Thursday, July 19, 2012

RAW Madison was a hoot!!!

In case you are wondering, Columbus officially received 1.46 inches of rain last night.  Madison a little more.

I attended or rather "showed" at an event called RAW Madison MIXOLOGY  and wow, that was totally different then I have ever done before and it was pretty darn fun.

I had been wondering if this was some sort of sneaky art scam thing where the the RAW people just made money making artists buy in.  This was felt by a few artists but by the end of the night we were all in agreement that it was a blast and worth all the begging.  This is going to grow into a major monthly event.  I heard a lot of people that were talked into coming say they would definitely come to the next show next month.  Music, fashion, outstanding art, makeup art (didn't see it but . . ).

Small rant section -

Many people that I sold tickets to came but what sort of ticked me off a little were the organizations that sort of ignored my plea for $10.  I donate a LOT of artwork to the city and  local organizations and not one wanted to help ME out in a time of need.   sigh!  sad.

ANYWAY - If you did not come you missed out. The crowd was all ages, everybody dressed to the almost max in cocktail attire, some ties and suits, lots of short short skirts and cocktail dresses. There was better artwork there then at many Arts and Craft Fairs. Some truly outstanding stuff  and a few duds but . . . . The bands were eclectic and interesting.  One rapper guy that preformed wrote that Green Bay Packer anthem a few years ago for the Super Bowl.  He was awesome.

The place was hopping and super friendly - it was like going to a glitzy nightclub but everybody there knows you and is friendly.

This is early - perhaps 8:30ish.

The funny thing was I met a lot of people that I never expected to see.  A couple woman from Jungs Garden Center,  a few from local galleries, friends of friends and so forth.

This guy had the whole balcony area and the photo does not do it justice.  Outsnatding work.

The event was a meet and greet - not a selling event but lots of names were taken and contacts were made.  I'll be real surprised if I don't sell a few things down the road from this show.

Now - I think I'll take a nap.  The show got over about 11:00 - I was all packed by 12:00 and got to bet about 1:00.   I'm blurry and the words are just not flowing at all.

So yea - RAW Madison is certainly something you want to go to for a different kind of entertainment for all ages.   

REMEMBER - Lake Mills Saturday - North side of the "square".

OH - one more thing - did you know that HyVee will give you a tour of their store?  If you have nutritional needs they will personally walk your through the store.  Also I guess every food item has some sort of healthy rating on the labels.  I love that store. Probably the friendliest place I have ever shopped.  I remember Mary saying that they shopped there and left a bag by accident.  She called and they had it and even though it was during a huge snow storm they would deliver it TO FALL RIVER (Lost Lake actually but no one knows where that is . . . . IT'S LOST!!).

THAT is one store that is doing it right.

See ya!



  1. Yep, just confirming that story. Except there was a blizzard warning in effect... and I didn't even ask them to bring it, they just immediately offered. I declined; a bag of nonperishables (luckily) vs. a driver's potential safety... no contest. I picked it up later that week myself. Still have had nothing but great service and zero problems at HyVee.

    Congrats on RAW. All ages, really? That's cool. Something to keep in mind for another time!

  2. Yea - I was a little concerned about the age thing but it was pretty much all ages. MOST were in the 20-30 but I bet 25% were in the old 40-50 range.