Monday, July 11, 2011

DUDE - What do you THINK we are doing!!!!

I'm BACK - I'll touch on a few highlight thoughts for this here blog today.

Total rain last night in Cbus 0.92 inches!

Last week we had special guests all week as relatives from the Dallas area visited. We had to introduce them to Cheese Curds which turned out harder then we thought. The carnival, who have GREAT deep fried curds had a line 1/2 hour long. So we figured the next day when we went to Dotty Dumplings we would get curds. HOWEVER - their cheese curds were more mozzarella.  Ended up going to Sassy Cow for 3 hour old FRESH curds.

Here is Matt, Veronika and Kameron on top of the State Capitol.  Seems we did not know that Kameron had a little issue with height, thus all the shots of this little firecracker are next to solid walls. 

They are using Facebook the way it is intended to be used, by showing us their adventures as they go.  After leaving our place they traveled to Green Bay to see Lambough Field, then Milwaukee, Chicago and I believe they are going to St. Louis today.

And for Columbus residents - I was serving beer and brats at Cannery Friday night for a tasting and talking to an older woman from Arizona.  Seems she was a long time Cbus resident, Cathy Anderson says hi to John P as her parents(??) owned the JC Penny that was next to the F&M Bank?
Garden - the Clay Garden FINALLY bloomed about 3 weeks late.  Looking at the charts most things are about 2-3 weeks later then last year.  A funny thing happen on the way to take some photos.  It was so humid out yesterday that my camera fogged up when it hit the hot air.

Here is the Clay garden which is called clay because it is in rich deep hard clay.

Then I come to my foggy  lens shot.

 And the Butterfly Garden which is a week or so away still,.

I'm at a stage where I'm giving some flowers away - anybody with a garden want some flowers?  At the moment I have some BRIGHT yellow lilies and some lighter yellow lilies!  Free for the asking.  I'll also have some wonderful ground cover coming up and some yellow daylilies!  Anybody have space?

Next year I have a Sweet Autumn Clematis which will have it's own blog!  Seriously.  We gave up on Alpha (it's name) and thought it was dead, as it had not appeared out of the ground until June 6th.  Well, since it popped it's head above the ground it has grown AT LEAST 4 inches a day!  That is 2.5 feet a WEEK!!  So next year it's going to have it's own blog with it's adventures climbing out deck, goals and aspirations from a Clematis.  We have 2 more planted!

Also - yesterday was the 1st day for Japanese beetles to emerge.  GET THEM NOW!!    They are laying a trail for future bugs. A bowl of soapy water and knock them off their perch into the water.  KILL THEM KILL THEM NOW.   Also Milky Spore is a good long term plan!

So Elwood and I were driving around the country with a project, or I actually had a project.  I HOPE anybody that drives 151 has enjoyed the wild flowers. They are magnificent.  So my idea is to have one large canvas image that displays Wisconsin wildflowers in chronicle order.  It'll take a while but it's a plan.

So we were driving around looking for good country roads  that had specimens.  I had my camera and Elwood had my book of Wisconsin wild flowers which he was now memorizing their  Latin names and we came across some Leucanthemum vulgare which I will call Ox-Eye Daisy.

We were discussing the flower/weed when a dude in a red pick-up stops and ask "What are you boys up too" in a very menacing way! 

I tell him the truth and that we are out looking at wild flowers.  He say "uh-uhh, sure you are" and stares at us.  Well - in my BRAIN I say "fuck you" but what comes out is "really, that is what we are doing, I'm a photographer".

"uh-uhh, OK" and he stars at us.

Well - I have thought of MANY things I SHOULD have said but I go to the car ignoring him and start to drive - SLOWLY as we look for more flowers.

He follows slowly and I sort of am pimping him goign even slower.  Elwood is pretty much involved in the book memorizing or he has gone to his happy place, whatever.

I turn and he goes straight and we continue to look.

 We stop as we come to a field of Zizia aurea or Golden Alexanders.

and while I'm taking photos a dude that looks a LOT like the last dude zooms by on a motor cycle, staring at us.

We move on looking for those orange wild day lilies - they are not in my book but are everywhere (anybody know their name?).  At the dude AGAIN goes past us.

OH - this shot looks like a big smiley face does it not?

Anyway - we head back towards Columbus and the SAME GUY, AGAIN, goes past us glaring.  WTF!!!

So that is today's story. Maybe I'll start a website with wild flowers.  hmmm

Have a great day