Friday, November 2, 2012


THEY ARE EMPLOYEES - NOT ASSOCIATES - good grief - why do companies insist on calling people who work for the associates.  I would feel insulted if I was called an "associate".  I really hate that term.  Seems so fake. 

We had a good amount of rain in October - average is actually about 2.40 inches and in Columbus we had 5.57 inches.  This is what I reported to NOAA (member of CoCoRaHS).

There has been a lot of talk on the web about global warming and large storms and so forth but weather is not an exact science.  I don't think there is any doubt that there is global warming, at least among all the non-Tea Party people, but is it causing huge storms?  Who really knows.

Remember a few years ago it was predicted that because of Climate Change we would have many more tornadoes and we have actually been in a calm the last few years.  Also predicted were many more hurricanes and again, there have been very few hurricanes globally compared to the norm.

HOWEVER - the storms we have had have been pretty major.

The one thing scientists are noticing is that all of these big storms are being run by the northern latitudes.  Every time there has been a huge storm it's been what is happening north that has been running the show.

Take Sandy for instance.  Normally a storm like this would skirt the eastern coast and drift east as the waters cooled.  However with this one there was a very large blocking bubble of high pressure that just would not move.   At the same time we here in the Midwest we were under the influence of a large polar blast of air that had leaked down.  Both unmovable objects and there was no where for Sandy to go but west.  

It was like a big ball.  It went north and bounced west.  All of that warm moist air hitting all of the cold air we had.

This has been happening a few times now. Large bubbles of unmovable norther latitude air.  Last winter Europe had a hideous winter.  It's like the north pole has a giant yamaka of cold air and it slipped to one side. While Europe was getting unending cold with the yamaka of air, we here in the States were reaping the rewards of warmer air.

Our outlook for the winter of 2013 is a chance for dryer then normal precipitation and normal temp.  How do they come up with this.  It's not through some giant computer simulation.  It's what I do every day.   NOAA looks at the past and predicts the future.  It's like gambling.

They take all of the data and say, when this happened and that happened this was the result.    As I said - weather is not an exact science.


BTW - I'm 3-0 on wagering on the NBA.  The Lakers look like the 2010 Miami Heat. Too many stars at the moment, they are not really sure how to all work together.

I'm thinking of placing a wager on every  Milwaukee Bucks game.  I did this with the Brewers two years ago and swore I would never do it again as I found it hard to bet against my favorite team.  However with the Bucks it's different.  They always lose. The perennial bubble team.  If they come in last place that's fine, I don't care.


WOW - political ad's are nasty here in Wisconsin. In ILL when there was an ad on TV it was simple and easy.  Vote for Bob Smith Republican Coroner.  Here in WI we have Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Two Timing Thompson with there ad's.  I think Tommy just wants to sweet job in Washington so he can get his girlfriends back.    As Governor he had 3 or 4 girl friends (this is pretty much a known fact).

Watching the news this morning for 1/2 hour we saw 20 political ads and two non-political.  Honestly?  I have no problem.  WAIT - do you really want to see the SAME annoying ad 10 times in a half hour?  That is what will happen.    Political ads I can tune out - easy but seeing the same ad 10 times in a row is just freaking annoying - mark my words!!!

Rotunda in the IL Capitol


  1. If I hear Thompson's ad of Baldwin yelling "You're damn right" one more time I swear I'll come unglued.

  2. There is a woman on the block who's kid run's around the house now screaming YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!!

  3. lol! To think someone got paid a boat load of cash to come up with that ad. Jeez...