Monday, July 2, 2012

The Clay Garden don't need no rain. BAAA!

Ever have a cup of coffee that is just outstanding, so much better then the last coffee you had?  I'm having an outstanding cup today.

HEY - still hoping I can get some people to come OR donate a measly $10 to my RAW Madison event.  I forgot that all my friends go to bed at 7:00. So I'm scrambling for $10 donations.  Pretend I'm selling paper thin pizza and am wearing a cub scout uniform.

Remember - you get $20 off your next purchase for each $10 donation OR ticket purchased .

Better yet - come join the fun.

RAW Madison Link


Well - Columbus actually had more rain then Madison but even with one extra storm we only had 0.50 inches of rain in June.  WHICH, still would be an all-time record low.

However - you know what this drought is helping?  My gardens.  Why you ask?  Because I'm actually watering them.  EXCEPT - for my clay garden which is drought tolerant.   The Clay Garden was made with  . . .clay.  None of this great soil like The Butterfly Garden.  This is hard sun baked clay.  All the flowers were planted with this is mind.  You tell me if it's working.


The thing that is surprising me are the Shasta Daisy's.  WHOA - they have never ever done THIS before!!   The last few years they have been more like the right side daisy's.  Not the huge clumps forming.  

I don't know what happened to those red Daylilies.  The yellow ones right next to them are fine and the ones in the front of the house are fine.   hmmmmmm

White in sunlight really blows things out sometimes! 

This is our Dogwood which is becoming one of my favorite shub/tree's  They are awesome.  The leaves are really cool to look at AND cool the house.

The Butterfly Garden is still 2 or 3 weeks away as it seems those perennials are getting their timing right.   Plants in the other gardens are still 1 to 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  I know the clay garden is ahead of schedule.


Have a great warm week.  Remember to feed the birds and put water out. Birds have problems in hot weather just like humans. One thing you can do is put a piece of plastic out like a garbage bag.  Birds like to take bathes in small puddles and so forth.


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