Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sour grapes? Hell yea. And I apologize

Anybody that knows me knows that I wear my emotions on my sleeve and yea - I was pissed.  More at myself actually for felling . . . pissed.

I don't believe you can fault me for feeling angry though.  If you lose an election OF COURSE you are angry, if you are not, perhaps you should not have run.  I felt I was a better choice - obviously. I believe the voters made a mistake.  Does this sound arrogant?  Probably but if I thought I was NOT the better choice . . . . why run.  LOL  Seems logical.

Dave Bomcamp is a nice guy and I have nothing personal against him at all.  I don't appreciate his politics but I'm sure he does not appreciate mine either - we agree to disagree. Well, I agree to disagree with him, I don't know what he is agreeing too . . . . or disagreeing either.

What really did surprise me was how my brain was completely messed up after the loss. WTF!!

I guess when it's the first thing I have ever run for in my life I was not prepared to what emotions win OR lose I was going to have. 

I do apologize to anyone I offended earlier in the day - getting one hour of sleep will do that.  I believe I was blowing off some steam from a stressful few months.  And knowing that Dave (my opponent) was pretty much stress less through the entire thing made things even worse.

I almost wish I would have lost by more.  Getting 281 votes blew my mind and I thank all of you.I do feel I let people down though. which was yet another emotion I was dealing with. 

I tell ya - running for an office is not a fun thing at all. Now I see why I have never done it before.  The candidate forum  was freakishly stressful, walking the miles of roads with no sidewalks in the rain and snow knocking on doors. creating lit and so forth.  NOT FUN!

I know all the TICP was all jumping up and down with joy when they saw this morning blog which is what I would have been doing so I can't fault them at all. They worked hard to get the 318 votes.

I'll have more control over my emotions in future elections.

remember - all of you out there that might be saying I'm a loose canon with my emotions. Until you run for office you have know idea what your emotions will do.  I do now!  It was certainly a learning experience.


which really is what it's all about right? 

And BTW - my dad really was a Mason - I have the ring and remember a few times as a kid on vacations when we needed help and the Mason came to the rescue.

and a cold air note - you can blame all of this cold air on Greenland.  I'll get into that at some point.  But there has been a huge mass of air over Greenland that pushes the jet stream which brings OUR cold air.


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