Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to run for City Council in a small town

Oops - first mistake - Small CITY!!   Since when does a group of homes containing 5000 residents become a CITY anyway.

Today I will hand in my GAB-169 (Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office) with 30 signatures.  This is after I filed my GAB-1 (Campaign Registration Statement) and I'll have to submit my GAB-162 (Declaration of Candidacy) and yes, I believe I will bring a hat so I can toss it at someone.   I wonder what the "ring" is at City Hall.  They must have something special so I can toss my hat into it.  Will a "cap" be all right??

So as I was walking around getting signatures and it seems many people have opinions and felt they had to express them to me.

One thing is that everybody hates the City Council!!  I want to be part of that hatred  LOL

Actually what I found interesting was that I would go to one home and they would complain and then next home they would complain on the OPPOSITE side.

Roads were the big issue.  The snow plowing was big but again,  while some people were pissed off at the snow plows others complained about the people complaining saying if you want better plowing you can pay more taxes and to use common sense WE HAD 22 INCHES OF SNOW!!  Of course the streets are not perfect. 

The new school thing was a big topic.  Half the people wanted a new school because it brings families to town.  The other half said it's the teachers that teach not the school and building a new school was insane.

One thing I need to remind people is that Columbus has more then DOUBLED in size (112%) since 1900.  That's 112 years.  We gain 23.5 residents per year.  I'm not sure Columbus is going to all of a sudden BOOM - be a high growth city.  

I WILL push for erecting a Peter R. Morris Museum!! (Peter was a Welsh Major League Baseball shortstop in 1884 for the Washington Nationals of the Union Association). and of course there is  John Falk "Bob" Poser  who played for the White Sox and St. Louis Browns.

BUT - I digress.

60% of the people I talked to thought our taxes were way too high and 40% said taxes were not bad.  Oddly the people complaining about taxes were the blue liberal people while the red conservatives were OK with taxes.   Weird.

I think the one thing I want to do if elected is somehow show people why the taxes are as they are.  WHY do we pay "so much".  I want to show Columbus residents where the money is going.  For instance.  At the last council meeting they were discussing buying some new thingy at the water treatment plant.  

Sounds boring but it's $$$ and being Mr. Curious I would LOVE to see the actual thingy they are buying and to know what it actually does.  OR why does the City spend $5000 on cleaning head stones at the Cemetery.  Not disputing it but . . Mr. Curious wants to know why??   

remember - I blogged about the  Columbus Water Works 

Instead of blindly following maybe I can somehow teach or show residents how the infrastructure of the City operates.  Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

I'm watching two big crows walking around the base of my bird feeder cleaning up.  remember - FEED THE BIRDS.  They are sort of in a pickle as their food source has been covered up.

I was looking at Wiki about Sparrows of which I have a flock.  It says  " It is extensively, and usually unsuccessfully, persecuted as an agricultural pest, but it has also often been kept as a pet as well as being a food item and a symbol of lust and sexual potency, as well as of commonness and vulgarity."

WHAT?   " a symbol of lust and sexual potency"  What??  oooo baby - I am your sparrow of love!!  Yea - that's hot. 

Saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead near Cnty V yesterday.  I was driving south and saw a bird with a huge wingspan coming towards me.  At first I thought it was like a blue heron or something but they are gone.  Then it flew right over me and it was a bald eagle. SWEET!!

Anybody know what kind of common bird this is?  He/she lives on our neighbors house.  


I took this photo yesterday.  I have been waiting and waiting for better weather (clouds, blue sky) but that was not happening.  And with snow starting to fall from the trees I decided to take some shots of that black barn as you come into Columbus and make a B&W scene into a B&W photograph. 

So I parked the car beside the road and climbed the 5 foot high snow pile beside the road and then stepped onto the clear sidewalk on the other side.  hmmmmm   forgot that was there LOL  

This is such a great photo but on a tiny computer you can't see the detail as well.  I think that is the great thing about the image.

To give you an idea here is a closer view . . . hmmmmmm . . . I like this crop job also.


DJ seems to have re-caught the cold that is going around.   Down for the count last night but being a trooper and hated government employee she trucked to work as a good civil servant this morning. 


Going to ILL for a late Christmas.  If anybody see's moving vans in front of our house please call the Police.  



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Little Columbus WI in the news AGAIN!!

Gotta love Columbus. 

Let's see.  We had a bank employee stealing money, then we had a computer fix-it place steal hard drives and then the entire computer (next to The Cage), then the Chiropractors Wife allegably was caught using money from the St. Jerome Parish (like hundreds of thousands) to do all sorts of fun things (for her), then someone throwing rat poison onto peoples yards to kill their dogs and then Saturday the City Admin resigned abruptly because his enemy (and many peoples it seems) found some past dirt on him (reasons that are still unknown but I'm sure it will be very interesting) and now it seems Mama Mia's Restaurant (across from The Cage) is closing because it seems the owner was selling cocaine from his restaurant.  I KNEW those meat balls made me extra peppy and numbed my mouth!!

Next thing you will hear is that three people are running for City Council and another one for Mayor.  WAIT - That is actually happening?   Three mostly leaning red right Council members are being challenged by blue leaning common people?  A blue town with a red City Council just seems weird. 

At least that is what I have been told.

What an exciting little city we have here.     

So why am I running for City Council?  Am I crazy?  OH, yes, I AM just crazy enough to run for Council, I think you have to be a little crazy. 

Here is the thing.  Ever since I moved here I have been the #1 cheerleader for Columbus.  From a blog that had 10,000 hits a day from 71 Countries to speeches in front of the CDA and The Odd Fellows and columns in the newspaper that stole every-bodies money and Letters to the Editor in the current newspaper.

I've been pretty outspoken on my views of Columbus.  Saying things like how this town is NOT the weirdo backwards place that people seem to think it is.

Five years ago I said that there is a large silent majority that is just waiting and building momentum.  I knew this because people would come up to me and tell me this.  Over and over and over.  They would say it's so nice to hear from someone that is not of "the old guard". Someone with a fresh perspective, no grudges from the past and yada yada yada.

SO - after I received some phone calls because my name kept coming up in conversations and then Assembly Woman Mary Arnold calls me and asks me if I would run. . . . 

WELL - perhaps it's time I got off my ass and did something for this town (besides getting 17, mostly out of town people to paint the train station). 

Columbus has a pretty interesting governmental history, bizarre is another word.  From the youngest Mayor in US history (people hated the mayor so much they literally voted for anybody) to the Councul buying a bank for $1 and moving it 2 blocks for a few hundred thousand dollars and finding out it was unusable, or buying another building next to City Hall and moving it a couple blocks (now a day care). And don't forget something like 10 straight 1 term Mayors and mayors being kicked out of office and all sorts of squabbling.

Maybe it's time we had some common sense sitting in one of those super polite stiff chairs. Yes Mr. Davidson, that is so astute of you Ms Perkins, Well said Mr. Sneath.  Good God people, this is a town of 5000 where everybody knows everybody. Do people really talk this way?   Hello Mr. Adams may I have a Campfire Porter please, Why yes Mr. Melotte Thank you Mr. Adams.

Yes - City Council is an important place but perhaps we would not build barriers around each other if MAYBE we could talk as friends?  Not foreign diplomats!  Maybe we should all wear wigs (that would ROCK).    

The problem with being on the City Council is that you can't win. Most of the time every decision will cost the citizens money somehow.  You have to look at the future knowing that whatever you decide will piss someone off.  They will never see 10 years from now how your decision 10 years earlier saved them money.   

For instance - when times are tough, THAT is the time for the City to decide on things like a new school.  Sooner or later Columbus needs a new school if it wants to grow.  Families looking to relocate want a good school system.  Things are cheap now, labor is cheap, building materials are cheap.    Of course what will happen to the old school (no one has answered that yet).

When  the economy is running full steam, that is NOT the time to make bold moves and spend all that excess money.  When labor is expensive, land is expensive, materials is expensive?  Buy High?  No!  If you can save that money save it for the future - but many politicians (of which I am not) believe that is when you should spend money because they might not be around later.  

At least in theory. 

As you know I have zero actual experience in city government but I do have common sense and the ability to look at multiple sides of the problem AND make a decision that is not just going along with everyone else because we have always done it that way.

And that is my spiel (to utter, express, or describe volubly or extravagantly).



Friday, December 21, 2012


OK - here are the official totals I posted for CoCoRaHs who reports to NOAA.

Columbus WI - Total storm 21.1 inches with 2.54 inches of Precip..

Looking at other reports coming in, most are from southeastern WI. Seems a lot of late reports from the Madison area.   1.5 inches of precip for yesterday is common with 3 or 4 inches of snow.  Columbus had 1.55 inches YESTERDAY from 7:00AM to 7:00AM.  We had 5.5 inches before 7:00AM yesterday.

NOTE - most Madison reports have storm totals in the 15 range for the entire storm .

Make sure you put something out there for the birds as most of their food sources are covered up.  Also better fence in you burning bushes and other yummy rabbit food shrubs as they will be looking also.


Not often I'll snow blow THREE times in a day.  My snow thrower is a little broken.  The handle that engages the blades has a loose cord and I only get 50% power unless I actually pull the cord with my hands.    I was hoping there was so way to tighten the cord but I have not found it yet. 

Just got a call from DJ - as of 8:00   151 between Cbus and Sun Prairie is horrible.  Once you hit Sun Prairie it's dry pavement to Madison 


Facebook was a gas yesterday.   Here are some photos I relayed to others. 

To my buddies that are stuck living in Florida that are always sending me photos of sunsets.

Yea - We have palm trees and relaxing chairs in Wisconsin also!!


We will rebuild

Before and after

Yea - we have seagulls.

It's funny watching the crows trying to walk on the snow. 

This is in Madison.

Wisconsin - Closed for Business

That's it.  Probably no many people reading this from work today.

I was worried that my slightly left leaning blog would be a deterrent in running for CC but then I went to a facebook page of one of the other Aldermen.  OMG - I think it is actually RIGHT of the Tea Party and is circulating around back to the far left.  Let's not only arm the teachers but lets arm the students also  LOL

not really but . . . . you get my point.

So I went to the Columbus Middle School Wednesday and they had a very sweet retired woman at the front door to take the first bullet.  REALLY?  She was checking people into the school . . . not really sure how much of a deterrent she would be.  Maybe she is a black-belt.

I make a joke about taking the 1st bullet but when you work for the government it was a common "joke" that the first cube next to the door was the first bullet cube.  Since Republicans have turned society against all government employees because we are nothing but evil servants sucking on the financial tit of America. Yes - there is stress in government buildings.     That is why I have have nunchuk's hidden all over the building.   I'm like Dwight in The Office. 

Have a very happy warm holiday season from the Melotte Family.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm IN . . . soon.

Milo to cat slept on my head last night.  His head was on my head and I had such weird confusing dreams.  Big dogs, fast moving sloths, a bear . . . . . .I bet Milo had confusing dreams also like high school, can't find your locker, late for a test and you don't know where the room is.  Very confusing for a cat.

Today I pick up papers to run for City Council for the 2nd district.   I'll have to get 20+ signatures. 

The big news from the City Council last night was the news about American Packaging.  They are NOT leaving Columbus but relocating to the new Gateway Industrial Park which is currently that big corn field next to the Hospital.   They will expand and move their WORLD HEADQUARTERS to the cornfield. 

Seemed to be a hush hush business deal.

Everybody was talking about how wonderful this would be as this is the "gateway" to Columbus.  My question is will it be a butt ugly addition to the exit? Sort of like the other side of town??  God that is butt ugly and an embarrassment.   Personally I'm not as excited as the mostly right wing City Council was but I don't have all the information.  Not against the right wing at all but a few are REALLY REALLY right wing . . if you know what I mean.

If I'm elected this blog will become a nexus for information on what is happening in your government. I mean - why is the Police Chief MAKING laws.  He should be enforcing them, not making them (speaking of the demerit point thingy for bars). 

I read over the minutes for an entire year of CC meetings in the last few days.  Lots of money just being given away.  $5000 to clean grave stones for instance.  hmmmmm

I'll be running around looking for signature. No worries if you do not want to sign.  I never take anything personally . . .except personal checks.   Want a yard sign????  



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here Comes Draco

Winter Storm Draco cometh!

This morning the most accurate model has 10 inches for Madison (which seems to be in a little non-snow hole) and 10-12 in Columbus.  But the snow will not be the real problem.  The heaviest snow will be Thursday morning but the problem will be starting noonish with 35-40mph winds creating blizzard conditions.

This will be a paralyzing winter storm 


SO - how is the Melotte family preparing for Draco?  First thing I do tonight is run to Pic-N-Save and by ingredients for Haggis!!    What's that Christmas song? 

Here we come a-haggising
Among the sheep so green;
Here we come a-wand'ring
So fair to be seen.
Love and joy come to you,
And to you your haggis too;
And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year
And God send you a Happy New Year.

In case you are wondering Haggis is a savory pudding with a nutty flavor. Traditionally Scottish dish, considered the national dish of Scotland and is traditionally served with "neeps and tatties". Alton Brown loves Haggis and here is his ingredients. mmmmm

1 sheep stomach
1 sheep liver
1 sheep heart
1 sheep tongue
1/2 pound suet
minced 3 medium onions
minced 1/2 pound dry oats
toasted 1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon dried ground herbs

So what is YOUR favorite haggis recipe???


MELOTTE - Looking Forward with Common Sense. 

YUP - I'm running for City Council Ward 2 (pretty much everything south of Waterloo.  It's all I'm saying at the moment.  


Here is the deal.  My name KEPT being brought up and all these years I have been whining about how Columbus is such a great city but no one ever participates, they only complain and oddly, they always complained to me!!  Seriously, not sure why but I was always some sort of sounding board. 

WELL -maybe it's time I get off my ass and do something.

I tried Main Street Org but it was not the right fit.  I tried joining the CDC but was told the Council had to approve it (not sure that was actually true but . . . I got the message).


I'm in my Fantasy Super Bowl and as typical for the last 4 weeks, I'll have to pull some players out of my ass (also called the waiver wire) to win.  The team I beat WAS the best team in the league.



Monday, December 17, 2012

Weather - guns - politics -sports

Just trying out some things here!!  I'm not REAL sure what YOU see - I like the "Magazine" look best. 

Packers - when trick plays work you look like a genius - when they don't - wow WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!   

WATCH OUT - Winter is on it's way.  According to CIPS, a fairly new research system that takes weather models and compares them to the last 30 years - we got a doozy coming.  20% chance for 12 inches, 60% chance for 6+ inches starting late Wednesday and through Thursday.

Here are two predictions 24 hours apart.  The first was from Sunday morning and the seconds is from this morning - notice not a lot has changed.  Maybe a slight movement north by 50 to 75 miles but things are pretty stable meaning the storm, at the moment, is very predictable.

Right not the heaviest now chances are right over Madison/Columbus.   IT'S ON!!

HOWEVER - some models are saying the storm will more further (farther?) north.

 The latest ( as of late Sunday)estimated snow totals. 

If the LOWS go further north we will have less snow so watch the weather.

This weekend we had 0.47 inches of precip.  


A cure photo of Josh, Caydence and Sydney 

I was contacted by Mary Arnold Assembly District 37woman and asked to run for City Council.  This was the 3rd person to approach me.  I'm starting to wear down!  Actually I believe I would do very very well.  Not only am I used to people being mad at me but I've played 1000s of hours of SIM City which some call a game but Minneapolis used the simulation for city planning.   It's a guns and butter simulation of running a city with all the problems that real government have, taxes, roads, strikes, godzilla. 

I'm seriously thinking about this now.   AM I CRAZY???  I hate politicians - or actually what many politicians have become.

And yes - I would actually be a little more serious.  I would LOVE to have Halloween on Halloween but 51-49% pro Halloween on Halloween is not enough to change.   However I would vote to have a dome placed over the town to keep the snow off the streets.

Rod Melotte - Looking Forward with Common Sense.   snort - I just had beer come out my nose (I wrote this Sunday night). 

Hey - it's not like people don't know me! 

Guns - I said this on facebook and thought it was quotable.

Every few weeks there is a slaughter and every few weeks people say, now is not the time to talk about policy.

Well just when is the fucking time to talk about it. Seems its not between slaughters either.
Here is the problem - no one has a solution. All the anti gun people start running around with their hands in the air saying we should melt down all the guns and yada yada yada.   NOT a valid solution. 

Just like the war on drugs is a losing battle through law enforcement - the REAL way is education.  The guns that are killing people are guns that have been taken from someone else (a generalization but . . ).    

A kid accidentally shooting a gun is not because he was able to purchase a gun. It's because whoever owned that gun was a dumb ass and left it out where he could play with it - I KNOW, I've done that (I was the kid part).  There needs to be more education for people that HAVE guns.  Maybe force them to buy a lock box to store them.  Maybe if someone causes harm with YOUR stolen gun, YOU should also have the same consequence and go to jail also. 

Just thinking out loud.   


Wisconsin is now ranked as the 42nd best state to do business in.  Walkers "Open for Business" is a total failure.  Job growth is now projected to be second worst in the U.S. through 2016.

Wisconsin is Open for Business! What a bunch of baloney.  Walker got everything he wanted and then some, yet it’s not working. Why is that? Could it be that trickle down is the same failure on a state level as it is nationally? 

The thing is I totally understand where Republicans are coming from and on some things I agree. But there has to be a way to have both ways work in unison.  You can't screw the middle class hoping the future will be better and the citizens will all love you in 20 years (like in Sim City).

Lower taxes - everybody is happy, many people move to the town and the infrastructure goes to hell.  Then raise taxes, lots of people will be angry and move away but you will have lots of money to fix things so you can lower taxes again.   Simple.

However - humans don't operate that way in real life.  We are concerned with RIGHT NOW!  Not some promise for wonderful jobs in 5 years.

Whatever - I have bored myself. 


But otherwise - I'm on a winning streak.   Champion in Fantasy baseball. PROBABLY in the Championship in Fantasy Football (I need Shonn Green to run for 10 yards tonight). 1st place in both Confidence football picking leagues.  Won a huge "A" bet on New Orleans and my NBA system is clicking along.   Life is good sports-wise.

Units won

Friday, December 14, 2012

UnionEd / Rain / Bridgejumper / sigh Droessler

Want to congratulate my buddy UnionEd for retiring this week after 30+ years with the State. Feels a little weird doesn't it UnionEd.  BTW - lots of people were feeling bad after you left Tuesday without saying a PROPER goodbye.

All your life you look forward to that last day and then when it comes, at least in government work is is so anti-climatic.  "yea, see ya".    Keep in touch.

Well now - When Columbus was looking for a new Mayor lots of people were chanting Grinder for Mayor.  Last night I got my first formal request to run for city council against David Bomkamp.  Reason being.

"There are a lot of people from town, myself included, upset with the strong arm of the police force, the lack of support for downtown, and behind-closed-door deals for development."

Well, as you all know I'm not a real political guy and I have very few opinions on anything and pretty much keep to myself never wanting to stir the hornets nest.


actually that is why I would be great on Survivor - I LOVE stirring the hornets nest.  Not going to run though. Seems like a lot of work and meetings. 


I have been to maybe six chiropractors in my life.  Three were witch doctor quacks that would rattle beads above my shoulder and tap parts of my body with tiny play hammers.  Two were great deep massage therapists and then I found Terry Droessler in Columbus.   

Seriously, he is/was amazing.  Soft spoken and caring and actually cracked bones and made me feel GREAT. Took xrays (see criminal complaint on the mention of xray equipment) which on one else ever did.

I only go to a chiro when I REALLY have too after a few weeks of pain.  The thing was that not only is/was he a good chiro but I LIKED the guy. He has a way of lowing your blood pressure just by talking to him.

WELL - then there is his alleged wife.  Seems she has been a very very naughty person the last nine years and reading the criminal complaint I PREY that Terry was one of those "you take care of all the books honey" people and new nothing about the alleged embezzlement scheme going on at St Jerome Church. But . . . . . .  

So many things were purchased  I won't even want to go into ALL the shenanigans. 

Here is the police report if you want to read it - or read a majority of it or maybe just skim for big number$.

Criminal Complaint

What gets me is that the Columbus Police Department investigated THIS business but did absolutely nothing about when 10 people were having their hard drives stolen.

I have two images on Droessler Chiropractor walls.  I think they were purchased with ill-gotten (is that a word?) funds.   Am I an accomplice?

The 2013 Rain Year race is getting close.  After last weekends heavy wet snowfall here is the graph.  2009/10 has actually taken the lead with last year on our tail.  OH - IT'S ON BABY!! 

Rain coming this weekend.



Wouldn't it be cool.

Elwood and I were beering last week and talking about the Packer game.  I said there was a chance for fog or haze or mist and then an idea came to me.

What if it was a hazy foggy game and when the stadium lights were on the light waves would hit the Packer helmets and bounce up making little halos above the players heads.   SWEET!!!


Got an "A" game in my Bridgejumper system.  BET THE FARM on the New Orleans Saints at -3.5.  System is 61-16 in 22 years ATS.

Elwood and I are doing awesome in my NBA scheme.  Up 35ish units.  Had some stress lately but got through it.  And when trying to unstress myself I found two side bets that came through for me.  I love numbers!   When one team was an 8 point fav the UNDER hit 14 out of 17 times. When the other was 8 point dog the UNDER won 12 out of 16 times!!  I played the Under and won.

Going to branch out into my 3rd Sportsbook - I think 5Dimes will get my $$. Elwood is investing more also.  He is actually running a reverse labby on the system . . . but now I'm getting technical.

BTW - I've been working on a project that proves - NEVER EVER buy a 1/2 point in the NBA. 

Josh and Jenny went to the big meeting about the school referendum and came away saying "WHY would anybody NOT want a new school".  Fixing the Middle school makes absolutely zero sense which is my feeling also. 

For some reason I am so proud of those two going to that meeting.  Caydence and Sydney could not ask for better parents.  Both are doing great.

OH - that warm lemon water trick I mentioned?  DO NOT try that if you have a sore throat.  Seems the acid in the lemon and a raw sore throat do not mix well AT ALL.

 Also - in an attempted to Hydrate Naturally DJ and I tried VITA COCO - pure coconut water with orange.  OMG - it tasted like dirty laundry water.   I love coconut juice (from a coconut) but this stuff.  yuck.


keep dry this weekend.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lemons / Walker / Old Fashions

Interesting things going on in Michigan - sort of like Wisconsin politics except for ALL Unions.  This whole Right to Work deal.   The Republicans do not believe they should have to pay to be in a union that has money going toward the Democrats .

Well - I don't believe I should have to merchandise from businesses that are in the Chamber of Commerce because their money goes towards the Republicans.  

Statistically being a "right to work" state DOES bring more business to a State.  However those business pay less for their employees.  It's all about what is more important.  More business or poorer citizens. 

And then their is Walker.  Remember that John Doe thing?  Walker-Gate?  Some of you might think that it's almost over.  No Way - it's getting to the good part.

Landgraf (the head dude) is conducting this probe EXACTLY the way District Attorney's do when attacking the mob.  They find the lowest fruit on the tree and squeeze them until they give up the next guy on the chain. 

Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch really got off nicely with slaps on the wrist.  Russell 2.5 years for embezzling (not caramelizing as my spelling corrector wanted me to type . . . that would be a totally different story)  $21,000 from a Veterans group and Rindfleisch 6 months in jail for only one of four  felony counts of misconduct in office.

Both those crooks were 2 degrees of separation from Walker and  now we come to the Cindy Archer - Walker's Administration Director of Administration.  Remember her?  The woman who had her house raided?  ONE degree of separation from Walker.

Seems  Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch might have thrown Archer under the bus to get sweet deals.  Her and the Chief of Staff ,Tom Nardelli who says he had no idea what was going on in his office (although he DID hire her) are the next targets for Landgraf. 

Archer and Nardelli take orders directly Lord Walker.

And lets not forget that dumpster of material the Walker Administration illegally attempted to dispose but was found?  OOPS!  This has not come into play yet.

No one can predict if Walker will ever be charged with a crime.  But if I was a betting man the chances of him BEING charged are greater then him NOT being charged. 

As a friend of mine says "All signs point to a vibrant and ongoing investigation into an Administration that appears to have engaged in improper no-bid leasing and sales of County property to Republican aligned business interests at the expense of the average Milwaukee taxpayer."

Warm Water and Lemon.    WOW - who knew this was a miracle drink. What an amazing way to kick start your day.  10 reason you should drink warm water and 1/2 a lemon every day.

Boosts your immune system: Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds.  They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure.

Balances pH: Drink lemon water everyday and you’ll reduce your body’s overall acidity (a very good thing).

Helps with weight loss:   Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings.

Aids digestion:  Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that required for digestion.

Is a diuretic: Lemons increase the rate of urination in the body, which helps purify it.

Clears skin:  The vitamin C component helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes.

Freshens breath: Not only this, but it can help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis.

Relieves respiratory problems: Warm lemon water helps get rid of chest infections and halt those pesky coughs (man do I need that right now).

Keeps you zen: Vitamin C is one of the first things depleted when you subject your mind and body to stress.


Brandy Old Fashions.  

Or you could start every day with a Brandy Old Fashion.  DJ has discovered  Brandy Old Fashion  ("OMG this is the best drink EVER").

So if you have a Brandy Old Fashion recipe that has been handed down through generations let us know about it.

I like what a NY Times writer says about this drink.

Your past always catches up with you. Growing up in Wisconsin, I had an ingrained awareness — and disgust — of the state’s insular signature drink, the brandy old-fashioned. It was what people drank before and after football games or ice fishing. I considered it insipidly sweet and townie lowbrow, and I left before I was enough of a drinker to be proven otherwise.  

Case Study | The Old-Fashioned, Wisconsin Style


OH - looking for Christmas Presents for people that cook?  We discovered Penzys Spices.  On the east side of Madison right next to Half Price Books.  WOW - what a wonderful place to go.  The store has over 100 zillion spices and each one has a big jar you can thrust your nose into for a smell.

I've never been able to compare 5 different kinds of Cinnamon before (I chose the Vietnamese Extra Fancy).

Awesome place.


Friday, December 7, 2012

The SO CALLED Fiscal Cliff

I like how all the news people now put "SO CALLED" in front of "Fiscal Cliff" (which is more of a slope in reality).


Been fighting this cold for a while now - thought I had it beat over the weekend but then BAM - Sunday night there it was again but this time a little stronger.  Not a bad cold but one of those  almost colds . The kind that makes sleeping a hassle because you can't breath but once you are up you feel 80% good.
SO - yesterday I spent time installing 5 canvas images on the walls of Filene Research Institute.  I used french cleats for attaching to the walls.   Looks a little out of the way but when you enter the main office that is the first thing you see. 

I also saw their finished conference room where I have my B17 hanging.

And one more thing I had a hand in is their direct enterence.

This was originally taken from an iPhone and was about 100K in size.  Really tiny.  They asked if I could blow it up and I said how big and they said - Oh maybe 3 x 4 feet?   ummm  ahhh!

So I worked on it and once I was done they printed it on aluminum (about $1300 to do that).

Sadly their walls are filling up.

Odd thing about the SO CALLED Fiscal Cliff.

If Obama passes what he wants to pass it will actually hurt the blue states.  If the Republicans pass what they want it will have the most impact on hurting the red states. Ya gotta love politics.

Here is why.

If Obama raises taxes on the $250,000 people, the majority of the quarter mils are in blue states.  And really, it will have very little effect on the super duper rich because they get most of their income from capitol gains which have a much lower tax rate and won't be touched.

Obama also wants to end deductions on mortgage interest which hurts the people with high property values . . . also in blue states. 

So Obama will raise taxes on business owners while keeping the capital gains taxes low for the uber rich. He will then take out the itemized deductions on mortgage interest and state and local taxes. All of his plans hurt the blue states more then the red states.

HOWEVER - then you have what the red-publicans want to do.

The right want to make huge cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Those "unfair" entitlements that many many more people in the red southern states depend on.  Then they want to cut $300 billion in farm subsidies and $300 billion in cuts to discretionary spending.  Again hurting the red farm rich states.

The red states get much more federal money then they send in.  The blue states send much more money to the fed but get little in return as it all goes south.

Romney and the Republicans were the overwhelming choice for people that receive the most free federal money.

The people that were so against Obama will lose the most money if the Republicans get their way and the people that voted for Obama will lose the most money if he gets his way.

Don't get me wrong - for me it was all about the social aspect of the election, not the fiscal aspect.

SIGH - gotta love politics. 

The Victories Secret Fashion Show.

I love it. Seriously. And it will be rerun on 57 the CBW(?) next Wednesday.  Many people have closed minds about the VS show but they have never actually watched it and only see little snip-its. 

Yea - gotta hate beauty.

But if you watch the show look at the outfits. They are engineering marvels.  Really, it takes a TON of talent making 30 pound suits that really look like works of art.  Watch the show for the art, not the sex.

When someone see's a million dollar bra some people are blinded and say why should I care, it's not real. No, it's not real, it's art.  

Last year one model was getting zapped from a short circuit as she walked the runway.  Who wouldn't want to see someone smiling as she is getting zapped.   

Plus the music - Last year Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5, this year  Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.   

Maybe because seeing absolutely flawless woman wearing the worlds most high tech slinky outfits is  intimating to some as they sit on their couch eating popcorn dripping in butter but heck, if people are that unsure about themselves when they see the top 1% of the top 1% maybe they should not even watch television at all.

Just putting these things on is a major engineering feat.

Won't see THAT on a beach
OH - 275 days without snow - only 2 days away from a record!!!  

nuff said


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I guess I was sort of on a rant yesterday  LOL   No worries, I took my pills and am in my happy place.   Did I say anything about the Police Department yesterday??  I hear they are looking for recruits!  I wonder if I could be grandfathered in.

Big day for Josh yesterday.  He got to be pepper sprayed AND tear gassed!  MAN - I wish I had a job like that!!

Morning Rod, Good Morning   SPRAAAAAY!!! AAAAGH!   Better then a cup of coffee to wake you up.


So this years Christmas decorations on our house will be more ground display.     I don't want to go on the roof and lean over the side installing lights.  Our front yard not only slopes downhill but also slopes sideways so the ladder has no level place except the sidewalk.   

So this year I thought I would put white icicle lights on the front porch.   I strung them all up nicely, turn them on and half were out.   I ripped them up, went to the basement and found another string. Plugged them in, all was well, took them up, nicely, plugged them in and.  BAH!!!  half are out.

I HATE YOU old school lights!!  Nothing but expensive LEDs for me from now on.

OH - ShopKo will soon have music.  I "complained" at the check out last week.  Actually I just commented about how quiet it was and it was creepy.  The check out said they have been getting A LOT of complaints but it was ShopKo policy to have no music.

HOWEVER - they said that they have received an OK from the top and  in "a couple weeks" they would not be so creepy.


Warmest day EVER in December yesterday (in Madison which I would assume also in Columbus).  22 years ago yesterday Madison had 17 inches of snow.

So if we are so warm where is the cold??  Alaska and it's waiting it's turn to move south.  You really do not like seeing Alaska BELOW their average.  Yea - we're gonna pay for this warmth.  Pretty cold in Europe also.  


What if the Royal baby is twins.  Is it who comes out first?  WOW - what bad luck for #2 . . . unless they are identical twins which would be awesome.


A blind guy on a bar stool shouts to the bartender, "Wanna hear a blond joke?"

In a hushed voice, the guy next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, you should know something. Our bartender is blond, the bouncer is blond. I'm a 6' tall, 200 lb black belt. The guy sitting next to me is 6'2", weighs 225, and he's a rugby player. The fella to your right is 6'5" pushing 300 and he's a wrestler. Each one of US is blond. Think about it, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?"

The blind guy says, "Nah, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times."


You Did hear about what happened in North Korea didn't you?

This news article in The Onion

Kim Jong-Un Named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive For 2012 

was picked up by the North Koreans and they believed it was real. The Peoples Daily Newspaper then published a 55 page exclusive on Kim Jong-Un ad his sexiness!

OK - off I go.

Tally Ho

Monday, December 3, 2012


hmmmm what should I whine and complain about today!

Gilda's Club - I'm a little pissed of at Gilda's Club as they are changing the name from Gilda's Club to CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY!

I'm a cancer survivor as I had a malignant melanoma so I can talk about this with a little knowledge.

I think it is a travesty how they can use Gilda Radner's name for their group but THEN come out and say, well, some people don't know who Gilda is so we're going to dump her.   WOW!  So they are basically famous name whores. Use'm up and throw it out!
I sent an email to saying

So once you have used up a woman's personality and name and she is no longer relevant and making money for you you just toss her out?  Even though she lost her life to cancer and helped your organization you just say "you are no longer needed"? 

I can't believe you are so uncaring at using Gilda's name but now just dump her.

I'm a cancer survivor and now I see your true colors.

I never used Gilda's Club. When I had cancer they sent me to a therapist and after 3 sessions I was sort of fired because I was not worried and depressed enough. Seriously, they kept telling me how I was blocking my feelings and not being all depressed and so forth.   I kept telling them that geez, I had the best technique (MOHS Chemo Surgery) in the world and they said they got 100% . . .why should I be worried and depressed??

Life is way to short to worry about something that I have no control of (basically). 

ANYWAY - back on topic.  If I was talking to someone about my cancer I would MUCH rather say I was attending Gilda's Club rather then saying I go to THE CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY!  I think they want people to be depressed and make them say the word cancer over and over and over again.

Send Gilda's Club an email.  Let's not forget Gilda.

OH - Summit Credit Union now charges you to exchange dollars for pennies!   F U Summit


Walgreen's - first I have to jump through hoops to sell postcards to Walgreen's.  Then they never actually get paid for those postcards (although they say they did but you would think I would remember getting two $80 checks) and then they cancel my account and I go to Walgreen' to get my postcard rack and they threw it out!

Sharrow Drugs left downtown Columbus because insurance companies were starting to drop small town drugstores and it was getting harder and harder to deal with them.  So when ShopKo said we will work with you and want Sharrow to be inside our store Nick was all for it.  All employees were be hired and so forth.

What did Walgreens do?  They put up a big sign saying WE WILL ACCEPT ALL SHARROW DRUG CUSTOMERS.

WOW -   Stealing Nicks customers?   Really?  Not very town friendly are you.  Nick Sharrow said (getting this like 12th hand) that he would have have gone out of business rather then work with Walgreens.

Had a little rain this weekend - finally.  Here is the race so far.  Remember - for NOAA the Water year begins October 1st. It's around that date when evapotranspiration diminishes and ground water starts to reload for next summer.   Here is the 4 year graph from October 1st for Columbus.

In case you are wondering - November was 3.3 degrees above the average high and 0.6 degrees above the average low.  1.49 inches below average in precipitation.


I brewed my Double Chocolate Stout Friday and watched Snow White and the Huntsmen.  Good movie.  Not really a mind bending plot twisty adventure but it was OK. 

I might be getting a man crush on Chris Hemsworth. 

Everything I have seen him in he seems to be a perfect fit.  Although I can't remember him in Star Trek as Jim Kirks dad.  

So I seem to be watching a lot TV shows where the characters have big accents.  In Copper all the actors have a huge Irish accent and in Hell On Wheels there are all sorts of conversation where I don't have a clue what they just said.   Is it me?  Have I lost the ability to hear the nuances of different dialects?  

Am I getting old?? WHAT DID YOU SAY SONNY??   


On this day in 1818 Illinois became the 21st State . . . .sigh . . . .so so many things I could say. 


Our refrigerator continues to rot the floor under it.  I believe it is the defrost heater that melts ice and the melted ice drips onto our floor. 

I THINK.  We had a Sears repairman come out when it was still under warranty and he basically threw his arms up and said I DON'T KNOW.   It only does this at like midnight and by the time I get around to looking for the problem, no sign of water.  

I can't figure out how to find the problem. The back for the frig does not come off. How can I get in there to look for anything loose. 

And our dishwasher is not dripping water every so often.  

No water coming out of our stove . . . yet!! 


BTW - Packer fans should now be worried about Russel Wilson and the Seahawks because they have the tie breaker.