Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Columbus BBQ competition.

TRADE ALERT - Loe is not the set-up guy anymore - Francisco Rodriguez will be the set-up guy for this year and then will leave for greener pastures.  We got him for cash and a few cases of beer.
I mentioned I had some lilies I wanted to vacate from my garden as they did not fit. Here is a close up of the dark yellow one I found.

So my relatives are finally home back in sunny Texas where the temps will be over 100 for the 12th day in a row with at least 7 more to come and Matt took like 2100ish photos on their vacation.  AWESOME - have fun with that. Been there done that! I now make sure whenever I take a set of photos I get them off the camera as soon as I can and put them in a folder on an external drive.  THEN, at SOME POINT I can look at them in the future.

For instance I took this a while ago and am collecting a few to give to the Columbus Country Club for their website in exchange for free golf (I hope). It's nothing AMAZING but people want to get an idea of what the course looks like. 

A lot of photos of course's are good but you always need golfers, otherwise all it is is a landscape shot, not a golf course.


Speaking of the All-Star game festivities. Monday night I was listening/watching the Home Run derby and I swear Chris Berman was like a stuck record.  BACK BACK BACK GONE!!!!   OK, how many times can you say that (I guess 40ish)!  And like EVERY 400 foot home run was like the longest he has ever seen.  WOW THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!  Well, dude, so were the last 20 Home runs!   Plus I think each person in the crowd had a foot marker on him and when a guy caught the ball they knew how far it went.  And WHAT was with that 6 foot tall kid catching balls in the outfield!  He was like 3 feet taller then the other 30 kids.

Then before the All-Star game I kept reading national news guys railing on Bud Selig about the AS game.  They were saying the stupidest rule in baseball was to have the All-Star Game decide home field advantage for the World Series. They say "It's an exhibition game, keep it that way".  Well yea - let's keep it a meaningless game so NO ONE watches it. 

I think making the game mean some is a FANTASTIC idea!!  I do feel there are too many All-Stars.


I just watched the first episode of DAMAGES!!  Anybody else watch this show?  Seems interesting, not sure who I'm rooting for or who the hero is.  Seems a lot of villains around.

Harry Potter - I think this could be a hit although I have never read one page of a Harry Potter or seen more then 30 seconds of a Harry movie but someday I'll give him a shot!

I see Princess Kate (or whatever she is being called) is bringing back sheer nylons!  They are the big big rage now.

I also see that that evil Obama leads all GOP challengers in a mock election.

Wisconsin is rated the 25th fattest State which seems to be just about in the middle of the pack.  I think we better get eating if we don't want to slip farther (further?).

OK - here is my idea and I think I have to form a committee.  How about next summer having a the first Columbus BBQ Competition.

Charge anybody that wants to participate $25.  He/she provides his own cookers, fuel, meat (pork, chicken, beef).  Get sponsors to help out (after involving the Fire Department).  Then charge $10 a head to try all the food and vote.   Winners get cash prizes and all extra proceeds go towards some community of fire station equipment.

It can't be TOO hard can it?   Comments?  We would need advertising but I believe this is a viable competition. 

Just thinking out loud!!

Have a great week.  I see the temps for the weekend are SLOWLY sinking a little.  Not 90 but down to 88 to 85 now.  But Sunday and the beginning of next week are REALLY heating up.  I saw one forecast of 97's

Looks like we will have a Football season and the Superbowl will be moved back ANOTHER week to near the end for February!


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  1. haven't watched Damages yet (it's in my netflix queue) but I think Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Justified) shows up for season two.....enough incentive for me....

    Harry Potter the "last" movie will be fab but you need to watch 'em all or you will be totally lost LOL or as wizards would say be "stupified" (that's a wizard spell by the way in Potterspeak)

    I read the last 2 books after I saw movie #5 because I HAD to know the ending.....