Monday, July 22, 2013

All Royal Family Channel

I was getting worried that 2009/10 was going to catch us this year in rain total but yesterday Columbus received 1.97 inches of rain in a pretty short period of time. WHEW!! 

We are still 0.37 above 4 years ago but that will be made up today so in order for 12/13 to stay ahead we need some thunderstorms today/tonight!  Gonna be close! 

Whitewater had 2.63 inches yesterday.


Lake Mills Art Fair was EXCELLENT  in more "ways" then one (+44% more sales then the average Lake Mills Fair).  One extra "way" was that I met one of the best Winston Churchill impersonators   Also I sold a large piece that I'm retiring from large canvas showing for the time being.
around, Randy Otto, and we're planing a project together. I would LOVE to get him to Columbus for some reason!!  Maybe a night at Hydro Street!  Churchill night with English bitters?  Check him out at

The problem has always been the scaffolding. Some people like it as it shows it really is a photograph and dates it, makes it real, and others say "too bad about the scaffolding".  Anyway I sold my big one.   I'm considering numbering my canvas offerings but . . . . . 

 . . . . I'm also considering applying for Art Fair on the Square or Off the Square.  It cost about $500 and the jury fee is $50 and you don't get that back.

Another problem is OFF the Square is a huge headache setting up and down but then there are sales . . . . yummy!  My good friend Cassius Callendar who is a year ahead of me is talking me into applying and says I would do well.  I am totally intimidated with his work.  It's nice because we do not sell the same style so we're not in competition as some other photographers seem to be. 

So you wondering how much can be sold at Art Fair on the Square?  Let's just say that two years ago he made less then $18,000 . . . . . . . on Saturday.   So . . . . .yea - it does have my attention.

Expermenting with different crops, what do you think.

Rainbow Bridge


We open the paper Saturday after getting all set up and see these headlines.

Not bad - I have no problems.  But then we see . . . .

WAIT.  WHAT?  They are shooting children?  This is worse then the Chicken Shoot which was one of the first things I read in the paper when I moved here!  

What concerned me was that at the last Council meeting last week I heard that they were going to put down one of the deer that broke his/her leg and castrate another one at the same time.  WHAT?  AT THE SAME TIME?   One bullet?  I know we are trying to save money but that is one a tricky shot!!


We are all waiting for the Royal birth. I know people at work are all tuned in and not getting ANY work done today so I'll log off so you can back to the All Royal Family Channel on your computers.


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