Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blank Walls and Dirty Sidewalks

I have been trying to get some data on DJs dad's old WIN 98 computer (which literally takes over 20 minutes to boot up) onto his new glitzy touchscreen 22 inch computer and I thought it would be easy.   The first indication that all was not going to go as planned was when I tried to hook up the internet and realized . . . he has dial-up.

Seems new state-of-the-art computers with a terra bite of memory and more RAM then my laptop has in total memory . . . .does not have a modem for dial-up connections.  Who KNEW!!

No problem right?  Just put a flash card into the ISB port and copy.  Wait . . . no ISB port on his old computer.  dang!  OK OK . . . .no problem.  I'll just bring a floppy disk and copy it onto that.  I copy the data and go the new computer . . . . . wait . . . .there is no floppy disk drive?  I'll take the disk home and copy it onto a CD. . . . . . .wait . . . I get home and,  "I" don't even have a floppy drive. . . . .hmmmmm . . . . . I'll just burn a disk because I noticed he had two disk drives on the old computer. . . . .wait . . . there is no burning software on THAT computer.

Well . . . . I'll just email the data from one computer to . . . .oh yea - only one computer has a connection so I'll just email it to myself.

Have you TRIED to email a few megs of data from a dial up through AOL/Yahoo?  I was so many clicks ahead of the computer that I think I froze it.

I took the disk to work where we have 1975 computer (I thin it's an 8088 - but with two 19 inch monitors) and put the data on a flash drive.

HOWEVER - as I was at Mels, a neighbor, seeing how I was so technology advanced ask if I could fix their Charter internet.

It seems they could not get their DVD player working.  They called Charter and were told they had to crawl behind the TV and unhook the Charter cable and hook it up differently in order to watch the DVD.  Then when done with the DVD, again,  crawl behind the TV and rehook the cable for TV.

I think is a big bag of bullshit!

So I crawled behind their TV, looked things over and hooked everything up CORRECTLY!!  It all works great now.

Except there phone no longer works!


So Robbie - any chance I can call cabelman later tonight about 5:00?  Seems they have Charter phone and I disconnected it.  Weird set-up I must say.
New topic

I was looking at other artists work looking for inspiration and saw a guys work I really loved.  I did not want to copy it but felt there was some knowledge there that I could twist around and use it differently.  His style was different but there was something I loved.

So I contacted him and after a few compliments I asked "How do you do that" type questions!  After showing him what I did so he could see I was not going to copy him he explained about his "textures".  BRILLIANT!!

A lot of my work involves layers upon layers of  . . stuff.  His secret (which I will now reveal)  is that he had a collection of textures he used in some of his layers.

So now I'm walking around taking photos of blank walls and dirty sidewalks to use as textures in my work.  I was walking to my car yesterday and saw a particularly wonderful dirty sidewalk and stopped to take a photo.  A guy walking past me, I'm pretty sure, either thought I was crazy OR had just stolen the camera.

Oddly sidewalks are great as they are 50% gray and perfect for measuring the amount of light.  Your hand is also 50% gray when it comes to taking light readings.  If you are using your light meter on your camera focus on your hand to get the perfect reading. 

So while I did not use any of my newly photographed textures in anything I did spend my typical 2 hours a night in my digital darkroom. Creating some new images of Porsche's. 

I took this images last last fall.

For lack of a better name

Porsche 1

Porsche 2

And here is the odd thing. I had not thought of Porsche's for a while but was pretty involved in them last night. Driving to work today I passed a pretty sweet truck pulling a very very expensive trailer with Porsche 928 written all over the sides of everything and I have to assume a Porsche 928 was inside.  The truck looked like it had living quarters inside of it.  Sweet rig.


One of the things I noticed in golf was that you NEVER can be as good as you want to be. Golf is a game with a carrot always dangling in front of you.  This is why I really don't care if I get better.  OH - I want to do well but constantly striving to get better is wasted effort as you will never ever achieve perfection and if you never can achieve the ultimate goal . . .why bother. I'm happy as I am!!  22 handicap is fine!!  Do be an angry golfer because you are not perfect.  Even Tiger gets mad. 

I mention this because there have been studies on happiness and it's sort of surprising the results.

For one thing, on average, the greater your income, the less happy the respondents were. Another thing is that between 41-50 you are the unhappiest and 61-70 years old  you are the happiest.  In fact from 15 to 41 it's all down hill as you get more and more unhappy.

During the day, you are least happiest during the core of the day (at work) and happy before and after work.  Your most unhappy point as at noon.

The happiest day of the week is Saturday and Wednesday is the most unhappy.

And oddly, the more possessions you have the less happy you are.

Nuff said.  I'm getting rid of everything so I have nothing but will be happy.



  1. I am NOT unhappy at noon, that's when I have lunch :))))))))
    (the rest sounds pretty right on)

  2. Great Blogs!!!

    I have been with out a computer since Monday when I got a VIrus.

    cableman came home last night and I am on his lap top that has a key board issue, but I am on.

    Rod, you will have mail.

    Hope all are doing well.

  3. Hey Rod,

    My husband and I are thinking about going on the Heine Ride. I checked out the web site and it looks like fun! Do you know what the terrain is like? Is it all on highways and how hilly is it? Also, is there any way to get vehicles to Heine's to have them there for the end of the ride? Any info you could give me would be great. Also, do you know if there is a rain or snow date?