Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"The Day the Clown Cried"

I was on Channel 3 yesterday - 5 seconds!

After my doctor visit I decided to take a run out to the Pope Farm Conservancy to take a look at the sunflower field and while I was there Channel 3 show up and low and behold, they filmed me taking the below photo.   So in the last 5 days my cat has been on Channel 3 AND me!  

I've been working on my new website and one of the features will be the ability to do this!  In fact I can have people take a photo of any room and measure something in the room. Then I can correctly size and display any image showing them what works and what does not.

BTW - if anyone has ideas for better wall color let me know.   Perhaps a green?

ALSO - I'm looking for rooms to take photos of as demos.  If anyone has a cool, clean (not a lot of "stuff")I would love to come over OR you can take a photo for me of your room.  Any rooms are great.   Just measure one thing near a wall so I can scale everything.



Then I get a call yesterday fro the owner of Glide in Madison.  The guy looks and sounds just like Alton Brown on the Cooking Channel and he wants me to take photos of The Mad City Open at Vallarta-Ast DGC (Tokan Creek) for DiscGolfer Magazine, the official publication of the Professional Disc Golf Association.   COOL!  

That will be Sunday, Saturday there is the Agora Art Fair, one of my favorite fairs. 

OH - the doctor just wanted to touch base on my prescriptions.  I have great bad cholesterol (like I don't have any bad cholesterol) but I lack GOOD cholesterol.

He said I should live a long time (well, unless cancer rears it's ugly head I suppose).  Blood Pressure 100/60 and heart rate of 66.  I asked him about my super hero ability to hear my heart beat in my head and he said that is not uncommon.  WHEW!   I thought I might explode or something. 




Sadly all of the warblers and birds that would sing songs to wake us up have flown south.  Currently we have a flock of some sort of sparrow and the normal red wing black birds, grackles and so forth eating the bird food.  Sharks in a frenzy. 

Oh - here is a photo of Mel and Edgar Harrell at one of our luncheons ( luncheons meaning crystal chandeliers, fantastic steak and all the trimmings) .  I believe they are telling shark jokes.  

What do sharks eat for dinner  . . . . whatever it wants.

Sorry - HEY - I never said I was politically correct. 

I've been reading Edgar Harrell's book "Out of the Depths" which is pretty good.  

If you listened to that youtube video I loved the part where he was about to jump into the black water and he says "There are times when you pray, and there are times when you PRAY.  Is this the end of life?"   

That is such a powerful presentation.    Check it out.




I was shocked.  Jerry Lewis made a movie in the 70s called  "The Day the Clown Cried".  it's a movie about the Holocaust.  WHAT???  REALLY?  yea.

Lewis plays a clown in Germany and is taken prisoner when he makes fun of Hitler. He is sent to a concentration camp and does his performance for children and eventually walks with them into a gas chamber.    OMG!!!

The last scene has him and the children laughing while the gas surrounds them.

Sigh - the movie never made it to the public as once filming was over Lewis realized this was a horrible idea.  

For anyone who wants here is a link to the script. 

"The Day the Clown Cried"


And on a political note.  I am so sick of the Capitol singers.  I tend to lean left but there is this common sense side of me that says "get the f*ck out of the capitol losers".   Seriously all they are doing is drawing attention to their buffoonery.  They are not furthering a cause in anyway but making the left look stupid.  

OH - all of the democrats are saying "YOU CAN'T TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH".   Oh good grief. 

SO - to me that says they are all for entrapment.   They know the police can't win, they are being assholes and hiding behind the Constitution to do it.  They are making sure that tourists stay away from the capitol (which they are).  I guess if they believe Walker hurts Wisconsin (which he has) they can also hurt Wisconsin (which they are).   

There are smart ways to protest and stupid ways to protest. In thus case the left decided to be stupid and carry things to far.

That is my common sense position. 

I know many won't agree with me but that is how I feel.  I used to go into the Capitol, it's beautiful.  No more.  

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