cards. In one week 50 cards that are next to my images on the Starbucks wall have been grabbed . I should sell them for $1. I would be effluent with cash!

We watched a movie last weekend which was really good "Fracture". Trailer is not the most exciting which is probably why I missed it when it came out. One of those hidden gems you never hear about. It will keep you glued to your seat.

Loved the movie.

So Texas A & M (TAMU)does not celebrate Labor Day. A few things of note about Texas A & M. They had that giant 109 foot bonfire which collapsed in 1999 and also has the George Bush Presidential Library. HOWEVER - given those lapse of judgments it is the seventh largest university in the United States and the main campus is the largest in the States.

Texas A&M scientists created the first cloned domestic animal, a cat named 'cc', and were the first academic institution to clone each of six different species: cattle, a Boer goat, pigs, a cat, a deer and a horse.

They are also helping build the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile which will be 10 times more powerful then Hubble (which was partially build at the University of Wisconsin).

But - enough of TAMU. My brain has a lot less weight on it today after my hair cut. I feel like a Marine!


This weekend it looks like Iron Man Wisconsin is happening. I know this because it will be Josh and Jenny's Anniversity. I hope it rains before the race because right now Madison is slippery with grease from the Taste of Madison. Smelly rotting grease all over the streets that will not go away until a good rain.


In 1850 California becomes Americas 31st state and the farthest West State to be on Specific Time. California in 1848 was owned by Mexico but with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo "sold" the land to the U.S. Unbeknown to Mexico was that nine days before the treaty gold was discovered at Sutters Mill. Suddenly, the greatest gold rush in history was on, and "forty-niners" began flooding into California chasing after the fist-sized gold nuggets rumored to be strewn about the ground just waiting to be picked up. California's population and wealth skyrocketed.

Have a sweet day

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dark, it's so dark. sigh.

As yet another refulgent sun rises above the horizon there are clouds above my head with sadness. More on that in a second.

I noticed whosit1cassie had class yesterday? Wasn't it Labor day? Isn't Labor Day a Federal Holiday and a State Holiday in all 50 States? I smell a law suit. No seriously, school? Is Cassie becoming a nun?

BTW - Labor day originated in Canada out of labor disputes called the Nine-Hour Movement in the 1870s. Once again - Thank you Canucks

Check out the temperature chart for the last nine days in Columbus. Everyday we gained about 1 degree for a high and 1 degree warmer for the low temp. We're in a rut for beautiful weather. It'll change in a few days. We could use some rain actually.

I've noticed that while trees have, for the most part, not started to change color, a lot of the road side weeds and shrubs are becoming more fall like and colorful.

Yesterday DJ and I drove up the to Horicon Marsh.

The Horicon Marsh is an extinct glacial lake and is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. During the melting from the last glacial period, about 70,000 years ago (global warming), moraines (not "morticians" as the spell checker wants and would not make any sense) were created which formed a dam that held melting . . . . glacier which formed Glacial Lake Horicon. The Rock River slowly eroded the moraines and the lake drained forming Horicon Marsh.

DJ, Blake and I walked around a little and I took a few photos but after only 4 clicks, darkness befell my camera. The dreaded D-70 shutter lock Err. My camera is FUBR.

It seems after 15,000 clicks the shutter wears out and it will take 3 weeks to send the camera to like Malaysia or the Republic of Vanuatu or something and cost $300 which I do not have. So, I am depressed.

I did take two shots before my life turned dark. These were basically as I stepped out of the car.

Once the camera became an expensive paper weight their were great photo opps appearing around every turn including a pelican photo. I did not know that the Horicon Marsh had pelicans. So of course we are driving around and shot after shot strike my minds eye. Very frustrating.

We stopped at Mullins in Fox Lake and I could not even get a photo of the Fox Lake Mayor and myself.

Speaking of Mayors.

When DJ and I decided to move to Columbus I told the Mayor of Madison that we were moving and he placed a curse on us. He said in the village we would move to a pirate would come and go with much excitement but soon after the village would have massive floods and our football team would never win another game.

I, of course, thought he was crazy but then the Columbus Cardinals lost every game that season. Then Johnny Depp (the pirate) came and when he left we had massive floods and the next fall the Columbus football team AGAIN lost every game. hmmmmmm!


Columbus, this last weekend beat those tough, young, undersized, three divisions below, Fall River . . . PIRATES!! 55-0. YEA BABY!!! Take that Mr. Curse. All we had to do was BEAT a pirate.
My weekly Udey Dam rant.

I saw a few Letters to the Editor this week comparing Udey Dam to the Fall River Dam. Have you ever seen the Fall River Dam? It's huge and it's a large chunk of cement with a beautiful park.

Here is the Fall River Dam

Here is Udey Dam

So I have to say that the argument is if we fix the doors on Udey Dam it will look like the Fall River Dam? If you think once the doors of the dam are fixed a beautiful park will appear. Think again.

I really do not give a shit (did I say that out loud?) which way we go. But if we fix it, 30 years from now we will be complaining that the doors are broken again and we'll go though this entire process AGAIN. Thankfully I'll be wearing adult diapers, drooling a lot and staring at the wall for entertainment by that time.

I have yet to hear a valid argument on why we should keep the dam and don't tell me anybody eats the fish caught behind the dam! Do their children have 4 eyes and tentacles? That water has 100 years of crap that has not been allowed drain. FREE THE RIVER.

A fish survey reported that the river's viable sport fishery could be improved by selective streambank and instream habitat restoration, the survey also suggested that removing the dam would improve instream habitat by narrowing and deepening the stream in its lower reach. Which WOULD HELP fishing.

Furthermore problems with agricultural nonpoint pollution, especially barnyard runoff and cropland erosion have degraded water quality. This CRAP hits the dam and sinks, for the last 100 years. This stream has the potential to be a high quality smallmouth bass fishery.

According to the DNR, Watershed Management staff should evaluate the feasibility of removing the Columbus Millpond dam if the opportunity arises.

I would love to hear reasons for keeping the dam, I'm open minded and I have no problem changing but so far, I have not heard any GOOD arguments.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Public Enemies Sighting at North Pole


This is funny!!


Here ya go - LeaAnnes T-Shirt has reached the North Pole and what I believe is the farthest north a T-Shirt from Columbus has ever been.

Pictured here is Angelina Smurfette whos husband was suppose to be the Bank Manager in "Sioux Falls" but Michael Mann in one of his moments of mind changing went a different direction and felt Bill would be better suited running down the street during the robbery.

And here she is with an unnamed stranger who seems to be putting the moves on her while Bill shows the crowd his running techniques that has brought him much fame.

on a side note - that guy must be HUGE.

I was almost run over yesterday after work which I think this morning some people might be wishing it had happened. I was waiting for the lights on the outer circle in Madison and when the lights turned green I started walking knowing that the car going 20mph would stop.

She didn't and just cruised through the red light at 20mph without even blinking. Drivers are pissing me off more then normal lately with their stupidity. Cell phone people will be motoring along at 70 and step on the brakes to talk on the phone to be safe. BUT - stay in the left lane. grrrrrrr

WEST JAMES GALLERY - SEPT 11 5:00 to 8:00 grand re-opening and showing off the new digs. Be there! Kim's place is pretty sweet and friendly. I'll be there and we can all Kurth it afterwords.

ALSO - October 10th - is the Autumn Iron Antique Tractor Show on the Boulavard featuring 30+ antique tractors along with food, music, blacksmith and woodcarving demos and horse wrestling.

Well - I'm trying to get the horse wrestling venue going but am getting some resistance and I'm not getting many volenteers to actually wrestle a horse. Stay tuned. Perhaps Llama wrestling? They seem a little more docile. Do they spit? hmmmm I'm not fond of getting spit on as I take one down.

If Cookie Monster was a Llama this is what it would look like.

Have a great holiday and if you go anywhere exciting - wear your PR T-Shirt and take a photo.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beer, golf, and more beer

Had my last night of golf league last night and of course it was my best round of the year. In fact my last two weeks were my best two rounds. 45,46. It's been a weird year for me and golf as I have had this "I don't care" attitude. Only went to the range twice and did not get out that much on weekends. SO, basically I SUCKED all year (or I should say sucked more then I typically suck).

Just one of those weird years I guess. I think it might be do to just needing to take a break after being in charge of a league for 10 years. I had to get away from the game for a year. I don't know, maybe, I don't know.

I hear the Kurth was packed last night. Shows the need to a good friendly pub that is open 7 days a week. Pub. I like that word. Sounds friendly doesn't it? Columbus has bars (also called dives) that cater to smokers and drinkers while I believe The Kurth is more like a meeting house with beer. People go there to talk and socialize and have a beer in hand.

That place would be amazing if they had craft brews. If it was open 7 days a week with craft beer on tap it would make a mint! The problem is room. What I would do is take that parking lot in back and make it into a beautiful biergarten. Then start a mug club. I think I would have a Beer-In-Your-Face club.

For $25 you would go into a room or outside and put a large garbage bag over you with your head peaking out. Then you would choose a person of your choice to throw a mug of beer in your face. By doing this you get your name on a plaque on the "wall of shame" saying you are part of the Beer-In-Your-Face club, you then receive a special mug, and a t-shirt and a discount on beer. Of course you do not have to have the "in your face" deal but then you get no plaque, just the mug and t-shirt and discount.

I gotta win the lottery.

Speaking of alcohol. I see Denver is the first city in the US to legalize pot for personal consumption if you are 21 of over. The argument is that current laws promote alcohol and it's health, safety and social problems that are associated with it.

They are promoting the use marijuana as opposed to alcohol. The campaign pointed to government reports that show alcohol is a contributing factor in domestic violence, sexual assaults, and many violent crimes, as well as overdose deaths, whereas the use of marijuana has never been linked to such violent behavior and there has never been a marijuana overdose death in history.

So Rod you say. I thought you were a beer guy. I am, but I consider craft beer more like wine, you don't drink it to get blasted right (although it can happen) Craft beer is not made for copious amounts of drinking.

In fact there is a trend in craft brews to make lighter alcohol beer.

In Europe most beer made is much lighter in alcohol (ABV - Alcohol By Volume). Guinness is pretty light in ABV as with many Imported beer. But here in America you have "Extreme Beer" being made by many of the Craft Brewerys with 5 to 10% ABV (as opposed to Miller and other swill with 4.1%.

When I had a meeting with the original brewmaster of the Grumpy Troll one of the last things she said was "make sure you make a lighter ABV brew, don't get caught up in making only extreme beer".

Well, my brewery never came to fruition which is probably a good thing. BUT, I still take donations for purchasing ingredients though.

OH - remember the Beer Summit? Obama was drinking a (shutter) Bud-La La Lite which is owned by a Belgian-Brazilian company, the other guy was drinking a Red Stripe owned by Diageo PLC of London and the other other guy a Blue Moon from SABMiller of London. Not one American beer in the bunch!

Of course the Woman's Christian Temperance Union said they should have been drinking lemonade or iced tea. That would not have been news worthy and that was what it was all about.


Man this area of the world makes great beer. Capitol Brewery, Ale Asylum, New Glarus Brewery and the BEST, Tyranena Brewing in Lake Mills. Must be the water which is very hard and great for dark beer.


I'm done. Blank brain time.

I'm in a blog slump.

WELCOME whosit1cassie to the world of commenting!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

yada yada, Starbucks, Indians, Pudding Lane and Pumpkins

I was asked this morning if I was going to make a pumpkin ale for Halloween. It's all the talk on the Homebrew forums with recipes and suggestions and so forth.

To be honest I've never had a pumpkin ale I've liked enough to drink 5 gallons of, so I think I'll pass. Same with a Holiday ale. I could make a really nice one but then I have 2 cases of holiday ale.
Speaking of beer. The West Side of Madison is getting a new pub/restaurant called Sprecher Pub Restaurant where Houlihan's use to be. No big details but it sounds like a bar/restaurant with lots of Sprecher on tap.
And you know that machine at the health clubs where you squeeze your legs together? In Louisiana a woman tried to steal a CASE of beer under her dress and between her legs and waddling out the door.

She was caught! Go figure!
Anybody find it odd that BOTH Miller and Bud are raising the price of beer at the same time? While BIG beer sales are hurting both feel the need to raise their price. It's not unusual to raise prices as both companies, once a year, will readjust their prices. But since combined they own 80% of the beer market I guess they talked it out and are raising prices at the same time.

Seems to me this is an antitrust issue?

Check out Starbucks on the Square. I have 8 canvas images on the wall this month. From reports they are creating a distraction. I think one of them is an image of a statue from inside the Capitol and she has a boob showing. PETA is protesting.

Here is an artists rendition of me and the wall, or I SHOULD say, the wall and I
(taken by my assistant).

I'm sipping on a 13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel light. Or was this the iced venti 6 pumps apiece pumpkin spice cinnamon dolce vanilla toffee nut organic with whip and cinnamon powder chai.

They actually taste basically the same.


On this day in 1944 George H.W.Bush was forced to bail out of his torpedo bomber as the engine was hit by anti-aircraft shells over Japan. The plane was hit by shells but he managed to still make the successful run and aimed back towards the carrier.

Three members of the craft were killed and he bailed out and was picked up by a submarine 4 hours later. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. This was the second time he had an indecent as the previous June he crashed his plane into the ocean after being hit.

His squadron suffered a 300 percent casualty rate among its pilots but he flew 58 combat missions. He was awarded three Air Medals as well as a Presidential Unit Citation for his courage in WWII. A real American hero.

And then there was his son, a different story.
In 1969 the first ATM opened up. Remember when each key had a different sound? That didn't last long. Banks did not start charging until 1990.
In 1666 The Great Fire of London started (does everyone have a great fire, sort of trendy isn't it?). It started at King Charles II's baker on Pudding Lane (that's so cute) near the London Bridge. The fire spread to a warehouse and with the help of strong winds it became an inferno. 80% of London was destroyed but only 16 people were killed. (wait . . . how big WAS London at that time).
And OF COURSE, in 1923 we are having The Great Tokyo Fire (oh good grief people). This fire was started by an magnitude 8.3 earthquake and 30,000 people died from fire tornado's! Of course the earthquake and fire were blamed on Korean immigrants (it only makes sense right?) and hundreds were killed in retaliation for the earthquake that they caused.

What a big day today was in history.

Star Trek had it's final episode. Only 3 years on TV and never rated above 52.
And - it's VJ day. Victory over Japan. On the USS Missouri Japanese foreign minister, Mamoru Shigemitsu signed the "instrument of surrender." He would be found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to seven years in prison subsequent to the surrender.

The odd thing was that he was the one fighting for concessions on the Japanese side in order to secure an early peace.
In Wisconsin in 1862 the Great Indian Scare started on this day. Tonight 147 years ago, Manitowoc settlers were awakened to the cry of "Indians are coming."

Church bells gave warnings to frightened residents. Over the next few days, people from the surrounding areas fled to Manitowoc and other city centers. Ox carts were loaded with women and children carrying their most valuable belongings. Men arrived with guns, axes, and pitchforks, anything with which to defend themselves and their community.

What caused the panic? It seemed 12 Indians were fishing and had gotten a little drunk and set fire to an abandoned mill. Someone saw them and freaked out.


This is the 11th coldest summer on record, 2004 was the 8th coldest. So in the last 5 years we have had 2 of the coldest summers in the last 150 years.

Nobody noticed me in the photo of the Survivor contestants yesterday?

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cup of Joes and Bouncing Bombs, the perfect morning.

I'm not having a very fecund day when it comes to brain power so bear (bare?) with me as I meander around sifting sand through my fingers looking for a trace of an idea for todays blog.

Did you see the Viking game last night? No wonder Favre has such a big head. The national headlines read "Favre of old emerges, torches Texans".

What? When did that happen? I saw a lot of safe dink and dunk passes, illegal blocks which injured the guy and him getting sacked 2? 3? times and hitting the ground 3 more times. I'm not going to get upset when I see him do well, I know the demons will come out sooner or later and Minnesota fans will have their "Favre" moments!



I see the fires in California are getting "angry". But even with an "angry" fire some of those crazy Californians are, well, being crazy. Like those guys that tried to ride out the fire in their hot tub? Bad idea! As the fire fighter said "the hot tub provided no protection whatsoever."

Lesson learned.

Then there is that article about troops returning to America with poor driving habits. They are still dodging road side bombs, driving in the middle of the road and busting through intersections without stopping.

And of course is the Udey dam debacle. The loud supporters of SAVE THE DAMN DAM because a large chunk of 100 year old cement is so pretty we want to spend $372,000 to fix it. But now the price for destroying the dam has dropped $50,000 to $170,000.

I think the Air Force listened to me and a few sidewinder missiles could take out the dam in just a few seconds. OR OR - better yet a British bouncing bomb would do the trick.

On a side note - the cost of sending out the 1000 random ballots as suddenly increased by $50,000, offsetting the $50,000 saved and somehow bringing the save/destroy option back to even and another vote is on the agenda.

Main street Gallery is having an open house Friday Sept 11 to show off the new digs. Refreshments, INCLUDING popcorn will be served. For a fun story ask Kim about the freaky untold history of the wagon.

This year is a special year for Survivor as it was the one I was going to be on if it was not for Public Enemies. Well, I was going to apply again and I'm sure, THIS TIME, they were going to pick me for the show.

So since I was going to be on the show I'll be living my "show experience" through one of the contestants and after much personal reflection I found the guy that most shares my life experiences. Russel. uncanny ain't it, he could be my brother.

But - I'll wait until after the 1st episode before I lock in my Survivor selection. Join me each week as I talk about what "I" did on the show and my totally unbiased thoughts about me.

The cast of Survivor Samoa.

And finally - Today is the day I put up eight canvas images at Starbucks on the Square in Madison. Come on down and check them out and have a cup of Joe. In fact you should order a grande joe and see if the barista has a clue what you are talking about.

barista = a professional who is highly skilled in coffee preparation with a comprehensive understanding of coffee.

yea - ok.

May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.