Monday, October 31, 2011

Columbus seems to be full of hand wringers

OK - I'm going to come right out and say it. Halloween, in Columbus, on a Sunday afternoon, is just plain stupid. You are ruining it for kids and don't give me this BS about it being safe unless you are a hand wringing worrier who is looking for terrorists under cars and behind trees.

Our police chief probably wants to cancel halloween altogether but he lives in a completely different town so . . . . .

OH - BTW - Kids are NOT allowed to wear costumes to school!! What the fuck is wrong with Columbus!! The terrorists have won. 


Speaking of other weirdness - people are really getting upset over Columbus politics - WOW - there is something new. The big thing now is parking. You can not park on the street during snow. Alternate side parking would be the SMART thing to do but NOOOOOO! not in Columbus. Reason? no real reason at all to NOT have alternate side parking except for the lazy City Council who are afraid of making a decision.

Perhaps I need to make a Truth in Columbus Politic blog as I'm hearing a lot of excuses and double talking/switching stories to fit the arguments.  


Hey - my football systems are quietly having a great year 10-5 so far and I predicted Philly would crush the Cowboys.


Giant Lego Man who floated to shore in Sarasota will be held for 90 days like any lost and found. So of you are missing him he's down in Florida.

And if you needed any other reason to NOT but Dominoes Pizza (besides the flavor and dough).  Two managers of a Dominoes Pizza are being charged with arson after they burned down a Papa Johns in Florida.  What's going on down there in Florida anyway.


Ever see those trucks with the big white cylinders on 151?  Those are the bases for the windmills that are being erected in Arizona.   I recently too some shots of a few trucks

I was talking to the pilot car making sure it was OK to take photos (or at least making sure I would not be attacked for taking photos)and after I had permission I was snapping away.  Justin the pilot drives up with the driver of the truck and WOW . . .the driver was drop dead handsome.  Not the beer gut semi driver but a young, studly George Cloony kind of guy!  I swear when he smiled a little gleam star blinked.

However - I was playing around with some shots and this came out.  The more I look at it the more I love it.  Great for a background on your computer.

So I've been taking this webinar ( short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop) from Trey Ratcliff and learning all sorts of things.  One of the big things I learned lately is "diffraction" and "hyperfocal distance".  Plus all sorts of wonderful things I can do in post processing.   I'm photo pumped.


OK - I'm tired already of the Madoff's and all of their TV play lately.


I was driving back from Madison Saturday night after leaving Elwood off and turned on the radio to see how Wisconsin did.  I switched to radio and the announcers seemed SO SO depressed.  I did not know the score but these guys were like SO DOOM AND GLOOM.  Still no score but they are going to interview Bret Bielema and Bret comes on and he is SO SO DEPRESSED.  Still no score and I did not have a clue what happened. The 1st question is "how will you recover from this game" in a low monotoned depressing voice.   

Oh well - Badgers are now ranked 40th in the BCS?? 
I see Columbus WI made the USA today.   A driver died at the 151 Speedway.  Looks like he passed out going around corner #1.  Not an actual race death.


With this new law saying we can carry guns.  When can we fire them off anyway?  New Years Eve of course but what about touchdowns?  Elections?  can we fire them off on election day?  Just wondering.

Speaking of hamburgers.  We went to Bubs Burgers Saturday on East Wash. Went in, sat down and a little Mexican waitress came up with menus . . . . .wait . . . . Mexican?  ummmmmm . . . you don't sell burgers anymore?  Seems Bub's is gone and it's now a  Mexican place. 

So we were in a hamburger mood and went to the Caribou Tavern on East Johnson.  They still have WONDERFUL bar burgers.   


Friday, October 28, 2011

A truck Panorama? WHY NOT!! But not now!

Hope everyone is enjoying the ride in the stock market this month.  Could be the best month since 1987. Seems the economy is doing very well and people are spending money. PLUS, overseas the big debt crisis (not unlike what the U.S. had a few years ago before Obama was elected) has been "fixed".

Probably won't last long as I suspect the Wall Street managers will start to take some profits for end month reports.  However November and December are typically bullish anyway.

October is called the Bear Killer Month for a reason and is the #1 month in the year for buying cheap stocks.  October is the 1st month of the most bullish quarter of the year - HOWEVER - stocks on Halloween is a rarely rises.

Bring on November which boast the biggest % gain on average of all months however the 1st part of November is typically full of downturns because of tax selling.  BTW - want free money?  Be fully invested the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. 
WOW - what a baseball game last night.  I had home brew club but got home for the last 3 innings and WOW.  talk about excitement.  One of the great, all time World Series games and a finish I doubt I will ever see again!  Texas - the first team EVER to blow 3 saves in one World Series game.

I went to Rio to pick up some steaks and bacon at Jacobson's Sausage Shop which has OUTSTANDING produce and their Grilling Bacon is to die for!

As I left the clouds were so sweet with pop up rain storms I took a drive into the country and came across the Grassy Lake Wildlife Area. I stopped and took a few photos and turned onto Fur Farm Road. Saw a drive off and investigated and took this shot.

As I was driving home I spotted one of those LONG LONG tube trucks at the Visitor Center on 151.  You know those trucks with the huge white cylinders?   Those are 1/3 of the base of those wind mills (the ones Walker hates).    So I stopped and took a panorama of the truck.  I have not worked on it yet but I hope that comes out.  I could not get the entire thing in my camera so  . . panorama?  why not!  LOL

Have a great Packer-less weekend


Thursday, October 27, 2011

The rich keep getting richer

It's like Christmas. I received my new monitor yesterday and now I have to figure out how to calibrate it. hmmmm geez - I have so much more space on my desk. I can REALLY fill that extra space up with random crap now!!  Look at the difference in size.  Technology is wonderful.

Now I can have a monitor JUST for the weather station.  Before when ever the station ( went belly up I would have to unhook the monitor from one computer and hook it up to the other.  There are no switches that will work for hooking up one monitor to THOSE two computers.  Weird.   OH - all the geeks say there are but once I show them the plugs and connections and so forth they get this glassy look in their eyes.

I keep having conversations with people about Walker and they can not see why State employees are so pissed off.  Their argument goes something like "Well, WE don't have health care and pay $1000 a month".

I WANT to say - THAT IS YOUR CHOICE!!  You decided to NOT work for a place that gives you health care.  We took a job that pays less so we can have affordable health care.  You decided to work for a smaller company with no health care - it was your choice.

This whole not getting a raise thing does have me baffled.  Was anybody expecting to get a raise?  Come on!   I laughed - State Employees got emails saying basically nothing but directing them to go to a website  . . .except that website is blocked at DOC!  LOL

Did you see that the richest 1% made 275% more money since 1979 while the middle class have 40% more money in the same time period.

Facebook, ever hear of it?  They are going to build a huge server farm near the Arctic Circle to take advantage of the climate.  SWEET - how would you like to be relocated to 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle.


There is a new show coming on November 6th on AMC called HELL ON WHEELS - Deadwood fans might like this gritty western.

Don't forget to record "Once Upon A Time" Sunday.

HEY - Survivor - WOW - I won't give anything away but as Jeff Probts said - BIGGEST, BOLDEST MOVE IN THE HISTORY OF SURVIVOR!!   I can not WAIT for next week.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LaRussa and phones lines FAIL!!

This just in - overnight New Orleans scored another touch down and now lead Indianapolis 99-7.

Peyton Manning was declared the leagues Most Valuable Player even though he has not played a down this year.

As I wait for my new monitor I fear working on more photographs - HOWEVER - I was contacted from a couple in Green Bay looking for photos of Curly at Lambeau Field.  I explained that I tried but could not get anything I really really loved - Curly has a weird background.  BUT - I started working once again on the subject.  Here is my latest effort.

In the same folder were the shots of Hyde's Mill and since Sweet Lips Gallery asked about perhaps a color rendition of the mill I went back to work to see if I could come up with anything.

Since the colors were not outstanding I went for a more gritty look.   hmmmmm this actually looks a little duller on the monitors at work   hmmmmm.
Speaking of work - I put my stool sample on my bosses desk today - was not sure where I was suppose to drop it off.  I heard something about that on TV - not really sure who it was meant for but I wanted to make sure I was up to code. . . . . I hope he does not mind.  Was I suppose to label it?  

Got my 401K (deferred comp) quarterly report today - OUCH.  Biggest dollar lost ever - BUT - not even close to biggest percentage loss.  Biggest percent lose since the 1st quarter of 2009 but still 35% LESS then a couple quarters in 2003.  

Still - October has been wonderful (up 9% so far) so it's all good. No worries.   
Ever think Republicans don't want the economy to get better? Pretty obvious to me and I TRY to sit near the center.   I keep seeing Facebook "friends" complaining that Obama is not doing anything to help the economy  . . .wait . . . .isn't the Republican run House and or Senate stopping everything Obama tries to do?  so nothing gets done?  

Remember - they were the ones that felt doing nothing was the perfect answer when the American economy was truly tanking.  
If you a chance to see the encore presentation watch "Once Upon A Time"  Very very intriguing.  From the creators of  LOST.  BTW - did you guys watching the show see all of the LOST connections?  The time on to clock tower?  8:15 - same as the doomed flight in LOST.   The smoke monster?  Regina's address number of her home (108, appearing everywhere in LOST), the Geranimo Jackson bumper sticker?

I really liked the show  - Premise - All of the fairy tale characters we remember are real. They lived in a far off land until an Evil Queen placed a curse upon them all; trapping them in our world as they live mundane lives for all of eternity. Only the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming can lift the curse and save the day. Too bad she doesn't believe in fairy tales...

Lots of flash backs to Fairy Tail time and flash forwards to our time.

Hey - stating the obvious here but Aaron Roger's quarterback play this year is SICK. First time in NFL history that a QB has had 7 straight games above a 110 QB rating. He leads the NFL in TDs and polls are asking "Who is the 2nd best team in the NFL" and no one is even questioning who the best team is.

Brett Favre was heard saying he is surprised Rogers did not have 7 in a row before now!

Baseball game last night? Well - seems the phones rang in the Cards bullpen but no one heard them (seriously !!!) then when the phone was answered they got the wrong guy up in the bullpen. So when LaRussa goes to change pitchers - THE WRONG GUY COMES OUT!!! LOL Technology - FAIL OOPS

The 8th inning last night was one of the most mismanaged innings in world series history!! Totally FUBR I think Tony is going to have a stroke soon! I mean Tony says "What are you doing here" when he calls the wrong pitcher from the bullpen?


Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend update.

What is this LinkedIn thing I keep getting invited to join. ????
I'm in day 3-ish of a fall cold. Can't remember when the last time I had a cold (probably last month or something).
This weekend I had the bright idea to go to the Liquidation Sale at the Alliant Energy Center. I was looking for a new monitor as I now realize that many of my photographs look much different in print or on other peoples monitors. So I thought I would see how that sale was . . . WOW. Total screw job.

First you pay $6 to park which was fine but THEN - it costs $8 just to get into the show. Well . . . . we had paid $6 already so both DJ and I paid up and were told we could go in and out as many times as we wanted . . . . .why would we do that? Because we had arm loads of good deals?

What a bunch to total garbage being sold by Russians (or people disguised as Russians). I looked at some monitors and they said they were all "new" but they looked like they had been pretty used. I wrote down the numbers of some Samsung monitors but could not find them on the internet.

They had "Coach" Bags for like $40 and you could get three pairs of "Oakly" sunglasses for $20. The only good thing that had were car stereo sub woofers and "new" laptops. I could have gotten a nice velvet Elvis rug I suppose or one of the hundreds scents selling for REALLY cheap.

Yea - total garbage rip-off. I ended up going online - doing research and getting a 20inch monitor from CompUSA.

I have the original safety deposit box doors from the F&M Bank and we're trying to figure out a way to sell them. I've contacted a couple of architectural antique websites but they ignore me.   I've seen doors like this for sale on line for $50 (not sure if that SELL but I saw them listed).  Each one is about  4 pounds and were picked out my Louis H Sullivan (the inventor of the skyscraper).  They were installed in 1919 in The Farmers and Merchants Union Bank in Columbus, the LAST of Sullivan's Jewel Box Banks.

The proceeds of the sales will go towards the Historic Foundations restoring of Susan Stares images in the City Hall.  
I see Walker is waging war on double dippers but I actually agree with him on this one. The bill wants to stop people retiring and then going back to their same jobs full time. It has nothing to do with people going back for less then half time.

Train speeds are increasing in Columbus from 60 to 79mph. Did you know that "Motorists are required to yield to trains occupying railroad crossings"? Who knew!!

I got into it last week with our police chief (who does not live in Columbus) about the big pot bust (19 grams) and he basically said that marijuana is the gateway drug to heroin. That chap who got busted with 19 grams (a little over 1/2 an ounce) (on facebook some "friends of friends" said when they were in school 19 grams meant you were out of pot) faces felony charges for drug-trafficking with the intent to deliver . . .which seems redundant, can you traffic drugs WITHOUT the intent to deliver? OR and a misdemeanor for having a pot pipe I guess in case the felony does not stick.

Now I'm all for busting people with large amounts of pot because one out of a maybe 500 hundred people will become addicted to pot which will make them lazy. But those same people if you took their pot away would PROBABLY become alcoholics and instead of sitting in front of TV being stoned they would be out driving around drunk going from bar to bar. 

The Odd Fellows are raising funds for another Honor Flight. This is a fantastic way to show our veterans we care. DJs dad was on an honor flight and he said it was one of the best days of his life. Seeing the smiles and tears on these veterans faces is so so worth it. The Odd Fellows are selling t-shirts for $15 Call (608) 438-2426 for more info.


Turkey - with the huge earth quake in turkey I suspect there will be more movements of the plates in the next couple weeks.  Always seems that when pressure is released at one place the earth needs to adjust so if I was in an area with earthquakes I would get my travel suitcase ready.


I will not mention the Badgers.  ouch!!!  

OH - I see New Orleans just scored again - I think it's 92-0 now! 

That's it.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am getting into BIG BIG trouble with THIS post!! RANT!!

I'm turning into grumpy old man - HEY YOU KIDS - GET OFF MY LAWN!!



If I could buy stock in one word - I would by stock in "occupy".  It seems to be the hot word these days and it should be cheap.   Take a look at Google Ngram which tracks how many times a word is used in books and "occupy" has been on the decline for 140 years!!!    I'm going to buy a lot.


I like NASCAR but I don't follow NASCAR but I hear that they are making it harder to draft in this weekends race by messing with the cooling systems.  You start to draft and your engine over heats - that is so cool how they can play with engines like that.


A lot of people are all worried about the Brewers and losing Fielder.  Me?  I'm actually looking forward to next year.  The Brewers will be a BETTER team I believe.  Fielder is leaving, not like Attanasio or Melvin are leaving and from what I have read Attanasio had a very very good year in business.   And in regards to Roenicke being out coached.  Let's see, how long as LaRussa been a coach?  LaRussa has WON 2,566 more games then Roeincke has actually COACHED!!

OH - this weeks Bridgejumper games.  2-1 last week   6-3 overall this year and 458-297 lifetime ATS.

"C" games
Take Minnesota to cover +8 over the Packers
Take Jacksonville to cover +9 over Baltimore

"B" game

 Take St. Louis +13.5 to cover whoever they are playing.

For entertainment ONLY!!!  
And finally - had an disagreement with the police chief over the Cbus HUGE crime bust of a teenager with 19 grams of pot (in Fall River actually, it took two police departments to catch the guy). The dude will go to prison for drug trafficking.  Hey, as some people on facebook have been saying  19 grams of pot means you are out of pot!   19 grams is a misdemeanor and a $200 fine in Minnesota - a misdemeanor in Illinois, a misdemeanor in Michigan, a misdemeanor in Iowa,  a misdemeanor in Indiana but the Cbus police want to send a teenager to prison for 3.5 years and a $10,000 fine.  

The Columbus Police Department is doing a fine job for the most part but sometimes it's almost like they are trying to justify  their existence by being hard. 

Columbus is a wonderful community, low on crime for the most part but as the Chief said. People smoking pot become violent and developmentally disabled AND smoking marijuana leads to larger crimes.  In fact the quote was "Robberies, thefts, burglaries and violent crimes are often associated with illegal drugs."   And then he said what of someone overdoses " . . . . . . .sigh! 

Well, what about the drunks walking the streets downtown at bar time. Oh wait, binge drinking is not illegal.   I guess THEY are OK.  Whoever heard of alcohol making someone violent anyway.   And seriously, has anybody EVER seen someone that has just gotten high become violent?.   I know when I was in school (many moons ago) I was surrounded my high people and never saw one person turn violent.  EVER.

I wonder how much that big bust of 19 grams cost the tax payers of Columbus.

Now I will wait to be pulled over for having my sticker on the wrong side of my license plate  LOL   I'm done ranting.  I'm not anti-Columbus Police.  I'm anti-hard nosed police in a friendly community. Especially when they don't even LIVE in Columbus.   I've met Columbus Police, I've helped them pick up hundreds of papers they dropped on the road my accident and I'm  99% on their side on MOST things.  They are a good group for the most part but chest thumping because they took down a 19 gram teenage drug cartel and ruining a teenagers life?    . . . . . . . sigh

peace out

OH - I finished reading book 1 of The Game of Thrones - WOW - what a fantastic ending - OMG!!!  Best book EVER!!    On to book 2!


Monday, October 17, 2011

This and That!

I see Randy Hopper spent some time in jail this weekend for drunken driving - not sure if his 25 year old "friend" was also in jail. Maybe Walker bailed him out?? no no - I'm pretty sure Walker makes sure he never makes contact with people he screwed over.


Brewers - WOW - I'm thinking we now have a better chance to keep Fielder! MLB talking heads are mirroring my comments from a few months ago. I've always said the Brewers have a better chance then most people think.

As for the playoffs? Hey - LaRussa out managed 1st year head coach Roenicke and the Cards are just plane hot. Did anything ever NOT work for them? It was a fun ride and the Brewer fans classy.


Look familiar? Leonardo DiCaprio is what I feel one of the best actors currently around. Not sure I'll see this one except on Netflix but . . . . .


I think in every pool I'm in I need to LOSE tonight in order to win!! I have the least amount of points on the Jets so if the Jets win I have the least amount to gain. GO DOLPHS!!!


OH - planted 35 bulbs this weekend with Elwood. OMG!!!! They needed to be 6 inches deep and he was VERY VERY sure that if they were 5.9 inches deep they would all DIE!!! Took HOURS. Not 6.2 inches, not 5.9 inches. And mixing the bulb fertilizer? What exactly was 8 cubic feet? Gotta have the EXACT amount or . . . . THEY WILL DIE!!!


AJ Hawks finger. I think I'm the only one that actually watches football at out house now. I'm surrounded by 5 others. Josh who now works 6 jobs and works 120 hours a week, plus works out 2 hours a day, never see's his kids anymore so he is playing with Caydance. Jenny who falls asleep because that is what mothers do when someone else can watch the kids for a while, and DJ who is playing with baby Syd. And there I am feeling guilty with my beer watching AJ Hawk give everybody the finger on TV. I try to talk about it but . . . hello? hello? anyone home? Just me watching? sigh Seriously though - I do understand priorities!

Packers play late next week against the Vikings!

Did you know that every time in Packer history they have gone 6-0 they have won the league Championship?

I have nothing more to say!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Where did the Tea Party go.

Feeling a little weird today. Reason is this is the first day since I quit working for "the man" that I do not have an art fair to prepare for. I've always had some big photo project/fair to be stressed over.

At least now I have a little time to LEARN. I want to learn ACCESS and Lightroom and have a 15 hour tutorial on HDR in the future. OH - I also have some individual photo projects and I SUPPOSE I could clean my room LOL. It's just that this is the first time in 6 months I can relax a little.

Hey - what ever happened to the Tea Party. Did they go away and sulk? Where are their high flying candidates? Romney certainly is not the choice of the conservative right. No Sarah Palin (too bad, THAT would have been so much fun), Michele Bachman's campaign imploded, Donald Trump? Ron Paul? Newt? And Rick Perry is leaking like a sieve.

The last man standing for the Republicans looks to me Romney who's health care plan actually inspired Obamacare. What will FOX do???

The Tea Party is dead or dieing. When in the debates they cheered at sending people to their deaths on death row (seriously? cheering killing a human? is that really the christian way?). Their anti-tax message and constant government-bashing YET wanting the government to create jobs is not working. And remember the elections? When ANYBODY was better then who was holding office and NOW we can get things done because THE TEA PARTY WON!! hmmmmmmmm seems we are still in the same boat, just being rowed by people who don't know how to handle an oar.

Then there is all of this Occupy Wall Street which seems to be the lefts version of the Tea Party full of zombie-costumed, "happily incoherent" anti–Wall Street protesters? What is their goal? How is victory achieved?

OH - anybody wondering I have St. Louis covering 15 points over the Packers this Sunday. It's my "B" game but the "A" game is Atlanta -4 over Carolina - bet the farm on this one - seriously.

And speaking of last nights Brewer game. I get down on the balls and strikes calling of umpires as a good fan does. But I know it's a tough tough game for an ump. I HATE how baseball games now have that little box that shows where the pitch went. That box is how umpires get graded.

Last night the ump was horrific in the 1st inning but he got better as the game went on. It was pretty interesting to watch as his calls on curve balls went from being ridicules to much better and he made a GREAT call at home plate in the Hairston slide.

From Rich - here is the balls and strikes graph - awesome stuff.

What this tells me is that the box on TV is 100% meaningless as there were 4 balls WAY WAY outside that were called strikes that are not even on this chart.

The Brewers are back in the drivers seat and fans are climbing off the ledge. Brewer fans have never ever been to the top of the hill something always goes wrong and the last time it was again, the Cards, that stopped the run. So I understand that with every loss the mood goes all gloomy. Even the Cubs have more World Series they the Brewers.

BTW - Ax - 99mph?  well played.  And K-Rod - only one guy got on 

LaRussa has used 45 pitchers in 9 games  WOW!!!

Did you see the tigers got a natural cycle last night  single, double, triple, Home Run last night! 

Here is another attempt fall colors.

Have a great weekend - Rod

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brewers - sigh

Wait a minute - did I miss the fall colors again this year?

Speaking of hot dogs. NOW we find out why that guy threw the hot dog at Tiger Woods as he was about to tee off (Tiger that is). He wanted to do something "courageous and epic". Well OF COURSE, if I wanted to do something "courageous and epic" that is the first thing I would think of.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council released a statement saying the incident was "reprehensible"!!!

Brewers? I mentioned on this blog last year that I was not really excited about the Cory Hart BIG contract. What happened to his speed??? He seems sluggish and slow this year. Does he have a gut? Nice catch Cory, cost the game . . .well . . so did Braun and Kotsey and Gallardo . . anyone else?! Wait - that is the entire outfield.  Braun over ran the Kotsey dive in CF.

I don't normally question Roenicke but get Gomez - a GREAT outfielder, in center. Braun and Hart have like zero range and Morgon can not go back on a ball. St. Louis has a big outfield. sigh.

BUT - it's the playoffs - right now the Brewers have their backs against the wall but a win tonight and they have the advantage and are sitting pretty. BIG game tonight!

OH - the thing with Kotsey. Actually he would have made it back to 2nd but the dirt was wet and when he dove back there was no slide, BAM - stopped dead. Unless he was trying to tag 2nd base with his chin. I know his chin is large but I don't think it's big enough to not use his hands which seemed to be behind him. (actually it would have been pretty funny if the Brewers would have won).


The water results are in from last hydro year - t osee how Columbus did check out this link of the Columbus Station Water Summery.  Cbus had 31.69 inches of precip last year


hmmmmm - that's all I got.

OH - anyone want a safety deposit box door from the F&M Bank?  installed in 1919 in the Louis Sullivan (the father of the skyscraper) "jewel Box" bank.  We're selling them to raise money for the Historic  Preservation people.  They each weight 4 pounds and he cool keys

Talk at ya later.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Colors and Black & White and Hydro Street Brewery

Well - it's been a while. Last week was get'r done week for the big art fair in Door County, wait . . .did I say ART FAIR? . . .no no it was a re-sellers dog puppet marshmallow shooter fair and a BIG one. Cars were backed up literally for 5 miles getting into Egg Harbor. In front of my canopy was a line of people 3 wide standing still on the sidewalk and I was a half mile from the main crowd.

The weather was awesome considering that two years ago it was snowing on that date. The colors were amazing - way way way better then down here (more on that later) and what did I see for colors for 10 hours a day?

Here was the odd thing.  All but one $20 transaction was in cash.  Everybody had cash.  In two days I made about 20% less then a good one day show.  BUT - we were in Door County so . . . it was fun.  Another odd thing was I was all ready to sell these outstanding shots of Door County.  Iconic images that people were really excited over but what sold?  Everything BUT Door County.  I actually started to bring out Madison shots that people loved.    We had one person come by and proclaim "OH my - I HAVE that on my wall at home" as she looked at Rainy Day in Madison.

ANYWAY - I did not take one photo in Door County last weekend until I got to Limbaugh field on the way home.

There I took some requests for shots of Curly who stands next to Vince.  Not the easiest guy to take with funky background.

And while doing these I was in some sort of B&W mood I guess.

and another one of Vince


"Out of left field" - ever wonder where that saying came from?  Cub fans should know - (BTW - a lot of Chicago people in Door County and MOST of them are pretty down on the Bears)!

"Out of left field"  arose at the second West Side Park, home of the Chicago Cubs from 1893 to 1915.   At times some of the insane would wonder into left field.

Anybody see the Ken Burns documentary on prohibition?  What got me was that the "dry's" were EXACTLY like the Tea Party.  It seems because the "dry's" would not bend ONE INCH, they were so so stubborn that it turned people that WERE on their side to the other side.  


OH - did you see that big accident on the set of "Resident Evil"?   Seems 16 zombies fell from some platform and when paramedics arrived the first group were all like "OH MY GOD THIS IS HORRIFIC".   They had problems because no one could tell exactly what the injuries were,  THEY WERE ALL DEAD ALREADY  LOL.

Took a field trip yesterday to the Hyde Mill near Mount Horeb (oh yea - I have Hydro Street Brewery news also).  Fall colors are DEAD.  Barely any leaves on the trees at all. 

 but this is the one I really like


Hydro Street Brewery - had a sit down and drink with the Sandye and Aaron and drank some smoked porter which was very good.  They are waiting for the brewing permits and construction is moving along.   There will be a mug club and food and all sorts of good things.   Here is how it's looking at the moment.  These two really have it together and it's exciting.

They will have a 1 barrel system (about 30 gallons) with 15 to 22 fermentors going at once.  The big concern is the first few months as "we" expect the beer to be sold out from demand.  There will be coming out parties for new styles and rating sheets for each brews.  Very friendly and open and I suspect very busy.   
This is a pretty big deal for Columbus.  Can you see people eating at Napoli's and walking to Hydro Street for a brew?  Oh man, this is a catalyst and will be such a huge boost to the downtown area.   Columbus used to have the largest brewery with The Kurth and FINALLY we will have a brewery again.  

No date has been set yet.  Official papers are still running through the system.

This is getting long so I better stop.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brent Brent Brent - Gunslinger to Mudslinger

Talk about passive-aggressive.  In an interview Favre, of course, talked about himself when asked about Rogers.  " the talent around him is even better than when I was there. So I’m really kind of surprised it took him so long."

Sort of like saying that Paul Goldschmidt's grand slam last night was good but . . . .I'm surprised he did not hit one sooner.   Gee Brett, congratulations on retiring, I'm surprised you did not retire sooner.

Speaking of the Brewers - in the 3rd inning I said - get this guy out of there. Of course coach could not but I've seen Marcum pitch a lot this year and TO ME, his body language was screaming at me that he was not comfortable.  I knew 100% that at some point he would blow up.  I don't know what was happening between him and Lucroy and I have not found anyone talking about it but there was SOMETHING between those two guys. 

BUT - didn't matter. Brewers only scores 1 run anyway.  Tonight the Brewers go against a leftie and we should have Gomez in center (better fielding). Brewes do well against Saunders who is a flyball pitcher.  But then again the D-backs do well against Wolf. 


For anyone wagering on Football I have a "B" game this week.  Take Buffalo +1.5 at home against the Eagles.   Bridgejumper is 32-16 in these system games over the last 20 years!

Rumors - What I don't like is that these rumors so far have always come true - the compensation for State Employees sick leave is sounding rather . . . dire.  This should come out later this month and it ;s BUTT UGLY!   Still rumors.


I'm getting ready for the Pumpkin Patch Festival in Door County this weekend.  busy busy.   I was at work yesterday at my old real job.  Bigness as usual.  I worked hard all day on a task and when I finally got past a big hurdle after 6 hours I was told . . OH, never mind we don't need that.     sigh!

Oddly - the place was really quite . . . . was never that quiet when I was there . . . .hmmmmmm.

Ale Asylum is moving to a new place on Airport Road.  They will be able to brew 40,000 barrels year can expand. Correctly they are in the 8,000 barrels a year.     


OH - remember Walkers call center to create jobs?  It received 113 calls that got a recording.  39% of the calls were not called back within 24 hours and 0 jobs were created. 

Since I was looking at odds.   It's 50/50 for which party wins re-election and you know - I don't care. I'm not going to get all anal and ruin my life wringing my hands.  Life is way to short to put a black cloud over my head in anger over who is President.  As long as we are not in some stupid war (I was for the last war IF done correctly . . .which it was not - they should have taken Powell's advice). 


hmmmmm - just saw a Robin, I had not seen Robins for a while, they must be moving south again.  I also was a Eastern Blue Bird the other day.  The problem now is that when I fill up my feeder the chipping sparrows devour in in 4 hours.  It's like they take a bath in the seeds.  

Oh well.

I gotta run  have a GREAT warm day


Monday, October 3, 2011

Greatest Weekend in Sports in Wisconsin History

WOW - "we" ran the table. Two Brewer playoff games, one huge Wisconsin game and a typical Packer game.

Aaron Rogers did something no other QB in NFL history has ever done. Tossed for four TDs and ran two more in. No Packer team has ever scored 142 points in their 1st four games and for the 1st time in something like 40+ years the Packers are 4-0.  Rogers had one of the greatest days EVER in NFL History!

Wisconsin is now up to #4 in the pools and the Brewers are on their way to playing St. Louis for the NL Championship because while the Phillies are great in season, they seem to be a poor playoff team.

Speaking of the Brewers, ESPN had an article about how the Brewers are the "Funnest" team in the Major Leagues


Happy New Water Year. This is the time of year when the water table starts to fill up again. Evapotranspiration finally takes a back seat. Transpiration is the movement of water within a plant and the subsequent loss of water as vapor through the stomata in its leaves. Evapotranspiration is a very important part of the water cycle. A tree that contributes to evapotranspiration can be called an evapotranspirator. So you can say the fall colors in that group of evapotranspirator's is amazing and you will impress your friends.   Now with evapotranspiration not happening as much rain water sinks into the ground.


My yard as a ton of mushrooms!  Did you know that the size of the mushroom is directly liked to how much food is in the soil?  Mushrooms are not a bad thing and you should not worry.  The are just feeding on stuff in the soil.  No biggie.

OH - Tony Romo.  The Dallas nightmare.   WOW - you think Bret Favre was a headache?  Not even close.  With Favre a typical game you would have 5 AMAZING throws and 2 bone head blunders every game.  With Romo and the Cowboys you have 3 AMAZING throws and 4 bone head blunders. And his favorite QB is . . . . you guess it, Favre.   Now you know why Favre was not hired to be a coach.   Romo is Favre-lite. 

When in doubt and the game on the line throw it as hard as you can into triple coverage.  What can possibly go wrong.

Have an amazing beautiful week!  80 degrees?  Are you kidding me?