Wednesday, September 1, 2010

overweight former rock stars suck

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Lately I've been seeing a lot of rock and roll bands with reunion tours and I'm not really loving it.  All I see are balding, overweight former rock stars pretending to be in their 20's rehashing old music with cracking voices.  The problem is I see these guys and say and think  they used to be so good and now they just look desperate.

Then what weirds me out is when they start going all sexual with their guitars or whatever. DUDE - you're are 60 years old, do you really need to have sex with your guitar (maybe they do!!)

Another problem is that their rock all seems to be rock-light.  The 55 calorie version of their heaviness. I hear a band play and think WOW - with today's base technology you could REALLY make that song awesome but they seem to make it slower and duller so their hearts will not explode or more hair fall out.  You would think they all wear hearing aids so they would be louder.

I saw YES the other night and it was pathetic. Then the camera panned the crowed and all I saw were 65 year old people with their eyes closed seeming to have orgasms listening to a whiny slide guitar played by former rocker Steve Howe. Oh My Steve, what can I say!

Heart has a new "album" out but the difference there is that they actually write NEW material as opposed to just playing the oldies.

The WHO!  O man.  Roger Daltrey was born a couple months before WWII ended and his rendition of My Generation is . . . confusing.  Plus . . . The Who?   This is like Paul and Ringo going on tour as The Beatles!  NO NO - NOT the Beatles and NO NO not The Who.  There is no John Entwistle, there is no Keith Moon and there is not even Kenney Jones who replaced Keith Moon. You can not be the WHO missing 50% of your band.

Pink Floyd!  Well . . . to be honest it was never about the onstage presence of the performers it was all about the show. David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright were all there just to play the music. Syd Barrett? I was never a fan actually of Barrett.

If you want to see Pink Floyd and hear that Australian Pink Floyd is performing  - GO!  They are bang on perfect imitations of the music and light show!  Seriously. I have seen Floyd six times and as you know I was one of the first 1000 people IN THE WORLD to hear Dark Side of the Moon (yea I brag but it's true) and Australian Pink Floyd is dead on.

I guess what got me on this tangent was seeing Ian Anderson on TV last night.  One night at the Kurth I was just asking people "What was your first rock concert" and The Wood Fairy said it was Jethro Tull. That surprised me because that was MY first concert.  THEN I find out that we were at the very same concert in 1973ish! Or was it 72.  Too weird.

Well - it saddened me to see Ian Anderson having sex with his flute and playing Locomotive Breath a little slower and with not quite so much gusto. So I felt I had to take a trip down memory lane. 

Below is a choppy Locomotive Breath from 1975 and features his huge cod piece which always made my eyes bleed for the 1st half hour of a show. Not many videos was the early 1970's out there. 

I'm wondering if I should try to bring back cod pieces - maybe I could start a trend in Columbus.

New restaurants opening in Columbus. After Labor Day there will be a new Italian/Pizza place opening where West James Dining was and also some sort of new eatery place near buy - that one is sketchy, maybe more like a coffee shop??  Not sure.


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  1. bwahaha Making rock safe for the flute solo. Tull! Love 'em.

    I'm with you-- I still love rock, but I'd rather remember old heroes as they were. That is, so long as they're just hauling a decades-old stage act out of mothballs.

    If they have something new to offer (like Heart, or Petty, Springsteen, etc.), then I'm much more interested. But I guess a lot of people aren't. I read interviews where aging musicians prefer playing new stuff (if they're writing it), which reflects where they are now-- but when they perform, fans clamor for the hitz. I get it. And I suppose when I think of it, if I could've gone to see the Police a couple summers ago, I probably would have-- HOPING Sting wouldn't pull out anything recent. But, yeesh, that's Steve Howe? Oy. Well, I guess he always did look a little cadaverous.

  2. dude I LOVE the Black Crowes-just saw'em in Milwaukee 2 weeks ago.....they are again going on indefinite hiatus BOO :`(((((

    if you liked 'em back in the 90's check out their 2 albums of new material and they just released "Croweology" accoustic versions of their best hits-trying new takes
    check it out:

    and yeah M on their fan board everyone complains because their fav OLD song didn't get played no matter what they play