Monday, January 31, 2011

Potentially Historic Storm heading our way!

Gotta hand it to the weather dudes. They knew there was a big one coming 10 days ago. They were not sure of the timing but I could see this gleam in their eyes that something BIG was on the horizon.

So - we're getting two storms actually - the one today is a 4 to 7 inch storm an then the main event starts Tuesday afternoon. There should be a break about noon and then this large warm moist air mass tumbles north smashing into an Artic blast with the Jet stream overhead - BAM POW!!

On the bright side of getting 15 inches of snow is that fact that south of us will have havoc with an inch of ice killing all the trees! The further north this drifts the more now we will get!

But - we're not the only ones.

By the time the storm exits New England on Wednesday night, as many as 100 million Americans will see heavy snow of at least 6 inches or dangerous ice accumulations. 

Flying into Chicago? This storm could be the biggest blizzard since 1999 when O'Hara had 21 inches! 18 to 25 foot waves are expected on Lake Michigan as the jet stream will be right over head blowing the 2 feet of snow! I doubt I will be at work Wednesday.

Ice damage will be in the BILLIONS south of us with tornado's and a chance of spaghetti in northern Texas. Speaking of Dallas - SNOW on Wednesday and a game time temp Sunday NEAR 50.

I'm looking at 16 inches total for Columbus over the next 3 days!

Saturday Elwood and I were in the back yard discussing the upcoming year in the yard and we look up and there is Milo tightroping the railing on the deck. He is perched on the corner staring at a flock of birds who are staring at HIM with the bird feeder exactly halfway between them.

It was a standoff.  Except Milo's problem was that in order to get down he had to jump in the snow and THAT was not going to happen!  Cat's are not big lovers of snow!  

taken by my iPhone


Friday, January 28, 2011

Packers -3 - Take the Bet!

Congratulations to Andy for bowling a 300 last night! You can not finally give up bowling. I had a 299 once but it was way way long time ago before they perfected round balls and oiling patterns!

So everybody is planning their Super Bowl parties but I must warn you. According to the news THERE IS A LACK IF STRIPPERS!! Yea - typically strippers start flocking to the Super Bowl City but it seems Dallas is having a problems.

As for myself I'm planning to bring a grill in and put it in my buddies cubicle and grill up some brats next Friday! I'm not going to ask permission but I will apologize afterward if management disapproves of grilling brats inside the building.

I'm thinking we can make this a yearly event "Grill Brats in your Buddies Cube Day".

And I think I gave people the wrong impression that I believe Green Bay would not win THE BIG GAME (insert echo effect). I believe they WILL win and I put my money where my mouth is just in time as the spread has moved to -3 for the Packers.

Here is the thing - I believe NOT having experience with the Super Bowl hype works in the Packers advantage. Pittsburgh has been there, done that and we have won a few times while I feel the Packers want to go and prove something.

I also feel the Pitt defense, while awesome has a hole. The Packers go 4 wide and the Steelers will have to take out a linebacker which is the strength of the "D". The Pack is SO talented a receivers it's a big big problem covering everybody.

Also something not getting THAT much attention is the fact that the Steelers will not have their ALL-PRO Center. The reason the Packers have been able to get to where they are with all the injuries is that they have had time to adjust!

Losing a key player is like parting for an ambulance. When the ambulance passes the most dangerous time is when the car wave crashes back to the middle. The most dangerous time for a key injury are the weeks right after the injury when things are not adjusted yet!


There is a movie that was filmed last year and it will be shown on one day, world wide and one day only. It's about Sabena Flight 548. It crashed on February 17th 1961 killing the entire United States Figure Skating Team, all 18 athletes, 16 family members, coaches, and officials plus and two farmers on the ground as they were in route to the World Championships.

And of course you all might remember what happened 25 years ago today. Challenger exploded! I was taking an accounting test at the time.


52 years ago today Vince Lombardi was hire as the coach of the Green Bay Packers. The Packers were 1-10 the previous year. The Pack finished 7-5 the next year and lost the Championship game to the Eagles the year after that.

Check this out!

Have a sonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Remember Baltic? The dog that was rescued at sea on an ice flow?  Here is the rest of the story on YouTube.


Seems the population of Columbus is continuing to climb. According to City-Data dot Com the population of Columbus in 2009 was 5,055, up 12% from 2000. This is an increased rate of growth from previous decades as in the 90's the growth was 10% and in the 80's a mare 1.2%.

This is probably due to people moving past Sun Prairie to Columbus! Of course the engine to the entire area is Madison! If Madison is booming Columbus will grow. Madison is the nucleus while Columbus is the electron and Sun Prairie is the Proton . . .Middleton is a Neutron . . . . Walker is the Moron.


Sadly the government is getting rid of the whole terrorist color thing because Orange is the new Green and nobody cares any more. What will take it's place will be local terrorist warnings on large signs!

When you are driving down the interstate a big sign will flash


I love what I heard one radio guy say - if you are going to sack Ben Roethlisberger you need to ride him for the entire 8 seconds!  I just think that is funny!


January - So far this month we are about 2 degrees below the average high temp and about 0.2 degrees below on the average low.  This tells me that we have not had a lot of sun this month - in fact we have had at least trace of snow 20 of the 26 days this month!  13.3 inches of snow so we have been getting a little almost every day (unlike the Est Coast  LOL)


Buzz word of the day - I'm learning all about Star Interpolation when blowing photos up to larger size - seems if you do it in 10% increments the results are much better then just BAM - bigger!

Talk to ya later!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm sort of surprised that Green Bay is a 3 point favorite. I don't believe they deserve that much . . .favoritism. I have to think that since they seem to be the hot team everyone is talking about more "square" money is going on the Packers so the linesmakers have to adjust the actual line.

If the Packers were not "my" team I would be putting money down on the Steelers to cover that 3 points!

I just feel that the one dimensional game of Green Bay is in for a long long day. Yea - they can win but their offense will have to NOT play as poorly as they did last Sunday, and don't fool yourself, the Packers do not have a running game and that was pretty much proven.

How many yards did Starks have in the 2nd half when the Pack REALLY needed a running game? 19 on I believe 10 carry's and 12 of those were on 1 play. I'm not cutting Starks, the Packer front line is geared at protecting Rogers, not opening up holes to run through. A number of times Starks was captured behind the line which was not his fault.

But on the bright side, Pittsburgh is not real thrilled at playing the Packers either. We look at the Steeles and say, Oh man those guys are good, but I'm sure they would have MUCH rather played the Bears! Pitts look at the Packers Defense and go, oh man those guys are good.  The Packers are pretty much like the Steelers. The only BIG difference is that the Steelers have a running game BUT the Packers have a better passing game that makes up for the lack of run yardage. Plus the Steelers have one HUGE problem - their All-Pro Center is injured!

It's going to be an awesome chess match and one of the best Super Bowls in a long long time.remember last time the two teams played a couple years ago?  NAIL BITER, Pittsburgh won on the last play of the game.


This is a wonderful article from the Star Tribune! No matter what you think of Brett this is a great read!

JIM SOUHAN, Star Tribune

Brett Favre will stand on the Vikings' sideline for the last time today. Thus will end one of the most volatile episodes in Minnesota sports history, an 18-month window in which Favre sequentially proved right anyone who ever praised or doubted him.

Favre will end his career as a limping contradiction. In a society that revels in either-or debates, Favre has proved that "all of the above" can be the correct assessment of a polarizing individual.

You can take either side in a debate about Favre and be right.

He is at once the most prolific passer in NFL history and the most erratic great quarterback to ever play the game.

He is renowned for his fourth-quarter comebacks and clutch play, and yet has thrown more season-destroying interceptions than any quarterback in history.

He is the toughest man in the annals of a brutal sport -- having started 297 consecutive games at a position that is the equivalent of a clay pigeon at a shotgun range -- and the most emotionally needy player ever to don a helmet.

He is a charismatic leader who can unite a locker room and inspire a huddle, and he is a divisive figure who was known in New York for ignoring his teammates.

He wouldn't tutor Aaron Rodgers, his chosen successor in Green Bay , yet he volunteers his time coaching high school kids in Hattiesburg , Miss.

He launched or improved the careers of a dozen coaches -- including Andy Reid, Jon Gruden and Mike Holmgren -- and ended the head coaching career of the man who brought him to Minnesota and helped him make $28 million in 18 months.

He craves the spotlight but won't dress for it, favoring old jeans, sweaty golf hats and perpetual stubble even during news conferences watched by millions.

He shuns the media five days a week -- a writer from Washington , D.C. , once told me it was easier to land a one-on-one interview with the President than with Favre -- yet manipulates national reporters every week to disseminate dubious messages.

He will forever be remembered as an iconic Packer, yet he began his career with Atlanta , visited New York and chose to finish his career with the Packers' arch-rival, intent on beating the franchise that made him famous.

He is a Hall of Fame quarterback who became a symbol of longevity, and yet each of the four teams that employed him was glad to see him go.

He prides himself, as he once told me, in "playing like a kid," even when teammates put a rocking chair in front of his locker.

He "loves the game" yet can't bring himself to show up for offseason workouts or the opening day of training camp.

He is a Southern good ol' boy who made his reputation on the Frozen Tundra.

He reveres the record book and NFL history but once flopped on the ground to help New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan break a sack record.

All of which makes you wonder: When Brett Favre looks in the mirror, does his reflection appear in 3-D?
Because Favre is so internally conflicted, so relentlessly contradictory, offering a final assessment of him isn't easy.

Remember, it was a year ago that Favre was preparing to help the Vikings whip the Dallas Cowboys in the Metrodome, in one of the most impressive victories in franchise history.

It was less than a year ago that Favre was preparing to run the Vikings' offense up and down the field against the eventual Super Bowl champion Saints in the deafening Superdome.

At the age of 40, in his first season in purple, Favre came within one pass of taking the Vikings to a Super Bowl they might well have won.

Therein lies the Favre conundrum: He was the reason the Vikings were able to come within one of Favre's startlingly amateurish interceptions of doing what had never been done before in 50 years of Vikings history, and he was the reason the Vikings followed that thrilling season by with an implosion so spectacular it could probably be seen from space.

Favre giveth, and Favre throweth away.

Even at the end of a season in which he showed up late, extorted team owners for a raise, got his coach fired, destroyed his team's Super Bowl aspirations, became the subject of a sexting scandal and groveled for sympathy every time he stubbed his toe, Favre set a record for perseverance that may never be matched and conducted a dozen of the most compelling, funny, insightful news conferences we'll ever witness.

It is typical of Favre that as his performance and machinations destroyed this season, destroyed what might be the last chance for many of his teammates to qualify for a Super Bowl, he remained a popular figure in the locker room, a source of humor and a subject of admiration.

You can hate Favre or love him.

But why choose?


Yesterday in 1935 the Gottfried Krueger Brewery sold the very first can of beer.  Cans are the best vehicle for beer, you would think bottles are but bottle caps let air in and beer in a bottle will slowly oxidize, happens all the time!  Skunky beer is not uncommon. Can's are the #1 best way to store beer.

Another problem with bottles is light.  Beer hates light!  When light hits the beer it splits its riboflavin, a type of B vitamin. The ruptured riboflavin can react with isohumulones, which are chemicals that come from hops and help beer taste bitter (in a good way).

The resulting molecule is similar in shape and smell to the musk sprayed by skunks. That’s why most microbreweries sell beer in dark brown bottles or, increasingly, in beer cans.

Which is another reason you should not buy Corona or any beer in clear bottles! Brown is the best!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a Stumpy Swarvan Miscreant!

For all of you iPhone users I found a sweet new App you have to download - costs a shopping $2.99 so you know it's good.

It's call Epicwin - and it's a task list organizer/role playing game.  You put in your to-do list and every time you check one off you complete a challenge and your little character improves in it's ongoing quest to improve stats and gain riches  and level-up! 

Each task is either a task of Strength,  Stamina, Intellect, Social or Spirit.  This is what my screen looks like

 I did complete one task and received a "Tattoo of Limited Enlightenment".   WAY COOL!!!  

Remember last week when I mentioned my buddy that went to Barbados every year?  And then I got sick (and the rest of Wisconsin it seems).

He's been sending some photos the last few days that are nice - however one sort of caught my eye and AS I DO I started to play with it so the below is a collaboration.  Ed took the photo - I tweaked it.

It just proves that you should never send me a digital photo unless you are OK with me adding a few extra layers onto it. 

The Dover Beach Regatta


The Canary of the economy has come to life.  RV sales have been increasing in the last few months - this is a great sign as RV Sales are a barometer for spendable income!

OK - Gotta run


Monday, January 24, 2011

Peanut . . . .Peanut butter AND JELLY!!

WOW - what a game. The Badger played a near perfect game yesterday and for the very first time in Wisconsin history a guy scores a triple double (double digits scoring, rebounding and assists).

But forget that - I can not WAIT for the football game tonight - GO PACKERS - I HOPE THEY WIN!

WHAT?  it was yesterday? Are you kidding me?   MAN - why did I not turn the TV on at the liqueur store! STUPID STUPID STUPID!

OK - seriously sweet game! However - I can almost guarantee our house had the weirdest Superbowl celebration of all.

You know when you have an infant (I think 2 years is still an infant right?) you do weird things to make them smile. Well, one thing we do with Caydence is the Peanut butter and Jelly Dance. She loves it! Peanuuuut . . . .Peanut butter AND JELLY.

Well, the Bears are driving and most of Wisconsin residents hearts are in their throats and BAM interception! We all let out a WHOOOP!!! and as the "P" hits the airway in WHOOOP we realize that Caydence, who is not real big on loud sudden screams and surprises, will not feel the same joy we are feeling.

I believe DJ was holding Caydence and as she starts to get that little birdy lip in preparation to the big cry DJ breaks out in the Peanut butter song and instantly we all follow!

So as we're all high fiving each other with glee we're all singing and dancing Peanuuuut     Peanut butter AND JELLY over and over again! I'm pretty sure Caydence thought that was the most enthusiastic Peanut Butter song she as ever seen and loved it!
OK the game -

I've been railing on the Special Teams all year and I tell ya - I give Time Masthay, the punter, the game ball (if I actually had a game ball and wanted to give it away which I would not). Outstanding.  The rest of the  Special Teams still pretty much sucked!

I also give a game ball to Julius Peppers for a bone head crushing the passer penalty which seemed to work in "our" favor (although Rogers was not quite the same after that play). And - it has not been reported but Rogers, I believe,  DID have a concussion but let's keep that a secret - I figure when QB has trouble focusing as he "shakes it off" and then goes on to play sub-par  . . . .shhhhhhhhh!    

The Packers are 2.5 point favorites in the SuperBowl and tickets are about $2,750 each which is probably normal!  

And for anyone counting the LOSER of the Superbowl each get on;y and extra $38,000 while the winners get $73,000 each. 

As for the SuperBowl - this is a pretty big game for the NFL with two teams that have probably the best fans.  As Peter King says  "In the 45-year history of Super Bowls, there's never been one with such history. Never has there been a title game with two teams more than 75 years old. And never has there been a matchup of teams with as many Super Bowl titles -- Pittsburgh six, Green Bay three.

And Jerry Jones, you built the big Arlington ballyard, halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, for occasions just like this --a Super Bowl dripping with history, and with fans who would walk a thousand miles to see the game. I can just hear those voices that spoke to Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. Kind of. You built it, Jerry, and they will come. Oh, they will most definitely come."

Have a nice Monday!!


Peanuuuuut . . . .Peanut butter   AND JELLY!! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

CBS News coming to Columbus . . .sort of

My plans never seen to work out.

Wednesday I felt weird all day - like I never really woke up. Then BAM Wednesday night the COLD hit me and I was down for the count.

Still at home today and on a scale of 1 to 11 where 9 is my typical health day I'm at about a 5, 1.5 better then yesterday.

So my buddy in Barbados will have to wait for THE REST OF THE STORY.

The big story is that I was contacted by the producers of CBS News/48 Hours (they found the blog) and they are asking if I have access to any 8mm films or home movies of Columbus around the 1980's.

I looked in my film files in the 1980 bin and found nothing since I actually don't have ANY films from any period.

SO - WOW - that coffee tastes horrible - my taste buds must be FUBR . . .

SO - I'm putting out the call for any unprofessional footage of Cbus in the 80'  ANYONE? ANYONE?

Now I will go back to bed

OH - and of my buddy on in the Islands - it's 9:00 and -9 degrees here!  BUT SUNNY!!!!!  No rain in the forecast!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wisconsin - Open for Bigness!

WARNING*** The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Chicago, Ill and surrounding areas for Sunday the 23rd of January. This warning will be in effect from 2:00pm until 6:00pm. This Flash Flood will be caused by the tears of the Bears fans as they watch their crazy Super Bowl dreams fade away. Crying will intensify as the game goes on. 
So it seems our glorious Governor Scott Mr. Sneaky Pants Walker made yet another bone head blunder when he was the King of Milwaukee County! Seems he went against a county board vote and outsourced 26 county security guards a couple years ago. What could possibility go wrong.

Well - seems a judge said he overstepped his authority and now they MUST hire those guards back AND give all twenty six, two years back pay!

I wonder if those twenty six will count towards the 250,000 new jobs he has promised?

And on that note - "I" will promise 200,000 new jobs . . and I will do absolutely nothing. I'm pretty sure in 4 years the economy will still be ticking and just through natural job growth Wisconsin will have at LEAST 200,000 new jobs! BUT - you can thank me if you wish.

Meanwhile the Vice Governor has been cold calling Chicago brothels asking if they would like to relocate to Wisconsin where the tax's are STILL higher then Illinois but at least we did not raise our tax's.

I see we now have new signs at our borders - under the Wisconsin sign is a wooden sign that says "Open for Business". Nothing like a wooden sign to draw business to Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure that will work.

Walker has also basically BANNED Wind Power. A regulatory reform bill proposed by Walker would close Wisconsin's doors to clean, renewable wind power.  That's the LAST we want in Wisconsin, clean, renewable wind power. The bill says that you can not have a wind turban within 1,800 feet from a property line which makes siting a wind turban so difficult that the company's said the will go to Illinois (who are also Open for Business I guess).

SO - no High Speed Rail and no new Wind Farms, strained relationships with Minnesota AND Illinois! AWESOME!!

I mentioned the economy above.

The chart below shows my contributions to our 401K over the past 21 years. When I joined the program I had visions of being a millionaire when I turned 50, seems a lot of people had those visions with the ol' Dollar Cost Averaging system.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) takes the form of investing equal monetary amounts regularly and periodically over specific time periods in a particular investment or portfolio. By doing so, more shares are purchased when prices are low and fewer shares are purchased when prices are high. The point of this is to lower the total average cost per share of the investment, giving the investor a lower overall cost for the shares purchased over time.- actually is sort of a bad thing. 

While it SORT of works it really does not live up to the hype. It works in that a person will actually SAVE (invest) money but numerous studies of real market performance, models, and theoretical analysis have shown that in addition to having the admitted lower overall returns, DCA does not meaningfully reduce risk when compared to other strategies, including a completely random investment strategy.

I';ve out performed the market doing exactly what people always told me NOT to do - market timing!   I learned my lesson back in 2000 with the Tech blow-off.  I WANTED to sell - I really really did but the talking heads kept telling me to HOLD HOLD!!

I kept saying NO NO SELL SELL, not from panic but because it was a no brainer - we were crashing!! But then I started to think that MAYBE they knew more then I did  . . . I was wrong!  I knew more then they did and should have sold!   Then in the latest blow off I didn't sell but put everything into bonds. Then through market timing I put everything back into stocks 1 days after we hit bottom.  I KNEW we were at the bottom as the talking heads were all doom and gloom saying SELL SELL  HOLD HOLD and I was saying BUY BUY!!!

The red line is my contributions and the blue is my worth.  I'm happy with my returns!

That's my story!

Tomorrow (maybe) letters from Barbados!



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Police Department - please leave a message at the tone.

I'm probably the only guy that will get this but one comment I read about the Packer game was:

"Aaron Rodgers needs to bump up the difficulty to All-Madden" THAT is funny!

There have been many many playoff games for Green Bay in the lasy 90 years and the Packers have had many really really good Quarterbacks - but NO ONE has ever had a better game then Aaron Rogers and I will say this right now . . .

Ted Thompson! you are a genius! I was never a BIG doubter but I have questioned you on several occasions and . . . I WAS WRONG!!

For a team to lose these guys and still be in a Championship game - I bow to your knowledge

* 56 Nick Barnett ILB (IR) Injury
* 42 Morgan Burnett SS (IR) Injury
* 54 Brandon Chillar ILB (IR) Injury
* 88 Jermichael Finley TE (IR) Injury
* 25 Ryan Grant RB (IR) Injury
* 91 Justin Harrell DE (IR) Injury
* 41 Spencer Havner TE (IR) Injury
* 97 Johnny Jolly DE (Susp.)
* 59 Brad Jones OLB (IR) Injury
* 29 Derrick Martin FS (IR) Injury
* 96 Mike Neal DE (IR) Injury
* 74 Marshall Newhouse G/T (IR) Injury
* 51 Brady Poppinga OLB (IR) Injury
* 27 Anthony Smith FS (IR) Injury
* 65 Mark Tauscher OT (IR) Injury

That's like a whole team!

Back to Rogers - he threw 28 passes to his 4 core Wide Receivers and 26 would caught. Each receiver had over 75 yards - THAT is amazing. The running game - some will look at the yards but for the Packers you look at attempts! Twenty Eight attempts which typically means you are gaining yards - maybe not big runs but enough to keep the defense honest. This is all the Packer running game is used for - Keep'm honest.

I love the fact that by the end of the 3rd quarter the Stadium was basically all Packer fans and it became a home game.


Columbus Chamber of Commerce - WELCOME to the world. Looks like our Chamber is heading in the right direction AND TAA DAAA has a new website

In other big news Napoli's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria have a new sign. Why is this news? because the Columbus Main Street Organization helped fund the sign. You see since most of the downtown of Columbus is Historic District there is a law saying you can not have any back-lit signs and MainStreet helps business owners get the correct sign!

Way to go MainStreet!

You know I get emails from people asking me how Columbus is going and I say - BORING!! Nothing new and exciting except for a town that is working together as one (finally) and getting things done - WEIRD!!!

There is one thing that irritates me. The Police department. Why is it that a person can not actually TALK to anyone if there is a non-emergency - you have to leave a freaking message.

Last year there was a fire out in the country! Nothing I was too excited about but I tried to call the Police Department at night and I had to leave a message!

Josh had a guy run his pick-up into his fence - call police - leave message! grrrrrr

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I would not get TOO excited over James Starks running last week. I feel all it does is make the Falcons more aware of the running game. I doubt Starks will be that much of a factor this Saturday night! For one thing last week he was going against a team that was intent on stopping the pass - they had no idea the Packers actually had a running back on the team.

and when you look at Starks numbers - he really was not all THAT good! He had 57 yards on three runs and the other 19 runs he averaged less then Jackson. But - it does give the Dirty Birds something to think about.

I see Janesville has outlawed the smoking of synthetic Marijuana. What the hell is that? What about eating synthetic food - I would not want to eat or smoke either one. Then there is the Doctor that is giving Gabrielle Gifford a 101% chance of surviving.

Does trauma chief Dr. Peter Rhee actually understand what 100% means? And that 101% is like turning up the volume to 11 on a 1 to 10 scale? Was she smoking synthetic marijuana when she made that comment? Or was she just trying to dummy it up so us normal people can understand.

Then there is this whole crosswalk deal. I really dislike this law and from what I have read it is pretty useless.

In States where they have had crosswalk laws for 10 years, while pedestrian deaths have fallen, crosswalk deaths have stayed exactly the say - no change.

It's a law that confuses everyone and it's never enforced. I see people walking against red lights, I see cars stopping on green lights, I see cars screeching to a halt and being rear ended and I see pedestrians walking out in front of traffic daring to be hit!

Stupid stupid law. If it was enforced that would be another thing but to make a law and then not enforce it, it is causing more harm then good!
Did you know that motorists have to give livestock the right-away?

346.21 Right-of-way of livestock.

The operator of a motor vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to livestock being driven over or along any highway but any person in charge of such livestock shall use reasonable care and diligence to open the roadway for vehicular traffic.

Of course there is that law in Minnesota

Citizens may not enter Wisconsin with a chicken on their head. . . .so . . .be careful out there!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RIP Dick Winters

Hero: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

I don't want to sound callus but a lot of times when I hear of a famous person passing away I say "oh ,that's too bad" and sort of move on.  But every so often I hear of a passing and I'm actually moved!  Hearing that Dick Winters passed made me very sad.  

Major Richard "Dick" D. Winters was a United States Army officer and a highly decorated war veteran. He commanded Company "E", 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during World War II.  You might know the name as he was one of the main characters in "The Band of Brothers" which I believe is the very best WWII presentation!

Winters was a true hero. He parachuted into Normandy in the early hours of D-Day, and fought across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and eventually into Germany. He was in combat from the very beginning to the very end and was recalled for the Korean War but was never deployed.

One quote he had was "When this war ever ends I'm going to buy a farm and live a very quiet life".

He did!

He passed Janurarly 2nd and requested a private, unannounced funeral service, which was held on January 8, 2011

In one of his books there is another quote. 'Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?' Grandpa said 'No… but I served in a company of heroes…'"

Rest In Peace Dick Winters.

First Lieutenant Lynn D. Compton was another hero in The Band of Brothers. He was in the group that stormed Brécourt Manor and under the leadership of Winters, assaulted a German battery of four 105 mm howitzers firing on Utah Beach, disabling the guns and routing the enemy. 50 Germans vs. 13 of Easy Company.

He did not see the end of the war as he was evacuated from the Ardennes from battle fatigue after seeing his two best friend have their legs blown off from artillery.

Later in his life he successfully prosecuted Sirhan Sirhan for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy.

The rest of the Band of Brothers once the war was over just slid back into society. How do you do that after going through what they did! Amazing.

Band of Brothers was written by Stephen Ambrose. Ambrose grew up in Whitewater Wisconsin and his dad Stephen Hedges Ambrose was my moms dentist!

Check out this awesone Beer Commercial!

Have a happy snow-ish day

Monday, January 10, 2011

I've been a little distracted by work lately and once I get into programming mode it's tough to get into random drivel mode again.
HOW 'bout dem Packers!!

OK - on that last pass of the game who had visions of a NIGHTMARE happening! I think it's funny how all of a sudden the talking heads are talking about "the balanced offense" the Packers have! Yea - we knew that all along - who cares about that Lynch guy that the Packers could have had for a 6-pack of Hinterland Brown Ale a month or so ago.

remember - Lynch had a 3.5 yard per carry average which was worse the Jackson! He was not worth a 6-pack!

On to Atlanta!
I've been in contact with a retired BIG time advertising agent who loves my work and has been giving me some tips and basically pumping up my head so it's get's actually bigger then what it was!!

One thing he told me this weekend is something I've been asked to do a few times now. Take other peoples photos and run my little magic on those photos (and charge an appropriate fee).

So I've been sort of practicing.

A friend at work sent a few shots from Montana and here is a before and after shot.

 The trick here is that the original was really good for blowing up to maybe a 4x6 image but I can get this to a 16x10.  it's not a HUGE amount of difference but . . .  . . actually I'm not sure I like my cropping but hey - it's free!! 

A better example would be - good for an 8x10


Good for 16x20

So that is yet another plan.

Not surprising there was no news about the new grocery store but the real news is I CAN'T WAIT for snow - I got my big ass snow blower gassed up and ready!!  WHO NEEDS SNOW PLOWS!!!   I got it!!  you can skip this street!!  

Ok - I MUST run!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

WOW - I thought I published this!!

I have to laugh at the Democrats at times. Walker came out which his mighty plans to save Wisconsin (one of his plans I thought of a year ago and brought it up to the Columbus CDA and was told it was illegal).

Then I year Niel Hyman from CH 3 in Madison give an editorial comment (I really like Niel actually) and I hear Democratic pundits say the same thing.

"Mr. Walker, we have had many many smart people working on this problem for years with little progress, don't expect to come in and make it happen with the snap of you fingers".

Well . . . . . . if you have had so many smart people working on this with no progress . . . . perhaps a different slant on things MIGHT work? Doing the same thing over and over might not be the answer.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not a Walker fan at all. But it seems SOMETIMES looking at a problem from another angle is not all THAT bad. Not ALL Republican ideas are bad.

His one plan was to make new businesses coming into Wisconsin tax free for 2 years!

Cambridge did this 40 years ago. They had a deal where if a new business that dealt with art (like pottery and so forth) moved to Cambridge they would have a pretty major tax incentive. Worked like a charm!! Then I guess the Democrats put the noogies on THAT idea as being unfair. . . . . but it DID work.

Just sayin.

HOWEVER - I see Walkers new Health Chief wants to dump Medicaid, fight federal health reform. The guy didn't even LIVE in Wisconsin before he got his job here. I loath Walker!


I wish I would not have ordered my Black Bird Helmet! It seems the birds all died from hitting things in a crazed frenzy. Seems someone lit off 10 to 12 Professional size fireworks near their roost which scared the bejesus out of the birds who flew in a frenzy at 25 mph into pretty much anything in their way including the ground.

5000 Red Wing Black Birds down there is a drop in the bucket (no pun intended)as there are 10's of thousands. They say the sky will turn black when they fly (and the ground will turn white?).

Case solved! No Asians . . . . Aliens (darn spelling checker LOL).


OH - I see - I never finished it LOL

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is a Great Day for Castration

I can't believe that I woke up this morning - looked at my cell phone and I had a text message from Brett Favre!! I'm afraid to open it.

14 years ago today a little puppy was born with a litter of all other puppy's who became  big time champion show dogs.  But one little puppy was left behind as he was a shy little runt that when he ran his right front paw would flail out to the right which was not good enough to go on the big stage.

So he was forgotten by his mean handlers and got heart-worms.

A couple years later DJ, Jenny and I drove to just outside Kansas City to meet  a Sisterwood Kennels  representatives to adopt him. We waited in a parking lot and after Sisterwood parked their car they opened their trunk and looking at us blinking in the bright sunlight was a skinny, dirty, shy Welsh Cardigan Corgi named Blake.

Today Blake turns 14 and is taking the day off to do whatever he wants which is sleep a lot. He is no longer REAL shy and is happy and loved and is leading and has led a very worm and happy life.  

Happy Birthday Blake


So I was talking to Payroll the other day asking about retirement which was really strange.  I have the paperwork to send in to ETF and my retirement date is going to be April Fools Day.

It's odd even typing that because I almost feel embarrassed yet excited yet sad all at the same time.  I feel embarrassed because I'm too young to retire - retiring is for old people.  I feel sad because I've worked here for 23 years and while I loath everyone I work with they are still family to me and I don't want to lose contact.  I also love the drive to work every day.  I'm excited because my little photography business is really being held back by a real job.  I have so many requests, ideas and projects on the back burner that I just can't get to while working 40+ hours a week.

I have a sweet part time job at one of the best Craft Beer Liqueur Stores in the area and I tell people that I'm not retiring from WORKING, just from State Government Employment!   I have oodles of benefits, why not take advantage of them.

I've read a lot about the myths of retiring and what REALLY happens when a person retires so I think I'm psychologically prepared.  The money thing is OK but many people don't adjust very well at first to having . . . . nothing to do!  You spend all your life with structure and all of a sudden there is no structure.

So that is what is on my mind lately.

We got a Farmers Almanac from Sentry Insurance so I looked at the weather forecast -  for Wisconsin - Stormy with periods of snow for the 4th thru 7th.  WOW - going out on a limb with that one!!  But 8th-11th  Fair turning colder!  MAN - it's uncanny!!!!

IT'S THE 12TH DAY OF CHRISTMAS!!!!  (also called - Christmastide) 12 Drummers Drumming refers to the points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed. The Twelfth Night to Epiphany morning (tomorrow) is the traditional time to take down the Christmas tree and decorations.

We are also in the PRIME area of the month to castrate farm animals!! Today is also a good day to bake and a prime day for getting a haircut to increase growth, also waxing floors on the 5th of January would be a good thing.

HOWEVER - a BAD day to fish.

So there ya go. Get a haircut before you wax the floor and bake some bread and then go and castrate a farm animal.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Genius of Scott Walker

This Red Wing Black Bird thing really has me interested. They are estimating about 3000 bird were found dead. Lots of theories but all have huge holes.

First of all there were 5+ loud BOOMS but no one knows where they came from. Nobody has come forward saying they had firework and to me it sounds like what they are describing are sonic booms (which are way way cool).

Then they say they were scared and ran into a hail storm or lightning but - no storms were in the area. One theory was they were scared and with poor night vision (most birds are blind at night) and they ran into buildings but . . . you would think they would not be scattered around and not next to buildings.

All showed trauma like they were beat with something but no other birds have been found dead.

There are forces at work here that we know nothing about!!!
Speaking of aliens - Tonight one of the best Sci Fi shows begins Season #2.  "V" and the gloves are off.  This is what the "V's" really look like.

Not quite as pretty as when they have a touch of make-up on.

It's amazing how a touch of rouge can help that green skin problem.

Tonight we see just what the V's have in store for mankind and oh, it's game on.

I really do hope Walker (Mr. Sneaky Pants) does a good job - no seriously I do.  Why would I hope he fails!!  Doesn't mean I like the guy or have ANY faith he will success but let's get real.  IF, he REALLY blows then we're all up shit creek.

HOWEVER - his true genius is showing - He has been in office for like 1 day and 20 to 25% of State employees are retiring!  I've talked to manager friends who tell me their area is losing 18 people, I talked to payroll yesterday and my person said 14 of the 60 people she works with are retiring, I talked to some people on the 2nd floor of my building and a guy said they had 8 leaving.

So before Walker can even do anything, his threats have decreased the Wisconsin payroll by 20ish%.  Of course being understaffed to begin with is sort of crippling some departments but as long as you have a job and no health issues you will have no problems.

Then there is the inaugural ball.  Proceeds from last nights ball ($125,000) will go into Walkers War Chest which we are being told is "back to traditions", while Doyle's two ball proceeds ($500,000) all went to charity.

I'm not going to complain about Walkers new leased Yukon he is riding around in (the most expensive ride a WI Governor has ever had).  It's a security thing and Good Lord he does need security.

OOPS - I have to run - a problem came up at work.  One of those "This is what I'm doing UNLESS I hear otherwise".   I heard nothing . . . NOW there is a problem!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

The day the Black birds dropped from the sky!

The big non-news item is that this week the new Grocery Store for Columbus will be announced! I don't know WHY it's such a secret. It will be located out towards Fall River I believe in what used to be called The Industrial Park area.

If I had to make a guess I would go with a Piggely Wiggely because I like that name. I can't see it being a Roundys store . . .just thinking out loud.

Why does Down Syndrome get the shaft!

We are on the verge of revolutionary human clinical FDA trials for medication to raise learning, memory and communication in Down Syndrome. Yet our government funding is lacking.   There are 400,000 Americans with Down Syndrome yet only $18 million are funded for DS research.  500,000 people have autism and it gets $132 million and MS has 400,000 and gets $132 million!

Why does Down Syndrome only get $18 million!!

How can you help?

email Teresa Cody to add your name and email address to the petition. just say "add" with your name and email address
Of course the REAL thing you are wonder is . . .why does your toilet water bounce up and down on windy day!!  

The answer?  It's your vent stack.

A vent stack allows sewage gases to vent to the air outside your house rather than bubbling up through your sink and toilet, and allows air to pass through the pipes, which ensures that waste water drains smoothly. 

When the wind blows over a house, the air pressure changes because of the "Bernoulli effect". The Bernoulli effect says that pressure becomes lower when flow is faster. It's this effect that sucks loose objects out the car window when you open it while driving (when DJ was a kid she always thought SHE would be sucked out of a car if she opened the door going fast); it also creates the lift that allows an airplane to fly. As the wind blows over your house, the Bernoulli effect lowers the pressure at the top of the vent stack. This creates a slight suction throughout the plumbing system, which pulls against the water sitting in the trap in the toilet bowl. As the wind strengthens and weakens, it produces more or less suction, which causes the water in the bowl to slosh.

There ya go!!


And as for the Tea Party - seems they are all pissed off at the Republicans (you just can't make those guys happy can you - it's almost like they are just a bunch of angry people)!

All the representatives they backed were passed over for leadership positions in the 112th Congress.

The Bush tax-cut deal went through which pissed them off!

Republicans who supported President Obama's nuclear weapons deal with Russia aren't to popular and Don't ask, don't tell.

Nothing is going right for this small band of merry band of angry rebels!

And you have all hear of that Red Wing Blackbird kill off haven't you? Over 1000 dropped from the sky dead all at once. Anybody watch Flashback on TV? Yea - it's happening.

But seriously - no other birds? And all had some sort of physical trauma? Have you ever seen these odd little stories that seem sort of harmless but you think this COULD be the start of something? Remember this date a year from now! The day the Black birds dropped from the sky!

Cheer Up - It's Monday!