Monday, October 15, 2012

Vacation Won't stop helling us!

Just when we thought it was OK to say farewell to Vacation Hell . . . . .. we did the Down Syndrome Walk in Madison which was awesome and when finished we went out to the car and the tine little windshield crack where the rock hit the car was not a 12 inch long crack running across the windshield.   SIGH!!!     Guess I'm calling Auto Glass Specialist (where I did my internship 50 years ago for computers).

RAIN - we had 3.39 inches of rain this past weekend.  Too bad it does not go into the 2012 Water Year calendar which ended October first. On Oct 1st because of evapotranspiration we start to actually accumulate water again.

Columbus officially received 28.13 inches of precipitation from OCT 1 2011 to Oct 1 2012.  Compared to 31.68 2010-2011 and 44.71  2009 to 2010.


I'm feeling like the old wise handicapper.  The kind you see hanging out in Las Vegas quietly winning.

I've won 10 of my last 14 sports wagers in the last 4 months.  Don't bet often but when something stands out . . . . . .I was all over the Packers last night at +4. Seem like a perfect opportunity.  Good team with their backs against the wall against an overconfident unbeaten team that is chill-laxin with 3 home games and eating good home cookin.  Add that they have a huge injury at MLB and have not had to really go through a catastrophic defensive injury before.  Packers?  They are used to injuries and know how to cope.  

Maybe I should Tweet every time I make a wager.

Like taking candy from a baby.

WOW - did you see that outer-space parachute jump  . . . . LIVE??  My heart was pounding. 

OH - just called ABRA Glass Specialist - it'll cost $358 for a new windshield.  They come out and replace it at home.    Probebly call Auto Glass Specialist next.   $396 for Glass Doctor but I get a 1 year warranty for replacing anything if more rocks hit the  car.   hmmmmm  

Speaking of the Vacation from Hell - a couple photos.

Ship in the Woods

 Linger Coffee House

Linger Coffee House  

Rock Wall in the Fall
The bleeding has stopped and Obama has gotten a little boost lately taking all 14 National polls into account. More polls coming out later today but at the moment Obama has a 63.3% chance of winning.

The Democrats have a 86.6% chance of taking the Senate  which is a big big blow to the Republicans as it shows that that last two years were not a shift in America but an anomaly and America is growing more liberal.

If I was a Republican I would be rooting for Obama.  If the US really does go into the tanks The Republicans will have an easy victory in 2016.  If America does come out of it's funk, can you complain??   Or do Republicans REALLY want America to fail. 
OK - gotta get'r done this morning - taking horse photos at noon!  

Talk to ya later

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