Monday, February 28, 2011

Chipping Sparrows are the new Scott Walker - BULLY

Elwood was over this weekend and we were standing on top of the snow in the backyard discussing this summers projects.  Milo our cat was outside and he had positioned himself next the to birch trees and was "blending in" just a few yards from the bird feeder.  

Every 20 minutes or so a flock of Chipping Sparrows would gather on a tree and they would slowly move forward until they were all massing under the bird feeder!   OH - Milo was ready!  He was licking his chops!

But the birds had spotted him, you could see it, they seem to be discussing what to do next.   Then what happened was awesome.

One bird, like a little kamikaze came flying at full speed right at Milo, he was like a bullet!  At the very last second Milo puts up a paw to guard himself from being hit and the bird wings away.

Then five little birds fly his direction and  perch out of reach.  Milo retreats with haste to the safety of the edge of the house. The birds post a perimeter around the bird feeder in full military fashion and the rest come in and feed.     

Elwood and I talk about this and he finishes his cigarette and we decide to go in.  About 5 seconds before we head to the house the birds all take off with 10 buzzing US!!!   We laugh, turn around to go in and Milo sees that THE BIRDS SCARED THE HUMANS!  And RUNS to come in with us! 


ETF reported that that 

Fantastic turnout this past weekend and the world it seems are very proud of  the Wisconsin middle class workers.  Ian Pizza now has had donations from 60 countries and all the States! 

It's too bad 50% of our teachers will be laid off and school will become 4 day weeks PLUS the remaining teachers will get a 20% pay decrease! Seems fair. Black and White, fix the faux budget problems.  OH - don't forget Medicaid will be gutted and Special Education is on the chopping block!  After all - those children with special needs use up a LOT of money and are a very small minority.   Black and White.

As Walker says - you are either with me or against me!  We must get rid of the teachers in order to save Wisconsin!   After all - Wisconsin is ranked #2 in America in Education.  Why not save the budget and be 25th instead.  We will still be average and average is good!

Walker had a solid 2.59 grade point average in High School (his highest education). You certainly don't need brains to succeed so why even bother with having good schools! 

As many of you have seen in the past few weeks - arguing with right wing Tea Partyers who listen to FOX is pointless. They see the world in Black and White. They see the Wisconsin 14 as not playing by the rules but they do not see that in the last few years Republicans have not been playign by the rules either.  In fact the Republicans are BREAKING the rules.    So now - when the Wisconsin 14 went to Illinois in a perfectly legal manner, they cry foul.  

What get's me is when a teacher does not get upset that Walker is going to get rid of supplemental Special Education funds and will fire 50% of the teachers!  He is spitting on teachers, he could care less about students.  I had assumed that teachers were the ones that were open minded but is seems there a few that are brain washed by the pretty FOX News colors.

And don't get me started on FOX - wow - last night was classic FOX news reporting.  A news dude in a big winter coat literally get's TOUCHED by a protester - eye witnesses tweeted about it.  Within minutes FOX is reporting that their correspondent was being punched.  "Be careful, it's getting pretty aggressive in Madison".

Thankfully the reported backed off a little and down played it but FOX NEWS was then all over the violence going on inside the rotunda! 

Anybody that watches FOX news is totally 100% clueless over what the real world is like.

Don't argue with anybody that watches FOX news, you can't win, it's too late. They have been brainwashed and like the pretty colors, never mind that EVERY major news organization in the WORLD says that FOX is pure propaganda.    Nuff said - preaching to the choir!  

Don't argue with  Tea Baggers - it's a waste of time.    Republicans - totally different, true republicans are good to talk to - they understand that what Walker is doing is just being a bully with an agenda which has nothing to do with the budget of the people of Wisconsin.   I'm glad REAL Republicans are coming to our side.  


Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm very proud of the Democrats in the Assembly

Parliamentary procedure is the body of rules, ethics, and customs governing meetings and other operations of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies, and other deliberative assemblies.

The question I have is if a body can just toss out the rules . . . . why even have Parliamentary procedure.

I'm not a big fan of Parliamentary procedure in the first place. Oh I see it's function in government and larger organizations but it is completely counter productive in small local groups!  It's a huge time waster and all it does is make people think they have more power then they actually do.

A small group will often form several committees and rather then everybody pitching in and working together they will tend to keep to themselves.  Then once the committee finally has a plan instead of actually DOING the plan it's voted on and deliberated and changed and then back to the committee for more planning and nothing really gets done. 

Parliamentary procedure slows the process of progress because in a small group there is typically a strong leader/friend that controls the votes!  People tend to not think for themselves.  Another flaw is that instead of getting SOMETHING done with small mistakes and errors the group is so concerned with getting everything PERFECT, that nothing ever gets done.

But then there is what happened earlier this morning in the Wisconsin Assembly.  The republicans decided that the rules of Parliamentary procedure really did not apply to them! The filibuster, which everyone who grew up in America learned about in school, is no longer valid because you can just vote, get up and walk out!  WHO KNEW!!!

If they knew you could do that Mr. Smith Goes to Washington would have been a much shorter movie!

Anyway -  Walker has once again acted like a baby and threatened that 200,000 children will lose medicaid unless the Democrats return!

So while the Assembly passed the bill (at the moment) to me it looks like the Democrat's won the battle. The Bill was suppose to be rubber stamped anyway.  A no brainer quicky vote. But in reality the Republicans broke the filibuster rules and to most everybody thinks they looked pretty bad.

BTW - every time I see Walker "urging lawmakers to return"  I actually see Walker "begging lawmakers to return" as this continues to spin out of control for him!     

While we applaud the Wisconsin 14 I am very proud of the Democrats in the Assembly - WELL DONE!! 

In other States what is happening in Wisconsin is having huge effects on other Republican Governors!  Indiana's governor urged GOP lawmakers to give up on a "right to work" bill for fear the backlash could derail the rest of his agenda. In Ohio, senators plan to soften a bill that would have banned all collective bargaining by state workers. And in Michigan, the Republican governor says he'd rather negotiate with public employees than pick a fight.

And in all this - Where the f*ck is Obama!   


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walker announces he must sell the Green Bay Packers

In a secretly taped phone conversation with who Governor "The Cheesehead Pharaoh" Walker THOUGHT was his wife it was discovered what his newest plan is.

" . . . and unless those liberal socialist Public Servants refuse to listen to reason I will be forced to sell The Green Bay Packers to whomever wants them in order to save the State from financial ruin, and, or bankruptcy".

"Since the Packers are ruled by outdated socialized public ownership in an obscure city up north  I feel there will not really be any attempt to stop me". 

He feels that the NFL in itself is socialistic with it's revenue sharing and it's "penalizing success" ways (Packers get the last pick in the draft) what better way to "tear down those walls Roger Goodell and restore Wisconsin to it's rightful place of being the leader of all third world countries!".

After all an average NFL team is worth about $1 billion but because the Packers won the Super Bowl what better time to get rid of them to help the State Tax Payers. After all "READ MY LIPS! WE ARE BROKE"!

If the Packers were condemned and put on the free market who knows what price he would get, although he points out that with the current stalemate in the State Senate he would have to have the final say on who would buy the team . . .out of fairness. "THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE QUICKLY"

In other news, Wichita Base energy conglomerate Koch Industries has recently purchased land and is preparing to build a sports complex. "We just feel now is the right time for Wichita to have a sports team".

When Zygi Wilf (real name) the owner of the Vikings was contacted he said "We are absolutely, 100%, not going anywhere, but if we did we would move to San Antonio".

Which leaves the Koch Brothers up in the air on teams and looking!

Meanwhile Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor and Sarah Palin look alike Rebecca Kleefisch (but with out the mammoth brain power of Palin) was asked what she thought of the sale of the Green Bay Packers, she reiterated her statement she made in 2010 when she compared same-sex marriage to marrying a dog, table, or a clock. (video)

After the awkward silence she continued that she has been so busy fielding phone calls from out of state business, who are so excited to move their company to Wisconsin that sometimes "I just don't know where I am".

That's all I have for today, as we all know yesterday was a slow news day - not much happened.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wisconsin 14 are winning another battle

Some of you might not know that I blogged over the weekend. Good stuff if you missed even if I do say so!

Greatest 3:53 Political Speech ever

The New Public Enemies (Elweed decides to vote) **



Madison is front page in the USA Today and a half page article on page two!  They have a poll saying that 61% of the public favors what is happening in Madison!

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research conducted their own poll which favors us even more! 

Obviously this poll confused me for obvious reason!  If you really look at it you will notice somethign very strange.  It seems Scott Walker only agrees with himself 43% of the time!!  

But then I actually read what the poll was (as opposed to just looking at the pretty colors) and it is how people view certain people.  For instance 67% of the respondents view Public Employees favorably.  53% view Scott Walker favorably which is not surprising, after all he did win the election, however 62% view the Protesters at the State Capitol favorably.

Before I get into MY night vs. the Tea Party I want to bring up something Mr. Sneaky Pants is doing.

Let's look past the Bill for a second!  What about the Budget.  Remember the Budget which was going to announced from Vita Plus yesterday (which I'm sure Vita Plus is very thankful that went belly up) and then it was move back to March 1st?

Here is the deal - Walker can not announced his new Budget until The Bill passes. He can not announce what the cuts are until he busts the unions!  I don't know about other contracts but for State employees they accrue sick hours and once they retire the State will "basically" double those hours which can be used to buy health care.  Walker budget, from hard rumors does away with that doubling.  Can't do that when the is a union!  

What else is in that budget that can't move forward with those nasty unions!

The Wisconsin 14 fled the State in order to have parts of the Bill exposed - Power Plants.  In the Bill the State can sell it's Power plants to ANYBODY for ANY amount, no bidding needed!  The Koch (pronounced Coke) are worth 45 BILLION dollars in Oil and they financed Walker and now have an office near the Capitol! They buy Power Plants!  What a coincidence!   Channel 13 exposed this little tid bit!

Speaking of the Tea Party - a friend of mine is anotehr Art Fair artist and on an Art Fair email list asked a question about how this bill will hurt us Art Fair people.  Simple, innocent question!

A couple of fair responses and they!  But then - WOW!!  a guy that I always felt was a little  . . on edge" piped in about how Wisconsin is ruining America!  Of course I could not keep my mouth shut but was VERY polite as I corrected him.

Last night I received a personal email - a couple of juicy quotes "My sympathy is very limited for people like you.  I really think you people are completely ignorant of the vast majority of Americans."   . . ."And BTW I am an active member of the Tea Party. Who are uniformly civilized and polite" . . . . "All you have to do is look at the behavior of your side this week---death threats, Hitler signs"  . . . . "I defy you to show any examples of Tea Party members acting in mass like this. America has had with you socialists." . . ." You are violent--collectively."

My response to him?

Yea - whatever!

I would like to hire my little bee friend and send him on a mission to my new Tea Party buddy!



I'm thinking about making this into a poster size print. Maybe I will and have it for sale at the March 26th Art Fair at the Alliant Energy Center! 


   Wood Stock Wisconsin Style

Well, come on all of you, woman & men,
Wisconsin needs our help again.
We got ourselves in a terrible jam
Got some Senators “Living on the lamb”
......So teachers put down your books and support your union;
we’re going to have a whole lotta fun.

And it's one, two, three,
What are we fighting for?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
Let’s stop the Governor scam;
And it's five, six, seven,
Open up the pearly gates,
Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
Whoopee! we're all gonna cry

Come on rich people, don't be slow,
Why man, this Governor is au-go-go
There's plenty good money to be made
By supplying Scott Walker with the tools of its trade.

And it's one, two, three,
what are we fighting for?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
Let stop the Governor scam;
And it's five, six, seven,
Open up the pearly gates,
Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
Whoopee! we're all gonna cry.

Come on mothers throughout the land,
let’s support our teachers and get this Governor canned
Come on Republicans, and don’t hesitate
And support our unions before it's too late.
And you can be the first ones in your block
Too admit that you made a mistake at the ballot box

BTW - how do General Strikes work?  How will you know?

OH - you will know!  Generally how these things work is you will have very short notice, phone calls, emails or even coming to work and see - it's happening!

BTW - a LOT of people are retiring in the next 2 month.  

Peace - see you on the line!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walker has worked tirelessly to bring jobs to Illinois

Politicscale: A 1 to10 scale of where you are IN REALITY  with Tea Party as a 1 and Far Left Extreamest s a 10.  Independent is a 5.  I'm a 7 that calls himself an Independent, but in reality I'm not.
One of my better friends is a "6" on the Politicscale and after waying all the facts of what walker SAID he was going to do - voted for Walker.  

Adubya writes:   I just want to set the record straight.

I am not a "left winger" or a "liberal" or whatever else you want to call me. In fact, I voted for Scott Walker because I thought he was the best chance for creating more jobs for Wisconsin.

I'm a moderate at best. I have voted Democrat, Republican and Independent over my lifetime. I vote based on the choices placed before me and who I think will do what is best for the entire country or state, not just me.

I believe in the rights of the citizens and I believe in being fiscally responsible.

That is why I regret my vote. Had Walker mentioned that his main plan was to kick back $140 million to those that got him elected and turn around and attempt to take away the collective bargaining rights of the people that take care of us, I never would have voted for him.

Busting unions is the fastest way to destroy the Democratic party and while I'm sure the radical right wing would love that, it would destroy this country that I love.
You just can't make this stuff up! 

This comes from The President of The Illinois Senate Democrat Web page and is hilarious!

SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is again thanking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his contributions to Illinois’ economic rebound.

“I must say, I really did not expect Governor Walker to work this hard to make Illinois look so good. Once again, I’d like to thank Governor Walker for his ongoing efforts to market Illinois as a great place to live and work,” Cullerton said. “First he let everyone know how much lower our tax rates are than his, now he's focusing on how much more stable Illinois is than the chaotic Wisconsin he's created. I can’t wait to hear how he’ll help us next.”

The Illinois Senate President issued his comments upon learning that Wisconsin Senate Democrats had sought refuge in Illinois in an effort to get the Wisconsin governor to reconsider his heavy-handed ultimatums and efforts to strip public sector employees of workplace rights and protections.

Cullerton welcomed his Wisconsin colleagues to Illinois and hoped they’d enjoy their stay in stable, low-tax Illinois, where even with the recent tax increases the rates are lower than in Wisconsin. The Senate President also thanked Walker for the added and unexpected economic boost.

“He’s even helping our tourism.  What can’t Governor Walker do for Illinois?” said Cullerton.
Since his election, Walker has worked tirelessly to bring jobs to Illinois and promote its economic stability.

“When Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs, I mistakenly assumed he meant in Wisconsin,” Cullerton said. “He’s certainly turning out to be a great neighbor.”

In November, Walker pulled the plug on a federally funded high-speed rail project. Now, some of the federal funding is instead coming to Illinois to aid high-speed rail here.

Soon after the announcement, Wisconsin-based train maker Talgo Inc announced it was looking to leave Wisconsin and is considering re-locating to Illinois.

Although this wouldn’t be possible without Gov. Walker’s efforts, Cullerton said there are other factors at play.

Illinois has a strong shot at being Talgo’s new home because Illinois is investing in high-speed rail as part of a nearly $31 billion program to maintain and modernize the state’s roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure. The program was approved with bipartisan support and unified backing from business and labor in 2009.

Cullerton suggested Wisconsin and Walker would be better served to follow a similar approach.
He pointed to the recent negotiated changes to McCormick Place union work rules as a great example of a union, business and political success. Those changes reduced convention costs, eliminated bureaucratic red tape and resulted in increased convention business, which translates into more union work.

During the recent blizzard, Illinois state workers teamed up with the National Guard to keep 16,000 miles of Illinois highways clear and assist more than 4,000 motorists. Recently, state public health workers responded to pandemics and food-borne illness outbreaks. And state prison guards daily secure the worst criminals in the state in overcrowded prisons.

As much as the Senate President appreciates Walker's ongoing efforts to make Illinois a better place to live and do business, Senator Cullerton again extended his offer to assist in avoiding economic meltdown in Wisconsin that could potentially ripple through Illinois and the Midwest.

“A lot of Illinoisans are drawn to Wisconsin’s cheese and vacation spots,” said Cullerton. “It’d be terribly unsettling if Governor Walker couldn’t resolve this chaos.”

Read the rest here!

Illinois Senate President continues to thank Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for marketing effort

A letter from a teacher and artist

I was born in WI & proud to see the many museums & galleries that showed art throughout Milw. The work was avant guard & a better selection than what i could find in FL at the time. Art criticism aside, the point that all the union folks & those that support them are up in arms are trying to save is bargaining rights.

This is the cornerstone of our freedom of speech & workers rights. I belonged to the teachers union & was not forced to join or pay. It was a godsend for myself & other teachers when administration tried to get away with stuff that was unfair. As it is teachers work many hours overtime for free. We are stuck with all sorts of excuses for cramming 35 plus kids in our classes, doing all sorts of things beyond the call of duty. Thank God for the teachers union.

How folks can side with a group of political leaders that have consistently stripped our countries' workers of places of employment & allow businesses & taxes to leave the USA, trying to dismantle the unions who have stood for the collective workers & are the workers, give tax breaks to millionaires & billionares while the poorest of the elderly don;t even get a cost of living increase for years & years, etc.,etc. is so beyond my ability to comprehend.

I see Al Jeezera TV English has shown up but there has been no reports if Walker will bomb the protesters as in Libya who is stealing our thunder.

As the USA Today says - if this Bill passes it will basically put Wisconsin under GOP control for decades.

People say it's not about the money, it's about Collective Bargaining but really, it's not about Collective Bargaining, it's about saving the two party system.

Unions represent labor and the Democratic Party is the labor party. If you crush Unions you crush the Democratic Party. Simple as that! America becomes a one Party system run by the rich who really could care less about the workers!

THAT is why this fight is so important!

On a side point - I have heard that Unions across the country are making plans for a General Labor strike across the US if this passes 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Greatest 3:53 Political Speech ever

NOTE: Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association has issued a statement on the organization's website expressing regret for the endorsement of Gov. Scott Walker in the governor's race.

I have been blogging daily over the weekend - catch up and look at the photos! 

A questin came up about how democratic Governor Cuomo in NY "doing the same thing".

I want to thank Randi and Jessica for setting the record straight.

From Randi - I am also from NY Rod, and Governor Cuomo is definitely not doing the same thing. What Cuomo is saying is we have to cut some budgets to balance the state budget - he has never said a word about going after unions or their right to collective bargaining. Whoever you are speaking to is seriously misinformed. If Cuomo was trying to do what Scott Walker is trying to do, his approval rating wouldn't be near 80% right now.

From Jessica - I live in NY too, and if Cuomo tried to pull what Walker is, there would be a MUCH bigger uproar than you are seeing in Wisconsin. (well, it's pretty big here!!).


I happened to have Fred Rissers, 26th Senate District Democrat and one of the Wisconsin 14s email address and wrote him a letter. Below is what I sent.

My father in law is a living Survivor of the USS Indianapolis and has been called a hero. He has never really liked being called a hero, he says all he is is a Survivor and in a small way I can understand where he is coming from.

The word hero is used way to often and I feel is sometimes being used to just show extreme appreciation!

However, I believe you and the other 13 members of the Wisconsin 14 . . are true heroes.

I work for Family Services and have stood behind you a few times getting coffee in the morning at Starbucks. Two years ago in Starbucks I had canvas prints of the inside of the Capitol hanging in Starbucks. I say this because I have grown attached to the Capitol and I swear, if you believe an inanimate object can have feeling, she is very very proud of what you 14 have achieved in the act of fairness.

You see for 105 years he old girl has been bastion of fairness, it is the very reason she was created. She is happy! She is energized!

Thank you!
Sometimes I forget that maybe some of you have real lives that are not immersed in politics (at the moment).  So if some of this is redundant - it's only filling in what some might not know .

Greatest 3:53 second Political Speech ever


Democratic Senators are still hold up in ILL until further notice so The Bill that takes away rights of workers and basically gives the current Governor the right to change any law with free will can not pass the Senate because you need ONE Democrat to form a quorum .   The Bill was proposed Friday afternoon with it supposedly being rammed through in 6 days so the public could not actually READ it.  

But things are going wrong for the Republicans.

Two main votes are needed and both in Republican controlled houses. The Assembly vote was suppose to be a no brainer, rubber stamp it and move on, should take an hour or two.

We all know what happened in the Senate  but the secondary story is what happened in the Assembly.

The Democrats were told the debate would begin at 5:00 with the voting after the brief debate.

At 4:50, with know democrats in attendance, the Republicans, decided no debate was necessary and started the vote!  The democrats, offices around the capitol heard and RAN to the Assembly Chamber.  Stopped the vote in the nick of time.    Here is what Representative Gordon Hinze had to say!


Looks like teachers are out again Monday. DJ found her yearbook as she was in school the last time The teachers went on strike. All days were made up and she seems to have turned out OK!

rage Against the Machine will be performing on the Square tomorrow along with some other unknown band (to me).

State Workers have a forced furlough and it's a fed holiday! I hope to see you out there! Let's keep up the fight. DJ and I will be down.

Ian's Pizza has added more Countries for pizza orders Korea, Finland, Egypt, Denmark, Australia, Canada and have started to get hate calls!

Walker is being interviewed by George Stephanopolous on Good Morning America tomorrow. They are asking people to post questions they have for the governor on their fb page.

I leave you with this awesome music video!

Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" Protest Pt 2 from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

Long Live The Wisconsin 14.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The New Public Enemies

Who knew three years ago that my blog Public Enemies would have double meaning.  BTW - I have blogged the last few days so if you are just looking you have missed a lot this weekend.

A few interesting tidbits about today's protest.

The big Tea Party counter rally was a tremendous bust as only 2000 (if that) showed up compared to 68,000 union, private and public workers were on hand.

The event was very peaceful, or as peaceful as 68,000 people can be.

From the Madison Police Department

On behalf of all the law enforcement agencies that helped keep the peace on the Capitol Square Saturday, a very sincere thank you to all of those who showed up to exercise their First Amendment rights. You conducted yourselves with great decorum and civility, and if the eyes of the nation were upon Wisconsin, then you have shown how democracy can flourish even amongst those who passionately disagree. As of 5:00 p.m., no major incidents had been reported. There have been no arrests. However, discourse and discussion was - at times - loud and heated. That was to be expected. As previously indicated, the goal of law enforcement has been to provide a safe environment for democracy to take place. That goal has been realized for yet another day.

Ians Pizza located on State Street stopped making pizza for personal orders as orders from 35 States and 5 Countries including Egypt, Korea, and Canada... were being phoned in. People were ordering pizza and just saying, "please deliver the pizza to the protesters and say Thank You!

I saw pizza being handed out! 

Speaking of Egypt - this was spotted in the 1 week celebration of Egypt's freedom from oppression!

The rally in Wisconsin was seen on Russian Television!  Can you believe that?  The world is watching Madison! 

So you think you are energized?

I was at the rally today with my buddy Elweed.  As you know he has a social anxiety disorder, he is the king of apathy and has never voted, EVER, he is very anti social he did not even do income taxes until a few years ago (he got caught up).

He called me Friday night and was excited as he works as a night janitor near the square. He asked if I had been following what was happening (he does not read the blog).  I said yes, very much and he asked questions and was extremely interested.

We went to the rally and once we got back to his place and cracked open a beer he said. "I have never been this energized, I can not WAIT to vote!  I'm going to register and I am actually going to vote".

I was "talking" to a teacher who was opposed to having school out and thought it was a crime. "The students are not learning if they are not in school".

I said - to be perfectly honest MOST students will grow up and be your average wage earner and have a family and live a happy life.   HOWEVER - maybe one of the students will see what is happening, see the excitement of the adults, perhaps seeing a side of their parents they have never seen before.  Parents who are voicing their opinion and MAYBE, it will create spark of energy in that kid that was not there before.

 MAYBE that spark will grow and grow and the student will grow and become an extraordinary person.  All it takes is a spark, look at what happened to Elweed. This is an opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime, this is a very very special moment in history.

I understand how a teacher can be conflicted, but this is such an outstanding real world learning experience.   Having a child out of school for a few weeks out of 17 YEARS is not going to cause that much harm.
I have a coworker who I'm sure we drive CRAZY because she has voted straight Republican all her life except once.  She told me Thursday that she did not vote for Walker and she is SO angry at this whole mess that she will never vote Republican again!


This photo seems to be striking a chord on a few major Facebook pages. I took it a few minutes after losing Elweed in the crowd - never did find him again.  Met up at the car about an hour later.  it was THAT crowded!

Spotted Bob Woodriff from ABC - remember he was the one that was critically injured by road side bomb in Iraq.

 It was pretty packed on the square - didn't even attempt to get inside the capitol!

This YouTube video comes from New York City. The held a rally for us.

 Just to add a little humor - this is pretty good!

Scott walker, played by Hitler

People are telling protesters to bring shovels tomorrow - gonna be nasty.  Heavy snow, then melting and freezing rain and then snow again!

Monday big rally with Rage Against the Machine and another band.  Forced furlough day for State Workers and Fed Holiday.

I'll mention the Koch Brothers who are behind all of this BS in an upcoming blog.  From Forbes Friday.

The Americans for Prosperity group, a Tea Party group that is a Koch Brothers front, has put up a website and petition called The website attacks all collective bargaining – not just for public employees’ unions. Americans for Prosperity is also organizing a rally tomorrow in Wisconsin to support Gov. Walker.

Hmmmm - THUD  

You know, "at the moment" we are winning the battles!  "We" have put off the Senate vote until who knows, the Assembly vote that was basically a rubber stamp no brainer is on hold at least until Tuesday, Walker is DEFENDING himself and his words are now looking more and more ridicules and people are noticing.  The World is watching.

Walker does NOT want to be where is is right now!  This Cheesehead Right Wing Puppet Pharaoh is being attacked and all he has is FOX.  His counter rally was a complete joke.

I saw one sign "I voted for Walker, and he spit on me".


Friday, February 18, 2011


A slightly disjointed blog but . . . 

I have spent most of my life being cynical about crazy theory's because normally they ARE crazy. Both right AND left are full of craziness so when these thoughts started to pop into my head a few weeks ago it sort of surprised me at how strong these ideas were taking hold. I started to do a little more research to see if I was just going a little senile . . . but . . . . . on with the blog.

WELL - now that I got callie all pissed off at me - sorry callie - you will understand where I'm coming from . . read on. - emotions run high and sometimes after dealing with people that are ALWAYS saying it's about the money when it has nothing at ALL to do with money . . . . . I reach a breaking point.

It's like one side arguing that the world is flat and the other side says no the world has oxygen!! It's like one side is purposely spreading misinformation.

I'm going to find the letter Walker sent all employees two days after he was elected - it might give you an idea of what his tiny little pea sized bully brain is doing. The union had come to an agreement with Doyle BASICALLY what the current contact says give or take a percentage point.

EXCEPT - for that TINY LITTLE - "I will bust ALL Public AND Private Unions", which basically says I will ruin the Democratic Party (without Unions the Democratic Party will disappear).

I have studied a lot of history, particularly WWII and how Germany and the Nazis and the Third Reich came to power and it is SCARY the similarities to what is happening in America! Most of the Germain people were all behind Hitler because he would get them out of their huge deficits. They loved him. Hard to believe how millions of rational, kind and gentile people can back a guy like Hitler right?

Yet there was a minority that said WAIT A MINUTE - he is taking away the rights as workers. This is dangerous. While most people behind Hitler said, Hitler will protect you, you do not need rights. 

Well Hitler did take away their worker rights and created a one party system, the Nazi Party!

Seriously - the similarities are scary. You will say, WELL, that won't happen here, which is exactly what the minority of Germain people said.

OK OK - you are saying Rod is going off the deep end, there are controls that would prevent this. There are controls, but THAT is what politicians like Walker are trying to get rid of.  There were controls in Germany also! 

THAT is why the workers of Wisconsin are afraid. 99% don't think he is Hitler, they say Hitler slaughtered millions, it's stupid to call Walker Hitler.  But Walker is acting just like Hitler when he came to power,  whether you want to believe it or not this is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis did!

Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy.

Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong leadership, a singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.

Fascists oppose liberalism

Is not Walker waging war on the Workers of Wisconsin?  Do the Republicans wage war whenever there is a perceived threat?  Is there way NOT to talk but to bully and be aggressive? 

Now don't go all ape shit because there are many things NOT Fascists if you get REAL picky - I'm just making a point!

Anyway - let's lighten things up with some photos.

Ever wonder why SO MANY people are waving flags? It's because they are worried.

This was from inside the Capitol, decibel level was about 96 db for most of the time going up to 104 at times! 

Outside - people waving flags showing that THIS is what America is all about!   Ever wonder  why so many signs have Walker and Hitler on the same sign?

What was so interesting with Fridays protests was how many different things were going on.

Rally's outside chanting NOT IN MY AMERICA by 20,000 people,  Inside the capitol was a totally different scene with 5,000 people chanting KILL THE BILL!

I went outside to the other side of the Capitol and 3 or 4,000 people were having a different rally less organized but more talking in groups and then on the street 5,000 people marching.

It was like one giant symphony with so many moving parts, all harmonizing but all playing the same tune.

Did you hear what actually happened in Rockford?  Sort of funny actually.  I would LOVE to see this in a movie!  The Wisconsin 14 just fleed (not a word) Wisconsin and were at the Clock Tower in Rockford.  Of course the Clock Tower had no idea they were coming and were getting ready for a BOG event when all of a sudden there are helicopters and reporters all over the place and 14 Senators were were probably a little on edge  as the Republicans had sent Troopers to arrest them.

A hotel official said the politicians never checked in and left around mid-afternoon. But they were there long enough for protesters to catch up with a few signs.

According to the Chicago Tribune " including one (protester) who stood in the resort’s circular entrance drive holding up a “Don’t Tread On Me” sign.

“I went up to him and said, ‘What are you doing? People are coming here for a chocolate event,’ ” said a security guard who declined to give his name.

The bartender at the hotel bar said the resort’s Irish pub was preparing for St. Patrick’s Day and had a person dressed as a leprechaun. When a TV reporter asked her if she’d talked to any of the legislators, she told him to ask the leprechaun, and the reporter swiftly chased down the costumed character.

Once the lawmakers left, locals seemed unsure where they might have sneaked off to. Some believed they were still in Rockford, but a sampling of other nearby hotels and eateries came up empty.

Nothing at the Holiday Inn. No sign of cheesehead senators at the Hilton. Big Al’s Bar wasn’t a hideout either, and the locals there seemed politely disinterested."


Anyway - Saturday this get interesting as the Tea Party arrives.  This is going to get big as America has put everything on the line in Madison.  Madison is the epic center and what happens here in the next 2 or 3 weeks will be history, not just Madison history but the kind of history that is mentioned in future history books (or history kindels).  This is the #1 story on ALL networks and is now making news overseas.

So when some one says that a child is missing out from his classes, My God - this is history being made in front of our eyes and kids are eating this up!  They are fascinated with this.  They are seeing adults with true emotions, fighting for their rights!  HOW can anybody say sitting in a classroom is better. 

I WILL be in Madison Saturday (Sunday major Winter storm but working at Cannery) Monday forced Furlough and Fed Holiday - I'll be in Madison.


My God my heart is pounding so hard

Survivor - hands down best Tribal Counsel ever - that is all I'm going to say as I know some people have not seen it yet. 


Not going to talk about what is happening in Madison - we all know it - it's all over National news now - front page in the  USA Today, MSNBC has turned into 24/7 Madison, FOX has turned into 24/7 Madison (saying the protesters are carry guns - can you believe that?). CNN is all over the place.

How about personal experiences.

I was at the rally (again) and it was basically like the previous day, 20,000+ people and I walked around taking a few photos and realizing I have the wrong lens (corrected today - these kinds of opportunities are a learning experience - take a longer lens) and I snapped some shots.

Best food cart on the Square - doing good business -
until there is tear gas I suppose

As I was wondering around I climbed up on top of an area I would normally get arrested at but saw this.

After seeing what was going on on the busy side I wanted to see what was happening on the State Street side.  I walked around and as I was nearing the State Street side I spotted Joel DeSpain who was on CH 3 and now a member of the Police Force (not a cop but a go between kind of guy).  

I saw him looking down State Street and immediately saw what he watching.  We looked at each other and he asked me, "who do you think that are?"   I looked and I actually had chills!  By that time others were gather and asking . . "who are they?".

There were already 20,000+ on the other side of the square and perhaps another 5,000 mingling around on this side.   The crowd of onlookers kept growing and a woman beside me looked at me with watery eyes and said "My God my heart is pounding so hard" and I said "mine is too"  and Joel said "this is so amazing".

Then some one said almost in a breathless whisper "It's all of the Madison High School students acting as one, they all joined at West High and have marched here as one".

As they turned to corner on the square and marched most people had their backs turned but as the chants grew louder and louder people were turning around and nudging the strangers next to them.  The closer and closer they got cheers started to go out until it was a frenzy that put the crowd over the edge.  I honestly saw people with tears in their eyes!  As the students neared a hole opened up and they were assimilated into the rally among wild cheers. 

I did not get inside the Rotunda yesterday (I will today with my decibel meter) but stayed outside.  I WISH I would have been present for the Fire Fighters.  A friend explained what had happened and I was searching for a Youtube video of the event and found it on Facebook.  A friend of mine was there and she said she was almost overwhelmed with joy. A very moving experience.


Many people, including myself like to call themselves Independents yet when you really think about it . . your not.

ON a scaled of 1 to 10 with 1 being a far right, 5 being independent and 10 being far left, I would put myself as a 7. I have friends that say they are independent but in reality I feel they are 3's.

I have no problems at all with 3's. 3's and 7's are what make America great! We can disagree but at the same time listen to each other while not agreeing.

When Obama was running  for Pres I was hearing about how there were Republicans switching sides and I pretty much thought this was a lot of BS and for the most part did not believe it.

But now - I have had friends and co-workers who were 3's telling me they will never again vote Republican. Seriously, I find this amazing. THEY find it amazing. One person said she has voted Republican all her life and is so angry NEVER again!   I had one person tell me that they voted for Walker but NEVER expected this!!  

No matter what side you are on we are witnessing something REALLY big in American politics and it's fascinating.


I guess what I'm saying is during all of this it's fine to have arguments but let's not make it personal.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Must Be Careful

So here is the thing! I'm not going to go on and on about the Cheesehead Pharaoh since he is my boss.

Nuff said.

As was pointed out in a comment and something we here in the Deptment of Health know about is that little thing in the Bill that states.

the Governor has the power to implement changes to the state’s medical assistance programs without going through the legislative process. Changes would only require a “passive review” by the Joint Committee on Finance.

DOA (headed my Walker appointees) said Tuesdays Rally was 10,000 people.  They said Wednesdays rally was ALSO 10,000 people which was odd since it seemed to ME as being AT LEAST two or three times larger. (official estimates were 30,000)

At lunch hour I went out and snap some photos!

 The above did not included what I estimated 2000 UW students that came marching
in in a very orderly fashion.  The below REALLY had people getting emotional, it was pretty moving and almost scary!  That line passed for what seemed 10 minutes.  There seemed to be no end!

What I'm finding very interesting is the number of people that are taking this opportunity to teach their children about unions (without unions we would not have weekends, vacation days, sick leave, child labor laws and 40 hour weeks) and how Republicans are trying to take away worker rights while giving all rights to the employers to do whatever they want for any reason (If they do not like blacks they can just fire them).
In other news:

Ricky Weeks signed a 4 year $38.5 million deal.   The cool thing here is how owner Mark Attanasio the owner is really spending some buck.  This could be the richest Brewer team in history!


Tomorrow in 1926 or the 1st time every Billiards and Bowling Alleys were allowed to be open "for a limited time" on Sundays in Wisconsin.  Seems like we 're going back to the good ol' days doesn't it.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pitchers and Catchers report

OH man - I love the sound of those words! Pitchers and Catchers Report - this means spring is only 4 months away and soon there will be somethign to read in the Sports Pages.


I was accepted into the Dragon Art Fair June 4th in De Forest. A nice little art fair with about 3000 in attendance. This year I'm staying away from craft fairs and bake sales. No more competition with marshmallow shooters and dog puppets.


yea yea yea I attended the rally in Madison and I have pictures to prove it. Nothing special that you have not seen before. I was inside the Capitol for this event, maybe I'll go outside today. It was just too windy yesterday.  I just can not protest in a strong breeze!  It was cloudy also!  Like come on!!   

I did get one almost interesting 360 degree photo inside the rotunda!   I pushed some guy out of the way who was waving some sort of banner.   You might want to click on this a few times to get the full effect . . . or not!

I took eight shots and then vomited from getting dizzy but blamed Walker as it was coming out my nose!  I think I made my point.  In fact I feel that if all 13,000 protested would have vomited en masse it would have made even bigger headlines.  As it is Anti-Walker is in the USA Today today.

** nope - does not get large enough!

Democrat's are smiling though!  Think about it.  The Republicans have REALLY riled up the College students against Republicans and then - High School Students are turning anti-republican.  Not that they have that much of a clue but they are still anti-republicans. Well done walker! 

The saying ANYBODY is better then who we have now is SO wrong!! 

I loved how the Republicans stopped listening to people at 3:00 in the morning saying it was all the same complaints, yet - Democrat's said "we will stay and listen to every person".   I guess Republicans have no back bone.

I was saddened to see that Frank Porth gave money to Walkers campaign, now I can't go to Porth anymore . . . except I have tried to get work done on my car there 3 times and have been turned down each time.  They can't put a trailer hitch on a Subaru?  Really?  They can't replace a head gasket on my Subaru?  Really?  Aren't things like that pretty standard on most cars?    

I spent $2,226.28 on my car yesterday - you would think they might have liked that money.  Bad cylinder, bad head gasket, front breaks, tune up, oil change, and additional overcharge.   First repair work EVER after 147,000 miles!

List of companies that approve of Walker political skills. 

Woodmans gave to Walker
Menards gave to Walker
Sargento-brand cheese gave to Walker
Johnsonville gave to Walker
Ashley Furniture gave to Walker
Metcalfe's gave to Walker
Zimbrick Auto gave to Walker
Kwik Trip gave to Walker
Lancaster Chevy!
A ton of people from American Family Insurance

 OK - busy

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walkers Misinformation spree!

Ever have one of your favorite players get traded to anotehr team? I know SOMEBODY out there has had t happen.

Well - check out this so so sad video. So sad I have no idea how the woman kept a straight face.


If you really listen to the news you will hear two sides of this whole Union story. The protesters are saying "Walker has no right to take away our right to negotiate" we never had a chance to offer alternatives in which Walker counters "Public employees do not want to help foot the bill they are "sucking off the state teat"(for Politicians overspending).

It's not about the money at all. It's the fact that Walker wants to do away with Unions completely - NOT just Public Employee unions but Private.

But Walker wants to make HIS employees the bad guy. OH he is "just trying to save the State"! Of course the State could make a HUGE amount of money (billions)if they raised the beer tax from $2 to $3 per barrels, it's been $2 since the 1960's. Most States are in the $15 range. BUT he has made it illegal to raise tax's (bill signed last week)with out a super majority.

Walker has already hired an Iowa group to run the prisons for the coming strike, and what I had heard was he was surprised that PRIVATE unions are on the public side. Only the Police and Fire Departments (how gave to his campaign)got off scott free**.

**Scott Free comes from an Old English word "sceot," meaning a tax or penalty.

His playbook is from his buddy, the Governor of Louisiana who abolished THEIR unions.

There are a few Republicans sitting on the fence but they are being threatened by Tea Partiers, vote or we will run against you!

Today the Joint House Finance Committee votes (8 Republicans 4 Democrats), The Assembly votes tomorrow but that is a rubber stamp and then the Senate Thursday which there is SOME hope as some republicans have prisons in their district and they KNOW they will loose office if they go with Herr Walker.

This is JUST the tip of the iceberg - if this passes I expect the worse is yet to come. Walker BASICALLY wants to privatize Government! This effects 160,000 public servants.

If you want to talk $$ - Public Servants make 5% less then private sector but get NO extras (no Christmas bonus, no cost of living adjustments no training and we work on inferior equipment and  so forth). Walker feeds of peoples hatred for the Government by telling citizens that we are the problem.  

I used to be proud to be a State Employee, I felt I was helping the citizens of Wisconsin, no more, I'm embarrassed and people hate us! How would you like to go to work every day knowing that the Governor and even your acquaintances believe you're just a lazy worker not worth paying for.

The guy is a loose cannon and can not be recalled for 1 year! Walker is feeding of public ignorance.

nuff said!


LOL - I just got an email  "I am writing to let you know that I have decided to retire and that my last day in the office will be tomorrow, February 15th.  "



Monday, February 14, 2011

OH - It's War!

Unless you live in a cave OR with my mom you have all head about how Governor Walker has waged war on public servants!

ow before I go any further (farther?) let me warn you that I'm not a big Walker fan. The last time I called Walker a MORON I had 2 people cancel their subscriptions to the blog (good riddance). And as DJ has found out there are people that still think he is their God and can do no wrong. After all, it IS all our fault that Wisconsin is in this big pickle.

On a side note for anybody wondering - there will be NO furloughs days next year! In the talks the word ADDITIONAL has been dissected and ADDITIONAL means ZERO furloughs.

ANYWAY - I don't even want to get into this whole thing! I have my camera for rallies and the Union guys are passing out special rocks that have been flowing in from Egypt (they had a lot left over) and we are on the watch for camels charging us!

really - it's not about pay - it's about not even tryign to negotiate and just getting of the Unions all together. Then giving Public Employees the finger saying screw you.

How 'bout dem Badgers!! balderdash got me interested in wagering on the game but I was on the fence until I heard that the ticket package for the people at the games was the same one that were attending the Purdue game which according to the talking voices on the radio was the routy bunch! Case closed - bet the house on the Badgers who were -1 favorites!


If you guys get the NFL Network they have a show called . . . . Superbowl FX ( or somethign with FX in it). It's OUTSTANDING!!


I really don't have a lot to say - been a little busy of late getting things organized for my departure (of which no one will really take over but . . . . ).

So instead of babbling I'll just stop now!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who needs a coat! mmmmmmm Spirea! YUMMO!!

A pretty picture - I tried this with a frame - I like it!

This is a good size for computer backgrounds
At 6:45 this morning it was -18 degrees in Columbus!!

I just cannot figure out people I see when coming to work. The are standing at a corner with a little black leather coat holding there ears shivering like, OH MY GOD NOBODY TOLD ME IT WOULD BE COLD TODAY!.  Do they not understand the concept of winter? Do they not know where they are?

If you are going to be drastically under dressed for -10 degrees you can not get any sympathy from me!

Then there are the bunnies in my yard!  I guess I know WHAT THEY LIKE.  Spirea! Three days ago I saw for the first time little bunny tracks that were so cute.  I saw more yesterday and this morning I went out to put more bird food in the feeder and WHOA!!! Little poops all around my Spirea which were eaten down to the snow level.

I guess along with the Burning Bush which I was told tastes like Filet Mignon to rabbits, NEXT year I'll guard the Spirea.

Las Vegas did not love the Super Bowl. While Vegas did make money on the normal wagers (53% on the Packers and 47% on The Steelers) what totally killed them was that almost all of the Parlay bets were Packers -3 /OVER 45. There seemed to be a lot of Parlay wagering. BUT - as always they make a bundle on all the prop bets like who wins the coin toss and so forth.

Brewers are 12-1 to win the World Series!

Ready for higher food prices? Blame corn. The price of corn has almost doubled in the last year mostly do to ethanol. 24% of field corn goes to creating ethanol. Ethanol costs more per mile to run your machines and cars which is being passed on to consumers!

What I found confusing was that in Wisconsin we had the perfect corn year! Farmers said it was PERFECT!! Yet the National corn reserves are at a 15 year low!


The warm is coming!! Next 10 day Highs

35 - Saturday
40 - Sunday
33 - Friday
34 - Sunday

Watched Justified on FX last night with Timothy Olyphant.  If you were a Deadwood fan the opening credits, I swear, were produced by the same guy that did the credits for Deadwood!!  Same exact style.  Plus Timothy plays ABOUT the same character as Bullock!  Very interesting show!  It's a little . . . out there with violence.  NOT a Network show!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bring on the heat!!!

Forty-Seven years ago tonight the Beatles made their American debut on the Ed Sullivan show!  Here is some interesting trivia! 

Who was the act AFTER the Beatles!

Fred Kaps - a "very amusing Magician" - sadly Fred was the only three-time Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques Grand Prix winner which means he was pretty good BUT . . .will never be remembered!

Then after the Beatles SECOND set came the famous Wells & the Four Fays (which no one ever heard from again).

HOWEVER - there was one performer that night which would go on to greatness that at the time nobody had ever heard of.

A singer in the Broadway cast of "Oliver", playing the Artful Dodger was a young man by the name of Davy Jones who 3 years later would would be in the middle of hos own hysteria in a TV show called The Monkees!

Did I mention that if someone is looking for a very good Sci Fi Indi movie they should check out "Moon". No real spoilers here - Set in the near future a guy is alone on a 3 year mining job, alone on the moon. He only has a couple weeks to go before he can go home finally. He has a robot friend and has an accident. He is rescued by his robot friend (Keven Spacy) but something does not seem right.

He travels out to look at the accident and . . discovers himself and rescues himself. Of course now there is a small problem because both him AND himself are having problems figuring out really what is happening.

It's one of those hidden gem movies - very good!


Bring on the Heat - we are in for an EXTENDED warming streak which will last a good while! Get your windshield wiper fluid filled as you will need it! After the next day there is no cold anywhere on the horizon and we WILL be near the 40 degree mark for more the a few days! GET YOUR SWIM SUIT OUT!!


Di you see the comments on the paper the other day? Some guy is complaining about changing the light bulbs on the Capitol. How can we change the light bulbs when the State is in so much debt!!!!!

On on the same order there is that T-Mobile Pink dress woman! That is Carly Foulkes AND SHE IS A CANADIAN!! SO IS DEBRA LeCLAIR!! OH MY - how can we be hiring Canadians when America is about to go bankrupt!! (someone was seriously complaining about that).

The dress is a custom-made, vintage-silhouette-inspired dress designed by Debra LeClair.

ANYWAY - inquiring minds wanted to know!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open For Business, 13 Months a Year


Oddly both cases never went trial - weird! 

Notice that photographer is taking a photo of Ben's crotch - EVIDENCE?  

NEWS FLASH!  Governor Walker has proposed that Wisconsin should be the first state to instigate the new 13 month calendar!  "This will work on so many levels, it's brilliant"  he was heard saying.  "First we will need to hire thousands of computer programmers from Illinois to fix all of the outdated 12 month software which hold the OLD calendars. Second," he said with a twinkle in his eyes "this will force our dead beat State Employees to work longer so that they can't retire.  And third we can change all of our new signs to say  Open For Business, 13 Months a Year!" 

On a side note this would also allow Walker to be the  King of Wisconsin for four extra months!


Back the the BIG GAME!

Here are some other peoples thoughts!

Packers - Best Season ever!
Sweeping Minnesota
Beating Dallas so bad they fired there coach
Beating Philly to erase the 4th and 26 memory
Beating Chicago in NFC Championship in Chicago
Beating a 2 time Super Bowl winning team in the Super Bowl in Dallas no less.

Play of the game - Rogers kneeling.  The reason this is the play that won the game is 

Without that last kneel down, the Packers get a delay of game. The clock stops. The Packers continue to get delay of game penalties moving them all the way back to their own goal line and then it becomes a half the distance to the goal penalty. Several hours later the ball is moving ever so close to a safety – since half the distance to the goal is now a fraction of a fraction of an inch.  And it's nearing 1:00 in the morning.  The game is ruled a forfeit - Packers lose.

5 people that lost the Super Bowl: (from a Steeler fan)

1. Owner Dan Roony…classless shill who lobbied to keep Ed Sabol out of the HoF, when more Steelers are in than any other team. Shame on you.

2. James Harrison…2 tackles. Way to go, tough guy…Satin Curtain?

3. Mike Tomlin…outcoached, period. You let one fumble make you completely abandon the only thing that was working…Mendy was a beast aside from the fumble. Go back to it and you win this game. This idiot should be fired.

4. Troy Polamalu…two bonked coverages and two TDs given up…one solo tackle. Defensive player of the year needs to learn how to stay home and cover your zone…as in Zone Blitz. Letting him freelance will kill you as often as it helps you (see Seau, Junior and Lewis, Ray).

5. Ben Rothelisberger…two picks, a 77 QB rating…he got a schooling on how the position is played. He showed everyone how good the Steelers’ defense has been…his mediocre play finally did them in.
Super Bowl XLV was seen by 111 million viewers, making it the most-watched prime-time telecast in U.S. history beating M*A*S*H finale.

We saw a movie last weekend. A movie that I was not THAT excited to see. It looked OK but I was not drawn to it.

I was totally floored! One of the best movies I have ever seen. The ending had people applauding in the theater. The kind of movie you go home and look up all the characters.

What got me was how funny yet serious it was. I have chills as I type this. Thank you DJ for steering me to see this masterpiece.

The Kings Speech

See the movie - you will not be disappointed!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Never a Doubt

I don't know WHAT you guys were worried about!

What I have not heard anyone mentioned is that the Packers played the most amount of games a team can play in a season and NEVER were behind by more then 7 points. There might have been better Packer teams in history (1996 they were dominating) but never to be behind? WOW.

The worst Super Bowl experience had to be Christina Aguilera - OOPS Geez - "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last reaming." was CLOSE!! Her Wikipedia page was updated to include details of her prime-time error within minutes!

Second worst was Jerry Jones for many reasons. OH - he will make a lot of money charging $17 for a Margarita and $25 for a Hamburger, but having seats taken away with angry fans that had paid $900 a ticket, people getting critically injured from ice falling from the roof and HIS team barely missing the playoffs by 6 games - not a great time. Plus that whole 1200 seat debacle where he was SO trying to break a record in attendance he did not get the  final seating OK from the fire marshal. SORRY!

Then there is his wife who talked about all the artwork in the Stadium and they reason they wanted to have world class art was because normal people are afraid to go into museums! Basically her words!

As for next year - I don't know about contracts but I feel Nick Barnett will go as his style of play does not fit the 3-4. Middle linebackers in a 3-4 are big run stoppers (like Brian Urlacher) but really - anything Ted Thompson does is fine with me!

I LOVE how McCarthy told Rogers, "Play Smart so I can keep my foot on the peddle". Plus the fact that he had all players sized for Super Bowl Rings Saturday Night! BALLS!!!! I was not a huge fan of McCarthy! I stand corrected!

I loved how Rogers said last night "And we reload next year". 2nd youngest team in the NFL AND a Superbowl!!  SWEET - and we WILL have a season next year!!  WORD!

A few photos from the Blizzard

This happened to me once - I was a cook at a truck stop on the interstate and we were stranded for 24 hours in a blizzard, no one could get in or out.  I had a Dodge Dart Convertible in which MY BUDDY Elweed had tossed his suitcase through the brittle back plastic window!

After 24 hours I could FINALLY stop cooking and go home - I get to my car and it basically looked like the above car.  I had to shovel the snow OUT of my car before I could go home!  That was a cold ride home!

A new way to park that uses less space.

Have a great Monday


Friday, February 4, 2011

Search Continues for Jimmy the Stick

15 to 18 years ago or less it was decided that a stick was as aware of his shadow as a groundhog. Thus, Jimmy the Stick was put into action and for 15 to 18 (or less) straight years Jimmy has been forecasting the coming of spring.

He has almost been held by the Madison Air National Guard (they turned down the invitation at the last second and got haircuts instead) and has been to Las Vegas (where he was forgotten about and stayed in the trunk the entire trip).

This year he was going spend the night outside in the blizzard and was sheltered near the house.

HOWEVER - upon further research perhaps this was not the best place as there happened to be a 5 foot drift where Jimmy was hanging out.

Jimmy has not been seen.

The search continues in this rescue operation as Plan B goes into effect! A hole will be cut vertically into the drift. Plan A was the first course of action which involved melting the drift but then it was discovered that Jimmy, being a 15 to 18 (or younger) stick might not survive the flame.

More as it transpires.

BUT - The Show must go on. We enlisted the services of Ralph the Birch for one year to fill in for the buired Jimmy!

Ralph says  EARLY SPRING

 In football news.

Who is the best #4 in Sports History?  The votes are in and the winner is . . Lou Gehrig with Favre 2nd and Bobby Orr third.

The most popular beer for Green Bay Packer fans?  Bud Light!

The most popular beer for Pittsburgh Steeler fans? Stella Artois (isn't that like a girlie beer?)

If you are into wagering at Bodog here is one of the things you can bet on -

How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the national anthem,  OVER or UNDER 1 minute and 50 seconds!

Typically in a football game picking the winner will also cover the spread 60% of the time, but in the Super Bowl that goes up to 85%. Pick the winner and 85% of the time you will cover the spread (which is -3 in favor of the Packers).   Six times the winner has lost to the spread and the Steelers have been in three of those.

And finally , this is an amazingly cute VW Superbowl ad.

Have a great wekend - GO PACK

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Ground Hog Day Blizzard


The Ground Hog Day Blizzard - that is what whoever decides these things have called the blizzard we just went through.

Officially 18.7 inches in 3 days which is the 2nd highest total on record for a 3 day period in Madison. We also are now above the average amount of snow for the year and also above last year!

Luckily Scott, Mr. Sneaky Pants, Walker gave us State Workers the choice of coming to work even though all buses were not running and EVERYTHING was closed, or using a vacation day. I love these guy more and more!

My new big ass 208cc 26inch snow blower went through 4 foot drifts like butter with little bits of poop flying through the air. I also got our neighbors driveway because I thought he was gone and our other neighbors mailbox AND the fire hydrant across the street. DJ helped shovel and add moral support with the hydrant.

In fact DJ was the one that actually FOUND our mailbox which had disappeared. 

 Tuesday night was fun as our sidewalk was perfectly clear of snow but there was a snownado on our front porch that Blake LOVED.  He went in and out like 10 times Tuesday night

Milo went out with Blake also and normally he will sit on the mat shivering waiting to come in again but since the porch was where the snownado was he was no where to be found when I let Black in.  I called and called and Blake looked worried because his pal was missing.

I was worried because we have had these weird birds hanging around lately and they look HUNGRY!  I took this photo last summer! 

Milo had gone around to the back of the house.  He had to climb a 4 foot drift, go up a snow covered deck and meow at the back door! 

The next day Blake was surviving the damage. But he really could not see much!

But he does like the challenge of maze's.

The future weather looks winter-like.  Warming up on the weekend, turning cold for a few days and then back to normal sub-normal.

Remember - BASEBALL starts soon.  Well - February 22 is the 1st full work-out for theBrewers.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I wish I was a stripper!

I gotta say that the Main Event is VERY pretty!  It has ALL the colors!  This is moving almost due north. Blizzard Warnings go into effect at 3:00 this afternoon.

This storm will dump a foot of snow over a 2000 mile long swath which is unheard of!!   Only 4 inches in round one.

What confuses me is driving to work  on a relatively straight road with good winter driving conditions I saw 4 cars off the road?  WHY?   Were they texting saying the roads were fine?   Spill their cheerios? 

I wish I was a stripper!    News from Dallas says they are looking for 100,000 strippers!!  HOW MANY DO YOU NEED!!!    Does each fan attending the game get their own stripper?  What Happens in Dallas Goes Home With You and Spreads?  (not as good of a saying as for Las Vegas).

Also it seems that the losing city in the Super Bowl has an increase of cardiac deaths after the game.  The weird fact is that 27% are woman, 22% are older people and only 15% are males.   Overall death rates are higher but cardiac are the big ones!  BE CAREFULL!

I would also like to see a study about the WINNING city - in nine months is there a baby boom?

If you hate the snow check out these guys playing in their first snow!


Two of my favorite shows are on tonight. "V" and Detroit 1-8-7 but so is Walker's State of the State speech and I want to record it so I can listen to it a couple times.  I'll be riveted!  

I heard that the head dudes of the State Payroll will just QUIT if Walker takes away the "doubling" of sick time once you retire! So . . . .then actually NO ONE will get paid!

They will call Madison. Little Egypt!

Stay tuned for Part two of the storm - Walker can't close State Offices because then WE ARE NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS!