Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not enough time to be retired!

Who knew not working for the government would be so time consuming!

I attended the Columbus Business Roundtable this morning which was at  . . At Home Again, a new senior living facility. Beautiful place and I can't wait to move in. I'll have photos of the place . . . soon . . . . .but I'm all of a sudden even more rushed today.

You see tomorrow is a big day - no no no it's not the Royal Wedding. I'm not going to see a lot of that, I get way to emotional and I'll be in Portage hanging 18 images at the Trails End Lounge. The Portage version of The Capri! The problem is that I still have 5 photos to frame and I also need to write an Artist Statement AND something for the newspaper.

The rush is that I put off the final stuff to today and I just get a call from Cannery Wine and Spirits to come in and work this afternoon in an emergency. Plus TONIGHT I have home brew club! sigh

ANYWAY - another thing to mention are a few more new things that will be happening in Cbus. There will be a new Saturday Farmers Market starting June 11. The place will be that old gas station on Ludington amd W. Mills Street. Sort of a square cement building that has been vacant for 13 years!

Check out their website Our Market Columbus

It'll be open all year (only weekends at the moment).

Another store opening VERY soon is a buy and sell place.  Not exactly sure but it's downtown somewhere!  I got the feeling it was not a normal junky buy/sell.
SO - to answer a few questions -

yes  Boyd Crowder is my hero - I love that guy.   He was actually meant to be killed in season one of that great show Justified because Walton Goggins had other shows to take care of. But then people loved him so much and his role was so delicious he dropped everything to come back and he was only wounded and then found God . . . in his own strange peacefully violent way !


Sarah Palin - I PRAY she runs for President - it would be one of the funniest times in American history!   I love clueless quitters, sorry, she is just a fruit cake waiting to happen.

Did you know that Ted Thompson is AMAZING at drafting?  He has drafted 58 players and 46 of those players have played in regulation games for the Packers or some other team!  That is AMAZING!!! 

Any Nyjer Morgon fans out there?  The back-up outfielder for the Brewers.  He has a TWITTER alter-ego he calls "Tony Plush" and he is hilarious!!  The guy should write a book.   If you follow the Brewers it makes more sense as he TWEETS about the games! 

"Plush could not deny that the bruise had taken on the multi-colored madness of a Pollock. But he himself could see no divine intervention."

"Nothing happened. Plush decided a DL stint was like being locked in a Chekhov story, minus the profound mysteries. There was only sadness." 

"Plush is getting tired of sitting on the bench. He just asked Coach Roenicke if he could manage for an inning. Coach ignored him."

Check out Tony Plush  on Twitter

Went to the Brewer game yesterday - I'll have more photos but this is taking to much time as it is.  This is big enough for your background on the computer . . if you want it.  Yea - it was pouring rain!   Thank goodness I have now seen the Brewers lose TWICE to the Reds!! 

I gotta get moving - sorry


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  1. Who did u end up going to the Brewer game with? Or did you go alone?

    Ok, I am so confused. Does Columbus now have 3 farmer's markets?!?!? The one by Julie's Java House, the one behind city hall and now this new one?!?!? Why don't they all just band together and make one big one??? I don't understand...