Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Korth (not Kurth) Farm. FAIL

First - cathy (or whatever your REAL name is) you should get a hold of me concerning fractals (A piece of software I no longer have).
Columbus had 0.32 inches of rain last night in that storm.

I went to Sweet Lips in Lake Mills to talk about their wanting pieces in their gallery - the people in charge were not there so I went around looking for other interesting Lake Mills photo opportunities.

I had been asked to take photos of a barn on the Korth Farm which seems to have been the Udey Dam of Lake Mills. Something about a 150 farm being torn down and so forth. Well, my search was for that barn which I BELIEVED a woman had asked me to take photos of.

About the time I became temporarily blinded by sweat in my eyes I asked a passing pick-up about a barn and he said they had torn it down about five years ago!

SO - I took some shots of a tree instead.

Tree on the Korth Farm
I drove back to Lake Mills and thought I would get one of those famous American Legion hamburgers.  DJ and I had tried one last year and it was the worst tasting piece of meat I had ever tasted - even Blake did not like it.  bu I though "one more time".  They were closed so I went to the cafe' next door and have a frozen well done hamburger patty which tasted like it sounds.   Sweet place inside though, just not the hamburger haven I was hoping for. 


Kestrel Ridge Golf Course decides to kill all it's trees!

Kestrel Ridge Golf Course is either refusing to kill their Jap Beetles or they refuse to believe they have a problem.  The devils defoliated one tree last year killing it even after I TOLD them they were killing a tree.  Now the beetles are eating the TWO trees next to it (Linden/Basswoods, they LOVE those trees) which is right next to my yard.  I'm going to take matters into my own hands.  It's like they don't care if all their trees are killed!!!  They should just cut the trees down now as they will be dead in 3 weeks.  

Speaking of golf - I golf tonight in league.  I've golfed in extreme heat before, not a problem.  I have a wet towel on my shoulders.  It's the same thing you do brewing beer.  To cool a carboy you drape a wet towel around a fermenting carboy - it can cool it down 5 to 8 degrees!   I just hope I don't start to ferment.

When we lived in Madison our neighbor dropped dead on the 16th green at Yahara on a hot day so DJ is always concerned when I golf in heat.  He did not use the towel method.  I golfed yesterday morning in 90 degree weather and was fine.  Today there will be wind and that will help the towel cooling a lot.

Monday night a storm sprung up over Lake Mills and there are a lot of photos around. It looked like a huge mushroom cloud, truly magnificent.  About 10 minutes after I took this lightning starting flashing and streaking through it.
Armageddon over Lake Mills

I'm going to do a little gorilla gardening.  Our neighbors to the west abandoned their house after spending $12,000 on landscaping. Now it's all going to hell and after talking to the landscaper who is in contact with the neighbors he said go ahead and take a clematis which is laying on the ground dieing. 

It was an unknown variety but after searching a lot a Piilu Clematis.  I took this hovering over it as it lay on the ground wilting (before I was again temporally blinded by sweat). 

And lastly - the butterfly garden is getting ready to full bloom with the clay garden in the background.

Have a great day 

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