Thursday, June 28, 2012

The most important blog of your life

This could be the most important blog of your life.

 How to win at Rock Paper Scissors.
I bring this up because it seems scientists have spent over 10 trillion dollars (rounding up to the nearest 10 trillion) to make a robot that ALWAYS WINS at Rock,Paper, Scissors.  So unless you are playing that robot, here are the strategies on how to win at Rock,Paper, Scissors.
Watch how your opponent plays other people.  If you are out and see someone playing Rock,Paper, Scissors, observe and remember, look for overall patterns.

Rookie players will tend to lead with Rock,  If you are playing a spontaneous game against A MALE his opening move will normally be Rock so go with Paper.  Why?  A clenched fist is power and guys like to feel tough.   HOWEVER - if you are going against a woman, they tend to lead with Scissors, so go with rock.

If you are going against an experience male Rock,Paper, Scissors player, they will lead with Paper or Scissors because they think you will throw Rock or Scissors, so lead with Scissors.  Experience females will lead with Rock because they know about the stereotype Scissors thing, you should lead with Paper.

If you just won a "hand" inexperienced players will normally throw the hand that just beat them so throw the gesture that will beat you last throw.

Statistically Scissors is the least common move.  If you are confused at what to throw, go with paper as you will have a slight advantage.

There you go!  

Ho-Chunk here I come.
Looking at some more shots of Mill Pond in Lake Mills.

Hey - remember all the ultra cool things Columbus was going to do once Udey Dam was all fixed up?

An Ice Rink and so forth? What ever happened to those promises!  Also, what about fixing the streets that Mayor Bob promised!  How many years has it been.  NOT complaining about Mayor Bob.

Also - I might have ruffled some feathers of some people in the Chamber of Commerce.  I have not heard anything but . . . .I'm not mad at THEM, I'm mad at their employer.  Hey - I have canvas art hanging in the Attorney Generals office I think he is a buffoon so . . . . .

Just saying I'm not anti people working for Chamber, just angry at what Chamber stands for.

Don't get me started on The Salvation Army - those guys are unbelievable - 100% anti-gay. They will not help a LGBT individual unless that person renounces their LGBTness. Remember, the Salvation Army IS A CHURCH.   I will no longer drop coins into a red bucket.  If you want to donate, donate to pro-LGBT organizations such as The Red Cross.   

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raw Madison and Lincoln

Route 66 - if we go I'll probably take my camera.  It's one of the few things on my bucket list.   I'll be Tod and DJ will be Buz!

Anybody remember this theme song from the show?


In July 13th 1995 I was on a 500 mile week long bike ride going through Wisconsin.  On that day the hottest heat index ever recorded in the U.S. hit Appleton Wisconsin. 148.2.   I remember riding next to a woman who had a thermometer on her front wheel - it read 119 (close to the black top).  I remember sitting in the shade of a grocery store in Prairie du Sac and the bank thermometer read 104.

The dew point that day hit 90F with w relative humidity of 71% in Appleton.

In case you are wondering the highest dew point ever recorded in the world was in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The dew point was 95F.  The dry bulb temperature stood at 108° at the time, so theoretically the heat index was 176°.

I still believe that there is a very good chance we will hit 100 tomorrow as the past week all forecasts have been conservative.  This happened last year also as for most of the summer all models were on the low side of actuality.

Dew points will be fine today, tomorrow . . . not so much.  We will certainly be over 100 heat index and I believe closer to the 110s.  This is a bonafide heat wave and Debbie, down south, was not a help.

Here is another Lincoln photo.  Actually what happened was I watched a 12  minute preview of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and I got all worked up.  I think Lincoln (played my Fritz Kline) just found another vampire.

 Speaking of Lincoln and Springfield IL.  This is the OLD capitol of IL (no tripods allowed)

OH - here is a newish photo of good ol' Columbus WI - maybe I'll make this into a postcard. Geez - looks a little dull next to the Old Capitol.

I think one car got a little pissy at me but I REALLY wanted to get those bikers in the shot.

One last photo - that shot I have of the Madison Skyline is quickly moving up the ranks for best sellers and is now #1 seller for canvas.  HOWEVER - I've had requests for the same technique but WITHOUT the big wooden boat.  So here is one with a little boat.

OH!  - does ANYBODY know where I can rent or borrow (with compensation) a 4x8 or 5x8 trailer?  UHauls are so freaking heavy and expensive.  Plus with RAW Madison coming up soon and back to back to back art fairs a trailer would be SO wonderful.

Speaking of RAW Madison - I need your help.

I need 20 friends who have $10 ($10 each, not 20 friends with 50 cents each).  This $10 would be used to attend the RAW Madison event OR . .. . you could just donate $10 to help me have my artwork seen by other artists and collectors around the world. 

It's only $10 and will help me a ton. RAW Madison July 18th 8pm to 11pm

The lineup has been set for the event, four music sets (including Brandon Beebe, Color Me Once, Uneeque, and Ryan Jordan), a short film screening, a hoop performance by Valencia (how can you miss THAT), a marimba & voice performance by Michael Neumeyer, a fashion show featuring DokiaG with hair by Cassie and Make-up by Katrina King of Blush! Make-Up Artistry, plus a gallery featuring an accessories designer, glass artist, and over a dozen fabulous visual artists and photographers (like me)!  It'll be a hoot!

How can you help me out?  Go to my RAW page    click on BUY a Ticket which takes you to the RAW Madison screen and click on  BUY Tickets.  Click on my name and type your name so you can go and I guess enter a CC#.

I know it's a late night on a Wednesday so donations are accepted - here is one shot of last months RAW Madison event.  It'll be fun.  From what I have heard it's wild and awesome.  PLUS - I get a professional photo shoot and a video of ME!! 

OK - enough selling and thank you! (only 10 bucks - pretend you are supporting the blog . .  OR come to the event - how often will you get this chance).!!!

AND - with every $10 If you ever buy a work of art from me you will get a $20 discount!!  Just mention it.

Keep cool everyone!!  


Monday, June 25, 2012

Move complete!

Mom is all moved.  NOT without some stress though.  However she is happy and all is well.  One thing to remember when you move your 80+ year old parents . . . . .they keep everything. I was talking to a guy at Hydro Street last night (had a meeting for an event) and he mentioned that he had the same problem. 

It seems 80+ year old's grew up in the depression, the real one, not this little economic stumble we had lately and because they had nothing back then, they have a hard time throwing out things now.

I won't get into all the details.  All is well though in Springfield IL.

While in Springfield, DJ and I visited Abe Lincolns tomb and a few other historic places including what DJ says, the guy with the biggest hot dog you have ever seen (more on that later).

Long story short, we got mom all moved in and a day later  DJ and I were back on the road for the 5 hour drive north.   As we were heading home a sign flashed by saying that the next exit was the famous Grain Elevator Museum.  

WELL - how can you turn THAT down. How often can you get to go to a Grain Elevator Museum.

So we got off the highway and sadly it  was closed!  However, there was much more to do in this little town.  It was Atlanta IL and it  was on Route 66.

Atlanta IL was a thriving little town on Route 66 until the interstate was built that went right past the town.  Now its just another tiny town that history forgot.  Lee Dunham formally of the Philadelphia Phillies was born here.

Giant Hot Dog Man

We wandered around town for a while and decided that maybe in the future DJ and I would drive the entire Route 66 from where it starts to it's finish, blogging and shooting photos the whole way.

66 starts on the lake front in Chicago and ends at the ocean in Santa Monica - what a fun trip that would be . . . . at least on paper! 

I'll have more photos but I suppose I should get some other work done.  While gone I had three orders for rather large images and I'm meeting the canvas guy today so time is short.  I'm ordering seven large pieces today and gotta make sure things are right.  

Politics.  Anti Chamber and why.

BTW - did you know that of the bottom 10 States in economic growth, eight of them have Republican Governors?   And six of those eight are Tea Baggers.

Of the top 10, five have Democratic Governors.

And why do I hate the Chamber of Commerce?  Through out history the Chamber has been almost anti-american.

1930s    The Chamber of Commerce works to undermine FDR & New Deal.

1940s   Chamber endorses the "right-to-work" movement to undercut labor unions, opposes blacks serving in the military.

1950s    Chamber of Commerce strong backer of Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin and prime motivators of ideological witch hunts throughout the decade. Supports Jim Crow racism in the South.  Supports Eisenhower's Interstate Highway Act (a very good thing for our economy)  but, today the GOP is now refusing to support highways, attempting to force the gov't to sell off our highways to European investor, like has occurred in Indiana which sold their tollways for 70 years, and they spent the money gained in 3 years, so for the next 67 years no tollway money in Indiana will go to maintain any road in the state, it will all go to Europe.>>

1960s    The Chamber of Commerce opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1964, both intended to bring the black population into mainstream society.  Does nothing to assist in destroying Jim Crow segregation.  Opposes the War on Poverty of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

1970s    Opposes creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (Nixon accomplishment) despite disasters like Love Canal and DDT.

1980s     They pushed the Reagan tax cuts which created short term economic expansion but failed to pay for said tax cuts which started America on path to ballooning deficit spending.  Deregulation campaign plants the seeds of the near Depression of 2007 under President G.W. Bush.  Refused to support sanctions of South Africa for apartheid.

1990s    pushed job killing NAFTA legislation and outsourcing of American jobs surges as a result.

21st Century    supports gutting the EPA, eliminating air and water pollution controls, supported the lie based Iraq war of G.W. Bush. Supported allowing the US auto industry to fail.  Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.  Supports pumping livestock with anti-biotics.  Major backer of the George Bush tax cuts that almost sent us into the 2nd great depression.  Supports privatizing the Social Security to create another artificial economic bubble.  Opposes food stamp program in favor of child hunger (children are the largest segment of the population in poverty today.

That is the abysmal history of the Chamber of Commerce in America.

So yea - While everyone things the Chamber of Commerce is good for towns the money they charge businesses does not REALLY help the country as a whole. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving Day

Well - here we go. My mom spent the last night in the house we purchased for $13,000 40 years ago and she flipped if got $90,000 - WOW - talk about a profit!!   Take that House Flippers TV show! 

In the mean time a couple more shots from the Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival.

Fritz Klein plays Abe  

Tomorrow I drive moms un-airconditioned car to 5 hours south!!!  


Monday, June 18, 2012

Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival

In this blog:

-Where's Rod
 -my gripe with the Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival
  -a WONDERFUL meeting at the above festival makes me happy
   -Abe Lincoln and friends
    -A surprise meeting on the road  from Vermont to California
This Week
It's The Big Move week.  I'm moving my mom that has lived in Fort Atkinson for 60 years to Springfield IL.  My brother purchased a foreclosed house, gutted it and they will live together (he un-gutted it I should add).  So this week I'll be out of town for a while - should be back Thursday.
Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival - does not want me 
Once again the people running the Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival  are SO anal about making money that I was warned four times to NOT take any photos "we have professional photographers already".   In fact I was not even allowed to be on the veranda of the Pavilion to take a shot of the park, it was for special people that paid $20 to have lunch with Lincoln (this was 2 hours before Lincoln was even at the park).  sigh.

This is the third carriage event I have been shunned - it's not like I'm going to steal all of their business. I'm sure they do just fine.  Well, last year a couple times I sold canvas prints 3 months later because attendees could not get in touch with the official photographers - calls went ignored and emails were never answered.  So I sold a couple canvas pieces.  Hey - they contact ME, I don't contact them! (this seems to be happening more and more often). 

Perhaps they should have a sign telling the public that if you might sell a photo to just turn around and walk away.

OK - I got that off my chest for another year!I'll probably whine next year also.

 BTW - The American Family Restaurant was selling some of the best tacos I have ever had in my life!!!

OH - here is a shot I took ( I was disguised as a tree holding a camera). 


a WONDERFUL meeting

I'm reading a wonderful book called "Men of Iron: Stories of the Civil War in their Own Words".

This is a book that was written by Ken Helgerson who grew up on a farm near Columbus.  He passed away about a year ago and his wife Marcia and her friends, May Johnson and Molly Hahn, who saw Marcia through those hard times, spent the next six months completing and publishing Kens dream.

Molly, Marcia & May or May Marcia & Molly (sorry) - now you see why I don't work at the newspaper

This is an excellent book about the Wisconsin Iron Brigade, The Black Hats,  which in my mind saved the Civil War for the North at Gettysburg.  Many interesting 1st person accounts. Who knew Columbus was trying to form a brigade called The Columbus Union Guards.  I've only read 25 pages so far but already love how the book flows so easily through my eyes.

I had such a nice conversation with these three woman and they are so so sweet.   Please, if you are at all interested in Wisconsin history and want to help Kens dream come true purchase this book and pass it on. It's self published

Men of Iron can be purchased at Amazon or at Civil War reenactments.  

 One review "Men of Iron by Ken and Marcia Helgerson is a delightful look at the common soldiers of the Upper Midwest in the Civil War, especially those serving in the famous Iron Brigade of the West. The stories are from the very soldiers themselves. First you read the words and then you start to hear the voices. This is a first-rate addition to the historical record of the Black Hats."

After being in a bad mood from the Festival these three woman put the sun back over my head and I smile thinking of them.  I wish them all the luck and will help them in their endeavors however I can.

Note1 - Molly Hahn also has a small business as a Personal Fiscal Agent - she provides financial service for the elderly, writing and mailing checks, balancing their checkbooks, filling out forms and so forth.  This is something DJ and I have been doing for our parents and is a very needed service.  Molly is located in Sun Prairie.

Note2 - Marcie owns The Enchanted Valley Bed and Breakfast in Cross Plains.

 I still took a few photos!

A funny thing happened to three guys on a bike ride from Vermont to California.  They were riding down Hwy 89 and came to a small town called Columbus.  They spotted a few tents in the back of the High School and stopped to see if they could pitch their tents also.

The Union Solders said why sure they could.

Who knew that 12 hours later they would be wearing Civil War uniforms and eating breakfast with Abe Lincoln and Ulysses S Grant.  SURPRISE!!!

Oh - and I did manage to get some shots of Abe.

This is one with Lincoln and Grant.

I have more but I almost want them to have their own blog!

And I have not even talked about my golf outing with WISC-TV (or gotten to all THOSE photos).

Have a great next few days and I'll get back to you on the GOOD shots  :-)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whew - got my act together last night

First off for any of you that do not get my photo email news letter thingy.  I will be a featured artist at the July RAW Madison event.  I'll have more on that when we get closer to July 18th.  The only solid thing I know is that I have 20 tickets to sell at $10 a piece.   I now have a RAW Madison page  at RAW Madison Grinder and if you want to know what RAW Madison is you can go to Raw Madison Mixology.  Help me out, buy a ticket and come on down for the event (or buy one and don't come but I would rather see you).  It really does sound like a lot of fun,  Wednesday July 18th 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

OH - sold my first 2 foot x 4 foot canvas piece a couple days ago. SWEET

Last night in golf I had one of my most satisfying rounds in recent memory.  OH - I have had better rounds but this one I started off HORRIBLE.  What was satisfying was that those 1st four holes were all the same problem and I kept telling myself the round was not lost, I could work my way out of the hole.  One of my golf partners said "you know you are falling backwards".  YEA - I KNOW THAT!

For me it's not not knowing what the problem is, it's getting myself to STOP doing it.

WELL - starting with #5 I had a birdie chance but three putted, #5 I came within inches of a eagle on a 200 yard 2nd shot, the ball trickeled past the cup and ended right behind it by 3 feet. I lipped out the birdie try and took a par, #7 missed a 5 footer for par, #6 came up 2 feet short on an extreme uphill birdie try and #9 was 3 inches short for an uphill par.   9 over on the first 4 holes and 3 over the last 5.

Very satisfied.   

Friday I'll be golfing with WISC-TV personalities and non personalities in a scramble at Chula Vista in Da Dells.  Man they have bad photos of their course.  They should get a real photographer to photogize their course! 


Here is a shot I took of the Capitol in Madison last weekend.  I wanted to get some families chillaxing on the lawn but I did not want people to try to recognize anyone, that takes away from the overall photo. 
 I'm short of words today - been up since 4:00 when Blake decided to find every piece of floor without carpeting - click click click pace pace pace.  MAN - old dogs will drive you crazy.  So I let him out and lay on the couch figuring he would do his thang and come in - half hour later I see him running all over the backyard having a good old time.  sigh. 


I didn't know they even made those signs!  RE/MAX thinks of everything

I'm not even going to mention the Brewers - yea - I watched to the very end.  A WALK OFF WALK?  Seriously?


Try to stay warm this weekend!!  Remember - put on extra layers.


Monday, June 11, 2012

The Cap and Cbus events

Well, I went down to the farmers market in Madison Saturday and had forgotten how big it was.  Yea yea - USA Today says it's one of the best Farmers Markets in America.  ANYWAY. I took a bunch of shots and this one is NOT one of my favorites.  In fact it's the only one I have looked at so far.

Reason for THIS shot is that it's eleven shots total looking directly into the sun.  So what it lacks in quality and wonderfulness just remember it's taken DIRECTLY into the sun.

Interesting how the deep shade has the green grass. 

I'll have more hopefully in the future!  or not - who knows! 

Looking forward to next weekend.  A ton of stuff going on in Columbus, I wish the newspaper would have had a schedule of when everything was happening. THAT would have been helpful for the citizens of Columbus.

I see that The Cage got their wrist slapped by the police chief and the City Council wrung their hands on what to do with The Cage and decided that it was just to much to consider so they put it off to another date.  Maybe everybody will forget about the big fight.

DJ and Jenny walked past The Cage on the way to Hydro Street Brewing and were harassed by drunken knucklescrapers.

The National Night Out will be held August 7th at Firemans park but they SHOULD have it on the same street as The Cage.  What the hell good does it do to show citizens how save it is if you are in Firemans Park with a whole bunch of police.

BTW - remember that computer dude that stole my computer (and $300).  Yea - he's in jail!  I don't have my computer though!  I never get anything back from the police.   Remember when I had my cell phone stolen from my car in the Department of Justice parking lot?  I got a call from the police saying they had recovered it but needed it for evidence!  So I call a couple months later and . . . it's gone.  They could not find it.   THANK YOU - JOB WELL DONE!!  

Speaking of this weekend, here is a schedule of what "I" want to see and thank you to whoever created the website  Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival

Saturday - All day - period encampments for the reenactors - behind Columbus High School adjacent to Fireman's Park - OH - be ready to have your picture taken.

Approximately 11 a.m. - "President Lincoln" arrives at the Amtrak Train station and will be escorted by "Governor Lewis" and the 21st Cavalry to the Fireman's Pavilion - I hear he always took Amtrak.  

"President Lincoln" delivers a speech on the veranda of the Fireman's Pavilion - MAN - does anybody know where I can get a media pass for this???  Seriously - this is good photo stuff for Columbus . . . and future Hydro Street wall art.

11:00 a.m. - Debate and round table discussions with Civil War historians and "President Lincoln"- I believe The Cage will be on the docket - Lincoln pro closing The Cage, Lewis, a Republican says keep it open, we need the jobs.  Woman should not be out at night anyway.

Approximately 2 p.m. – "President Lincoln" leaves by carriage to inspect the troops

5:00 p.m. – Grand Parade of carriages and reenactors led by "President Lincoln" and "Governor Lewis" begins at the Fireman's Pavilion- Seriously - this is awesome stuff - I HOPE we can do this every year and with MORE reenactors (there are other huge reenactor events this weekend).

During all of this is one of Americas best Horse and Carriage competitions is running both days! 

hmmmmm - there is a black pick-up driving up and down the fairway. 

Something in Black and White.

And something totally different - here are some interesting signs from around the world.

OH before I forget - I like how the Republicans are laughing at Walker when he thinks that a beer and brat party at the Governors mansion will smooth things over.   Sort of like Hitler telling the Jews to stop thinking about the past, move on, let's look FORWARD, not to thinking about the past.  The past is the past, you can never learn anything if you keep looking at history, right?


And a shout out to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce for their very very good website.   Yea - I'm ticked off that when I buy stuff at a store that belongs to the Cbus Chamber that I'm funding the Republican party but their website is very nice.  I guess it's OK for ME to fund the Republicans without a choice but not for the Democrats to be funded by unions.   THAT is why walker crushed the unions.  


Friday, June 8, 2012

WOW - some people just do not want to give up the fight. 99% of the people on the left are saying let's move on, we tried.   By law a recall is something that is allowed.  However on the right they are all huffy and saying that just because it is allowed BY LAW, to have are recall it is deplorable, Who do you think you are.

Geez - Walker got his LAST job because he WON a Recall. The far right only hate things when it goes against THEM.  It's OK when THEY have a recall but not when the left want a recall, then it's not fair.

MOVE ON!!  We can all watch the Republican efforts to recall the Senator in District 21 from a distance.Which is OK I guess.

At LEAST we can now sit back and watch all of the anti-cigarette ad's on TV with dismembered smokers now instead the 24/7 Walker advertisements.  Money DOES win elections, not facts.

Wondering what that is?  It reads "Check out this cool website"   It takes your words and makes them into images.

For instance.

Looks like "The" is a tough word'   It reads "Brewers beat the Cubs with a homerun in extra innings".

The Image Language

Had the annual Andy Winn Memorial Golf/Brewer outing yesterday (Andy is still among the living).

 I had decided to not take my camera this year because my camera means so much more to me now.  Bad things can happen.  I WISH I would have taken it.

This year we golfed at the Naga-Waukee War Memorial Golf Course which is what I consider the best Muni course I had ever played. Outstanding beauty and tough without being ridicules. 

HOWEVER - the last 3 or 4 holes seem to be straight up.  Seriously big climbs.  One hole you hit the ball and that is the last level thing you will do, climb climb climb.  One thing of note was that while I was taking a break waiting for my heart to stop tpounding I spotted a Baltimore Oriole. 

Next hole is literally a heart pounder.  45 degrees up.  We put the carts in front of us and climbed.  Luckily we were playing the White tees.  Adubya  was playing the Blue and he said he almost cried because he still had another 20 feet UP to go for his tee.

BUT WAIT.   We finish that hole and I look around for the next tee.  I see what looks like a goat trail leading up a very very steep climb.  NO WAY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  SERIOUSLY?

Perhaps a 20 foot climb. I doubt you can walk up this without golf spikes.  The front wheel of my cart were LITERALLY  higher then my head.

I get up and look back at balderdash is saying "OH, it's not that bad" and we all break out laughing and he almost didn't make it.

However - the very very funny part of this day was on hole #10.  We are starting the back nine and I crushed my drive perfectly straight but in slightly the wrong direction.  Not sure where my ball is as it went over a large hill (as it should) but to the left. What could possibly go wrong.

I find my ball which is like 2 feet off the nice fairway an is on  pile of mulch.  Three strokes, one lost ball and 15 feet farther  I'm walking down this very very long and steep decline hanging on to my cart.  Well, I figure I ball is at the bottom of the hill, I'll let the cart go and meet it at the bottom.  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

I let the cart go and it is heading down the hill, gaining speed and it starts to veer towards Andy.  "ANDY, WATCH OUT" I yell and the cart, still gaining speed and veering more and more to the right zooms past Andy at break neck speed and his heading out of bounds which looks like the Black Forest with creeks cliffs and who knows what.  It's perhaps 70 yards ahead of me now and still gaining speed like a runaway train.

It hits the out of bounds and crashes into some shrubs with so much speed the wheels lift off the ground. The shrubs bend backwards like a spring and as momentum slows flings the clubs and cart backwards.  BAM!!! Upside down with a crash.

Lesson learned . . . . I thought.

Remember that hole where we climbed up and adubya had almost cried (not really but you get it).

I duffed my "drive"  and now instead of a 150 yard hole I had a 100 yard hole and I hit a nice shot to the green but all of a sudden I hear yelling and ZOOM!!  There goes adubya's cart flying past me going about 20mph  and a few seconds later adubya goes flying past me going . . 10mph??  It's a scene I will never ever forget.   Like he will catch it?   It is also heading out of bounds (I believe the carts are trying to escape their captors).  Luckily for adubya who's driver is probably more expensive then my entire bag, his cart hits a big furry pine tree before it crosses the road.

I was a great golf outing and Andy will be missed (moving to the east coast).
This shot was taken at the top of the of I think 14 or 16 tee. It was BEFORE the real elevation  holes.


OK - I gotta get some real photo work done.  Before I talk with RAW Madison people.  Seems I'll be in the July 19th event. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RAW Madison wants me! - Trailer bonanza

Check this out.  I think the United States should watch this video very carefully and train their drones to catch Al qaeda.  Not unlike how the aliens picked up cowboys in the movie Aliens and Cowboys (which I watched and enjoyed - more on that after the video which way way cool . . . unless you are a fish).

Yea - I watched Aliens and Cowboys and I really liked it. It's not a world class movie but an excellent beer and pretzel flick. You can't take it seriously like Prometheus (more on that after Cowboys and Aliens).

And speaking of Prometheus - The director Ridley Scott has the #5 and #6 best space movies of all time (Alien and Blade Runner, also Gladiator, Thelma & Louise and Bridesmaids) - this one looks AMAZING. Very very secretive and most think it is the prequel to Alien without THAT alien. BTW - Why do we always want to look for alien races, why do we always think they will be friendly!

I mentioned yesterday that I was invited to show my work at something called RAW Madison.  I did a lot research and what this is is basically an MTV style art/fashion/music/film/hair/photography/performing art extravaganza at a nightclub.  $10 cover charge and according to Chicago Fashion Connect "Showcasing the hottest looks, bassiest beats or sickest art, this collective is driven by natural ab”  “Fashion, art and music converged” “This creative extravaganza is sure to be both amazing and action packed!...” “An event that combines Art, Music and Fashion in a fun and inspiring showcase of various talents.”

I think I'll have to buy a beret and a faded corduroy jacket, maybe some thick black glasses will help my ultra coolness.

I'll let you know when this all happens. They do this at the ultra cool Majestic Theater in Madison.


Interesting results from last night election.  Seems it was not actually Walker people were voting for. Exit polls said that it was the fact that people were against a recall just because of one side not liking policy.  I have to agree on that one a little.    Independents were way way on the anti-recall side and in another question Obama was the big winner with something like a 59-41 vote for Obama.

I've said this before but I'm not totally against some of Walkers policies, I just hate the man as a human being.  The left did take back the Senate so we have the gridlock I was hoping for.  Checks and balances is the key. I do not like it when one side, either side,  is in control.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thinking out loud. WHAT? did I say that out loud?

A few quotes of note.  A friend of Karl said  "This is the first time I wish the ballot was an essay question".

and one of my favorite quotes came on Facebook by Cathy "Netflix thinks I will like Walker ads because of my interest in crime and fantasy".


I've started to put floater frames around my a few of my gallery wraps and some work friends were talking about frames and how many pieces of art they have just laying around because they have no frames. Maybe I'll go intot the frame business . . . .hmmmmm, probably been done before.   Frames are freakishly expensive.  I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the added cost of a floater frame on my stuff.  They cost about $80 but if I add $80 to a piece I will lose money because galleries take 40%.

SO - I actually have to raise the price of a piece an extra  $130 to cover that 40%. OUCH.  I've always wanted to keep prices in the non real hurt area so going from $245 (which is pretty inexpensive) to $380 sort of seems extreme.

Maybe what I'll do is have a "demo" piece and work with the galleries to explain that floater frames are a separate entity.  I can give them to customers at cost if they want one.


And sadly from the web site Five-Thirty-Eight who watches polls and are normally dead on correct says this about today's election.  I disagree with the assessment from a personal standpoint as I know so many right leaning friends that are voting Barrett . . . but . . .this guy is the professional so. .
From a macroscopic view, the mechanics of why Mr. Walker is likely to prevail are not that hard to discern. The results of another recall election last August, in which Democrats succeeded in recalling two Wisconsin state senators but failed in efforts to oust four others, had served as something of a referendum on Mr. Walker. My interpretation of the results was that they implied that opinion in the state was about evenly divided on Mr. Walker at the time in terms of how it translated into actual votes.

Since then, however, Mr. Walker’s performance ratings have improved, with his approval rating exceeding his disapproval rating in most surveys. It is difficult for an incumbent to lose with a net-positive approval rating under any circumstances, and it is probably more so in the case of a recall election, when some voters might give Mr. Walker the benefit of the doubt to allow him to serve out his term. (Mr. Walker, if he wins on Tuesday, would be up for a vote again in 2014 when his original term expires.)

With that said, recall elections are rare events, and it is plausible that the true margin of error in polls of recall elections is intrinsically higher than in regular contests. The results are worth watching, but it would be a true upset if Mr. Barrett were to prevail.      


And lastly (again)- I really love this photo of Mary Gaines of the Big Bang String Thing. I must post it again just because I can.
WAIT A DARN MOMENT - I just got an email from an organization called RAW Madison.  I looked them up and "RAW is an indie arts organization for artists by artists. We showcase local, independent artists in film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hair, makeup, photography and more."

They would like to feature  me!  More on this when I find out more.  COOL!!  


Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Bang String Thing

Deforest Art Fair nice, much better then last year!  Very few sales but when I did sell something it was a large piece so it all worked out.

Yesterday DJ and I were at Hydro Street Brewing and there was a band there called The Big Bang String Thing and they were EXCELLENT.  Perhaps because members have toured with Leo Kottke, The Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Garbage, Asleep at the Wheel, Riders in the Sky and may others  . . . they seemed to know what they were doing.

The were the first band to play in the Hydro Street Beer Garden.

And inside

Last night I was playing around and did a few environmental portraits of the band.

Bob Westfall - Big Bang String Thing


Chris Wagner
I tell ya - Hydro has something good going on there.  The beer has become excellent, the atmosphere is Island Time relaxing, and they get walk ins constantly from the train station and highway.  It was a rocky start but that was expected.  This is a go to place now in Columbus. 


HEY - Columbus is getting ready for the BIG Carriage Festival June 16 and 17.  This year along with horse drawn carriages from all over the U.S.we will also have a Civil War Encampment, lunch and breakfast with Abe Lincoln, a Civil War Parade, a Civil War era cotillion and fashion show, tours of historic buildings in Columbus.  

hmmmmm  I wonder if I should bring my camera  :-) 

In other news Josh passed his EMT Practicals, I googled it and there are forums for stressed out people studying their butts off for this test!  As one guy put it "the problem with medical / trauma assessments is that it's pure brute memorization".  Very very very few people pass it the first time through.

Josh passed first time with flying colors!  Congrats!!! 

Have a great Monday

Friday, June 1, 2012


WOW - my fat finger just deleted the entire blog that I had written!  But, no worries there is auto save right?  What? it JUST saved my empty blog!   DAMN IT!!!    AAAAGH!!! 

I had written about how I had nothing to say!  NOW I REALLY don't have anything. 

Should I retype it?  O man I hate this. 

Let's see - yada yada yada assignment for a client.  Where's Waldo portrait  yada yada yada

OK . . . . Fifth Tuesday meeting at the Union . . yada yada  work buddies,  blah blah took photos.

Brewers -  swept the best team in baseball . . . . 21-4 now 21-8  blah blah  Thursday annual golf/brewers adventure,  remember in 2010 - very very hot, balderdash goes commando in Miller parking lot.

 Two years before 2010 which is 2008 - same character.

Last year

What will happen in 2012 . . .stay tuned!