Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison Metro unveils new streamline bus system


Walker is having a private dinner and is closed to Civilians (and Union people )

Lori Marcks - General Manager/Events Director
Madison Metro shows off new ride plan!    With the recent cuts in the budget Madison Metro has had to switch some of the bus routes and cancel 50% of their buses!  With this in mind they are now selling "External Seating Cards" for a reduced fair for Public Employees. 

In the below photo you see new State of Wisconsin Contractors (who have replaced State Employees) boarding the buses on the square using their new found freedom and cost saving measures. It's WIN WIN.  State Employee Contractors are SAVING money.

Although if you still have your monthly Madison Metro pass you may still have inside seating on bad weather days.

Sydney! 7.1 pounds, 22 inches long, long fingers. Born 4:15 Wednesday morning.

Here are some iPhone photos 

 This is Caydence at our house after a long day

I was so nice to walk into the hospital room and see Sydney laying on Jennys chest. When Caydence popped out it was, here she is, take a glance, gotta go!! And no one saw Caydence for hours and days as she was in the ICU. Sydney was warm and cuddly and nursing. All is well.

In MY world, DJ and I have been taking care of Caydence who is a JOY, she learned "button" last night.

I think the main thing that concerns me with the budget is that communities can no way to raise cash now for growth.  Fixing roads - GONE.   Property tax is the main tax supporting local education, police/fire protection, some free medical services, and most of other local infrastructure.  Need a new bridge?  to bad!

 Of course there are ALL SORTS of other bad things but I won't go into it!  Yea - there is that education thing but - education is overrated .. I guess.   At least the Dept of Tourism got a BIG boost in revenue!


Speaking of Columbus - I'm still planning on taking a count of all the Redbuds in Columbus and will need volunteers to spend an hour on some Saturday when they are flowering.   My idea is to hand out maps of Columbus with a grid. Each group will walk the sidewalks and with a marker plot each redbud they see.  Maybe mark especially grand Redbuds for the Redbud of Distinction award (or something).    I'll put something in the paper asking for volunteers.

When do Redbuds flower in Columbus - it's early spring isn't it?  Know any dates?


HOPE - I tweaked this a little.  People said they wanted to purchase this but had a few suggestions.

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Beautiful babies with mom! All those smiles!
    The Redbuds usually bloom the 2nd week of May but last year were early- we'll see what this spring brings...