Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fort Atkinson begins construction on this date

So you have all probably noticed I've been begging for $10 for this RAW Madison MIXOLOGY event that I got "mixed" up in.  I need about five more donations to reach my limit.

A friend said she would not go because she did not have cocktail attire.  I said I only had one cocktail  outfit I could wear and I hope it's good enough. 

So if you have yet to sign up for the event it really will be a good time and if you don't want a good time it's only $10 to sit home on your butt like a slug.  I have my walk-through tonight where we will wrestle for the best spot to show our work and I'll take some photos of the inside of beautiful Majestic Theater.

Go to RAW Madison Click on buy ticket, click on my name and you will go to PAYPAL and then enter your CC information.  Easy as pie.

I also have plans to take photos of the B17 that is in Madison this weekend so stay tuned for those.

Having problems with my SIRIUS Radio - I think I have to "refresh" my radio.  oh bother.


I know a lot of you have seen this but HOLY MOLY!!!  THAT WAS CLOSE!!!  Even I wanted to run!!  


On this day in history construction of my hometown  Fort Atkinson, then called Fort Koshkonong began.   It was 1832 General Henry Atkinson and his troops started to build the fort after being forced backwards from the bog area of the "trembling lands" in their pursuit of Black Hawk. It was described as "a stockade work flanked by four block houses for the security of our supplies and the accommodation of the sick." It was also on this date that Atkinson discharged a large number of Volunteers from his army in order to decrease stress on a dwindling food supply and to make his force less cumbersome. One of the dismissed volunteers was future president, Abraham Lincoln, whose horse was stolen in Cold Spring, Wisconsin, and was forced to return to New Salem, Illinois by foot and canoe.

I THINK there is a plaque somewhere around Cold Spring that has this.

Also on this date in 1897 the temperature in Ashland WI hit 115.   This temperature was recorded outside Harrison's Drug Store, around 2:00 p.m.

and lastly - John H. Bradley Born in 1923. 19 years later he would become famous as one of the men in the famous picture/statue of the flag raising on Iwo-Jima.

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