Monday, April 15, 2013

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0.47 inches of precip last night - yea - we need the rain  LOL 

In baseball news

The Cubs tied a Major League record yesterday by throwing 5 Wild Pitches in one inning!   COOL!!

"42" became the all time best opening day baseball movie at the box office.  I bet you can't think of the baseball movie it beat out (without looking at the internet)!!

Are the actions of North Korea looking more and more like a cartoon?


This is how you cross a street in Cairo

Yet another photo of where Enerpac will go.  I believe these trees MIGHT be saved but perhaps they are not in great condition anyway.


OH - for any State employees that decide to take a payment out of their deferred comp.  Here is the deal.

When filling out the form make sure you check the box that says "take State tax OUT of payment".   There is some double wording so be careful. The default is NOT to take out tax and that will totally crush you come tax time - lesson learned.  Also - about 20% will be automatically kept so if you take out $10,000 you will get a check for $8000 AND you will have a crap load of taxes to pay.

And another thing - Dollar Cost Averaging is not THAT wonderful.  OH - don't get me wrong - it's pretty nice but back in 1989 when I signed up for Deferred comp and they were running the numbers by me I had dreams of becoming a millionaire as my wealth would grow exponentially.

AND I would have - if the market would grow at a steady pace every year.  But in reality, it does not.  Some years 30% some years -20%. So it averages out to 10% a year but . . . . . the dips and valleys kill your earnings.  I'm not the millionaire I was hoping to be.

But You REALLY REALLY should put money away every check. Very very important.  It does add up.

Suet!  I was surprised how my suet was disappearing from my bird feeder.  I knew we had a red headed woodpecker eating it but then I saw like 4 Grackles having a buffet on the feeder the other day.

BTW - if you get suit -  Never, never buy suet where milo, oats, wheat, processed grain by-products or artificial flavorings.  Total garbage. The birds don't want that crap.  The only reason it's in there is to make it cheaper.

What you want is suet with only rendered beef fat, chopped peanuts and peanut butter.  IF you have problems with squirrels get Hot Pepper Suet.

Suet is the most concentrated energy source a bird can eat.

Nuff said - it's sunny gotta do some yard work in our hour of sunshine


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