Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not a good week for pets - plus and entire Garbage Concert

With Milo being distraught over not knowing where his friend Blake is Sierra decided to take matters into her own hands and has, I assume run away looking for him. She really loved Blake. Sierra has has been gone for 2 days now.

At this rate we will have to reload pets. A home without a lot of pets is not a home at all.  Maybe chickens or a rooster for the back yard  LOL   

She has never ever been away for more then a few hours so this is rather unlike her totally.  Or she has been lived trapped and taken to the country.

So I'm trying to figure out the closets humane society to Columbus to give a call.

If you happen to see a tiny kitten like creature (although she is around 8) that is very sweet (the brown one below) please let us know.  She has no front claws and is harmless. Without cats the mice population will run rampant.

She seems to have changed color with age.


Madison's Own Garbage 

On a side note we watched Garbage Live from New York Saturday night and WOW - their new album ROCKS!!  They had one song that I thought was outstanding and very very powerful, not the quasi angst you normally get with garbage but in your face fist pumping rock and roll.  

Here is the entire concert  1 hour and 44 minutes   The song I love is at the 53 minute mark.  One thing I have always noticed from Shirley - she always starts concerts almost shy but as each song gets under her belt she really loosens up.

The concert at Warner Park is going to ROCK!!!!  



  1. The second pic is of Sadie and Blake...

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