Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reacting to Japan - Brewers

Never take financial advice from some dude on the Internet.

One thing I'm going to be watching very close today are the reactors in Japan.  I feel that it is inevitable that we will have three meltdowns and one explosion on those nukes and this will end up being WORSE then Chernobyl!   Have you heard ANY good nuclear news yet this week?  This is like a cancer where you are always one step behind nature!

The stock market is reacting to the bad news and my feeling is that if the meltdown happens this weekend (I'm putting my money on it) the market will totally tank on Monday!

The U.S. economy is strong so it'll bounce back, but the bad global news is taking it's toll.  So before 3:00 I'm going to make a decision to see if I can cut off losing the 10% meltdown fee!

The only good news is that today they might restore SOME power to the plant.  The dumping of water by the military is like shooting a squirt gun at a forest fire! It's pretty much for show only, it's not really doing anything.  The 50 people trying save the reactor's are on a suicide mission and they are calling for retired people to replace them.  Not because they are expendable but because they are old and by the time the cancers take off they will be in their 90s.

When the major news organizations are getting all their reporters OUT of Japan, totally . . . it's not a good thing.  When the military is moving the 7th fleet away and the aircraft carriers are not allowing news people trying to get away from Japan to land on the carrier because of radiation . . . it's not good.

When Elwood brought up the earthquake and so forth last Saturday he said this is REALLY bad.  I went one step further and said "This is biblical!".

During this event we have been hearing about how amazing the culture is behaving, no reports of looting or anything bad. The people are reacting in very very adult manners (unlike New Orleans and Katrina).  But an odd thing is that they were interviewing Japanese and asking them about the 50 people inside the power plant trying to save Japan.

In America I would assume that the 50 engineers who are giving their lives to stop the inevitable meltdowns would be called heroes.  But in Japan it's different.  Every person they talked to said that they were just doing their jobs, nothing more. They were where they had to be.  Nothing extraordinary.  Just doing their jobs!         


I got rejected yesterday!  The Spring Green Art Fair said I was not good enough . . or at least their reject letter said something to that effect!  This is not a totally bad thing as it was one of my "maybe" shows, more of a craft event during the William Tell Fest thing.  I would have had to spend all weekend talking Shakespeare-speak and wearing odd clothing and DJ would have had to have an apple on her head all day!


Should grocery stores be doing this?

Could you pass the canned Cat please?


I'm coming to Madison today to get Robert Plant (my against the regulations plant) from my office and take some photos of the Glass Bank and the Madison Skyline for a poster I'm working on.  The Glass Bank is sort of spec photos as a woman who works in a company told me to contact the person in charge of walls space (probably has other duties also).  But I need a few shots before I talk to the wall person. 

I'm also going to look into a new camera - can't afford it YET but I feel  Nikon D90 is in my future.

One thing I'm learning about retirement is I drink a lot less water.  I had a headache all day yesterday and thinking back - I really don't drink a lot of water.  
Brewers - it's looking like Wily Peralta has won the 5th starter roll to open the season. The guy I'm watching is (CF) Carlos Gomez - he is very important to the Brewers and his hitting really needs to get better.

Braun never took geometry in school and has poor range in RF!  Hart has average to below average range so they really need Gomez who has world class range in Center Field! So far Gomez has a .360 OBP but it's all hitting. No walks yet - however in 30 AB's he has 4 doubles a triple and 2 HRs in spring training.

The Brewer defense is a problem. Not that they make errors but as a whole, they just do not cover a lot of ground. The infielders are all low error no range fielders! The outfielders are low error no range (except for Gomez) and catching . . . well, Greg Zahn was pretty good but Lucroy has yet to prove he can hit but he does have an average arm. Not sure about calling a game.

Pitching - the new guys are good with the bats! Marcum and Grenke are very good bunters and Nearveson is and EXPERT bunter. Gallardo is a tremendous batter.

Gallardo, Narveson, Wolf and Marcum are much better hitters then the average pitcher so 4 of the 5 starters give the Brewers an extra hitter in the every day line-up. almost like a weak designated hitters.

Another thing going unnoticed is that Brewer pitchers are VERY good at holding runners.
The PROBLEM with the Brewer lineup is that against RHP, the are all righties except Fielder.

and that's my Brewer take for today!

Have a good Thursday!


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