Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RAW photos


On a brighter note - the RAW Madison Walkthrough

Had a meeting at The Majestic last night to go over where everyone will set up and so forth.    

I had not been in The Majestic for probably 15 years and had forgotten about it's odd shape. How the balcony sort of veers to one side.  Weird.

Majestic Theater

Anyway, if you are coming and are curious here is the production schedule which for some reason I found fascinating as I've never been part of a production before . . . at least not one like this.

Notice how the balcony veers to the right

Hair & Make-up call time 3:00
Visual Artists to arrive 4:00
Musicians to arrive 5:00
Models to do runway walk through 6:00
Sound check for musicians 6:15
Ayce to arrive 6:30
DJ to arrive 6:45
Doors open 8:00
Marimba Performance 8:05
Film Screening 8:40
First Music Set 8:50
DokianG Fashion Show 9:25
Second Music Set 9:40
Hoop Performance 10:10
Third Music Set 10:25
Fourth Musci Set 11:00
Tear-down begins after crowd filters out. 

I'll have an entire wall, about 27 feet with my artwork hanging from fish line.  I have to figure out a good knot to fish line. hmmmm 

As for the show?  It's going to be interesting for sure.  This whole RAW Artist thing is still evolving.  I know I can go anywhere in the world and show my work at any other RAW event Ilet's go to Australia) and there is a contest for RAW Artists with the big price being asked to show your work in Hollywood with the other world wide winners.


In other news I'm doing a large piece for the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association conference room. They are looking for a big panoramic from the CEOs office.  So I was up there yesterday just to see what sort of problems I was going to have. AND FOUND THEM.

Lots of reflections I'll have to deal with when I take the real photos.  And as you can tell I have so serious work to do.   Lots of reflections and weird angles that happen with ultra lens.  Maybe I;ll go with a different lens and stitch photos together.  

This is a quick and dirty image just to see what all I could get and problems involved.  This is just one of six windows that look out over Madison.  How would you like to have this view from your office.  I've been in the Attorney Generals office over looking the square - this is better.

 Have a great Wednesday


  1. Hi, I would let Blake enjoy his last days here, you may have poop on the carpet but you can always rip it up. I would tell your neighbors to go pound sand!! How rude are they? I am an animal lover so I can't stand people who have no respect for animals.

  2. Well, I understand about not wanting poo on their property, even though they have a dog that poos outside. But them thinking that we are not trying to fix the problem is just rude and uncaring.

    Of course we are trying to fix the problem as well as we can but . . . shit happens. There dog has pooped on our yard and did I say anything, no, I cleaned it up. Big deal.

  3. I know you can't have a real fence but could you set up an exercise pen for him?