Thursday, January 30, 2014

Macro economics and Boyd Crowder

When I was a kid 20 years ago I was a baseball card and baseball stat freak.  Then when I got older I turned to SABRmetrics which which is a study of science of baseball stats.  Then the stock market and The Investors Daily and macro economics.

In collage my all time favorite class was Econ,  love, love, loved it, yet a useless class for furthering my career.

Oh - I'm still a sports numbers geek (missed ANOTHER free 10 oz of Fro You BUY ONE POINT last night a friend of mine did win though!!).

Probably not many people have heard of Ray Dalio.  He purchased his first stock at the age of 12 a couple years after my brother (14) tried to talk my parents into buy a new stock in a company called Xerox for like a dime (they didn't).

Ray now runs and invented Bridgewater Investments with assets of over $120 billion.  The guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to economics.   

I urge you, if you are at all curious on how the economy runs, the actual mechanics, this is a very entertaining video - it's a half hour but for me I stopped everything I was doing and watched it.  fascinating.   As I have always said - debt is not a bad thing, borrowing is NOT a bad thing. As long as what you borrow increases your wealth.


I was listening to sports talk radio and there was an ad for some fantasy football contest and at the end they said .  blah blah  "Professional Football Players Championship Game".  


"Professional Football Players Championship Game" ???   you mean the Super Bowl?  Is  "Super Bowl" trademarked or whatever?   I know the NFL is freakishly strict.  My mother in law REALLY wanted a Green Bay Packer symbol on her gravestone - NO WAY was that possible. NFL has strict rules about stuff like that.


I've always wanted a companion to one of my vertical images and finally have one

 To go with 


One of my favorite TV shows is Justified (Old-school U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is reassigned from Miami to his childhood home in the poor, rural coal-mining towns in Eastern Kentucky.)

A facebook friend said he watched the newest episode and said my hair was looking more and more like Boyd Crowder's hair.  I took that as a compliment.

Cheers - Rod